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Edward came home on Friday at 5:45pm. Bella was startled by his early appearance. He was forty-five minutes early.

She met him at the door with a hesitant smile.

"You're home early." she said.

"The teachers' meeting wasn't as long as it usually is," he said nonchalantly. He kissed her forehead and turned to go upstairs to change.

Bella turned to return to her pot of potato soup, Edward's favorite. She was hoping this would cheer him up a bit.

Ever since the day of the mini fire, Edward had been acting… off.

Bella couldn't quite put her finger on it but something was different about him. He seemed worried about something, anxious maybe?

She thought maybe it had something to do with the talk they were supposed to have, but did not. In fact, he barely said much at all to her when he got home that night. She didn't want to be the one to bring it up; she assumed he just didn't want to talk about it.

She didn't want to dwell and pester him about it more than she had. When he came home from work that night she had questioned his mood but he just brushed it off as a long day and went to bed early.

That was also the first time Edward came home late.

He never came home at 6:30 on the dot anymore. Even if it was just by a few minutes, it was still out of the norm for him.

Sometimes he didn't watch his primetime programs or even the news, citing that he had papers to grade and lesson plans.

The whole weekend he was either in the office doing work, or meeting up with Emmett and Jasper for lunch or just to hang out. Bella had no clue what they were doing because Edward didn't say anything about it.

This was also unusual.

Now, a little over a week had passed and his mood was still altered.

She was also trying not to focus on the fact that he hadn't really touched her since that morning.

Yes, it had been over a week since they had made love.

Hell, it had been over a week since they made out.

He would peck her lips or cheeks or forehead occasionally but that was all he would give her. He always seemed pained to do so. It was starting to hurt her feelings.

But Bella was trying not to harp on it. She knew it would only eat at her and make her crazy.

She wasn't dwelling.

At all.


Bella heard her husband return downstairs. He had changed from his usual khakis and polo top to a t-shirt and faded jeans.

This was Bella's favorite thing for Edward to wear. She loved when he looked so casual.

He walked over to her by the stove, and Bella tried not to let the hope that he would stand next to her and watch her overload her thoughts.

This past week he would go outside and sit on the swing out back or he would not come back down at all until dinner was ready.

Bella. Wasn't. Dwelling.

Edward went to the fridge and pulled out a can of diet Pepsi. Diet Coke left a horrible film in his mouth so Bella always made sure she got Pepsi products only.

He opened up the tab and the popping sound it made startled Bella.

Edward smiled and laughed. He leaned against the counter and peered into the pot of boiling soup.

"My favorite," he stated. "Looks delicious." He smiled down at Bella and she felt her heart soar. She loved his smile.

"Thank you. It shouldn't be much longer. I'm just about to toast the bread now and the ham is in the fridge. I thought we could have ham and cheese sandwiches with the soup." She motioned to the baguette sitting on the counter next to the slices of provolone cheese.

"Not that I am disappointed to eat my favorite soup, but isn't this more suited for a winter day? Or even fall? It's 80 degrees outside." He chuckled lightly and Bella smiled at the sound.

"Yes, but this is your favorite meal. I thought you might enjoy it. No soup for you!" she said with a smirk and a raised brow. It was their favorite Seinfeld quote.

She looked back at Edward and he was focusing on the soup intently. She touched his arm lightly and he jumped.

"Sorry," he coughed and rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly.

Bella bit her lip. She hated how uncomfortable he was acting when they had just shared a joke.

He cleared his throat again and pointed with his thumb to the sliding door.

"I'll be outside, just let me know when dinner is ready," he said quickly.

Bella watched him go and tried to keep the tears at bay.

What the hell am I going to do?

What the hell am I going to do? Edward thought to himself the minute he stepped outside.

The warm May breeze caressed his face as he tried to just relax and think.

He knew he had been cold and distant the past week and he felt awful about it. Edward had a plan. He just had to execute it perfectly…

So far it was not going to plan.

He was so nervous about the whole thing. He was scared Bella wouldn't react the way he anticipated. He was scared she would be repulsed. He was scared she wouldn't like what he was going to do.

Edward was fucking scared.

So rather than go forward with his plan, he hid from her. All week he hid in his office or behind his work. She had to notice something was up.

Every time he looked at Bella, he couldn't get the image of what he was going to do out of his head. It would make his dick hard and his face red.

So he fucking hid.

Like a pussy, he thought.

Ever since he saw his beautiful wife masturbating he couldn't get the thoughts out of his mind. That night he had sucked up his nervousness and did something he never thought he would do.

