It had been a few days since their game. Demyx had been given an assignment in the Olympus Coliseum. Why Number Two had assigned him to wandering the Underworld for the sole purpose of confronting the Keyblade Wielder, he had yet to understand. He had failed, Sora defeating him in battle before he'd been able to reach his goal. As punishment on return the Nobody had taken his sitar from him for a week.

Currently the Sitarist was sitting on his water bed, boredly throwing his dead pens at the ceiling; seeing if they would stick. Most of them did and it wasn't long till he had mostly run out of ammo. He really needed to throw out the pens when he was done with them, but at least for now they were some form of amusement.

He sighed and rolled over on to his stomach. He hummed quietly now, wondering how much longer he had left till he got his sitar back. Days were a little, vague in the World That Never Was. It was always dark, there was no sun. Demyx rolled over again, facing the ceiling once more. Why did the world have to have such a long name anyway? It made thinking about it hard. Why not just call it 'Noland,' or 'Notworld,' or something equally short and easy to remember.

As he was musing over renaming the world, the door slammed open. The pens, only lightly stuck in the ceiling, fell in a shower pelting Demyx. He squealed and covered his face, curling up.

"Demyx!" The voice was male and sounded perturbed, though that wasn't much of a surprise in the castle. The Nocturne jumped and looked towards the door when he landed back on the now moving bed, his heart racing.

"Axel? What's wrong?" He asked looking confused.

"I've been looking all over for you. Why are you in here?" The red head asked. He was still wired from his latest mission.

"I'm…in trouble. Xiggy took my sitar and said I had to stay in here for a week. Superior wasn't very happy either." Demyx replied quietly.

Axel blinked and stared at him. "What did you even do?" He asked. Then shook his head. "Never mind. I just finished a mission and I have some time while they're deciding what the next one is. I thought we'd play another game." He said with a smile.

"I love games!" Demyx sat up and smiled for the first time in a few days. "What kind of game? Though it would have to be in here. I'm not allowed to leave till Xiggy says I can." He sighed and pouted a little bit.

The red head shook his head and grinned, closing the door behind him. "We can play it in here. Let's say that it's my prize for winning our last game." He said, the grin widening on his face.

"Alright. How do we play? What are the rules?" He asked.

Axel shook his head. "Not telling. You have to figure them out as we play." He said with a grin. The lanky man walked over and sat on the edge of the bed. He winced when he sat on a pen and picked it up. "What were you doing in here anyway?" He asked looking the pen over, seeing that it had no ink.

Demyx picked up the pens and took the one out of Axel's hand. "I was bored. So I was throwing them at the ceiling."

"They're all dead..." the redhead commented, "Why do you still have them?" he asked, frowning as the pen was plucked from his fingers.

"Because I haven't thrown them out yet." The Nocturne seemed to feel that was enough of an explanation as he finally got up and threw them in the trash.

The lanky man shook his head and motioned for Demyx to come back over. "Sit down. We play this game on the bed." He said with a smirk.

"Ok." Dem sat down near him, just far enough away that there was room for a board to be placed between them. "Where are the pieces?" He asked, looking at Axel as if trying to figure out where he was hiding the game.

Axel just smirked. "We only need two pieces, and they're already here." He said.


"I'll play the first move. Close your eyes." Axel said. Demyx obeyed instantly. He giggled a little, the sound nervous. The red head smirked and leaned in, stealing a kiss. The Nocturne gasped and opened his eyes.

"Hey! What was that?" He asked, putting a hand over his lips. The red head just laughed and shook his head.

"That was my turn. Now it's yours." He said, waiting to see if Demyx would figure it out. The dirty blonde looked around for a moment.

"Close your eyes." He said finally. Axel complied, the smirk on his face. He waited, then frowned when he didn't get a kiss in return, perhaps he had been too vague when he'd…well he hadn't really described it he supposed. His thoughts were interrupted as something soft and fluffy hit his head.

"Geh!" He fell backwards, floored by a pillow, the bed shifting beneath him. His hair stuck to the pillow as he looked out from under the pillow as the Nocturne laughed. "That's not how this game is played." He said, looking grumpy now.

"But you didn't tell me the rules." He said defensively. Axel surged back up, his hair a bit staticy.

"Lie down." The red head commanded. After a moment of glaring at Axel, Demyx lay down, still watching him quietly. "Your turn."

Demyx looked confused. "I pass…I don't know what I'm supposed to do." He said.

"Close your eyes again." Axel said. After Demyx obeyed he leaned in and kissed him once more, pressing him down into the bed. Demyx squeaked, but let himself be squished. The red head crawled on top of him. He didn't stop kissing him, slowly trailing kisses down to his neck to his collar bone. He nipped it lightly, eliciting a gasp from the shorter Nobody. He grinned and sucked on the flesh, leaving a mark.

"Axel. I-is it my turn yet?" He asked, his voice a little shaky.

The man smirked and chuckled softly as he pulled away. "Sure. You can have a turn." He said quietly.

"Don't pin me." He said slowly opening his eyes. Axel backed off a little bit.

"Take your coat off." Axel said, glad that Demyx seemed to be finally getting the 'rules.' Demyx slowly took his coat off, letting it fall open first then sliding his arms out of it. The lanky man ran his hands over his chest and tweaked him before sliding them down to hold his ribs firmly. The Nocturne gasped and squirmed.

"Axel…" He muttered, trying to think of something to tell the Nobody to do, having figured out how the game was played.

