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Sinopse: Poor Sakuno-chan! A first kiss is a very special thing... what to do when it's stolen by someone you never thought would kiss you? And what to do when all other kisses are stolen too?

Author's Note: Yay! My love for Sakuno-chan's centric fanfics isn't over! And, please read "The onigiri tastes best under the Summer sun", by thekillerdynamo. It's crucial to understand the whole "bento incident" with Hyotei that is mentioned in this story.


- Yes, now breath. - Inui-senpai said. He was instructing one heated and hyperventilating girl, named Ryuuzaki Sakuno. She was sitting in the bench of the tennis fields of Seigaku, with most of the regulars around, looking at her intently and with worried expressions on their faces.

- Now, tell us what happened. - Inui said. He had offered her one of his juices, but everyone stopped her from drinking it. Sakuno breathed slowly, trying to recompose herself. She had ran so much that day, that she thought her legs would melt at any moment.

- A-ano.. arigatou, Inui-senpai... - she managed to say. She was a little bit calmer, and she looked at them.

- It's okay, Ryuuzaki-chan. Now, would you tell us what happened to you? - Inui asked once more. He was really eager to discover the mistery behind her actions. That would be good data to gather, since he had few notes on the coach's granddaughter.

Sakuno went red again. Oh, no! They want to know what happened to her? She couldn't stop the blushing!

- Sakuno-chan... are you okay? - Fuji asked her.

- Is she going to faint again? - Kaoru asked, hissing a bit. He didn't like fainting girls and the fact that they kept him from practice.

- What happened? - it was the voice of Tezuka-buchou this time. Sakuno's eyes shot open. "Please, not Tezuka-senpai!", she thought wildly. Tezuka was like an older brother to her. He used to babysit her when she was very young, so she's used to having him around. Actually, he often walked her home, and she talked to him about a few things in her mind. He was a very good listener.

Sakuno looked up at him. Oh, he was giving her that look. The one that he had when she did something and was too afraid to tell anyone. With that look, he always made her say everything, confess anything, specially confess about stolen cokies before dinner and such things. But this time, she was about to tell him about other stolen things...

- I-It's... j-just.. something happened to me... today. - she said, looking at him.

- And what would that be? - he asked. Sakuno gulped.

- I-I... I ran into... some people... - she said. She was so nervous, and remember all the things that happened that day only made her condition worse.

- Who? - Eiji asked, curious.

- Hy.. Hyotei... - she said, but blushed so furiously that they thought she was on fire.

- You ran into someone from Hyotei? Who? Did you know them? - Tezuka asked. He feared for her. The few people of Hyotei that he knew were a bunch of weirdos.

- H-Ha-i... it was... A-A-Atobe-san... - she said. Tezuka sighed. Of all people on that school, poor Sakuno-chan had to go throught the same path as the freak-snobbish-arrogant-stuck-up captain of Hyotei tennis team.

- Did he do something to you, Ryuuzaki? - Tezuka asked, serious. "Again", he added mentally.

- He... he... he kissed me. - she replied, and lowered her head, hiding her eyes with her bangs. Tezuka was shocked. Everyone was in shock.

- HE DID WHAAAAT??? - Momoshiro screamed, jumping off his seat.

- How dare that asshole go and kiss poor Sakuno-chan like that?? - Eiji said.

- I bet it was your first kiss, ne, Sakuno-chan! What a waste! - Fuji said, putting a hand on her shoulder.

- Iie... - she said. - Actually, that wasn't my first kiss, but it was because of my first kiss that Atobe-san did what he did... - she explained, blushing madly.

- Wait... what do you mean? - Fuji asked, confused.

- Explain it to us, and don't let any detail out of it. - Inui said, pen and notebook already prepared.

- Well... it's just... I bumped into him... at the park... and since I was crying, Atobe-san asked me what was wrong...

Earlier that day...

- Ah, you are Ryuuzaki's granddaughter, then?! I knew you were familiar. It's been a long time since our paths crossed, ne? - Atobe asked her.

- Yes.. since that last time... - she answered, sniffing a bit. Atobe didn't want to remember that incident, so he tried to change the subject.

- What happened to you? Tell me! Ore-sama can do anything in this world, you know! - he said, smiling like a King.