He bought a Cosmo.

Alice always read them and the girls in his classes always read them, hell, even Emmett had once confessed to reading one.

The cover titles were always so sexual and Emmett had mentioned there were some great tips in there for him.

So Edward caved.

He was so embarrassed when he got in line with just the magazine in hand. He grabbed some chocolate bars as well and mumbled a quick excuse about his wife asking for them. The lady behind the counter simply smiled and didn't say a word.

Edward read a few pages in the car. Anyone passing by would have thought for sure he was reading a Playboy or something pornographic. His mouth was hanging open slightly, and his eyes were wide.

It wasn't like he was shocked by the advice. It was more concern for the fact that his high school girls were reading this.

And his sister.

Edward read over every page carefully, as not to miss a single detail or tip.

By the time he was finished, he was late to his piano lesson. Shelly didn't mind, and he ended up staying later to compensate for his tardiness.

He spent every night after that researching.

He planned out what he wanted to try and when he wanted to try it. It had to go slow; he didn't want to overwhelm Bella.

Not to mention, what if she didn't like anything he wanted to do.

So tonight he would begin the plan. His palms were sweaty and his stomach was fluttering with apprehension.

He peeked into the window of the kitchen. Bella was cutting the bread and frowning, making Edward feel like even more of an ass. He knew his behavior tonight was a complete failure.

Edward had planned to walk into the house, seduce his wife all night with flirtatious looks and innuendo laced comments.

That's what Cosmo told women to do so he was hoping it would work for him, too.

However, the second he walked in and saw her standing by the stove in that tight red t-shirt and curve hugging capris, his plan was shot to hell.

Shot to fucking hell!

He wanted to attack her and take her right there in the damn kitchen. He wanted her naked and sprawled on their table begging for his dick. He wanted her panting and sweaty, and just dear Lord he wanted to fuck his wife.

And then he felt ashamed.

The depraved thoughts he had about the woman he loved made him more nervous to follow through with his plan. She was going to think he was some kind of sex addict or a fiend.

But Edward knew that they could not go on like this. He didn't want to end up worse then they began. Spouses shouldn't hide things like this from each other.


Tonight, Edward wanted to act out a fantasy with his wife without worrying she would be offended. He was also pretty sure that she would enjoy it. At least, he really fucking hoped she would.

He breathed in deeply and exhaled calmly. He would do this. He could do this and he would.

By the time he came back inside, Bella was finished with dinner. The table was set and the soup was poured into bowls. Sandwiches were placed on plates. Drinks were in glasses. Appropriate silverware was in place.

Heartbeats were fluttering like mad…

They were both so tense around each other. Bella had no clue what to say to her quiet husband, and Edward was still working out the kinks of his plan in his head and worrying over what she would and wouldn't like.

You won't know until you try, his conscious repeated, like a broken record.

They sat down and Edward thanked her for making his favorite, trying to muster up a smile that surely only looked like a grimace.

Bella ate her meal in silence, contemplating how to start a conversation with Edward. This was her husband, and she couldn't figure out the right words to say.

Shame filled her.

What have I done wrong?

She couldn't stop the negative thoughts if she tried to.

Maybe she shouldn't have spoken up that day. Things would have stayed the same. However, they were happy. So what if she couldn't get off. She could get over it…

"My mother would like us to come for dinner on Sunday." Edward's voice startled Bella out of her fog.

"That sounds nice. What time does she expect us?" Bella couldn't hide the trembling in her voice.

On the bright side… he was talking.

"She said any time after four."

"Oh? Are we having an early dinner?" Normally they went over around six or seven.

"No, she just says she misses her family," Edward said with a smile. Bella nodded, and silence engulfed them once again.

Only the sounds of spoons hitting bowls and the slight crunch of the toasted sandwiches could be heard.

Bella couldn't eat, things were so tense. She tried but her stomach just wasn't into it.

With a resigned sigh, Bella finally dropped her spoon and napkin.

She rose from the table and began clearing her barely consumed food.

Edward watched her with nervous eyes. He could see her tension, and he knew it was his own stupid fault.

Why does this have to be so damn difficult? he pondered.

She rinsed out her bowl, thinking to herself that she was wasting perfectly good soup. As she began to soap up the sponge to wash the dishes, she felt two strong arms wrap around her tense body.

She gasped a little before relaxing into her husband's embrace.

He didn't say anything for a few moments, just held her and rocked her slowly. His chin rested on her shoulder, but he couldn't resist the urge to turn his head to the right and kiss her neck softly.

