Axel sat on one of the couches in the Grey Area, playing with one of his chakrams. He tossed it into the air a few times before twirling it between his fingers. It was a rare day off where he wasn't assigned a mission for once. Although he would rather have the vacation than slog through pointless missions, he was quite certainly bored.

The others were all of doing their own things. Larxene and Marly were probably shopping; Axel made a face just thinking about it. Saix, Lexaus, and Xaldin were probably all still doing missions, the stupid work-o-holics. Zexion would be in the library, reading, as usual. Vexen…he didn't even want to think of what kind of experiments the lunatic was up to. Luxord…well Luxord was scamming some sucker out of his hard earned munny. Axel smiled and chuckled quietly to himself at the thought of someone like Xigbar losing all of his earnings to the card shark. Demyx, well he could be doing anything, he didn't know. He did like music, and being lazy so he could have been playing music in his room or off frolicking with some stupid cute thing…or he could be heading right for him.

Axel sighed and caught his chakram as the sitarist walked over, smiling stupidly and looking giddy. The fire starter gave him a wary smile at what the Nocturne wanted from him.

"Axel! Are you doing anything?" He asked coming over and plopping down next to him. Axel resisted putting a hand to his temples to stop the inevitable headache he would get from just hanging out with Demyx.

"No." He knew it was the wrong thing to say, but…what the heck.

"Great! I'm bored and no one else is around. Wanna play a game with me?" He asked excitedly, the stupid childish grin still on his face.

"What kind of game?" Axel was skeptical of the idea, arching one of his half eyebrows questioningly.

"Well…I can't really explain it very well. But you know how the heartless like shiny things? Well the other day I saw one carrying one and I wanted to know what it was, so I chased it around. That took, like, five hours and I was really tired by the end of it. You know how when you run a long time, your legs start to feel like jelly, well mine started to do that and it felt really funny-"

"Demyx! Cut to the point!" Axel snapped, startling the Nocturne a little.

"Oh…sorry. Well I want to see which of us could collect more of the shiny gems, they're really pretty. I bet you that I could win." He said a little more confidently towards the end.

Axel stared at him for a moment, not blinking or looking away. It didn't even look like he was breathing.

"Um…Axel?" Demyx looked up at him with a questioning smile, seeming a little nervous that the man would yell at him again.

"Why would I want to do that? It sounds too much like work to me." He said, standing up to go find some place away from the Nocturne.

"Oh…Ok…I guess I won't bother you then." Demyx sounded sad. Axel hearing the tone made the mistake of turning back to look at him. The look of sheer disappointment on the boy's face made him twitch slightly. He sighed quietly and ran a hand through his spikes.

"What would we be betting then?" The fire starter knew he was going to regret this, but that look of disappointment was going to plague him. What else would he do anyway, at least Demyx's game sounded somewhat interesting and it was better than just sitting around tossing a chakram.

Demyx instantly brightened and stood up, nearly skipping over to Axel.

"I don't know. We're betting now?"

"Well what fun is a game without a little incentive?" Axel grinned a little wickedly, seeing the naïve expression on the shorter man. "How about…if you win, I'll do you one favor. If I win we play a round of the bouncy bed game."

"What's the bouncy bed game?" Demyx looked up at him, complete innocence on his face.

Axel resisted the urge to laugh at him and his stupidity.

"It's fun, trust me. I'll explain it if I win." Axel avoided the direct question, betting on Demyx not noticing.

"Alright, sounds fair to me." The Nocturne said then bounced away a bit, Axel staring after him just a little shocked that the avoidance had worked. The boy was either very stupid, or just plain distracted.

Demyx held out his hand and created a portal for them to travel through. He looked over his shoulder and motioned for the red head to follow him. Axel recovered quickly and walked over to pass by Demyx and enter the swirling darkness.

Within moments they were in a different world. Demyx popped up behind Axel, closing the portal behind them and smiling happily. Axel looked around and nearly groaned as he recognized where they were. Wonderland, great, of course Demyx would pick the froo-froo land with moving cards and pretty giant flowers. Demyx merely walked past him and pointed back to where they came from.

"Right! We get five hours to collect the pretty gems, then we come back here. It's a race to get here first and we warp to the Round Room. Whoever gets there first gets an extra ten points. The bigger the gem the more points you get and the blue ones are worth more than the white ones, because I say so." He looked quite happy to set the rules. "So whoever has the most points at the end wins! Any questions? Right! GO!" He shouted before running off to start hunting for the sparkly little gems.

"Hey wait! That's cheating and you…don't…care." He sighed and went off in another direction from the bouncy sitarist.

