Blast From The Past

Disclaimer: Even after all of this time, I still only get to play with the boys then have to send them home, sigh.

Author's Note: For Fandrea, sorry it has taken so long honey but I hope that you enjoy it.

Fandrea put a plot bunny up for adoption on the CWESS; Fic is set in S5, after the boys get back together. They boys meet up a couple of hunters, who need their help (Maybe through Bobby?). (Could be the ones from FTBYAM or complete strangers, your choice, but Dean has to know at least one of them from earlier (Maybe from when Sam was at Stanford) and trust him) The case turns out to be a MOTW that the hunters misidentify. Sam knows something is off and tries to tell Dean, that they need to do more research. Dean of course trusts the hunters more, even when Sam manages to find the real culprit.

Author's Note 2: Rated for language and violence, hurt and comfort with hurt! Sam and protective! Dean.


Chapter 12: Brothers in Arms


'Hey Sammy you feel like getting up and going outside for a while?' Dean asked as he came into the room and found a spot to sit on the bed next to Sam's legs. Reaching over he patted his brother's knee and watched, waiting for a reaction, any reaction. 'Earth to Major Sam … come in Major Sam.'

'Dean?' Sam blinked slowly turning his head in his brother's direction.

'Yep it's me the one and only most awesome big brother you will ever have.' Dean preened after hearing his name finally fall from Sam's lips.

'Dean?' Sam asked again frowning slightly he reached out trying to find his brother's hand. 'Dean?'

'Sam what is it?' Dean's smile fell when he realised that Sam hadn't even seen him, had he been able to see anything? What was he watching then when he was staring out the window? The thoughts careened through his mind leaving Dean feeling dizzy and light-headed.

'Dean? Don't leave me.' Sam whispered his fingers falling just shy of Dean's leg.

'Sammy I'm right here,' Dean said as he picked up Sam's hand and held it in both of his, 'can you feel this?'

'What's wrong with me Dean?' Sam wept openly, 'why can't I find you? Where are you Dean? Please I'm sorry.'

'Sammy do you feel this?' Dean asked again as he squeezed Sam's hand slightly harder but Sam stared apparently unseeingly in his brother's direction.

'Please come and find me Dean, I'm sorry I promise I'll be good.' Sam wept brokenly.

Horrified Dean stared at his brother; Sam couldn't hear or see him, or even feel him and now he was crying tears stained with blood.


'Cas, Castiel get your feathered behind down here please … now I lay me down … ah stuff it Cas get down here now.' Dean called Castiel for the fifth time as he paced the small area between the end of the twin beds and the dresser. 'Please Cas I need ya.'

The slightest sound of wings rustling the only alert given to Castiel's sudden arrival, 'you want to see me Dean?'

'I've been calling you for … I need your help Cas I don't know who else I can turn to.'

'What is it that you think I can help you with?'

Dean stared at Castiel with a look as though the angel had sprung two heads, 'what is it that I think you can help with? Dammit Cas, what you're all better now and you've been rebooted into robo-angel?'

'I do not understand Dean what is robo-angel?'

'Forget it … look I need your help with Sam.'

'I am not able to help you with your brother Dean.'

'What the fuck do you mean by that?'

'I cannot help you with your brother Dean I do not know how to say it otherwise.'

'Cas he's virtually catatonic … he – he said that he doesn't know where he is or where I am, that he's sorry and wants to come home.' Dean hissed as he fought to control his temper with the infuriating angel, 'he was crying tears of blood.'

'Dean I do not know what else to tell you …'

'What has happened to you Cas? What the hell happened to you?'

Castiel stared upwards for a moment, tilting his head slightly as though he was listening to someone only he could hear, with a deep sigh he nodded his head and then moved to the bed where Sam lay.

'What are … what are you doing Castiel?'

'You asked me to help you and Sam, I am helping.' Castiel answered without looking up, 'I need to concentrate Dean.'

Dean opened his mouth to give him an angry retort but closed it again when he saw Castiel sit down next to Sam's hip and almost tenderly brush an errant lock of hair from his face, 'they did more than hurt him, did they not?' Castiel said without expecting an answer, 'I will try to find Sam for you but Dean … Lucifer may have already won.'


Dean sat chewing his thumb nail in frustration while he watched Castiel try to reach Sam. His younger brother lay in an almost catatonic state, locked in his own mind whether through his own volition or through coercion by Lucifer himself.

Twenty minutes had already passed and neither the angel nor the human had moved or made a sound. Castiel sat perched on the edge of the bed next to Sam's hip with two fingers of his right hand pressed against Sam's forehead.

