Author's Notes

Well...what's left to say. Another ending to another story, though I must say I'm a bit sad to see this particular one go. But everything has got to end some time, right?

Thank you to everybody who's stuck by this story and me as I've written this, with quite a few delays, and enjoy the last chapter of Identity.

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I am Duskmon...or so he says. There was always doubt, but so small that it was suppressed by unconditional loyalty. Till I saw him. Koji Minamoto. His light burned through my darkness, amplified my doubts. I hated it, but perhaps Duskmon was not who I really was after all.

Kouichi K


It was a long journey getting there, but as with life as a whole, no moment is ever wasted in the long haul. Some of you may think that Duskmon was defeated and that was the end of it...but that's not true. Because Duskmon hadn't existed at all except as a product of my own emotion.

I am a human, and all humans have shortcomings when it comes to understanding and controlling their feelings, because the very nature of emotion makes it wholly uncontrollable. That being said, it is impossible that Duskmon would ever be gone for good, even if the conventional form had been essentially purified into that of Lowemon's.

Duskmon wasn't inherently evil; after all, he was, and still is, a warrior of darkness. A form of the human spirit, a form of myself...and it was I who determined that form, if so unintentionally. It had reflected my state of mind in the first evolution, the one I had remained in for months afterwards, and despite the other factors which had affected it, the fault was still partly mine. But it was, essentially, a flaw in human nature.

That is also essentially the principle of any human-digimon hybrid, as we six of the ten legendary warriors are. Human strengths and weaknesses combine with that of the digimon spirits' to form a being more powerful than both, and yet weaker in conjunction. Digimon feel, but they are incapable of the complex emotions and levels of humans, and ironically, this serves as both a strength and a weakness.

After all, emotion invites passion, which is a force which can surpass any digimon potential, but it can also be the means of hesitation and defeat. What had defeated Duskmon in the end.

Perhaps it is easier to think of the two, Duskmon and Lowemon that is, as my own darkness and light. But that too isn't as accurate an analogy as they may be. After all, the two are interchangeable in nature, as Koji and I demonstrate many a time.

Now about Lowemon, the form of the human spirits once they had been 'purified'. I think, sometimes, that even that word failed to encompass the true process, but as it is impossible to describe, I will have to be content with that.

In any case, Lowemon symbolised the flip side, the side of protection and what others deemed to be inherently 'good' darkness. But there was always something missing in that there would. After all, goodness fails to exist without evil to compliment it.

Call it a paradox if you will, but darkness itself is so wide a scope that I think no-one can ever fully understand it. I myself have only ever seen two sides...well, three if you wish to count death itself as a part, but I cannot pretend to understand its full parameters.

That is just the way of darkness.

And in a way, me. Because while the journey showed me a side of myself I had not known, it was inconceivable that I would ever know myself inside out. The scope of our minds was too limited.

But that does not mean the journey ends here.

After all, I can't say I'm one thing or another: Human or Digimon. Good or Evil. Things just don't work that way. I am Koichi Kimura, but I am both Duskmon and Lowemon too, Velgemon and JagerLowemon...and one day I could discover a new angle of my identity.

Because the entirety is something that hovers always out of reach. Like a puzzle, with the final piece eluding all.