She tilted her head as an invitation. Edward felt relieved that she was responding to him and not shrugging him away.

He breathed in deeply and relaxed himself, engulfed in his wife's scent.

Vanilla and peaches.

He never understood how a combination like that could exist, but it did in Bella.

Bella shivered as he released his breath against her skin. Goosebumps formed on her body, and she closed her eyes in pleasure.

"I was nervous all week."

He spoke against her neck softly. If he hadn't been standing so close she wouldn't have heard him.

"Why?" She responded just as quietly.

He inhaled and exhaled again out of nervousness.

"I bought a Cosmo."

Bella's brow furrowed as she thought this over. Either he was saying he was beginning to drink girly alcoholic beverages now or he was talking about the magazine.

"Why?" she repeated.

"Tips," he simply replied.

"Edward," Bella sighed, "I really have no clue what you are talking about right now. Please just spit it out." She felt a little guilty for her harsh words but she didn't want to play this game anymore.

"Fine. I bought a Cosmo so I could find out things you might like for me to do in bed." Bella's eyes widened in embarrassment. Could he really have bought a magazine for sex tips?

"I bought a damn women's magazine so I could figure out how to make my wife cum." Her stomached tightened as he continued.

Did he just say cum?

Her breathing increased slightly, and she bit her lip as Edward remained silent behind her, after his confession, and subsequent dirty talk.

Edward was clearly embarrassed for having to purchase something so ridiculous. His head was hidden in her neck, and she could almost swear she felt her neck heat up from his blushing cheek.

Bella had read the said "dirty" magazine before. Truthfully, she found some if it false. First, it was absurd that every issue was considered 'The sexy issue'. They all dealt with sex in some form.

Not to mention, some of the so called tips were more like opinions. They don't necessarily work for everyone…

With a quiet voice she spoke, "Why couldn't you just ask me what I would like?"

Edward tensed around her and removed his arms from her body. He turned her to face him, and he looked a tad shocked.

"Would you have really told me?"

Bella thought about this for a second. While she knew half of the blame for their lack of communication in the bedroom was on her, she couldn't deny that Edward never really asked her. Up until that morning, he had never asked her what she might want.

But if he had asked, would she have answered openly?

Would she have told him that some nights she wanted to be taken hard and fast?

Would she have said she wanted to hear dirty, filthy things come out of her old-fashioned lover's mouth?

Would she have told him her deepest most intimate fantasies?

"I don't know."

She meant it.

Edward rested his forehead against hers while they wrapped their arms around each other.

"Wait, why were you nervous, just because you bought the magazine?" Bella had forgotten about that.

Edward pulled back and looked into her eyes. He could get lost in her beautiful dark chocolate eyes. However, he couldn't afford to be distracted now.

"I want to try something tonight." Bella's heart began to race at his words. She would love to hear him say that more often. "Something I read in this… interesting article."

"Do you trust me?" he asked. Bella didn't hesitate to nod her head.

"Always," she replied.

He smiled and kissed her sweetly on the lips.

He led her out of the kitchen and up the stairs. Bella paused behind him, motioning towards the dirty table and dishes in the sink. He simply shook his head in silent dismissal.

Bella's heart was beating fasted the closer they got to their bedroom. She would always let Edward lead her without question, but her apprehension of what was to come and the hint of excitement flowing through her veins were causing her hands to shake a bit.

Once in the safety of their room, Edward turned to Bella and swallowed thickly. He had never been so nervous in all his life. He was beginning to think that planning had been a bad idea. 'Spur of the moment' seemed to work in their favor.

He had no clue where to begin.

Should he tell her to lie on the bed?

Tell her to strip?

"Edward?" He snapped his head up to meet her eyes. All he saw was trust and devotion.

"I love you," he whispered before he bent his head to touch his lips to hers.

Feeling his tongue caress hers so erotically made her moan into the kiss. No matter what issues they had with sex, Edward and Bella never held back in their kissing.

Her fingers wandered into his thick hair. She twisted the strands around her fingers pulling them slightly, encouraging Edward to double his efforts.

His hands drifted to her slim waist and settled on her hips. He pulled her tiny body closer to his. His lips pulled away from her and moved from her cheek to her jaw to her neck.

Nervous, shaking fingertips caressed the exposed skin of Bella's waist above her pants. Slowly, Edward inched his hands further up her smooth, silky skin until he reached her underarms.

