10 minutes he has been in there. All three agents were trying to hear what he was saying. There was no raise voice so they know that it can't be bad or that he was annoying. Lisbon. 5 minutes to go before the 5 o'clock come around and there would all be on there weekend.

They haven't had a case in three days and everyone had finished paper that morning.

"Everyone" Jane said getting all three agent attention a she was coming out of Lisbon office. "Tomorrow how what to go to the beach?" he asked.

"The beach" Rigsby asked with a shocked look on his face.

"Yes the beach." Jane said "Lisbon coming and I bet Van pelt would love to come." As he face van pelt duration

"Ye ok I would be fun I guess." She said.

"Wait a minute how did you get boss to go a long with this idea." Cho said truing to his boss how was behind Jane trying not to be seen.

"Well" she stared "They said it was going to be nice this weekend and I have nothing else to do." She said trying not to look as that she was a boring person and have nothing to do at the weekend.

"And" Jane cut Lisbon off as she was about to say so thing else" she want to see me with out my shirt on."

Lisbon turns pink in the face.

"I'm in" Rigsby said then adds" but I really don't what to see you with out your shirt on."

"Of course not you want to see van pelt in a bikini" Jane said turning Rigsby and van pelt face the colour of her hair.

"So Cho" Jane said "you in as well"

"Ye" he replied.

"Ok let's say 7 o'clock at Rigsby place." Jane said with a smile on his face

"Why mine and why that early" He asked

"Cause your place is in the middle and that early cause the time it takes to get there if we leave then then we will be able to spend most of the day there."

"If we have to get a Rigsby at that time then why not stay the night." Cho asked

"That a good idea" Jane said for Rigsby before he has a change to stop him Jane could see out the corner of his eyes the shook look on his face.

"Lets meet there in two hours" he said and the walks off to the lift.

"I bring some movies." Lisbon said before walking off to her office.

"I bring the beer." Cho said before getting his stuff and going toward the stars.

Van pelt go up from her set and walk over to Rigsby "come on." She said taking his hand. "I be fun." And smile his favourite smile. The one that always make him slime as well

"Let's go." He said getting up and taking her hand.

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