I'm starting another series again, and this time, it's a spinoff from my oneshot 'Family History', in which Akaya is... well, I'm not saying anything that can spoil the other oneshot, but you may want to read that first before you start with this one. But this could act as a stand alone, but I would definitely recommend that you read my oneshot first, just so you won't get confused in the later chapters. (yes, I'm shamelessly advertising my own fanfics)

Basically, this is the start of Akaya's new life as he found out the truth about his parents. Most of these are basically oneshots, interconnected in some ways, focusing on Akaya's dynamics with his newly discovered family. Because face it, life is about to get different when you would find that your parents are not as they seem to be.

Warnings and Disclaimers: Not mine. Shounen-ai, fluff, some angst, implied Mpreg, established Alpha Pair, some typos, maybe OOC

Spinoff I: Complaints and Insecurity

Ever since Kirihara Akaya found out that he was, literally, the heir of the Rikkaidai tennis club 'throne', being the biological son of the current captain and vice-captain, the way the club members acted around him changed quite a bit.

The most obvious ones were his parents themselves. Yukimura Seiichi, or should he say, Sanada Seiichi, the club team captain and his birth… 'mother', was openly affectionate and protective of him, frequently checking on him whenever he was alone, asking if he had done his homework, or if he had eaten his meals properly. While the thought of having his mother a year older than him still weirded him out, he had learned to accept it, seeing as the captain was a nurturing type of person from the very start… if you call sending another person on the brink of death frequently nurturing.

His father, Sanada Genichirou, was another story entirely. The way the older teen had acted hadn't changed in the slightest. In fact, his father was pushing him harder than ever, being stricter with him than with any other regular. With every passing practice he would found himself bruised and aching all over. Once, when his mother was placing an ice pack on his arm, he ranted and raved on how cruel and heartless his father was to him. The captain merely smiled in bemusement, listening quietly as his son screamed his frustrations out in the locker rooms.

"Why, Okaa-san?" He pouted, wincing in surprise as the cold compress was applied to his cheek. "Why is Otou-san so hard on me?"

"He's hard on you because he loves you, sweetie." The blue-haired captain explained gently to him, taking care to treat every bruise he could see on his son's body. Now that he was no longer restricted by his secret, he could act as the mother that he was, already taking over Jackal's job of taking care of Akaya, as he always wanted to do. "Every father dreams of having their son surpass them in everything. That's why he's trying so hard to make one of the best."

"But he's too strict on me! Ow!" Akaya bit his lip as Yukimura washed his face carefully with a wet cloth. The captain stopped immediately, looking worried but Akaya quickly assured him, and so he continued, more slowly this time.

"Remember this, Akaya." The hand washing his face stopped and Akaya looked at his mother, who was gazing at him tenderly, a soft smile on his face.

"Your father wouldn't do something unless he was sure that you could handle it. He's strict on your training because he is confident of your skills, and that you could surpass him, no us, with the right guidance. We believe that you could be the best, but if you don't have the right attitude about it, that could be your vey downfall. So he tries, very hard, to be not a father to you whenever we're in training. But he loves you very much Akaya, possibly more than you can imagine."

Akaya found it hard to believe in his mother's words. But Yukimura stayed silent after that, going back to taking care of his son, letting the younger boy mull over his words.

Time passed, and Akaya found himself feeling drowsy.

"I'm," He pasued and yawned, making the older teen look at him. "feeling tired… suddenly…"

"Sleepy already, Akaya?" Yukimura asked softly, the musical tenor of his voice lulling Akaya into unconsciousness.

"No…" Akaya protested, but the state of his droopy eyelids told the captain otherwise. "I'm… not… sleepy… at all…"

Yukimura chuckled as the other teen swayed and finally started to fall backwards, already out like a light. He gasped in slight alarm and tried to catch his sleeping son… only to see a pair of arms holding Akaya securely.

He sighed in relief and looked up, already knowing who the person was.


"Honestly…" Sanada muttered, shifting the younger teen to the bench carefully. "He's too laidback." He took off his jacket and covered the sleeping teen, who was snoring soundly, quite dead to the world. "He'll get laps for this tomorrow."

Yukimura smiled affectionately at his spouse, then at his son. "But I have to admit, he reminds me of you when you're asleep, Genichirou."

"Don't be ridiculous, Seiichi." The vice captain huffed, leaning against the lockers, staring at the younger teen. "He still has a lot to learn. This is only the beginning of his training."