'Dean anything yet?' Bobby asked as he crept into the room and stared distrustingly at the angel, 'need me for anything?'

'Not yet Bobby thanks.' Dean said without moving his gaze from his brother's face, 'beer be good though.'

'When did yer last slave die?' Bobby grumbled good-naturedly, 'beer comin' up.'


Castiel pushed his way through the red mists as he tried to get a "fix" on Sam. He was reluctant to call out just in case there was someone else there who was trying to take control of Sam's mind and not to help him at all.

He could hear soft crying, muffled and growing fainter by each passing second, 'Samuel?' as he moved through the thickening mists Castiel felt the terror, confusion and sadness swirling around him, Sam's overwhelming emotions battered him like they were weapons instead.

'Samuel it is Castiel.' He had hoped in using the formal form of Sam's name that he may connect more with the fragile mind and soul without alerting any other possible entity.

'I wanna go home, I'm sorry please tell Dean I'm sorry.' Castiel nearly collapsed under the sudden impact of Sam's words and emotions, moving through the ever thickening mists he hurried his search as a feeling of dread passed through him.

'You cannot have him Castiel he is mine now.' A third presence spoke mockingly, 'leave angel.'

'No, he is not yours Lucifer you have not got his permission.' Castiel ground out as he fought to keep his footing. 'Sam did not say yes.'

'He is an open book now Castiel, I think young Sam has decided to take a permanent vacation from life.'

'Sam is still here and he will not say yes to you Lucifer be gone from here.' Castiel said as he continued to search for Sam's essence. Gradually, the mists cleared around him and Castiel found himself standing in a small clearing filled with rocks and boulders. Sam was curled in a foetal position against one outcropping of rocks.

'Samuel?' Castiel asked as he reached out and laid a gentle hand on Sam's shoulder.

'I don't know where I am,' came the soft reply, 'can you tell me where I am?'

'You are safe now Sam Winchester,' Castiel answered as he sat down next to the stricken young man's essence, 'I am here to bring you home to Dean.'

'Where am I?'

'You are in your safe place.'

'Where's Dean?'

'He is waiting for you to come back to him.'

'Tell him I'm sorry.'

'I cannot tell him anything only you can do that.'

'I can't leave here if I do he'll find me.'

'Who will find you Samuel?'

'Him, he knows if he finds me he's won and I won't be anymore.' Sam turned his face towards Castiel squinting at the bright light surrounding the angel, 'he's here and I have to hide.'

'I can help you Samuel but you have to help me as well.'

'Why can't I see anything 'cept red?'

'You were badly hurt and they forced you to drink tainted blood it made you very sick.'

'My head hurts now when I move it,' Sam said nodding slightly, 'they were gonna hurt Dean I had to stop them.'

'You did Samuel you saved all of us.'

'But then he came in here,' Sam tapped the side of his head, 'I can hear his laughing.'

'Can you get up Samuel?'

'Why are you calling me that?'

'It is your name is it not?'

'Yeah I guess…'

'And it is one that the evil does not associate with you … yet.'

'Can you help me?' Sam asked as he stared up at the glowing angel, looking for all intents and purposes like a lost little five year old boy with large luminous green eyes and an inner innocence that vibrated throughout his body. Castiel wanted to move away from the purity of spirit, and he finally understood why Sam was wanted so badly by Lucifer and feared so greatly by those in heaven who wanted him destroyed. Yes, he had tainted blood in him but he also had the Grace of God residing in his soul. That Grace alone would give Lucifer more power than he had ever desired.

'Take my hand Samuel and let me take you back to Dean.' Castiel said holding his hand out.

'Oh what a touching scene.' Lucifer said as he appeared in front of them just as Sam managed to climb to his feet. 'It is time Sam … say yes and you will never have to live in fear again.'

'Get outta me.' Sam ground out, 'I'll never say yes to you.'

'Tsk, tsk, with your brother's life in my hands surely you would give me more respect.'


'Do not falter Sam … Dean is safe.' Castiel said making Sam look at him, 'you can do it Sam you can cast him out of your mind.'

'I-I'm not sure I …'

'Close your eyes and listen to my voice…'

'Don't do it Sam, Dean will die if you defy me.'

'NNAGHHN' Sam cried out incoherently, as he opened his eyes he once again saw everything in red but this time it didn't frighten him. He smiled at Castiel and gripped the angel's hand tightly as he turned his red-stained eyes to Lucifer. 'I cast you out Lucifer, leave me, I do not want you here. I will not say yes to you.' As Sam spoke he lifted his left hand and held it out palm front to the devil. 'I cast you out.'

A bright flash of light surrounded them and Sam screamed as he collapsed against the already unconscious Castiel.


