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The sun is gone, but I have a light- Kurt Cobain, Nirvana


As the cruiser ambled down the road from the airport, I looked out the window. The late-summer air had given way to an early cold snap that made the glass cool to the touch. I stared out the window at the scenery slowly passing me by- huge trees that shot into the steel-gray overcast sky, seeming to tickle the base of the clouds, or even hold them in place like pillars of living nature. The dense underbrush was lending them a cloak of green. Everything was green and damp. God, I really fucking hated this place! But dwelling on the events that led to my decision to return after seven years of the dry, sunny warmth of Phoenix, Arizona, with its spectacular sunsets and desolate serenity of a true Sonora desert landscape would lead to even more heartache for me to bear than my approaching return to the town of my birth, and the memories that began to intrude on my brooding. Okay, so I had spent the first ten years of my life in this cold damp and backwoods town, but I hadn't returned since, and with good reason. When I was ten, my mom and dad got a divorce and my mom took me with her to Arizona to live with her sister, my Aunt Jane. For the first three years of my exile, I had written, Edward Cullen, my best friend and true love, every week, but I never received a single call or note or anything from him. I had finally given up writing him, because it hurt too much for me to handle his rejection. He promised he'd never forget me and he told me that he would never let them take me away, but then we were just ten year-old kids. Even so would it have killed him to send me some kind of sign that he hadn't let me down? Now, Edward...he was my very best friend. His father and mine were lab partners in high school. When his dad finished college, he moved back and bought the old field next to my house. He built beautiful house on it and planned to raise a family there. Edward was my next door neighbor and our mothers secretly wished us to grow up and get married some day! I used to call him my white knight, because when we were little he was constantly protecting me and saving me from danger. Yet through it all I still never really gave up on him. I had heard that his family had left for someplace in Alaska, but I never could get an address out of mom. I saw my dad for two weeks during the summer, until I was twelve, but I got mad at him for letting mom take me, so I refused to go ever since. So why was I finally returning? Well, my first and only boyfriend, James had destroyed my reputation and since my mother was always more preoccupied with my step-siblings than me, I felt a move would give me a fresh start. I was not exactly the most popular girl in school- being a frizzy brunette with brown eyes, not to mention being smart, thin, pale, of average height and uncoordinated didn't help me get noticed by boys. Then last summer I finally "filled out." I thought a new look, maybe some make-up and a new hair style might have helped, and at first it did. Even so, in the land of copper-toned blond cheerleaders with big boobs and empty heads, how could I have ever thought the most popular guy in school would have ever asked me out, much less actually cared about me? Yet he asked me out after spring break. We dated for the last few weeks of my sophomore year, but at his best friend, Marcus Volturi's graduation party, I found him in bed with my arch-nemesis, Tanya Denali- the strawberry-blond whore! Then he spread rumors that I had given him the clap, so I was the laughing stock of the neighborhood. We never even kissed. In short, Forks, Washington- Population 3120, became Forks, Washington- Population 3121- I was back! My dad was Charlie, Chief Swan to the rest of the town. He was a quiet man and we hadn't said much to each other the whole ride from had my brown eyes and dark hair, with a mustache and slightly receding hairline.

"Bella," Charlie began hesitantly, "I have a present for you waiting when we get home. I hope you'll like it." I was shocked! Charlie wasn't one to be so expressive. I responded hesitantly, "Thanks, I'm sure I will." Charlie raised an eyebrow and smiled, "Look, Bells. I know you're having a rough time and all, so I just wanted to help you out. It's not much, but it'll get you where you need to go…" What? A car? He bought me a car? "No way! Ch-Dad! You got me a car? Seriously?" I was blown away. I reached over and hugged him. He looked uncomfortable and muttered, "I kinda told a few people you were coming home and well, you remember the Cullens, right?" Why would he mention them? I was confused. "What about hi-them? They moved to Alaska, right?" Good one Swan. Almost fucked up there. Charlie continued, "Well, they moved back about three years ago and since you and Edward were always so close...Esme is throwing a welcome-home barbecue." Edward. Home. What the fuck! I was once again stunned. "What! The Cullens? They came back? Why did-" Shut it NOW! He never even bothered to contact probably won't even remember you. I almost began to cry. He was only a boy. He couldn't stop them from taking you, but he at least tried. Sure, I dreamed of him every night, those beautiful gorgeous green eyes, and that wild bronze hair- No! He didn't even bother to...well, if he thought that just because I was coming back, that I was just going to rush into his arms…then he was right. I had forgotten just how uncomfortable Charlie was around a crying woman. He mumbled "I just thought I'd let you know…" Yeah. Thanks Charlie.

