Leon? A Word, Please?

Author: Tani2

Genre: Romance

Rating: M for explicit sexual content, mature themes, violence, and language. You have been warned.

Timeline: Six months after the conclusion of the events of RE5 with flashbacks in italics

Synopsis: Leon and Claire help Chris and Jill move into their new home. Bothered by how his sister interacts with her best friend, Chris decides it's time to have a man-to-man. What he learns is more than he bargained for. Pairings are Leon/Claire and Chris/Jill

Disclaimer: I do not own Resident Evil or any of the characters in this story, nor did I profit from their use in this work of fiction. My purpose is one of philosophical fulfillment: I write, therefore, I am.

Author's Notes: It's the last chapter, folks. Thanks so much to everyone who read, everyone who reviewed, whether good or bad. Hope you all enjoyed the story, but even if you didn't, I appreciate you stopping by and taking the time to read. Take it easy!

~ Tani

Epilogue: Moving On

Arlington, Virginia: a large suburban house with a moving truck in front

Claire emptied the last of the boxes out of the back of the moving truck. She stacked them next to the bookcases in the den. She opened each box and took out the books inside. Once they were all on the shelves, she sighed and stood up. 'Well, I guess we can rest for a few more hours,' she pondered to herself. 'But then we need to go get the next truck load from Chris's condo."

She picked up the empty boxes and went into the kitchen. She opened the cellar door and dropped the boxes downstairs. They landed on the pile of empty boxes that was already blocking the stairs. Chris had promised to collapse and recycle all the boxes himself in exchange for the other three having set up his mancave.

Claire smirked and walked through the living room and through Jill's sitting room. She opened the door that led to the sunken room that now housed Chris's homage to testosterone. She peaked inside. The mancave had a brown leather sofa, two leather recliners, a bar and pool table that came with the house, a foozball table, and the biggest flat screen TV Claire had ever seen, already equipped with an Xbox, a Wii, a PSP2, and a Blu-ray player. In addition, the sign Chris still had from Fucking, Austria was leaning against the coffee-table, waiting for Chris to mount it on the wall beside the pool table. The other sign hung in Leon's condo in Georgetown, right over his beer pong table.

But it wasn't the accoutrements of the mancave that Claire was interested in. She was more interested in the man lying on the sofa.

Leon was fast asleep. When the couple had awoken in the morning, he had made a valiant effort to help her unpack the last of the truck's contents, but he was so hungover and nauseous from drinking so much on an empty stomach the night before, he just couldn't manage it. Claire had encouraged him to take some medication and go back to bed, but he'd decided to take a nap on the comfortable couch in the mancave instead.

She turned back to face Leon. He was resting peacefully. She decided to let him sleep a while longer. Claire walked out of the room and closed the door behind her. Jill's books had gotten dusty in storage, and now she was dusty, too. She figured a shower and change of clothes were in order. She'd check on Leon after that.

An hour later, Claire walked into the masculine entertainment lounge wearing a white tube top sweater which was half of a twinset she'd packed. It was fairly warm for September, so she didn't wear the matching cardigan. She also wore a little light gray miniskirt that was scandalous in its length.

She smiled at the still sleeping form of her boyfriend. He hadn't moved much in her absence, except that his shirt was suddenly nowhere to be found. When she last looked into the room, he'd been wearing a white polo shirt over a gray pair of long cargo shorts. She'd put on the outfit she was wearing as a gag so she could point out how they were turning into a matchy-match couple. Now, he just wore the shorts. She smirked and shook her head as she closed the door quietly. 'He even ruins my jokes in his sleep,' she thought.

She walked softly on bare tiptoes over to the sofa. She knelt onto the floor and adjusted her mini skirt so her white lace thong wasn't visible. She watched him sleep for a while, stroking his hair from in front of his left eye. She bent and kissed him gently. He frowned and stirred awake. When his vision focused, he smiled at her.

"Hi, Baby."

She smiled and kissed him again. "Have a nice nap?"

He nodded and stretched. "Yup. Needed it after the workout you gave me last night."

She rolled her eyes and continued to stroke his hair. "Headache and nausea gone?"

He smiled and closed his eyes. "Yeah. Thanks for the ibuprofen and Alka-Seltzer . . . and the scalp massage. That feels very good."

She kissed his forehead. "You're very welcome."

He caressed her back for a while as she continued to run her fingers gently through his hair. "Remind me never to drink with your brother again," he commented absently. "The man isn't human."

She smirked. "Well, I would, except that's what you said the last time you drank with him . . . and the time before that. I don't know why you keep trying to out-drink him, Leon. Chris can drink you under the table. It's a Redfield thing."

He winced playfully. "Ouch, Baby. That wounds me," he replied sarcastically. "Especially coming from someone who once got so drunk that she thought the phrase 'I love you' was synonymous with the phrase 'you smell nice'." She gave a phony little laugh and held up her middle finger at him. He chuckled and snatched her hand, placing a kiss on the back.

She smiled, rolled her eyes, and stood up. She tried to leave, but he grabbed her hand again and pulled her back down onto his lap on the couch.

"What are you doing?"

"Do you really need to ask me that question at this point in our relationship?"

She grinned. "I guess not." She straddled his hips and leaned down to kiss him. She ran her fingers over his bare torso. She quirked her brow at him. "Leon . . . where the hell is your shirt?"

He shrugged. "I dunno. I was hot." He cocked his thumb over his shoulder. "I think I threw it that way." He smirked and pulled the holder off her ponytail, freeing her locks for him to play with. "Why? Does my nudity offend?"

She smiled and took the holder from him, placing it on her wrist as opposed to letting him throw it across the room, as he was so clearly planning to do. She caressed his chest before planting kisses across it. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the feelings, as well as hiding his poor retinas from the treacherous sun.

He sighed and ran a hand down her back to squeeze her backside. She smiled against his chest and moved to kiss his lips again. "It's fine," she finally answered. I like you without a shirt."

He chuckled and reached up the bottom of her tube top to toy with her nipples. "I like you without a shirt, too." When he found her to be without a bra, he leaned up to receive her kiss. "You look so goddamn sexy right now," he said softly.

"Thank you," she whispered against his lips. "I wore this for you." She looked down at his body and her eyelids grew heavy. He was hard and ready for her, his rigid length straining at the material of his fly.

"God, Leon. You sure know how to fill out a pair of cargo shorts."

He sat up and pulled her tightly against his chest. Her breasts squished against the solid muscles of his pectorals. He looked down at her cleavage and smiled. "You sure know how to fill out a tube top." He kissed her neck and shoulder. He ran his index fingertip along the upper edge of her strapless top. "Take it off," he ordered.

She smirked and shook her head. "Sorry. You gotta earn that." She got up off his lap and wandered over to the bar area. She sat on one of the stools and crossed her legs. She smiled a naughty little smirk at Leon and beckoned him with her finger.

He grinned and got up from the sofa. He followed her to the bar and leaned down to kiss her. When they parted this time, he smiled into her eyes and said, "I should lock the door before this goes any further."

She shook her head. "No need. Chris and Jill are still in bed."

He smirked. "Lazy fuckers."

"You should talk." He chuckled. "Anyway, you're only half right. I never said they were sleeping, I just said they were in bed. Listen."

They were both quiet for a moment and then they started to laugh. They could hear the rhythmic sounds of something heavy bouncing on bedsprings. Leon kissed Claire's earlobe and whispered, "Either the future Mr. and Mrs. Redfield are jumping on the bed or they're doing to each other what I'm about to do to you." He extended his index finger and tickled her left nipple through her shirt.

Claire giggled and slapped his hand away. "Quit it!"

He smiled and kissed her throat, her cheek, and finally, her lips again. She sighed against his mouth as he slowly lifted her tube top. When her breasts sprang free, Leon cupped and lifted them, just marveling at their form for a while.

"Your body is so beautiful, Claire." He bent and kissed the tattooed evidence of her love for him, licked her left nipple, and then sucked her right. She closed her eyes and ran her hands through his hair. When he stood up to kiss her again, she wrapped her arms around his neck and swirled her tongue around his. They kissed gently for a while, enjoying the knowledge that the person they were kissing loved them.

