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"So what should we do no?" Cho asked the group.

"Sandcastle." Jane said like a two year being excited about it.

"No." Lisbon said not wanting Jane to act like a child but then realising that it is too late.

"Why not/" Jane asked her as the other just look waiting to see how would win.

"Because it for children." She said

"No it not" he defends.

"Yes it is." She said

"What do you guys think?" she asked turning to the other.

"Um..well" Rigsby said

"We don't have any buckets or spades." Van pelt said turning to help out Rigsby but not wanting to chose between Jane and Lisbon. Lisbon look towards Cho.

"We could buy some." Cho said. Getting on Jane side but not wanted to get on Lisbon bad side.

"I get some." Jane said before anyone could say any thing and rush off to the shop just off the beach front. 10 minutes later he comes back with five shoal and 5 different shape buckets.

"Oh I hope you forgot about us." Lisbon said as Jane return.

"I would never forget about you." Jane said to her with a smile.

"What you got us then." Cho ask changing the subject for them two.

"These." Jane said handed each of them a bucket and shade the colours that match.

"Fine." They all agree.

Half an hour later they all have finished building there sandcastles. Rigsby and van pelt had done the same deign but with different size castle going around in a circle, with a bigger sand castle in the middle of them all. Cho had done four castle close together then a small on top that made it shape like a premier. Lisbon had done one in the middle and around the out side smaller ones in the shape of a square. Jane had done a bigger one then there rest.

"What are we going to do now?" Lisbon ask think how hungry she was and wondering Rigsby has said anything.