- I.. was at the north side of the park when... well, I met Sengoku-san there... - she was saying, but Atobe cut her off.

- Sengoku? You mean Sengoku Kiyosumi, from Yamabuki? - he asked her.

- Y-Yes...

- What he did? Did he challenged you to a tennis match and used his ugly techniques to beat you? Did he hurt you? - he asked her.

- N-No.. he.. he... - Sakuno blushed furiously. The intense gaze of Atobe made her shudder. - He.. kissed me...


- WHAT??? - Momoshiro yelled again.

- Sengoku kissed you too??? - Oishi asked, terrified.

- That lucky-bastard did that to you? So, he's the one who stole your first kiss, then! - Momoshiro said.

- N-Noo!! Sengoku-san didn't steal my first kiss either... but, Atobe-san thought he did, and then, he kissed me because....


- They say that the first kiss of a lady should be the most memorable and special one... so, Ore-sama shall kiss you, because no other men's kiss will be more important than mine! - Atobe said, and hold her chin up, so Sakuno was facing him. Before she could say anything, his warm lips were firmly pressed against her own...

- Buchou!!!! - was the voice of some other person. When Atobe let her go, Sakuno was dazzled.

- Oh, Choutarou, Ryou... where were you? - Atobe said, smiling. Sakuno looked at them. She remembered them being Ohtori Choutarou and Shishido Ryou, the double from Hyotei. They were looking at her now, and she blushed madly.

- What the hell were you doing now, buchou? - Shishido asked him, and raised one eyebrow. - Isn't that... I don't know, I've seen her before, somewhere...

- Let Ore-sama introduce you: this is Ryuuzaki Sakuno-chan. She is the granddaughter of the famous coach of Seishun Gakuen, Ryuuzaki Sumire-san. - Atobe said. Of course they knew her from somewhere... it was the same girl from two years ago.

- It's nice to see you again, Ryuuzaki-san. - Ohtori said, and bowed. Shishido was annoyed.

- It's nice to see you too, Ohtori-san, Shishido-san... - she mumbled, and bowed too.

- Buchou, you know this is not the best place for... doing what you did! - Shishido said, rubbing his temples. He was afraid what might happened if... Oh! Wait a second!

Shishido looked around. The place was quiet and... oh, shit!

- Buchou!!!! We must get the hell out of here! - Shishido said, and looked at hir partner. Ohtori stood confused for a second, before he too, noticed the area.

- Ryuuzaki-san, can you run really fast? - Ohtori asked her. Sakuno was too confused to answer.

- Why are you two so alarmed? What's going to... - Atobe was saying, when the earth started to tremble.

- SHIT! They've called reinforcements!! - Shishido said. - Let's go, to that side!

- I'll carry you, Ryuuzaki-san! And hold your braids! - Ohtori said, and before Sakuno could say anything, Ohtori lifted her up in his arms, and he followed Shishido, both running really fast. Atobe was on their side.

- Dammit, buchou! We already talked about this... - Shishido said.

- Ano.. what's going on? - Sakuno asked.

- Just look behind you, Ryuuzaki-san! - Ohtori said. Sakuno turned her head, and she almost fainted. A mass of girls were running like mad animals, destroying everything in their path, yelling things... Sakuno tried to hear them:


Sakuno froze. She what?!

Atobe kissed her, in the first place! It wasn't her fault! But, Sakuno knew how fangirls were, specially the ones from Hyotei, so she just said:

- Faster, Ohtori-san... please, run faster! - and she closed her eyes, hating the feeling of deja vĂș.


- We managed to escape, just after Atobe-san called his other teammates, and they started throwing tennis balls with his signature on it. Apparently, the fangirls forgot what they were doing and just went after the balls... - Sakuno said.

- I wish they'd get his balls instead... - Momoshiro said.

- But they did get his balls, Momo-senpai... he throw them away... - Sakuno said. Momo blushed. This girl's innocence was something he wasn't used to.

- Err, I meant something else, Sakuno-chan... - Momo said. Kaoru hit him in the head.

- Just shut up, you idiot. - the Viper hissed.

- Ignore him, Ryuuzaki. - Tezuka said. - Then, what happened?


- I hope... *arf* that's the last time... buchou! - Shishido said, catching his breath.