Leon leaned back and stared down at his girlfriend's body. He smirked. "That's a pretty fucking short skirt, Baby. If it were any shorter, it would be a belt."

She laughed. "What? You don't like it?"

He shook his head. "Quite the contrary." He caressed her legs then pushed them far apart. "It certainly makes for easy access." He didn't even have to lift her skirt to get to her panties. The position she was in lifted the skirt to her waist. He pulled the crotch of her thong to one side and rubbed her sex gently. She sighed and pushed his hand away, smirking teasingly at him. He chuckled and moved his hands to her breasts and kneaded them slowly. This time she didn't try to tease him. He decided to reward her for playing along. He helped her to her feet and squeezed her ass with two hands.

She leaned her cheek against his chest and caressed his back with both hands. He leaned over her and lifted her skirt. He filled his hands with her rear end again. He lifted her cheeks and squeezed them. "So nice," he whispered. He slid one hand further under her and rubbed her sex. "Can I take your panties off?" he asked seductively. She nodded. He took both sides of her thong and slid them down her hips. When the garment reached her mid thighs, Leon let go. The thong fell to the carpet. Leon kissed her and caressed her backside, but Claire reached back and pushed his hands aside then pulled her skirt back down to hide her nudity. He chuckled against her lips. He loved it when she teased him. He decided to tease her back this time.

He lifted her off her feet and plunked her down on the bar. He bent down and caressed her clit gently with his lips. He exhaled against her sex. She giggled at the tickling sensation and stroked his hair away from his handsome face so she could see him better.

"Tease," she whispered.

"Back at ya, Baby," he replied quietly before running the tip of his tongue over her wet slit. She cried out and tossed her head back while gripping his. She tried to drag his face closer to her groin, but he resisted, opting for keeping his stimulation gentle and fleeting.

"You're driving me crazy!" she muttered. "Please, Leon! I need more!" He smiled against her pussy and kissed it lovingly, but he denied her the 'more' she was looking for . . . at least for the time being.

Claire continued to try to force Leon into giving her more forceful oral pleasure, and Leon continued to resist. He only teased her for a short while, though. It wasn't really in his makeup to deny his beloved Claire anything she wanted for more than a few moments. He drove his tongue deep inside her while teasing her clit with his fingertips. She cried out again and pulled at his hair. He loved every second of the painful pleasure, but he knew she'd yank it out at the roots if he let her continue. Reluctantly, Leon stopped licking her pussy and extricated her fingers from their grip on his straight fringe of hair.

He pulled her shirt and skirt back into place before lifting her off the bar and walking her back over to the couch. When he placed her on her feet, she opened his cargo shorts and pushed them down his hips. They hit the floor and he stepped out of them. She looked down at him in his white boxer-briefs, and shivered at the large tent that his cock made as it distended the cotton, straining it to its limit. 'He's so goddamn big,' she thought, licking her lips.

He lifted Claire off her feet again and backed up, dropping back onto the sofa. He pulled her legs up onto the sofa as he sat, and Claire placed her knees on either side of him. She smiled down at him and he smirked up at her. He pushed his hands up the back of her shirt, lifting it as he slowly caressed her skin.

"You look so beautiful today, Baby. I love when you wear sleeveless tops."

"Like last night?"

He smiled. "Yeah. Like last night, you in that black leather tube top . . . no wonder I needed a nap today."

She fingered the hair at his nape and then smoothed his brows before planting a kiss between them. "Thanks for the complement," she breathed against his face.

She leaned back and looked into his eyes. He smiled. His expression was playful, but his lids were heavy with passion.

She sighed blissfully as his large hands continued to work magic on her back. She leaned down to kiss his lips this time. When she leaned away from him again, his expression was no longer playful. He leaned forward and buried his face against her neck.

"I love you so much, Claire," he muttered into her silken hair.

She bit her bottom lip and blinked back tears. She never realized how important it was to her to hear him say that again until he actually did. It must have been just as important for him to hear it from her . . . and she had made him wait ten years.

"I . . . I love you, too." She leaned back and smiled at him, but she couldn't blink back the stray tears that fell from each of her eyes.

He caressed her hair back behind each ear and wiped the moisture from both of her cheeks. "Don't cry, Baby."

She sniffled back the rest of her tears. "I'm sorry," she whispered, her voice a little shaky. "I just feel so awful for not telling you that I love you . . . for making you think that I loved someone else."

He slid his hands up the back of her top again. "Shhh. It doesn't matter anymore. All that matters is that I know it now."

"But, I . . . ."

He smiled and shook his head as he cut her off. "No, Claire. No 'buts'. You made me the happiest man in the world last night. I don't care how long it took you to tell me, not anymore. It never kept you from being mine since Harvardville. And now that I do know, none of the old drama between us matters to me anymore. We had a rough past, but we have a beautiful future ahead of us."

She smiled softly and caressed his chest. "Leon . . . ."

He didn't let her finish. He sat forward and used his hold on her back to pull her down into a passionate kiss. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders, running her fingers through his hair as he plumbed her mouth with his tongue. Leon rubbed her back all the way up and down, pulling her shirt up and down as well. The shirt's movements teased her nipples, puckering them to little peaks.

She stroked her hands lovingly through his hair while slowly moving her hips back and forth to offer him stimulation. She felt him getting harder against her crotch, and he sighed as her wet heat gradually soaked through his white boxer briefs.

He kissed his way down onto her throat while slowly lifting her tube top with his hands still under the little sweater. He slid his hands around to her front, still lifting the shirt until her breasts were exposed. He lowered his face to her right breast and licked a slow wet circle around her areola. She shivered through the light caress of his tongue and then pressed her pussy hard against his cock as he mouthed her nipple with a small pool of saliva in his mouth.

He moved to the other nipple, sucking it gently while rubbing her right nipple with one hand and kneading her ass with the other. Still suckling her nipple, he pulled the sleeveless sweater up and over her head, and then tossed it in the direction he'd thrown his shirt earlier.

She leaned her head on top of his and then threw her head back when he started to suck her nipple harder. Once he released her breast from his mouth, he brought his hands forward from caressing her bare back to knead both her breasts again while he kissed her pulse point. She gripped his hair. He grunted against her throat as she was hurting him this time. He decided it was in his best interest not to over-stimulate his sweetheart, so he moved his hands down off her breasts and around to slide up her skirt. Her bare ass cheeks filled his palms, and he both kneaded her muscular rounded flesh and used his hold on her to pull her tighter against his crotch. In the meantime, he continued to go back and forth between her breasts, licking, suckling, and grazing her nipples with his teeth.

When her body began to tremble, he leaned back from her chest and looked down as he began to untie the drawstring at the waist of her skirt. She lifted up to her knees, which allowed him to start dragging her skirt down her hips. He leaned down and sucked on her left nipple again. She moaned and moved to her back on the sofa. He pulled her skirt off, leaving her completely naked. He took in the sight of her wanting and needy before him, and slowly leaned down to kiss her throat and suck each of her nipples. He rolled her into a bridal carry then sat her down properly in the center of the couch with her back to the sofa seat back.

Claire threaded her fingers into Leon's hair as he bent to kiss her lips. He slowly moved to his knees on the floor in front of her, still kissing her as he knelt. Once he was on his knees, he pushed her legs apart so that they were on either side of his torso. She scooted forward and he wrapped his arms securely around her. Her tiny fingers slid down from his scalp onto his shoulders, and she held him just as tightly while their kiss ended. They just held each other for a while, hugging and sighing against each other's skin, enjoying the feeling of just being so in love.

Suddenly, Leon turned his head toward her and began kissing her neck. He brought one hand out from under her, bracing himself with his other palm planted into the couch cushion beneath her, and used his now free hand to knead her right breast again.

Claire slid her hands up and down his back, making him shiver whenever her fingertips feathered up and down his spine. She finally slid both hands down to his ass and gave it a firm squeeze.

"You have the most perfect ass ever, Leon," she whispered while looking over his shoulder and down his back at his firm backside in his tight boxer-briefs.

He lifted his head to stare into her eyes for just a moment before he kissed and licked her breasts in gratitude of the compliment. He then moved slowly down her body, kissing her breasts and abdomen repeatedly as he worked his way down. He pushed the coffee-table back with his left foot. The Fucking road sign fell flat on the carpeted floor. They barely noticed the sound.