Dean and Bobby watched with growing despondency as the time continued to pass without either Sam or Castiel moving. 'This is insane, what's going on in there?' Dean ground out, he so wanted to hit something or someone right now, 'where's Bart?'

'Calm down yer idjit … something's happening.' Bobby said as he watched Castiel's body start to shake uncontrollably, 'Dean?'

'I-I dunno what's happening.' Dean said staring wide-eyed as Castiel slumped backwards across the bed and Sam's legs. Just as Castiel collapsed Sam started writhing and whimpering as he fought to regain consciousness.

'Help me shift Cas.' Dean said to Bobby as he finally forced himself to move, as carefully as they could Dean and Bobby picked the angel up and laid him out on the free bed. While Bobby tended to Castiel Dean moved back to Sam's side, he brushed away the large tears falling from Sam's tightly squeezed closed eyes with the pads of his thumbs and silently willed Sam to come back to him.

The four men, silent and still in the bedroom seemed to be frozen in time, until a blood-curdling scream thawed them.

'Sam? Sammy come on dude wake up for me.' Dean begged after Sam's screams stopped as quickly as they started.

'D-Dean?' the whispered word barely registered with him and Dean found himself wondering if it was only his imagination until he felt the slightest squeeze of fingers. 'D-De?'

'Sammy? That's it dude come on back to me.' Dean nearly wept with happiness as he watched Sam slowly claw his way back.

'Dean how is he?' Bobby asked after settling Castiel down, 'the angel seems alright.'

'He's ahh trying to come back Bobby.' Dean said hoarsely. 'Come on Sammy you can do it dude.'

Finally Sam opened his eyes and stared up at his beloved brother, his normally vibrant and bright green eyes were dull and still stained with red around his pupil but he was clearly looking up at Dean.

'Hey Sammy, you finally waking up for me?'

'D-Dean … home.' Sam smiled as he patted his brother's chest and sighed before finally slipping into a deep restful sleep.


Two days later:

Sam sat on the bench on Bobby's front veranda watching Dean work on the impala, some sort of knocking sound only Dean could hear but it was enough for him to give her a tune up. Rugged up with a thick blanket around his shoulders and his still healing leg resting on a stool, Sam sighed and smiled happily. He didn't remember a lot of what happened after he was taken and for once he was thankful, if his injuries and headaches were any indication of what they did to him then he was more than thankful. Although, he still had lingering symptoms of his addiction and nightmares nearly every time he closed his eyes, Dean and Bobby kept telling him that they would pass and not to worry about his addiction this time they had it under control.

'How ya doin' dude?' Dean asked as he appeared from underneath the car, 'need anything?'

'M'fine Dean,' Sam said with a warm smile, he knew that Dean's over-protective mother-hen act was his way of coping and Sam was never going to deny him. 'Do you want a beer?'

'How's about I get me a beer and you a soda?' Dean grinned as he wiped his greasy hands on a rag and appeared in front of his brother, 'you want to go back inside yet?'

'No!' Sam cried out panicked and then gave Dean a tremulous smile, 'sorry, I'm fine I just …'

'Got it bro, feels better in the great out … outside.'

'Thanks Dean.'

'Hey what else can you expect when you have such an awesome brother?' Dean disappeared inside and reappeared almost instantly carrying an opened beer and cola for Sam along with some more meds.

'Thanks … how did you?'

'How did I know? Well aside from being the said awesome big brother,' Dean said, 'I saw the lines around your eyes get that little bit deeper.'

'My hand is stuffed Dean,' Sam said his smile fading with his own words, 'I can't even close it into a fist.'

'Time kiddo, it's gonna take time … they really did work ya over … so now you just have to sit back and smell the … salvage yard.'

'Good one Dean.' Sam sipped his drink and stared out at the rows of car carcasses, 'where's Bart?'

'Bobby's got him that busy he doesn't know whether he's coming or going,' Dean chuckled, 'last time I saw him he was trying to translate some old Persian book of Bobby's.'

'But even Bobby can't translate that old Persian book.' Sam choked back an urge to giggle, 'where's ahh Castiel?'

'Dunno he disappeared not long after the two of you came back from wherever you were.' Dean shrugged and sipped his beer, 'he'll be back when …'

'Yeah right.'

'Ahh Sammy do you remember anything of what happened when you two were inside there?' Dean asked as he pointed to Sam's head, 'it's big enough to fit the two of ya but …'

'Not much … Cas found me and then Lucifer was there … I managed to cast him out when I said no and Cas brought me back.' Sam looked blankly up at Dean, 'was there supposed to be anything else?'

'Nope not really, did Luci say anything at all to ya?'