He pulled his lips from her neck just long enough to pull the shirt above her head before they re-attached to her pulse point. He could feel her pulse racing as his tongue and lips massaged the tender area. His teeth nipped a bit, and Bella couldn't stop the loud whimper that fell from her lips if she wanted to.

Edward caressed her back, marveling at the soft skin. With the expertise he didn't know he possessed, he unclasped her bra with one hand.

Slowly peeling away her bra, Edward moved his lips back to hers. She kissed him with force, trying to portray how good he was making her feel, already, and that she wanted more.

Once her upper body was bare, Edward turned her towards the bed. He backed her up until her knees reached the mattress.

Bella took the initiative and crawled backwards, towards the head of their bed. Edward stared at her, mesmerized by the way she looked topless and waiting for him to ravish her.

He would never forget the hungry look in her eyes and the way her breasts moved with every breath she took.

"Bella, you are so fucking beautiful." He couldn't help but compliment her and he didn't want to apologize for cursing. He enjoyed the way the blush traveled to her collarbone and down to her tits.

Bella had never heard such language from her husband in the entire time she had known him. There was no denying she enjoyed it.

He quickly shed his shirt, desperate to feel her hard nipples against his body.

He crawled on top of her, not even trying to slow himself down. Her hands immediately wrapped around his back to feel his muscles flex as he moved.

Edward laid his body atop of Bella's. The sparks of sexual tension and pure passion ignited into something neither of them had ever felt before. This went beyond lust and hormones. This was need and want and desire and love. Both of them never wanted this passionate feeling to ever dissipate again.

The air was thick and heavy with emotion, and Edward couldn't bear to spend another second teasing and toying with his wife.

He lowered his head to her collarbone and began to suck the soft skin.

Continuing lower, he reached her tits and flicked his tongue against her nipple.

Bella bit down on her lower lip. Her body was tightening with anticipation and want. She was hoping she would get a release tonight.

His tongue circled her nipple before he pulled it into his warm wet mouth and sucked softly. Bella licked her lips and closed her eyes at the sweet feeling.

Edward watched her with a frown. He wanted a more passionate response.

His teeth ensnared her nipple and he bit down, softly at first, watching her reactions. Her mouth dropped open and she arched slightly towards. He took this as encouragement and bit down even harder.

"Edward!" She said loudly as she unconsciously lifted her breasts towards his mouth.

"Do you like this?" he whispered with a husky tone to his voice, once he released her from his mouth.

"Yes, don't stop," she panted back her response.

With his eyes glued to hers, he switched to the other side and bit down on her raised nipple again.

He continued biting and flicking her nipple with his tongue while she writhed beneath him. Her moans were getting louder, and Edward was getting harder, to the point that his pants were causing him pain.

He released her tits from his mouth and kissed and licked a path down to her belly button. His tongue dipped into the space and Bella giggled. He snapped his eyes to hers and saw her smiling at him.

"Why didn't I know you were ticklish?" he asked.

She smiled wider and ran her fingers through his hair. "When you tell someone you're ticklish, they think it is an open invitation to tickle."

He laughed before bypassing his urge to tickle her again.

He reached her jeans and kissed along the waistband. He brought one hand up to the button, popping it open. His eyes never left Bella's.

She was watching his hands unbutton and unzip her jeans. Her nerves were growing every second. She didn't know what his plan was, but she couldn't deny she was anxious to find out. His teasing had worked her body into a frenzy, and if she couldn't get off tonight, she wouldn't be able to hide the tears.

Edward sat up, causing Bella to lose her grip on his copper locks. He began to peel her jeans off, and she lifted her bottom to help him remove them.

Once they became a pile on the floor, Edward ran his hands up her thighs until they met in the middle, close to her heat.

His thumbs caressed between her legs. His eyes closed in disbelief at the damp, warm feeling of her covered pussy.

"I have never felt you this wet before, love."

"Oh god…" Bella really liked Edwards's new vocabulary.

The friction of just his thumb on her cloth covered pussy had Bella rocking her hips.

His hand soon cupped her heated mound and pressed against her, making Bella moan and thrust into his hand.

"Please…" she didn't know what she was begging for exactly, she just needed something more.

Edward lowered his body once more to the bed. His zipper was digging into his swollen flesh, and he didn't know if he could handle much more without taking them off. Now, his cock was trapped by his pants and the bed.

His head was now close to Bella's drenched panties. He could smell her mere inches from his face, and his mouth watered.

Edward had wanted to taste Bella for as long as he had known her. However, one day in high school, someone had mentioned oral sex in front of her, and Bella had turned her nose up and said it was disgusting. So he never even tried to initiate the act with her.