He kissed her inner thighs in turn, and then licked her clit hard. She tossed her head back and sighed. He lifted her legs and pushed them back toward her ears as he continued to lick her sex.

"Ohhhhhh, yeah." She hissed and licked her lips, then her eyes fluttered closed as she gave herself over to his pleasure.

He sighed and pushed her legs a little further apart before delving his tongue into her heat. He moved his hands to her breasts, slowly rolling her nipples between his fingers. She stroked his hair and shivered. She brought her legs together and planted her feet on his shoulder blades, caressing his upper back with her toes. He moved his hands off her breasts and grabbed her legs under the knees, pushing them fairly wide apart again. Once he felt that she was relaxed, he released her legs and slowly eased his underwear down his hips and legs, lifting one knee at a time so he could remove them without getting up from feasting on Claire's body. When they were at his ankles, he pulled them off his feet. They were finally both naked.

He got to his feet and kissed her nipples. He lifted her by her ass and then moved her more fully to her back, which put her legs further up into the air and lifted her pussy so that he had easier access without neck strain. He put his hands under her knees again as his mouth descended back onto her sex. A moment later, he pushed her legs all the way back until her shins rested on the back of the couch and her calves lay on either side of her head. 'Goddamn! I love that she's so flexible!' he thought.

She squirmed in ecstasy as he teased her slit with his tongue. "Oh, God!" she cried out suddenly before making a sound that was half-moaning, half-choking. When he moved his hands back to her breasts, she started to pant with her need. For the next several seconds, he relished in her moans, every breathy sigh, every shiver. Then he slowly rose to his feet, still hunched over her body, and kissed her lips. She sighed and caressed his neck as he shared the taste of her essence with her. After a moment of tender kissing, Leon got back down on his knees, and began licking her clit while thrusting two fingers rapidly inside her.

"Oooooo!" she moaned.

"Ohhhh, Claire," he breathed against her clit, causing her to shiver. He leaned back and watched his fingers thrusting in and out of her. He could see his cock in his peripheral vision, standing rock hard at full attention, just waiting for its turn to take the place of his fingers.

He slowed the movement of his hand. He was getting them both too excited too fast. He withdrew his fingers from her heat and slowly rubbed them up and down her weeping slit. Then he took her hand and laid it gently over her own pussy. She slowly rubbed her fingertips in little circles over her clit. He teased her opening with a fingertip, and then bent to taste her again. While his tongue kissed her sex, she kept rubbing her clit until she couldn't stand it anymore and fisted her hands in his hair again. That was Leon's cue that she was more than ready for him to make love to her.

He stood up again and turned her sideways so she was lying on her back. He started to kneel between her legs, but she shook her head no. "Not yet. Sixty-nine, first."

It seemed he was wrong. She wanted more foreplay. He nodded and moved instead to hover over her body in the opposite direction, his face hanging over her sex as he pushed both her legs against the back of the couch to give himself room. His one foot remained on the floor while his other leg rested on the armrest behind her head, so that his cock dangled above her face without him feeling like he was smothering her with his looming, greater size. She reached up and grabbed his shaft, stroking it a few times before lifting her head to put her mouth on his cock. He shivered and immediately thrust his tongue back inside her while using both hands to spread her pussy open. She shrieked when he tongued her clit, now fully exposed from its little hood. He groaned and moved his hips slowly up and down, gently fucking her mouth in time with the swirl of his tongue on her clit.

They both panted and gasped as they shared oral pleasure for the next few minutes. When he sucked hard on the little nubbin at the junction of her sex, she moaned around him and leaned up to deep throat his length. She gagged and coughed, drooling on his cock, and wrenching a shout of surprised passion from her lover. He went back to just tongue fucking her pussy, not wanting to challenge her again to a sensual dual. He'd never last if she did that again. The only thing he still did to drive her crazy was to rub her anus with his middle fingertip. She shuddered almost continuously as he teased her with the promise of anal pleasure. What he didn't realize was the effect that prospect would have on him, too. He groaned and moved to kiss both of her ass cheeks, then drove his tongue almost violently inside her before clamping his lips onto her clit as he sucked it hard.

"MMMMMM!" she moaned loudly around his cock, kicking her legs in surprise at the sensual onslaught.

"Mmm hmm," he moaned in reply, not letting up one bit, even when she ran her tongue up the sensitive underside of his cock. But when she grazed his glans with her teeth, he stopped abruptly and got shakily to his feet. "Okay, you win," he muttered before moving to kneel between her legs, still with his right foot on the floor while the other knee stabilized him on the couch. He pushed her thighs back towards her head where she gripped them and held them in place. Folded in half as she was, her glistening pussy was lifted up and open for him. He shivered a bit in anticipation of being inside her.

He stroked his cock, leaned over his Claire, and slowly pushed it inside her. She sighed and whimpered his name. He leaned back and pulled her legs to his shoulders, leaned down to kiss her, then slowly moved his hips up and down, penetrating her more and more on each subsequent thrust until he was fully trapped deep in her heat. She trembled and shed a few tears once he was all the way inside her.

He slowly brought his foot off the floor and planted it in the couch cushion beside her left hip. He continued to kiss her as he began to lift his hips up and down, pulling almost all the way out of her every time before sinking all the way back inside her. When the kisses became salty, he leaned back and froze. She was crying, her eyes closed in a look that he thought could only be construed as painful.

He stared down at her in concern and confusion. He stroked his hand across her face to draw her attention. She opened her eyes and stared up at him.

"What's the matter, Baby? Why are you crying?"

She gave him a brave little smile. "It's nothing."

"No it's not." He caressed her face again and kissed her gently. "Am I hurting you, Sweetheart?"

She sighed against his lips and smiled. When he moved back and could see her face, she shook her head 'no'. "No, you're not hurting me. You feel wonderful."

He was starting to look a little distraught. "Then why are you crying?"

She shook her head. "You'll think I'm silly."

He sighed and shook his head. "Claire, right now, I think I'm hurting you. I'd welcome just thinking you're silly. Now, please tell me what's wrong. You're scaring me."

She ran both hands into his hair, then pulled him down into a kiss. When they parted, she whispered across his lips. "It's not pain on my face, Sweetie. I promise. It's just the way you just entered me . . . how it was so slow and gentle, and how you pushed it inside me so gradually . . . it reminded me of our first time. It was the first time that I knew I loved you, the moment you were first inside me, taking such care not to hurt me, trying so hard to make me forget how scared I was, reassuring me without even speaking that if it was in your power, I would survive that night. We've had so many ups and downs over the years, Leon. I've never stopped loving you, please understand that, but I also never thought I would feel that feeling again . . . to feel your love through the care you took to initiate making love to me." She sighed and wiped the fresh tears that slid out of the corners of her eyes. "I'm just a little overwhelmed with remembering why I fell in love with you in the first place, that's all."

He listened to her honest admission of love in silence. He never knew that the care he took that first night had meant this much to her. His heart raced as he felt a rush of emotion and pride in having made the only woman he ever loved so happy. He leaned down and kissed her tear-stained cheeks, then pressed his lips to hers. When they parted, Claire sighed and caressed his neck and chest while clenching her inner muscles around him. He took the hint and started to slowly lift his hips before lowering them again to thrust into her slow and deep. He thrust a few times and then stopped. He kissed her again, still feeling the ache in his heart from the depths of his love for Claire. He moved to the balls of his feet while lifting her torso with one hand and balancing with the other. He pressed her to his chest, still kissing her gently, and then he lowered her back to the couch cushions. He placed both hands on either side of her before thrusting his cock a little faster. When she moaned and clenched around him, he moaned in reply and moved his hips faster still, making sure to thrust it deep every time.

She ran the fingers of her right hand through his hair while teasing her clit with her left. "Oh, Baby!" she whispered. "Oh! Oh! Ohhhh! Yes, Leon! Yes! Oh, yes! Ohhhh! It feels so good! Don't stop! Don't stop!"

Fueled by her whispered moans, he leaned back and lifted her legs to his torso, then started teasing her toes with his tongue. She giggled and sighed, the clench of her sex causing her lover to shiver. He rubbed her feet, kissed her soles in turn, and then spread her legs apart. He moved his right foot back down onto the floor, and planted his other foot on the couch. With his new leverage, assisted by his height, he lifted his torso straight up on his arms, lifted his hips, and then slammed his cock deep into Claire.