'No, no not at all Dean.' Sam said as he lifted his bottle of drink up and sipped from it.

Dean regarded his brother warily, he remembered the warning he received from Castiel way back when the angel said that Sam may not come back as the Sam he knew.

'Dude I can hear you thinking.'

'Huh? What's wrong Sammy?' Dean blinked and tried to cover his little lapse by draining his bottle of beer.

'Where did ya go? You blinked out on me Dean.'

'Just tired I guess,' Dean straightened up and held his hand out to Sam, 'time to go in and get some dinner I think.'

'Oh, okay dude sure.' Sam took his brother's hand and managed to stand up without too much difficulty, 'I might stretch out on the couch for a while.'

'Sounds like a plan.' Dean wrapped Sam's long arm around his neck and felt the warmth emanating from his flesh and held him a little tighter to his side, 'it's good to have ya back Sammy.'

'Good to be back Dean,' Sam smiled relishing the contact with his brother, 'Dean can I ask you something?'

'Yeah dude anything.'

'If something bad happened …'

'Ah dude think that already happened.'

'No I mean in the near future, Lucifer already tried to beat and torture me into submission and nearly won, I wanted to…'

'Wanted to what Sammy? Are you remembering?'

'No not really just that I know I wanted to fade away, to disappear.' Sam shook his head and gave his brother a small but warm smile, 'thanks for not giving up on me by the way.'

'No probs so what did you want to ask?'

'If something happens and I can't get rid of Luci next time … can you … will you make sure that I can't … If Luci makes me say yes can you make sure to stop me?'


'Dude please I need to know.' Sam paled slightly and swayed against his brother's side.

'You're exhausted dude come on let's get you inside.'

'Dean please?'

'Alright I promise that I'll do whatever I can if, and only if it happens.' Dean hedged slightly as he helped Sam onto the couch. 'Sammy hey look at me dude, I promise to make sure that Lucifer will never get that close to you again.'


Castiel looked at both Dean and Bobby with a serious gaze, Sam was sleeping albeit fitfully on the couch and Bart was still studying his Persian in the library. 'Sam's soul must be protected at all costs Dean, Bobby.'

'Why what's going on Cas? You disappear for days after saving Sammy and then you come back and tell us to protect Sam's soul, what the hell?' Dean demanded angrily.

'When I helped Sam, I was able to see into his soul, yes he is tainted … marked by the blood of Azazel and the inner darkness but I also saw something else…'

'What did ya see ya angelic idjit?' Bobby asked holding Dean's arm to keep him still.

'Sam's soul also has another mark if you will. His soul bears the Grace of God …'


'And if Lucifer is able to take Sam's body as his vessel then he will be able to take control of the Grace…'

'Which means?' Dean blinked his heart heavy as the realisation hit him. 'It means that Lucifer would be a lot stronger if he can get his hands on it.'

'Yes, he will have an almost direct link to our Father and an inroad into heaven.'

'So why does Sam have this Grace?'

'That is not for me to know or to question,' Castiel said impassively, 'all I know is that is why I was allowed to help Sam.'

'So what now?' Bobby asked as he moved his trucker's cap back, scratched absently and tugged it back into position.

'We make sure that Lucifer does not have a chance to take Sam as his vessel.' Castiel said as he stared at the two hunters, 'he must be protected.'

'Preaching to the choir here.' Dean muttered, 'what if I say yes to Michael?'

'It will not change … The way it is now Sam's soul is valuable to any demon as well as Lucifer, he needs to be protected.'

'The best way to protect him,' Dean said hesitantly, 'is by keeping this a secret.'

'Do ya think that's the right thing to do, coz yer don't exactly have a great track record when it comes to secrets between ya'll.' Bobby groused, 'idjits one and all, so what? Are we going to keep him locked up in the panic room until this is over?'

'No, no God Sam can hardly stand being inside at the moment, even the thought of being in the impala freaks him out.' Dean muttered running his hand through his hair he started to pace the kitchen. 'No the best thing we can do is to keep on doing what we're doing. When Sammy is well enough that is, for now we look after him and make sure no one is around that can hurt him. The rest we'll workout as we go along but no telling Sammy anything, he's carrying enough guilt and shit on his shoulders as is.'


Bart grinned as he listened to the conversation between the angel and the hunters, he glanced over at the sleeping Sam and his grin widened even more. So little Sammy's soul is a very valuable little soul. Hmmm wonder what the going prize is for souls touched with Grace?

Bart moved silently away from the kitchen door and headed back to his perch in the library, for now he'll behave himself but as he hummed tunelessly while he worked he was starting to plot out the perfect score.