His fingers had been buried inside her, but that was long before they had sex. Since then, he was content to fill her with his dick instead and never thought to use his fingers again.

So, when he closed the distance between Bella's pussy and his face, Bella's whole body tensed up.

She had many fantasies starring Edward between her thighs, but she always assumed he would find it gross to lick her there.

With his eyes still locked to her face to gauge her reactions, he kissed her center. His tongue peeked out and licked up her wet panties slowly.

Bella's hips jerked at the new sensation and Edward placed a hand across her body to prevent her from jerking again.

His free hand came back to her pussy. He pulled the edge of her panties to the side revealing her most intimate places to him for what felt like the first time.

Edward groaned out loud at the sight before him.

Bella's pussy wasn't just wet, it was fucking dripping for him.

Her pink lips were glistening, and Edward didn't waste a minute longer. His tongue lapped from her entrance to the top where her clit was protruding from its hood. When his tongue touched her clit she cried out at the sensation immediately.

"Edward?" She begged and panted, her breathing was choppy and erratic.

He looked back up at her wide, nervous eyes. He instantly pulled back.

"What's wrong?" He was afraid she would tell him to stop.

"It… it's just… well… is it, ya know… gross?" she stuttered out to him. She was so scared that with all the… fluid coming from her, that he would be turned off and disgusted.

"Bella, you taste fucking delectable." She released a shaky breath as more liquid seeped from her pussy.

Edward had no clue where his brazen language was coming from tonight. He just wanted Bella as turned on as possible.

Edward was also ready to dive back in for more. She tasted like fucking heaven to him. Tangy and sweet, she was delicious on his tongue.

He cautiously went back to his task.

His tongue flicked out on her clit and she gasped at the feeling. It was like a thousand tiny bombs were resting in that one little space and every pass of his tongue detonated them.

He continued flicking her clit before taking a longer lick at the growing wetness.

"God, Edward," she gasped out. She never knew this could feel so good. Her body was unable to stop wriggling in response to the pleasure he was giving her.

He alternated between licking just her clit and dipping his tongue into her dripping opening. He decided that after tonight, he would have to go down on her more often.

Edward latched his mouth around her clit and sucked on the little nub, sending Bella into bliss. Her back arched and her hands fumbled to grasp onto something, anything to keep her grounded.

Edward let go of her hips and took her hand into his, she squeezed tightly as she began chanting Edward's name into the room, along with pleas and mumbles. He never relented on her pussy, constantly alternating between sucking her clit and lapping up her arousal.

His free hand traveled to her pussy and he worked his middle finger into her tightening heat.

"Yes!" she screamed out. Her head tilted back, exposing her neck to Edward. He was enthralled by her movements. This was what he longed to see. He wanted her to lose control like this.

"I want to make you cum," he whispered around her flesh. He was proud of himself for not feeling embarrassed by his words.

"Oh fuck! Don't stop! Edward! Oh yes, yes!" Bella bit down on the knuckle of her index finger and tightened her grip around his hand. Edward's eyes widened as she cursed, and god, he nearly came right then and fucking there.

He pumped his finger in and out, faster and faster. He curled the tip just a bit and stroked her inner walls.

Bella arched her back and her legs began shaking. Edward was so fucking happy that he knew what was coming.

Or rather… cumming.

"Ahhh… yes! I'm…" her sentence was cut off as Edward sucked hard on her clit and stroked just the right spot inside of her.

Her walls tightened around his finger and her hands gripped onto his head tightly, nearly shoving his face into her pussy. Edward really didn't mind at all. He was too in awe at the sight of her cumming.

He kept pumping and sucking until her legs gave out and her back relaxed. She pushed on his head so he would relent, it was starting to feel too intense.

Her breathing was heavy, and she could feel the sweat forming on her body. She couldn't have cared less, she felt so blissful and relaxed.

Edward crawled up her body, leaving kisses in his wake. She hadn't seen him lick his finger clean of her wetness. She would have probably blushed.

He kissed her reddened cheek and whispered into her ear. "Was that okay?" he asked.

She responded by wrapping her arms tightly around him and turning on her side to cuddle into his body.

"So amazing," was all she could say. He just kissed the top of her head and held her as she slowly unwound in his arms. Edward could feel her drifting off to sleep and tried to ignore his raging hard on.

He thought she had passed out until he heard her mumble a quiet "tomorrow I'm getting us a subscription to Cosmo."

He held in his chuckle and silently agreed as she fell asleep with a smile on her face.

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