"Motherfucker!" she shouted. He loved making her scream obscenities. It was such a turn on. He tried to wrench another curse from her mouth by grinding his cock deep inside her. She curled her toes, tossed her head back, and moaned. "Oh, God!" she gritted out from between clenched teeth. "Fuck me, Leon! Fuck me! Oh, fuck . . . it feels so fucking good! So good! So good! So good! Oh . . . . God!"

"Ohhhh!" he groaned as she had her first orgasm of the day as his gentle grinding tortured her clit and G spot into euphoria.

When Claire's body stopped trembling with release, Leon pushed her legs down and braced himself with his hands on the backs of her thighs. Once again, he slowly lifted his hips, but this time, he moaned loudly as he drove his cock home.

"Ahhh!" she cried out. "Hard! Fuck me hard!"

He cried out before doing as she told him, still keeping his pace slow as he increased the force of his thrusts.

He moaned with every other penetration, losing his breath on the others. About five minutes later, he suddenly stopped moving. He shivered uncontrollably with the effort not to cum. Once he got himself under control, he decided to let her take over for a while. He pulled her up to his lap and wrapped her in his arms. They kissed for a while, and then Leon laid back on the opposite end of the sofa, leaving Claire straddling his lap, still with his cock buried deep inside her. He ran his fingers through her long red hair, then pushed it back behind her ears so he could still see her face.

Claire placed her hand on Leon's chest and then moved her hips, gliding easily up and down his cock from the abundance of her juices that was slicking their union. Her breasts bounced up and down as she moved. The sight caused Leon to throw his head back and moan. He then leaned forward to watch her fuck him at the place they were joined, but pretty soon, the sensual sight overwhelmed him and he had to close his eyes and let his head drop back onto the couch cushions.

Seeing the effect she was having on him, Claire slowed the movement of her hips and began to grind slowly on him as he'd done to her. He threaded his fingers into her hair and held it back from her face. She leaned down to kiss him, never slowing her hips, and then when she leaned back, she began bouncing up and down again, but with less force so as not to make him cum yet.

Claire rode her man for a good ten minutes without any problem, but when his cock started feeling a little too good inside her, she began to cry out with the beginnings of another orgasm and her movements became uncoordinated. Leon, who had been lying back with his eyes closed and his hands on her ass, slowly opened his eyes and looked up at her face. It was contorted in passion. He dug his fingers into her ass and pulled her forward hard until her pelvic bone slammed into his. She cried out even louder. He did it again and she screamed. He kept doing it, relishing in the sounds she made as he brought her to another orgasm. She got to her feet and began fucking him again immediately. He cried out this time, and grabbed her breasts, kneading them and pinching her nipples until they were almost sore. He planted his feet in the couch behind her and began raising his hips to meet her thrusts. They moaned and groaned incoherently to each other as they grounded their way to yet another orgasm for Claire. At the feel of her pussy erratically clenching him again, Leon's penis twitched and spurted a bit of pre-cum.

"Ohhh! Babe, that felt so good!" he cried out.

They stopped moving their hips for a moment, opting to kiss instead to give Leon a chance to recover. After a minute, Claire started to bounce on his cock again, but Leon abruptly lifted her up off him, yet again making the effort not to release.

"Fuck, Baby!" he panted out a chuckle. "You feel way too good."

He stood up and pulled her up around his torso, holding her suspended in mid air. She wrapped her arms around his neck. He reached down and placed his length halfway inside her, then lifted her up and down. She raised her legs up onto his shoulders. He gradually increased the speed that he made her move until her legs fell to his sides, her head dropped back limply, and her breathing came out in gasps from between her parted lips while he slammed her forward onto his cock. For his part, Leon was temporarily mesmerized by the sight of her breasts jerking rhythmically for him.

Eventually the strength in his legs gave out. He dropped back onto the sofa, with her legs on either side of him again, just as he had when they first sat down. He grinned up at her, panting slightly from all the exertion. "You're wearing me out, Claire."

She caressed his neck and kissed him. "Want to do it from the back?"

He smiled. "Sure."

He leaned forward and dragged her closer, impaling her fully on his length as they kissed each other passionately. He leaned back to look up at her again, always a slave to her beauty in the act of sex. She caressed his scalp then ran the backs of her fingers down his cheek. He leaned up to kiss her again then stood and turned around to place her on her back, bent kind of awkwardly with her head resting against the back of the couch.

"Hey! I said from the back! Are you disobeying a direct order, soldier?"

"And what if I am?"

"I'll make you drop and give me twenty!"

He chuckled. "Yes, ma'am!" Leon lifted her legs back towards her head then pressed his hands onto her thighs, once again folding her in half. He kept his arms extended and his legs out straight behind him. Claire giggled and stroked his cock before placing it against her pussy, anticipating what he meant to do. He didn't disappoint her. Leon immediately started counting out loud as he did a very perverted variation on push-ups. Every time he leaned down, he withdrew almost completely, and every time he leaned up, he penetrated her fully. Claire giggled the entire time, and when he reached twenty, she reached around him and slapped his ass.

"Always such a smartass."

He smirked and leaned down to kiss her before lifting her to her feet. She sighed and stood on tiptoe to kiss him. He turned her around and pushed her down so that she was kneeling with her back to him and her face pressed against the wall behind Chris's couch. He bent down and knelt behind her, stroked his cock up and down her slit, then pushed it inside. He fucked her that way for a few minutes until Claire sighed and turned to face him. "Stop teasing," she whispered.

He looked surprised. "How am I teasing you?"

"I asked you to fuck me from behind."

"That's what I'm doing."

"No, you're fucking me doggy style. I want you to go in through the backdoor."

His eyes widened and then he pulled out. He stood to his full height and Claire turned around to sit with her legs crossed Indian-style. Suddenly, Leon smiled and darted for the door.

She giggled. "Where are you going?"

"To get the lube!"

"You're naked! Chris will see you!"

"Chris is still fucking Jill."

She listened . . . . And then she laughed. Leon was right. "Well, hurry back!"

"No worries!" he shouted back through the open door. She heard his heavy footfalls race up the stairs and then down the hall to their room. At the same time, she also heard the bedsprings abruptly stop creaking in the bedroom above her head. She fell over on the couch, giggling.

About one minute later, Leon barreled back into the man-cave with a bottle of lubricant in his hand. The creaking above their heads resumed a few seconds later. Claire was still giggling hysterically.

"What?" he demanded with a big 'innocent' grin on his face.

"I can't believe you just ran through my brother's house bare-assed!" she laughed.

"Yeah, I know, right? Did you hear them get all quiet when they heard me come upstairs?"

"Sure did. They must have heard your big feet on the st-. . . ." She stopped short when she noticed his penis didn't look the same as when he left. "You have a condom on already?"

He looked down and smiled. "Yeah."

"You were only gone for like half a minute!"

"I put it on while running down the stairs."

She laughed even harder. "That's so disgusting!" she finally gasped.

Leon chuckled as he opened the bottle and poured a generous amount of lubricant onto his hand. He stroked his cock and then fingered her ass, being cautious not to get the greasy stuff on the couch or carpet.

Claire's giggling slowed down as he stimulated her most forbidden entry then her laughter transformed into moans. Leon turned her to lie lengthwise on the couch again and knelt in front of her as he had earlier. Only this time, he lifted her hips a little higher. He angled his cock at her tighter orifice, took a deep breath, and pushed.

They both cried out in pleasure with the initial penetration, but it was Leon who kept moaning as he pounded her ass. Claire was too overwhelmed by pleasure to make another sound.

Feeling his release coming fast, Leon pulled out suddenly and backed away from his girlfriend. "Shit!" he exclaimed. "Why do you always feel too good, Baby? Give me a minute."

She nodded, panting too hard to answer verbally.

After a couple minutes of just sitting there trying to calm his body, Leon finally stood to his feet in front of the couch. He turned Claire so her back was to the seat of the couch again, and then folded her in half. He positioned himself to do his perverted push-ups again, but this time, Claire placed his cock at her anus.