And with that he was silent. I was sweating now, and all I could see around me was green- the color of those eyes- Snap the fuck out of it, Swan! Focus. Well, even when I was dating James- I never even kissed him- all I ever thought about was how I wished it was Edward holding my hand, and I could never love someone else- but we were just kids, and he probably forgot all about me! The only boy I had ever kissed was Edward. Okay, so what if we only seven...

"Come on, Bella!" Rosalie Hale, my only friend that was a girl grabbed me by the hand and dragged me down the steps from my porch. I had a beautiful white sundress and a table runner tucked into a headband. Rosalie had tucked a few wildflowers into my frizzy hair. I was a scrawny skinny girl with scrapes and bruises from my constant falls and bumps and accidents. I was a klutz. You see, I had made the mistake of answering Jasper's dumb question in front of Rosalie. Jasper Whitlock was Rosalie's cousin. He was also Emmet McCarthy's and Edward Cullen's constant partner in crime. Emmet was a huge boy that I always referred to as Emmy-Bear. "I'm coming!" I ran past her and she doubled me to the meadow. Waiting for me was Edward. He looked so cute in his best suit. His green eyes sparkled and his face was so serious, until he noticed me. He smiled his trademark "crooked smile" as he called out to me, "Bella, you look pretty in that dress." Rosalie replied automatically, "Of course she does, dummy! Like I would ever let her look different than pretty! Now can it! You told me you love her and she told me she loves you, and people in love get married! Now, both of you turn around and get started! Emmy..." Rosalie looked to Emmet. Emmet began, "We are gathered here today to witness that Edward told Rose that he loves Bella and Bella told Jasper that she loves Edward. They have to get married now. Do you have a ring? Edward dug in his pocket and produced an orange plastic ring with a big purple plastic stone. He gave it to me and smiled. I smiled back. Emmet said with a huge grin, " So now you two are married. Kiss her Edward! I dare you!" Edward simply replied, "Okay." He reached over and grabbed my hand and pulled me closer to him. I leaned in and he leaned in both of us had closed eyes, and he pecked me on the lips. It was ..Wow! I knew right there that someday, he would marry me in real life. I was dedicated to Edward Cullen for life in that moment. "EWW! GROSS! Edward and Belly- YUCK! I thought you' d have backed down." 3...2..1...SMACK! Rose smacked him on the shoulder, "Emmy! You are such a dork! Leave them alone or I'll tell Lauren you sleep with a night light!" Emmet pouted as he went to storm off, "Fine! You never let me have any fun! Hmpf!" I was blushing furiously, but then Edward grinned and we all went home!..


"Edward, dear!" Mom called, "Can you bring your father this serving plate?" I couldn't believe it! Charlie-Chief Swan was bringing my Bella back any minute! Wait a minute, she wasn't my Bella anymore. She hadn't even bothered to write me, not one fucking time since she was gone. I still was waiting for her, and boy, have I had chances to get some! I was Edward freaking Cullen, track star/free safety/martial artist/future Valedictorian at Forks High. Yet I couldn't date. I hadn't even kissed another girl, and I was seventeen. I missed my chocolate-eyed princess. Goddamn! I was so pathetic! Well if she thought she could just walk right back into my life after all of this time…she was right. Ever since that day in the meadow when Emmett had "married" us, Bella was the only girl for me.