"Yes?" The red head was frozen in place, waiting. When Demyx wasn't answering, he took it as a pass. "Unzip my coat." He demanded. The Nocturne obeyed and slid the coat down off his shoulders a bit.

Axel didn't wait to continue the game before he finished disrobing the Nocturne of the rest of his clothes. He drank the sight of the younger Nobody for a moment before grinning and chuckling.

"When did you get this?" He asked, his long fingers pinching and lifting a silver note charm that hung from a navel piercing. Demyx made a tiny hum as it was pulled on and shifted.

"Uhnn….n-not long ago." He said in reply, causing Axel to chuckle. He tugged on the little chain again, gaining another near-moan from the Nobody. His eyebrow arched when he saw the other reaction he received. His fingertips slowly traced down his abs and over his length to his tip. He continued to trace his finger tips over him. It wasn't long before Demyx was standing upright and his breath irregular, coming in small gasps and sighed. The Nocturne's hands rested on the bed, grasping the sheets. He tilted his head back and gasped as Axel closed his fingers around him.

Axel chuckled and stroked him a few times before pulling his hand away. Again he kissed the dirty blonde, who returned it this time. Demyx's hands went up and grabbed his long side burns and held him into the kiss. The red head deepened the kiss and explored the Nobody's mouth, finding where he was more sensitive. As he did so, the red head removed his own pants and coat, tossing them off to the side.

He then slid between his legs and ground their hips together. Demyx moaned and arched to complete the contact between them.

"Axel?" He had meant to say more, but his mind was growing fuzzy. He continued to hold onto his hair.

"Yes?" Axel asked, pulling back just enough to stare into the other's ocean blue eyes.

"Please?" He asked, shifting, wanting more. The red head chuckled and reached into the pocket of his coat for a small bottle. He'd come prepared and squirted the contents onto his fingers. After they were slicked he slipped the first one past Demyx's entrance.

Demyx gasped and crooned softly; running his fingers up further into Axel's hair. Axel continued to slowly add fingers, scissoring them to make room for himself. Demyx moaned softly at each touch and shift of Axel's fingers until he decided he was ready. He removed his fingers and spread the remaining liquid on himself. He grinned and didn't give Demyx a break, pushing right in.

Demyx arched his back a little and gasped. The other Nobody was large. His hands slid under Axel's shoulders and onto his back, finding better purchase there.

A brief moment of surprise crossed Axel's face when it occurred to him that he probably wasn't the first to take advantage of the dirty blonde's naïve nature. The red head wasted no time in beginning to thrust into the other Nobody; the bed moving with them, adding to the power of his thrusts.

He was rough, gripping Demyx's hips tightly. He just barely brushed a sensitive bundle of nerves that set the dirty blonde's head spinning. He moaned loudly, his fingers turning almost into claws as he dragged them down Axel's back.

The red head groaned and dropped his head onto Demyx's chest. "Again." He demanded as he sought the spot he had just brushed against.

Demyx dragged his fingernails down Axel's back making him groan louder. Axel lifted his head again and pressed another bruising kiss to Demyx's lips, the return kiss just as heated. He rocked his hips along with Axel, moaning loudly, completely under passion's control.

Finally Axel found just the right angle and thrust into the small bundle of nerves. Demyx tensed up, his back arching to a painful degree as a pure note found its way out of his lungs. His nails dug in further into the red head's back, drawing darkness out from the wounds.

Axel gasped and pounded in harder with the next thrust, sliding his hand under the Nocturne's lower back to support him. He hit the same spot again. Once more Demyx seemed to be singing. His muscles contracted some in response, putting more pressure on Axel. He groaned and drew closer to his end.

The red head sped up. Their bodies crashed together as he rammed into the Nocturne, varying the spot where each hit landed. Demyx sang until his eyes widened.

"Come with me, baby." Axel breathed. Demyx's head went back and he sang loudly, his nails digging into Axel's back once more to draw darkness as he found release.

Axel followed close behind, finishing within the Nobody. He lowered them both to the still wavering bed and lay on top of Demyx, breathing deeply to regain his breath. Demyx's eyes were now closed as he lay on the still and tried to calm his breathing down. He looked up at Axel through half lidded eyes and gave him the gentlest smile the Nobody had seen in a long time.

"What?" Axel asked, his breath regained.

"You didn't have to make a game of it. I would have slept with you if you had just asked." He said quietly. He giggled as Axel's eyes widened.

"Heyyy….You knew all along?" He asked, looking a bit puzzled.

"Of course. You weren't exactly being subtle." He giggled again and kissed Axel playfully.

"But…Never mind." Axel muttered and leaned in to kiss him. The dirty blonde lifted his legs a little and gave him a hug with his knees. "I'm glad you won that last game…this was a nice prize."

"Oh…that reminds me…" He reached over to his coat again and pulled out one of the blue gems from their game. "You actually won that game…You dropped this in your hurry to get back and win the bonus points."

Demyx stared at the gem for a moment frowning. "Youuuuu cheater." He said and tugged on one of the long red side burns. "Oh well. I probably would have asked for something silly. This was much better." He smiled softly, making Axel blush just a bit.

Axel kissed him a few more times till the dirty blonde seemed to start to fall asleep. "Take a nap." He said quietly. Demyx smiled at him and faded off into sleep, holding Axel close. The larger Nobody sighed and pulled out shifting to cover them with one of the blankets on the bed and drifted off with him, content for the first time in a long while.