When Leon pushed himself deep inside her this time, they both went into fits of trembling. "Too much," they said almost in unison. Leon withdrew and Claire dropped to her knees on the carpet. When her body stopped shaking, she turned and got to her knees, leaning forward over the cushions of the sofa. Leon stood above her, stroking his cock with more lube as he positioned it at her rear. She took her hair band off her wrist and put her hair back into a ponytail. He smirked and shook his head. She was teasing him again by putting her hair up, knowing how much he liked it down.

He was more careful this time as he lowered his hips slowly, penetrating her only a little at first. When she sighed and moaned a quiet little, "Mmmm," he was sure that he hadn't caused her any discomfort. With a sigh of relief, he made love to her. As long as he only penetrated her about halfway, she seemed content.

"You alright, Claire?"

"Mm hm," she mumbled quietly into her arm.

He smiled a little. She had the most blissful look on her face. She had a soft little smile and her eyes were closed. She had the same expression the last time he gave her a back rub at his parents' house. "Feels good?"

"Uh huh."

He chuckled. "Feels really good?"

She grinned. "Fishing for compliments?"

He laughed again. "No. Just want reassurance that I'm not hurting you this time."

"No. You're not. It just feels really nice."

"Want it a little harder and deeper?"

She shook her head. "No. I'm just about at the limit of what I can tolerate of you."

"Gee, thanks."

She giggled. "Sorry. That didn't come out right. I meant . . ."

"I know what you meant. I was only teasing."

"Okay." She opened her eyes and turned to look at him. "It's not just how long you are, it's how thick you are. I feel stretched open, but there's this amazing feeling of stimulation that goes along with it."

He nodded. "Okay."

She smirked. "Disappointed you can't slam that telephone pole of yours up my ass?"

He stopped moving his hips and cracked up. When he caught his breath, he answered, "Not at all! As long as you feel good, I'm happy."

"Then you should be very happy." He smiled at her and she closed her eyes again. After another minute, she opened her eyes and looked back at him again. "Does it feel good to you, Leon?"


"You sure?"

He chuckled. "I'm sure."

"You don't have to move so slowly. I can take it faster."

He caressed her backside. "You said you were at your limit."

"Yeah, for force and depth, not speed."

"Oh. Well, in that case . . . ."

He pulled out and moved her to lie lengthwise on the couch again, only this time he placed her flat on her stomach. He straddled her thighs, keeping one foot on the floor and one knee on the couch. He used both hands to spread her cheeks, positioned himself and slowly penetrated her again. He slowly got back to the same depth as before and then started moving his hips more quickly, still keeping his thrusts shallow.

"Ooooooo," she moaned.

"Ohhh," he whispered.

As Leon moved faster and faster inside her, Claire's moaning got louder and louder. When she bit her bottom lip and mumbled. "Mmmmm, my God!" Leon had nearly reached his own limit.

"That feels so nice, Baby. You're so beautiful when you're this aroused." He reached under her and gently massaged her left breast. She reached back and caressed his abdomen.

He ran his hand gently up and down her side, up onto her breast, and back down onto her rear. She shivered with the added stimulation. She could just reach his legs with her fingers, so she caressed his lower thighs.

"Oh, my God!" he suddenly exclaimed and pulled out abruptly. He sat back on the other end of the couch.

She turned her head to face him. "You okay?" she asked with a little smirk.

He smiled and nodded. "Yeah, just almost came."

She giggled. "So, why didn't you just let it happen?"

"Because you weren't close."

She grinned. "Aww. So considerate."

He smiled. "Always." He moved forward to caress both her ass cheeks. He kissed both and then turned her onto her back. He pulled the condom off. "Can we go back to regular sex?"

She nodded. "Of course."

He put the condom into a cocktail napkin he got off the bar, and then threw it away in the wastebasket by the pool table. When he got back to the couch, Claire sat up and pulled him into a kiss. He moved her to her back again. She gasped against his lips as he slowly pushed inside her sex.

Desperate to find release, they thrust against each other hard and fast. Within less than five minutes, they were both so close.

"Oh, Leon!"


"Oh my God, it feels so fucking good!"

He groaned. "Claire!" he gritted out. "I'm cumming!" She couldn't even speak. She just gasped a few times, stiffened, and trembled. At the feel of her clenching around him, Leon dropped his head back on his shoulders and shouted in elation, "FUCKING . . . AUSTRIA!"

After a powerful orgasm of his own, he fell over on top of her. She was laughing hysterically as she wrapped her arms around his back and kissed his head. When she caught her breath, she sighed and called him a dumbass.

He closed her eyes, his panted breaths wafting through the few little wisps of hair that weren't clinging wetly to her sweaty neck. Once he caught his breath, he sighed and kissed her pulse point.

"I love you, Claire."

She smiled and helped him to move to his side behind her. She spooned against him and answered in kind.

"I love you too, Stretch."

He smiled and closed his eyes again. "Nap time?"

She chuckled. "Definitely." She reached over the arm of the couch and grabbed the afghan that was draped on an ottoman in front of one of the recliners. She covered them both with it and closed her eyes. Within minutes, both lovers were asleep.

Two hours into their nap, Leon and Claire's idyllic encounter was interrupted by the owner of the mancave.

Chris had woken up from his own post-coital slumber, showered, dressed, and wandered downstairs to watch his first action film on his new television before they all had to go get the next load of furniture.

When he walked into the only room in the house that actually got him emotional, he expressed a completely different emotion than he'd ever expected to feel in his manly domain.



Leon and Claire had started awake at the sound of Christopher's shouting. They rubbed the sleep from their eyes, looked at each other and smiled. They shared a kiss, wanting to respect their love before dealing with their screaming host.

"It's not that big a deal, man."

Chris frowned at Leon. "Not a big fucking deal? You . . . spawned on my three thousand dollar leather sofa!"

Leon got up and pulled on his jeans. "Yeah. Not a big deal. Stop being such a pussy. There's not even that much sweat on your damn couch."

Chris slapped Leon on the back of the head. "It's not the sweat I'm worried about, it's your spunk, Rookie!"

Leon slapped Chris in the back of the head. "Stop calling me Rookie, Steroids."

Chris shoved Leon. "You're lucky I don't call you Corpse."

Leon narrowed his eyes and shoved Chris in return.

Claire got up and picked up Leon's discarded polo shirt. She pulled it on and walked calmly between her brother and her boyfriend. "Neutral corners, boys. Let's keep it friendly."

Chris folded his arms over his chest to keep from slugging his bro. "Fine. And stop calling me Steroids."

Leon smirked. "Fine. Muscle Head, then."

"Leon . . . ." Chris warned. "If you don't want two hundred fifty pounds of muscle on your head, I advise you to choose the next nickname wisely."

"Okay," Leon said with a chuckle. "Fat Ass, it is." Claire giggled and wrapped Leon's arms around herself from behind.

Chris walked past them to survey the damage to his couch. He used his thumb and index fingertips to pick up the corner of the afghan.

"What did you sex fiends do to Nana Redfield's afghan . . . huh, Rookie?"

Claire turned around in Leon's arms and smiled up at him. "Chris, Leon's right. You shouldn't call him a rookie. I guarantee you, he's an expert." She stood on tiptoes, and kissed him. She then broke their embrace and slapped his ass before grabbing her clothes and heading toward the door of the mancave. "And by the way, she was my grandmother, too. And I saw what you did with your prom date on her couch, so don't get all high and mighty with me. You know, that was the first wild monkey porn I ever saw. Now, I'm going to get in a nice warm shower. Leon, when you're done talking to Chris, feel free to join me."

Leon smirked as he watched her ass move under his shirt while she walked toward the door and then exited it. Chris frowned darkly at him. Leon's smirk faded when he saw the scowl on Christopher's face.

Leon sighed. "Look, I don't even get why you're mad. You said I could make love to her in your house."


Leon silently reminisced about watching CSI before his second time with Claire, and then again before they fooled around on her sofa after he brought Sherry home. He smiled nostalgically and started to mutter absently, "My sperm isn't anywhere in this room any more. It just left with . . . ."

He abruptly stopped speaking, lost the stupid grin he'd been sporting, and said "Oh, would you look at the time." He looked at his bare wrist just like how Sherry had done two years prior. Leon then took off out the door.