It had been nearly two hours since they had started and Demyx was wandering around in the maze, feeling like he wasn't accomplishing anything. In his pocket jingled a few gems that he had pried away from some of the heartless he had fought. It was a disappointing ammount and he was already covered in several cuts and bruises.

He looked around the corner of the maze row he was walking down and sighed, still no exit.

"Oh why did I choose to go into the maze?" He whined quietly to himself.

Around the corner he heard the clanking of one of the card soldiers that walked around. While they generally amused him, now was not a good time to be caught by one. Just behind the patrolling soldier though, was a little heartless that looked like easy game and, luckily, it had a little blue gem in its claws as it twitched around (probably looking for somewhere to hide it). Now all Demyx had to do was get by the soldier.

He waited for the opportune moment to pass by unnoticed. When it was presented, he took it and dashed towards the heartless. He slowed as he neared it and tried to sneak up behind the little shadow. When he was close enough he leaped into the air, intending to come down on the shadow and squash it.

The little heartless turned its head before he was close enough and started to scurry away. Demyx landed with a slightly crazed expression, grabbing the thing by its foot before it could sink into the ground. The creature turned around and scratched at him, Demyx ducked his face into the ground so that it was his hair was hit instead of his face.

Instead of attempting to kill the little heartless, the Nocturne simply took hold of the gem and tried to pry it out of the heartless' claws. It was like the struggle between two toddlers who wanted the same toy as both of them fought to keep hold of the small shiny gem.

Demyx eventually won, falling backwards as he retrieved the gem. The heartless sprung on him, trying the same move that Demyx had attempted on it, to get the gem back. As it was nearly pouncing on him, a chakram sliced through the nearby hedge, then the heartless, then through the next hedge over. It sounded like it went through a few more before it sailed into the air and flew back to its owner.

Demyx looked through the hedge where the chakram, which could have sliced him just as easily, had come from his eyes wide. The red head was a few hedge rows over, hacking through another heartless with the other chakram. Demyx stood up a little shakily and decided that it was not the best place to be with the dangerous weapons so close by.

He hadn't gotten very far, not really paying attention, when he ran into one of the card soldiers. It shouted the alarm and the Nocturne jumped.

"Crud Muffins!" He shouted and turned to run before he could be seized and attacked. He ran as fast as he could, turning around random corners when he came to them. Eventually he lost the soldier, becoming more lost than he had been before. He turned another corner, running into a living body. He fell back, onto his rear.

He looked up quickly; ready to defend himself if it was a heartless. Instead he saw the tall red head, looking down at him with an arched eyebrow, idly twirling a chakram in a hand.

"Demyx? What are you doing?" He asked, and then looked around a bit. "Not having any trouble are you?" A sly smile spreading across his face.

"No! Not a bit." Demyx said defensively, standing up and brushing off his coat hastily.

"You're lost aren't you." Axel asked, the grin growing wider.

"No I know exactly where I am!" Demyx shouted, pushing past Axel and continuing on his path, barely noticing the hedges that Axel had either sliced or burned his way through, attempting to show that he was confident in his directional talent.

The fire starter just shook his head and watched him.

"He's completely lost." He muttered before turning back in the direction he was heading. A sparkle caught his eye and he looked down. On the ground lay the blue gem that Demyx had just wrestled from the little heartless. Axel sighed and picked it up, staring at it for a moment before pocketing it and heading through the next hedge, burning it into the right sized hole.

It was nearing the five hour mark and Demyx was still quite lost. He had collected more gems, though it wouldn't do him much good if he got back to the Round Room after Axel. The man had probably just lay waste to anything in his way to get the things. Finally he found one of Axel's fire and chakram made paths and peeked through it. It was a straight path to the exit. Demyx couldn't believe his luck and started to dash through the hedges without regard to what saw him or how much he got scratched by the extraneous twigs.

After what felt like forever he exited the hedges and left the maze. He didn't stop then, the Nocturne kept running racing time to get back to the place he had marked as the finish line. He drew nearer and created a new portal (to the Round Room instead of the Grey Area) as he ran.

Out of the corner of his eye he saw the red head racing with him. He leaned forward and ran as fast as he could. Axel, being slightly faster, was gaining on him easily. Just a little further and he would be neck and neck with Demyx. Then there was the portal and Demyx, by some miracle chance, made it through first.

He appeared in his chair in the Round Room and slumped down, breathing heavily. A few seconds later Axel popped into his own and relaxed as well. Demyx giggled quietly at having beaten the red head and pulled out the little gems from his pocket.

"Right, now we count them and see who won." He said excitedly. It wasn't long before the gems were in his lap as he started to count them out.