"So you heard our conversation, am I correct?" Amusement started to creep into the captain's voice. "How much did you hear?"

"Apparently, I'm a 'cold, heartless monster who took on the form of a human so I could laugh at his misery'." Sanada quoted, looking mildly annoyed. "For god's sake, he has quite an imagination for a thirteen year old."

"You're right." Yukimura started to chuckle again, earning a doleful look from his vice-captain. "Did it bother you?"

Sanada was silent for a moment. Then, he said quietly, "I would be lying if I said I wasn't."

Yukimura stopped and gazed at the other teen, who wasn't looking at him, but at their son.

"Tell me, Seiichi. Was I… too hard on him? Did I… make him hate me?" Sanada had his head bowed, his expression hidden by his hat.

"Genichirou…" Yukimura blinked in surprise. What was Sanada trying to say?

"I… want him to be the best. I want him to reach greater heights. He has so much to give, and I was trying to help with that. Are my methods wrong, Seiichi? Have I driven him away?"

"What are you talking about, Genichirou?" Yukimura stood up and approached the other teen, touching his arm lightly. "All of us understand that that is your true nature. Akaya, of all people, would know that side of you."

"I'm afraid, Seiichi." His answer was barely audible. "I'm afraid that he might hate me. Finally we have him by our side again after all these years, but I don't know how to react around him anymore now that he knows who we really are. Should I be lenient? Should I be strict? Am I doing something wrong? Is the thing I'm doing right? My mind is always running with these questions, and I don't know how to answer them." He turned to his spouse, looking anguished.

"I don't want to lose him again, Seiichi. The first time hurt too much. I can't bear that kind of pain again. If I lose our son again… I don't know what I would do."

"Honestly, Genichirou, you worry too much." A pair of hands touched his face and he looked up to see the captain smiling at him. "Akaya loves you. He may not know it consciously, but the way he strives continuously to win your approval is the proof of that. He tries his best in everything not only because he wants to prove himself, but also because he knows that his achievements would make you proud of him. He grew up to be a brat, but remember, he's our brat." Blue eyes twinkled mischievously. "But if you really feel that way… we could always create another child…" He teased lightly.

"Who would turn out, again, like Akaya." Sanada deadpanned, covering the hand on his cheek with his own. He sighed deeply. "Maybe I'm just worrying too much."

"Now that's better, my husband." Yukimura answered back with his light, teasing tone, slightly pinching the other teen's cheeks. "You already look older than your age as it is. Worrying would make lines appear on your face, and as far as I remember, the person I love is Sanada Genichirou, not his grandfather."

"That may be right." Sanada's lips quirked into a small smile. "I'm sorry for worrying you, my wife."

"Then stop those thoughts of yours, my husband." Yukimura then dropped his previous tone, turning serious.

"Never doubt our love for you. No matter what kind of things he would say, Akaya is your son, through and through. He may be stubborn, spoiled and whiny, but he knows when to stop and where to draw the line. You never abandoned him, even as his senpai and his vice-captain and had always looked after him, in your own way. You're a great father Genichirou." Yukimura smiled slightly. "You're my vice-captain, the man I love, the person that I chose to be the father of my child. Do you really think that I would settle for the second-best, when I have you with me?"

"You flatter me too much." Snada turned his face so he could press a kiss to a creamy wrist. "But… thank you."

"Roasted meat!" A sudden shout startled both of them and they both turned simultaneously to the teen on the bench, who was still sleeping soundly.

"No… not that… anything but that…" Akaya muttered before snorting loudly, causing Yukimura to giggle and Sanada to roll his eyes. Akaya turned to his side and slept on, oblivious to the two sets of eyes that were gazing at him with tenderness.

"I wonder what he's dreaming about right now…" Yukimura left his spouse's side, still giggling, to kneel beside the bench, kissing Akaya on the forehead. "It's about time we bring him back to the Kirihara's, don't you think? They would worry about him."

"Ah." Sanada moved forward and lifted the second year easily, and, with Yukimura's help, settled him in his usual place at Sanada's back. Akaya instinctively snuggled to the warmth, wrapping his arms around the capped teen's neck.

"Papa…" He muttered, causing both of his parents to stop in slight surprise. Then Yukimura suddenly smiled.

"Let's go, Genichirou."

Sanada looked back to the sleeping teen behind his back, a small smile betraying his stoic features.

"Yeah, let's."

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