Chris looked perplexed as to why Leon didn't finish his sentence or why he left so abruptly. He heard Leon run upstairs and the bathroom door slammed. The shower had already been running.

He sighed and decided to turn his attention back to finding out how much mess they'd made. "I'm gonna make that Rookie clean up every drop of jizz I find." He looked at his couch. There was nothing there, just like Leon said. Chris couldn't figure out why there was no love juice . . . until a moment later. Suddenly, he realized where Leon's semen was. Leon had said, it left with . . . .

The sound of a sudden ear piercing scream coming from her brother downstairs was not enough to faze Claire so much that she would unwrap her arms from around the man she loved as they shared a shower.

Leon was wetting his hair under the shower water, washing out the shampoo he'd applied a moment before. Claire's hair was already shampooed. Now she was just waiting for the conditioner to take its effect. She looked up at her boyfriend, studying his face as he shut his eyes and let the water run down his face.


"Yeah?" he answered as he slicked his hair back and wiped the water out of his eyes.

"There's something I've been meaning to say to you . . . I mean, something I should have asked you ten years ago when you first visited me in Cumberland. Um . . . I would have asked you, in fact, if it weren't for that stupid argument later that day." She shook her head, feeling a little defeated about how little time they'd had together over the years. "I've made you wait so long to hear this question, Leon. For that, I'm sorry."

He opened his eyes and looked down at her face. Her expression was so earnest. "What is it, Baby?"

Claire built up her courage as best she could before she answered him. After all, it was a lot to ask at that point in his life. "Leon . . . will you move in with me?"

He smiled sadly. "How would that even be possible?" he asked gently.

She shook her head. "I don't know. I don't care. I just don't want it to be another one or two or six years before I see you again. I want to wake up in your arms everyday that I possibly can." Leon didn't seem to be listening, being so occupied as he was with kissing her breasts in apology for saying 'no'. She giggled. "Honey, will you pay attention. I'm being serious here."

"I'm sorry." He stood up and looked into her eyes.

"Thanks." She sighed. "It's just hard, you know?"

"Damn right, it's hard."

She looked down at his once again rock hard cock and cracked up. "I didn't mean your other brain, Genius. I meant it's hard knowing that our fight against bioterrorism has kept us from being able to share our lives together. I want you to come home with me."

He smiled and pulled her close. "I would, Claire. Really I would, but I don't much relish the idea of being your househusband."

She pouted a little before responding. He was really going to say 'no'. "You can still be an agent," she said hopefully.

He shook his head. "From three hours away, Sweetheart?"

She sighed and closed her eyes. She really didn't want to cry in front of him again. "Yeah," she said once she composed herself. "Yeah, I guess you're right. And you shouldn't have to give up your life for me. Your work is too important, much more important than my silly feelings.

He smiled. "You are my life. And your feelings aren't silly. They're important to me. It's not like I don't want to live with you, Claire. It's all I've ever wanted. But my work . . . . well, my work is bigger than both of us."

She nodded in agreement. "I understand. You're right. And it was unfair of me to ask. I never meant to put you in an uncomfortable position. I mean, I wouldn't want you to suggest I leave TerraSave behind for you."

He smiled and cupped her face with one hand, stroking the smooth skin of her cheek. "I would never ask you to leave TerraSave. Your work is every bit as important as mine."

She smiled at him, too. She caressed the back of the hand that held her face. "I know you wouldn't ask," she told him. "And I wasn't suggesting that you should quit either. It was just a request founded in my heart and not my head. I just . . . I wish it were possible. I love you." She started to well up despite her best efforts not to. "I hate that we'll never be together the way we should."

He kissed her and wiped away her tears with his thumb. "Never is a strong word, Baby. Have a little faith. We'll figure it out someday."

She continued to smile, but it didn't quite reach her eyes. "Yeah, we'll figure it out, alright. We'll just keep meeting after years apart, fuck each other's brains out, and then you'll disappear from my life, yet again, until one of us is finally killed in an outbreak and the other is left to mourn forever."

He smirked at her morbid sense of sarcasm. "Hey! Why did you look at me when you said one of us was gonna be killed?"

She giggled, but didn't answer his comment. Instead, she hugged him and caressed his back. He closed his eyes and dropped his chin down on top of her head. He had to bend his knees and arch his back to reach her.

She muttered into his chest, "I keep thinking what would have been the course of our lives if Raccoon had never happened, and we never met. It's bittersweet, you know? So many lives lost or destroyed, but if it never happened, I would have never met you. We would have never fallen in love. I guess I should be happy I have you at all."

He smiled. "I think we would have met regardless, Claire. I mean, I would have worked at RPD, and you would have visited Chris. I would have seen you, recognized that you were beautiful and awesome, and then I would have asked for your number."

She chuckled. "You would have been scared to death of Chris and never approached me like everyone else who looked but didn't touch when I visited him. Guys always felt that I wasn't worth the trouble. Why do you think I was a virgin when I met you? I was a biker chick. It certainly wasn't my idea. Chris threatened his fellow cops when I visited him, and threatened every man on campus when he visited me. Even the gay men. Even my seventy-year-old professor."

Leon laughed out loud. Chris was out of control back in the day, but Leon still stuck by his convictions. "You obviously don't know me very well, Sweetheart. I'm not afraid of Chris now, and I wouldn't have been then, either."

She smiled. "No, I think I know you better than almost anyone. You're right. You would have taken the Redfield ass whooping for me, and earned Chris's respect."

Leon rubbed his sore chin. It hadn't bruised, but it still hurt like hell where Chris had hit him. 'Tell me about it,' he thought to himself. She looked up at him and smiled wider. He smiled down at her and caressed her cheek. "Claire, you're my soul mate. I would have found you . . . no matter what the course of our lives, we've always found our way back to each other. And if the Umbrella incident had never happened, and we were meant to meet under more normal circumstances, believe me, you would have definitely been worth the trouble from Chris."

She kissed him, and then licked his earlobe, which made him shiver, before whispering, "Yeah, you would have pursued me, alright . . . and then you still would have popped my cherry."

Leon moaned and leaned down to kiss her. They practically mauled each other's mouths as the water beat down on them. When he lifted her off her feet, pressing her back against the tiled wall, she wrapped her legs around his torso. She waited for the delicious sensation of him joining his body with hers. He didn't disappoint her.

Twenty minutes later, on the heels of an almost violent simultaneous orgasm, Claire stood on her wobbly legs holding onto Leon for both dear life and for the feel of just holding him in the afterglow.

They reluctantly released each other to finish washing up. After washing one another's backs, Leon turned off the water while Claire got out of the shower and grabbed two fresh towels. As her boyfriend stepped out of the bathtub, she handed him a towel. They dried off together, wrapped the towels around themselves, and shared one more kiss.

Claire left the bathroom smiling blissfully. Leon remained behind to shave, as he hadn't done it earlier in the morning. He couldn't handle the electric shaver before due to his headache.

Once his face was smooth, Leon grabbed his jeans and reached into the pocket. He pulled out his communicator from work and dialed Hunnigan.

"Agent Hunnigan speaking."

"Hey, Ingrid."

"Hello, Agent Kennedy. How's vacation?"

"Oh, come on, Ingrid. I'm off the clock, Gorgeous. You can just call me 'Leon'."

She sighed. "Is there something you wanted, Agent Kennedy?"

Leon chuckled. It always unnerved her when he was overly friendly . . . which was of course the reason why he was overly friendly with her. "Could you patch me through to POTUS. I have something important to discuss with him."

Hunnigan complied without question. POTUS would always make time for the Secret Service's top agent . . . especially since Leon had saved the man's daughter.

A man's voice came through the communicator about a minute later. "How can I help you, Leon?"

Leon lowered the lid on the toilet and had a seat. His head was down, his face dejected, as he ran his hand nervously into his fall of hair. He didn't answer for a moment.

"Son, are you there? Is everything okay?"

Finally, he answered. "Not really, sir. I have a problem again . . . with my personal life. And, um . . . I . . . I don't know what to do."

The President sighed. "Claire again?"

Leon nodded, forgetting for a moment that the President couldn't see him. "Yes, sir."

