Author's Note

Okay, I know I said no updates, but revising non-stop for Arabic was really getting to me. Try doing 9 hours straight five weeks before your exam. Doesn't work. And it turned out most of my teachers were absent both Monday and Yesterday and hadn't left any work, and all the info for my ongoing stories were on the computer, and with extras, no computers allowed. So the only option I had was to start a new story, because I really needed an outlet.

This story shouldn't be too long. Definitely longer than Pay your Price though. And follows canon for the most part.

And by the way, I'm using the names from the English Dub.

Disclaimer - I don't own Digimon or any of its characters. All I own is the pencil and paper I wrote it on.

Anyway, enjoy, and please tell me what you think. Opinions and critiques are welcome. Flames...I'll use them to keep me warm in the fast approaching winter.


I am Duskmon...or so he says. There was always doubt, but so small that it was suppressed by unconditional loyalty. Till I saw him. Koji Minamoto. His light burned through my darkness, amplified my doubts. I hated it, but perhaps Duskmon was not who I really was after all.

Kouichi K


There was nothing. From the moment I took my first breath of life, or the life that I remembered, I was alone. No emotion, no will, no power, no empty shell waiting to be filled, waiting to be nurtured by the ways of the world. Tabula rasa; an empty slate which the process of learning and experience would only fill.

I had no name, no identity...not yet. Nameless, faceless, I waited in the nameless void I only knew of as nothingness, waited for a name, a purpose...anything to tie my existence to the waking world and differentiate me from the nothingness around me in which I drifted in search for my anchor.

I was not nothing. I was capable of conscious thought. That alone set me apart from the nothingness that surrounded me. I was not without knowledge, but it seemed as though in matters regarding myself and my identity, I was woefully ignorant.

So then...who was I? Or for that matter, what was I?

There was another presence suddenly, roaring with life. A voice, answering my questions and ceasing my quest, anchoring my soul and causing it to cease its pointless drifting.

'You are Duskmon,' the voice whispered, sounding like sweet, soothing honey, intoxicating in a sense, oozing with raw power. 'You are a Warrior of Darkness. My Warrior.'

Duskmon? That was my name?

I tested the foreign word on my lips. It seemed so natural, as though I had repeated it countless times through a life of which I retained no memory, and yet, it just seemed...wrong, somehow.

But I ignored it. 'Duskmon...I am Duskmon.'

The other voiced his agreement. Or at least, I assumed it was male. It seemed as though all basic knowledge of the world had been retained, or else transferred, much unlike the memories regarding my identity and my past. As if I was reborn in a metaphorical sense, but not physically. But then...


'There is no before.'

No before. I did not exist before, or else the past is so insignificant that it is to be forgotten. Distantly I could feel a sense of untruth in his words, but I was in no position to judge the validity of the words which were anchoring me to the waking world with each passing moment. And that...not an emotion, as I seemed to be quite incapable of feeling such things...but that...feeling, for lack of a better term, was so small, so brief, that it was immediately squashed under the newly (or perhaps they had always been there) ties of loyalty. Unconditional loyalty. To the one who had given me an identity. And a purpose for existence.

'I am yours to command...Master.'

And with those words, I sealed my fate. The nothingness faded away, taking distinct shapes and forms. I did too, yet with my eyes remaining closed, I was unable to see my form. Light burned through my closed eyelids, burning, hurting...yet it was the dark shadow hovering above me that held my attention. My Master. It was then that I realised I didn't know his name.

'Who are you?' I asked, not distrusting, but curious all the same.

'I am Cherubimon,' was the reply.

Lord Cherubimon...

And with that, I allowed my eyelids to flutter open, taking in my first sight of the waking world.