Axel sighed and did the same, slowly counting his to make sure that he made no mistakes.

"I've got 21!" Demyx said triumphantly. "And with my bonus of getting here first I have…31!" He pumped his fist in the air and already looked quite sure he had won. In the midst of his celebrating Axel started to chuckle.

"Sorry Dem. Looks like I've won this round. I have 35." His voice was soft, quietly breaking into Demyx's gleeful shouts. The boy turned and stared at him open mouthed.

"That can't be! I won! I got here first!" Demyx shouted back indignantly.

"Well that's the facts. I won fair and square."

"No! you cheated! You burned holes through the hedges and didn't go through the maze."

"That wasn't in the rules Dem." Axel said softly.

"Nooooo!" Demyx shouted and turned to one side, slamming his fists onto the arm of his chair. With the exuberance with which he had hit the chair, his body kept moving. Within a few seconds his back end had slid off, causing him to start falling towards the floor. His hands scrambled out to cling to the arm of the chair. He squeaked and tried to climb back onto it, his feet slipping on the smooth surface.

"Help?" He begged, looking up at Axel. The man, by this point, was dissolving into a fit of laughter. His head was in his hand, covering his eyes as the Nocturne struggled to right himself and not plummet to the floor of the room. The redhead dropped from his chair once he had control of himself, porting to the arm of Demyx's.

"Why don't you just port back to safety?" He asked, still snickering a little. Demyx gave him a pleading look as his fingers slipped. Then he was falling, a silent scream on his lips as he panicked. His mind went blank, blue eyes wide as he stared up at Axel, watching him get smaller and smaller as he fell. Axel 'tsk'd through his teeth and dove after him when he saw that he was frozen with panic.

He reached him easily and pulled him into his arms before he ported. When the other portal opened it was on the ground, landing them gracefully on the tiled floor. He looked at Demyx, who was holding onto him with a death grip and rolled his eyes as the gems that had been in the boy's lap tinkled on the marbled floor as they caught up with the two.

"You can stop being scared now." He said, looking as if he didn't care.

"Th-thank you…" The Nocturne muttered, loosening his grip slightly.

"Huh, didn't take you for the suicidal type when you lose Demyx." Axel grinned cheekily, enjoying the tease.

Demyx glared at him and struggled to be put down. After a moment Axel let him go, setting his feet on the floor.

"I'm not going to kill myself because I lost." He said heatedly before turning on his heel and started walking out of the room, avoiding the situation instead of confronting Axel.

"Hey Dem!" Axel called from behind him.

"What?" Demyx whipped around to face him, nearly running into him again as the man loomed directly behind him. Before Demyx had any time to react Axel had caught him beneath the chin and tilted his face up. The redhead pressed a heated kiss to the Nocturn's lips in the next instant. The sitarist's eyes went wide, his arms hanging limp at his sides.

As quickly as Axel had descended upon him, he was gone. The taller man stared down at Demyx with a large grin, his cat green eyes sparkling mischievously.

"Don't forget you still owe me a round of the bouncy bed game." He said quietly. Then he stepped around Demyx and walked out of the Round Room . "That was a hint as to what the game was, by the way." He called over his shoulder, waving as he left.

Demyx was left standing there in complete shock. His hand went up to his lips that were slightly bruised from the forceful kiss and brushed against them. A few moments later he felt the blush on his cheeks and shook his head to clear it.

"What the HELL DOES THAT MEAN!" He shouted after the other, who was already gone.

Axel sat in his bedroom, doing absolutely nothing. He had been sitting there for nearly an hour, still as a statue. Finally he shifted, slipping his hand into his pocket. From it he pulled out another blue gem. He held it up between his forefinger and thumb, staring at it as he leaned his chin on his other hand.

"Demyx…you really should learn to keep track of your things…" He muttered at the tiny gem which he had picked up after Demyx ran into him in the maze. "This gives you 36." He sighed and put the gem on his bedside table, turning and lying down on his bed with his hands behind his head, staring up at the ceiling and thinking about how he would make it up to the little sitarist.

Author's note~
Let me start of by saying that this is my first fanfic so please be nice ^^. Takes place before Roxas joins the organization. Hooray for Akudem, and for getting random inspiration. I was playing 358 days against a friend. As Demyx I, of course, lost and the following scene ensued...Dem's chair went spinning down and he hit the arm of the chair, then fell off it and tried to climb back into the chair. Axel meanwhile laughed like a maniac. That's it...ten seconds or so of animation and a two part fic comes to mind ..

Well I hope you enjoy. Part 2 to come eventually. Yay!