"Tell me what's going on, Son."

Leon shook his head. Sometimes he couldn't believe that the leader of the free world made time to listen to his problems and give him advice. "I'm unhappy, sir. And I don't know how to keep doing my job and still be happy. But at the same time, I don't know how to leave my job and be happy. I just know I can't keep stringing my girlfriend along like this. I feel guilty. Like it would have been better for her to have fallen in love with someone else just so she could have something akin to a normal life."

The President chuckled. "Leon, Claire Redfield is a search and rescue operative for TerraSave. She hardly leads a normal life, herself. What she does for a living isn't all that different from what you do."

Leon sighed again. "I guess." He was quiet for a moment. The President could be heard typing. "Am I keeping you, sir?"

President Graham chuckled again. "Leon, you always ask me that, and I always say the same thing, don't I? You know that I will always make time for you, my boy. Even once my second term is up. There is no way I could ever repay you for what you did for my family. And the fact that my little girl isn't a traumatized basket case is something she attributes solely to you. You even turned her down when she tried to ask you out." Leon made a small choking sound. The President laughed. "Yes, Leon. Ashley told me about that. She said you were almost . . . big-brotherly in your rejection, where a lesser man would have happily taken advantage of her. I couldn't have asked for a better hero for my daughter. I just wish I knew a way other than being a supportive ear to pay you back for all you've done."

Leon was quiet for a moment. "I couldn't have rescued my own daughter without your backing, Sir. As far as I'm concerned, we're square."

President Graham smiled sadly. "No, you rescued your daughter yourself, you and Agent Redfield. My giving you permission to do what you would have tried to do with or without my backing doesn't equate to how you went after my daughter on what had clearly been labeled a suicide mission without argument or remorse. And besides, it was our government's failure to protect her in the first place that led to you needing to go after Sherry at all. I lost days with Ashley because of a rogue agent. You lost years with Sherry because of how we failed you. And yet, you have never faltered in your duties to this administration. You are simply a good man, Leon. It is an honor to listen to you and try to help you in some small way, even if only with advice."

"Thank you, Sir. I don't know what to say. You're way too kind. And for the record, Sherry's kidnapping was before your administration. That wasn't your fault."

The President chuckled. "Look, don't argue with your Commander-in-chief. I stand by what I said. There is no way I will ever be able to repay you for bringing Ashley home safely."

Leon was quiet again. Finally, when he spoke, his voice was full of hope. "Actually, there might be a way you can make things equal."


Leon smiled and told his boss and friend what he needed to finally bring himself and Claire all the happiness that had been denied them for so long.

Arlington, Virginia: the backyard of a large suburban house

On Saturday afternoon, all the Umbrella survivors, as well as family and friends, gathered in the spacious backyard of Chris and Jill's new home to bear witness to their union.

Leon stood by Chris's side, and Claire stood beside Jill. Jill wore a form fitting strapless white gown, It was simple but elegant, and Jill was radiant. Leon and Chris both wore dark gray tuxedos. Claire was as stunning as Jill in an ocean-blue strapless bridesmaid dress that ended just above her knees and also hugged her curves. Jill didn't believe in being the only hottie at the altar. She wanted her maid of honor to look good, too. And it worked wonders. The best man couldn't keep his eyes off the maid of honor.

After the rings and vows were exchanged, the minister said, "By the power vested in me by God and the state of Virginia, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss your bride, Christopher."

Chris smiled at the tearful Jillian Catherine Redfield and bent to kiss her, for the first time as her husband.

When they parted he hugged her and whispered something in her ear. She leaned back and stared into his eyes. "A favor? Like what?" He bent to kiss her earlobe, then whispered something again. Jill's gaze drifted over Chris's shoulder to Leon, who was studying his shoes and looking really nervous. Jill smiled and leaned back to nod and smile at her husband. "Do it, Honey. I want to see them happy, too."

Chris beamed at his wife and kissed her soundly again. He then turned to their guests and said, "Thank you all for coming to share today with me and Jilly. We can't even begin to tell you how much it means to us to have all of you here and to see all of you safe." He made it a point to look at Sherry when he said that. Two years before, he wouldn't have thought it possible to get back Jill and his surrogate niece. "Now, Jill and I would like to invite you all to share in another important event today."

"The honeymoon night?" Ark asked. Everyone laughed.

"Not on your life, Blabbermouth." Everyone laughed even louder, and Ark gave Chris the finger. "No, really. Jill and I are in agreement that today was just perfect so far, but there is only one more thing that will make this day complete."

Chris turned to Leon and gripped his shoulder briefly in encouragement. Leon took a deep breath and held out his hand to Claire. She looked confused and didn't move for a moment, so Jill shoved her over to Leon. Claire tripped a little, and turned around to glare at her new sister-in-law. Leon gently pulled Claire over to stand in front of him, and Chris pulled Jill to the other side of the altar, wrapping his arms around her waist from behind.

Leon stared into Claire's eyes for a while, unspeaking. When he finally spoke, he said, "I have something I need to ask you, and I decided that it would be best to ask in front of all of our friends and family."

Claire still looked confused, but this time she was also clearly a little annoyed. "Leon, you're taking away from Chris and Jill's big day."

He shook his head in disagreement and replied, "It was Chris's idea. I was gonna wait to do this tomorrow, but he said I'd probably chicken out without witnesses."

Claire's eyes widened and she looked over her shoulder at her older brother, who winked and made a gesture with his head to indicate she should look at Leon. Then the entire gathered assemblage of their family and friends let out a collective gasp followed by a chorus of shushes. She looked out at the crowd and saw that both Leon's mother and Mrs. Steinbaugh had tears in their eyes.

Now she was really confused. She turned to look up at Leon, but he was gone. But he still had a hold of her left hand. She looked down and found him on one knee holding up a small black velvet box. Once he had her attention again, he opened the box to reveal a huge diamond ring. "Claire . . . will you marry me?"

Claire's eyes welled up just like her boyfriend's mother and her neighbor. Her daughter stood up and screamed, "Booyah! It's a fucking rock!" Sherry then turned to Kenny, her date and boyfriend of two years and told him to take notes. He sighed and pulled her back down to her seat.

"Point taken, Sher. Now, clam up."

Claire was frozen as she stared into Leon's eyes. He looked terrified. She had never seen him afraid of anything. She was completely tongue-tied. She couldn't even remember how to make her mouth work to answer him.

The fear in his eyes seemed to double with every second that passed with no answer. "Just say yes, Claire, and I promise you that I will never let you feel alone again." She still didn't answer. "Baby, I once told you that I'd vowed that I'd see to it that these viruses were wiped from the face of the Earth. But I refuse to let that vow be at the expense of your happiness anymore." No answer. His face fell with disappointment. He kissed her hand and closed his eyes. "I'll do anything. I'll live with you, and keep the condo in Georgetown for when I can't get back home on long work days. I'll fly to work everyday in my new huey. I asked President Graham if I could buy a used helicopter from the army. It would be up to him as Commander-in-chief of the military, and I'd just pay over time, but he just gave it to me instead. I'm a certified pilot, and I can keep my helicopter at the Cumberland Airport. It will cut the commute down to less than an hour. And I'll keep my old Italian roadster at the airstrip as my ride in the city when I'm at work."

"Or one of us will pick you up everyday," Bruce offered.

Leon looked out at his friend and saw that he, Carlos, Billy, Ark, and even Barry were all nodding in agreement. He had told them at the bachelor party how he and Claire had been together from the beginning. Carlos had then turned to Billy and said, "Pay up."

Leon nodded his thanks to his friends, and turned back to face Claire. "There, see? We can do this. The Aston Martin and the jeep can stay at home with you." Tears spilled over Claire's eyes, but she still didn't speak. Leon felt like his world was ending. She was going to say 'no'. He could tell. "Alright, you want me to beg? I'll do it. Please, Claire. We can make this work. I know we can, Baby. If you'll let me, I'll make you happier than you could even imagine. Just . . . please, even if you want to take time to just think about it, please . . . just don't say 'no' right now."

That broke her out of her trance. He sounded so lost. She shook her head a little to clear it and took a deep breath and exhaled. She pulled Leon to stand in front of her. She smiled.