I was nervous. What if she didn't like me? What if she had a boyfriend? What if… seven fucking years! So much had changed. I still remembered that last night before she left…

Our rooms were right across from each other. We had two tin cans and a string that we used to talk late into the night with each other. I had never bothered to take it down.

"Edward…" she called to me. "I need to tell you something. Are you there?" She sounded like she was crying. I picked up the can, "Bella? Are you crying? What's wrong?" She was quiet for a moment. "Edward, my mom says we're leaving in the morning. She's taking me to Arizona. My parents are getting a divorce. What are we going to do?" My heart beat out of my chest as I began tearing up. I shouted, "Bella! No! You can't go! I won't let you! We'll run away together! Meet me at our place." I jumped up from the bed and packed a few changes of clothes and some books in my backpack, snuck out my window, and waited below as Bella grabbed some things and met me under the tree. I took her bag and put her on my handle bar. "Bella, let's go!" I pedaled down the road and we reached our spot in no time. I parked my bike under the tree and helped her down. I reached out and hugged her to me. "Bella, let's just stay here for a while. We'll sleep here tonight and then we'll find a place to stay." She smiled and pecked me on the cheek, "Edward," she said sobbing, "I'm scared! What are we going to do? I don't want to leave! Don't let them take me away!" I responded holding her close, "Bella, I won't let them do this, I promise!" I took out a blanket and spread it on the ground and we lay under the stars.I held her close to my side and she said in a relieved tone, "Okay, I believe you, Edward. Promise me that no matter what, we will always be together." I told her, "I swear to you, I will never leave you, and no matter what happens, we will be together, forever!" She snuggled up to me resting her head on my chest, as we both drifted to sleep.

"BELLA!" I startled awake. "EDWARD!" Awakened by voices shouting our names, we panicked. "Edward! They're gonna find us!" Bella whispered with a scared look on her face. I grabbed the blanket as we both got up. I hastily stuffed it in my bag and we hopped on my bike. I tried to pedal as fast as I could toward the other end of the meadow, racing over the uneven ground. I could see the trees ahead of us growing closer as I made our mad dash for freedom! "BELLA!" I could hear the voices getting closer. There were dogs baying and right as we made it to the trees I saw him! Billy Black, Chief of the Quilletes. He reached out and stopped us! Bella screamed and I foolishly prepared to fight. I was so angry! "I've found them! They're okay! They're over here!" I looked at Bella as she collapsed sobbing, "Edward! Don't let them take me! You promised!" I yelled as I spun to face Billy, "Run Bella! I'll stop them if I can!" I had no real chance of fighting a grown man, but I was not going to lose my Bella! Bella took off, but another native stepped out from behind a tree as she tripped on a tree root. He grabbed her by the arm, as she struggled terrified. "Get your hands off of her!" I shouted as I ran to help her. But Billy grabbed me by the collar of my shirt and the rest of the search party approached. Bella's mom, my mom and our dads rushed over. Chief Swan looked at me with relief and then anger, "Edward Cullen! Do you have any idea how much you have scared us! I have the whole town out combing the woods for you two!" I shouted back, 'I won't let you take her away! She doesn't want to leave! You have to stop them!" Bella was crying as her mother picked her up and Bella was too scared to fight. "EDWARD!" I let out and anguished cry, "BELLA!" Charlie simply patted me on the shoulder as if to say, "I know son, I don't like it either." I cried out in rage as I twisted and struggled, "LET ME GO! I slipped out of my shirt and raced off after Bella and her mom. Charlie chased after me. "Edward! Come back here!" I got to the road just in time to see the car pull away. Bella was pressed against the rear window. I collapsed sobbing, "BELLA! BELLA! DON"T GO!" I was too late. I shook with rage and pounded the ground with my fists. My mom came over and tried to hold me. That was the last I saw of Bella Swan.