"Yes, Leon," she finally forced out of her traitorous, nonfunctional mouth. "The answer is 'yes'. I'll marry you. I only hope I can make you as happy as you've made me."

Leon's face split in a slow, elated grin. He put the ring on her left ring finger and bent to plant kisses across her face. "Jesus Christ, Baby! I almost had a heart attack!"

Their friends all laughed and went up into cheers.

Sherry pumped her fist and barked like she was in Arsenio Hall's 'dog pound' then yelled, "I want a baby sibling to corrupt!"

Ark, being just as inappropriate as his best friend's daughter, yelled, "It's about time you asked her to marry you, you fuckin' loser!"

Everyone laughed at the two loudest, most inappropriate members of their anti-Umbrella family. Ark's own adopted son Lott was quiet, but looked relieved. His girlfriend of a year, Ashley Graham, just giggled and kissed his cheek. "I told you not to be jealous," she announced loudly. "Leon's too old for me. And besides, he always said he was in love with someone. Although, I never thought it would turn out to be Claire. I was certain that Ada was the one he was talking about."

Claire overheard the comment and frowned in disbelief at Ashley. The First Daughter noticed Claire shooting eye daggers at her, blushed in embarrassment, and mouthed, 'sorry'.

Claire nodded tersely then kissed her fiancé again. Chris patted Leon on the back and Claire turned to embrace Jill. Jill grabbed her hand and studied the ring.

"Sherry's right," the bride said. "Leon bought you a rock."

Chris gave Leon a manly bro-hug and said loud enough for everyone within six feet to hear, "You better make sexual experience number ten good for Claire."

Leon chuckled, unfazed by Chris's attempt to make him embarrassed. "Oh, I already did number ten . . . on your leather couch. Then number eleven was in the shower. Although numbers twelve, thirteen, fourteen, and fifteen were even better. Dude, we totally christened almost every room in your house. We even did it in your basement when we collapsed and tied up all those boxes you never recycled because you bitched about your stupid sofa. The only room we didn't get to is your bedroom." Chris's eyebrows shot up. "Which reminds me," Leon continued. "Do you guys need a house-sitter while you're on your honeymoon? I'd kinda like to finish the job."

For the second time, Leon caused half the gathered assemblage to gasp.

Chris pulled away from his future brother-in-law and stared at Leon's smirking face. He didn't move for almost a minute, and then he punched him right in the stomach.

Leon dropped to the ground and, finally, Chris laughed. "Sorry. Reflex."

A moment later, Billy yelled from his seat, "Yeah! Take that, Mr. Mullet Warfare!"

Everyone looked at him funny except Ark, Lott, Carlos, Bruce, Barry, Chris, Kenny, Leon's father, his Uncle Sean, and even the stomach clutching Leon on the ground, who all start laughing. Apparently, mullet warfare was a topic of conversation at the bachelor party.

Claire, Jill, Rebecca, Fong, and Mercedes all sighed and rolled their eyes.

Chris broke out into a cockney accent and taunted Leon. "You're arse over kettle now, ya tosser!" he laughed.

Leon laughed even harder, despite how much it hurt, and replied in a similar accent. "Knock it off, ya naffin' knobber! You'll make me piss me Alan Whickers!"

The men all went up in another roar of laughter. The cockneyed adventures of Fucking, Austria had been the real highlight of the bachelor party conversation.

Claire gave Leon a brief show of support. She too spoke in a cockney accent when she said, "If you're about to get in a right chord over me and Leon havin' a knee-trembler in the loo, we'll just start usin' that road marker you nicked as a 'Do Not Disturb' sign."

Ark yelled, "Oh, snap!" The other men laughed even harder. They knew all about the sign and what it said. A more appropriate and to the point 'Do Not Disturb' sign had never existed.

Jill rolled her eyes. Why did she feel like she'd just signed on for a lifetime as a zookeeper without the possibility of retirement? She grabbed Chris by the arm and turned him to face her, and then smacked him on the back of his head. "See what you started? You said you wanted a favor, not a fisaco! My wedding is a profane circus, now!"

"Me? Leon started it!"

Jill smirked and kissed him. "Not another word, or you'll be joining your best man on the ground."

Chris looked down at his bro, who was still laughing and holding his gut. Chris chuckled then rubbed the sore spot on the back of his head. Jill got him good. "Married life is gonna be awesome!" he laughed. He then walked Jill down the aisle, the newlyweds stepping over Leon in the process. Claire helped Leon up off the ground and they followed Mr. & Mrs. Redfield.

The poor minister looked traumatized.

Leon's mother glared at Chris playfully but smiled and winked at him afterward. Leon's sister Emily was in tears from laughing so hard. Leon's father commented after Chris and Jill passed by, "I feel your pain, Chris. They had sex in my house, too." Claire and Leon both groaned. They did not want Chris to know that.

Chris looked back at Leon in surprise, "What?"

Leon shrugged. "I couldn't tell you. Claire had already made me promise not to ever tell you about that one when you asked about all the other times we had sex."

"Chris!" Rebecca gasped. "You asked him that?" She turned and frowned at Leon. "And you actually told her brother?"

Leon immediately passed the buck. "He backed me into a corner! He used an old promise to make me feel obligated to talk!"

"Traitor!" Chris shouted.

"Chris!" Rebecca scolded.

"Dammit! A wife and an extra surrogate little sister! I'm gonna die of estrogen poisoning!"

"You survived growing up with me," Claire said.

"You don't make estrogen, Tomboy."

Claire frowned and stomped on Chris's foot with her stiletto heel.

"Bollocks!" he yelled in a cockney accent before grabbing his sore foot.

The reception continued in the yard, The guests all just mingled around the yard eating hors d'oeuvres and drinking champagne while listening to the DJ. Jill's father had been released from prison for the day so he could walk Jill down the aisle. He also gave her a father-daughter dance, which was followed by a dance between the Redfield siblings.

After that, Claire went to talk to Leon's parents. They had only just told them about their relationship a few days before by phone. It must have been a lot to take in now that they were engaged so soon after his family found out about them . . . or at least that was what she thought until she remembered that Colonel Kennedy said he knew they'd made love in Leon's old room. She blushed as she walked up beside Leon and his father. "Hi."

The Kennedys all smiled at her. She looked around at the four blond, tall people before her. She was dwarfed by them. She sighed. She hated being so short.

"You knew about that, Poppa Kennedy? I mean, what we did in your house?"

He shrugged and smirked at her. "It's not like you two were quiet."

Claire frowned at Leon. "You said we were quiet!" She then punched him in the gut. He dropped to the ground again. Mrs. Steinbaugh started laughing along with Leon's uncle Sean, who were dancing together a few feet away.

Claire sighed. "Sorry. Reflex," she told his family. His parents just shrugged, smiling in amusement. Emily was laughing her head off. Claire pulled Leon up off the ground and then led him toward the house to find some ibuprofen.

"Don't worry about it, Claire," Mrs. Kennedy said.

Emily chuckled. "Yeah, it's a relief to know that Leon's future wife can kick his ass."

Leon and Claire smirked as they walked across the lawn.

"This entire family is a loony bin," she commented when they were out of earshot of his folks. "Are my kids gonna be this . . . special?" she asked him.

He chuckled, then winced in pain. "Seems like a pretty safe bet they will. It's like you once said . . . they're gonna be related to me and Chris by blood. That poor kid is doomed. Plus Sherry the Sailorman with the filthy mouth over there is gonna be the big sister role model so . . . good luck with that."

Claire looked up at Leon who was still looking thoroughly amused despite being assaulted by two Redfields in under an hour. She looked back at her brother, who had Kenny in a headlock and was demanding to know how many times the young man ever had sex with Sherry.

Sherry, on the other hand, was telling anyone who'd listen which four-letter words she was gonna teach the inevitable Kennedy baby in the hopes that one of them would be its first word.

Claire sighed. "Great. Just great." She took Leon's hand and led him inside the back door of the house. "Come on, Special Agent Kennedy. Let's get you patched up."


Author's Final Thoughts: I just wanted to thank everyone who ever read or reviewed my story. I sincerely hope you enjoyed it, but even if you didn't, thanks for stopping by to read! Stay tuned for the sequel coming soon!

~ Tani