- It's impossible to take a good nap when buchou's here too... - Jirou said.

- Thanks god I improved my stamina... or else, I'd be dead by now! - Gakuto said, falling to his knees. They were hidden in a wooden area, since the trees would provide them a good hiding.

- What the hell happened? What did buchou do this time? - Wakashi asked.

- He kissed that girl. - Shishido said, pointing at Sakuno with his thumb. She was in Ohtori's arms, with her eyes closed.

- It's okay now, Ryuuzaki-san. You can open your eyes. - Ohtori said. He put her down, and she falled to her knees, trembling.

- Are you okay? - Ohtori asked.

- That... that was... the most scaring thing that... ever happened to me.... - she said. "Lately", she added mentally.

- Yeah, me too... - Gakuto said, looking at her. The girl was really cute, with big eyes and long long hair. Her petite frame was so fragile, and yet she had... oh. That's why their captain kissed her.

- Ore-sama apologizes for what happened, Sakuno-chan. Ore-sama wants to show his regret by... - and Atobe was kneeling in front of her - .. kissing you again. - And he leaned in.

Five tennis rackets hit him in the head, and he fainted before he could kiss her one more time.

- And where the hell is Kabaji? He should be able to keep buchou from doing this stupidities, or at least, warn us before that! - Gakuto said.

- He was with Oshitari-san, buying some takoyaki... - Ohtori said.

- Hey, are you okay, girlie? - Shishido asked Sakuno. She was beet red when they saw her face.

- Ha-hai... - she said and stood up, quite dazzled and still blushing like mad. - Ano... I think I should be going now... I don't want to bring more trouble for you, senpai-tachi...

- I don't think its safe for you yet, so you should stay a little while... and don't worry, we won't let our buchou do anything else with you. - Wakashi said. Sakuno looked up at his tall form. She was glad he was worrying about her safety, even after all the trouble they went because of her.

- Thank you very much, Wakashi-san. - she said and smiled at him.

- It's okay... - he replied. She was so pretty, blushing like that and bowing to him, that Wakashi had a tinge of pink on his cheeks. Now that he looked at her, he realized why their buchou wanted to kiss her so much. She just had to have... he blushed. He was a gentleman, he shouldn't be thinking such things about a lady!

- What's wrong, Hiyoshi? - Ohtori asked him. The boy just shook his head.

- He was probably having some pervert thought about... - Shishido started saying, but was cut off by Wakashi's hand covering his mouth.

- Heh! So you two noticed it too... - Gakuto said, smirking.

- Noticed what? - Ohtori asked. Sakuno was confused too, watching this whole exchange between the two regulars.

- NOTHING!!! - roared Wakashi, blushing furiously. Shishido was laughing real hard, and Jirou also smirked.

- What happened to buchou!! - another voice interrupted them. They turned heads to find Oshitari, looking bewildered.

- He's just taking a nap... - Shishido said.

- How did you find us? - Gakuto asked him.

- Kabaji's sensitive about smells and such. You know he can track buchou from miles away... - he said, and pointed to the silent Kabaji standing behind him.

- Osu. - was his greeting.

- What are you doing here, and why's buchou unconscious? - he asked, puzzled.

- He just did something really stupid, and we had to come and hide from his crazy fangirls... - Shishido explained.

- What did he do? - Oshitari asked.

- He kissed her. - they said, and pointed to Sakuno. Oshitari eyed the girl intently.

- Who is she? - he asked.

- I am.. Ryuuzaki Sakuno. It's nice to see you again, Oshitari-san. - she said, and bowed.

- What? Ryuuzaki....? Coach Ryuuzaki's relative, from Seigaku?- he said. "From that last time??", he thought. "But that would be just stupid..."

- Hai... I'm her granddaughter... - Sakuno said. Oshitari bowed to her. How come their buchou got in trouble again, with the very same girl from two years ago?

- I'm Oshitari Yuushi. - he said. So, their captain kissed her... but, why would he want to... oh. Okay, he saw the reason. The pair of reasons. - I apologize for the captain's behavior, Ryuuzaki-san.

- It's... it's okay. He was just trying to make me feel better.. - she said, blushing.

- Really? - Gakuto said, surprised. - Did something happen to you?

- Ah... well, I just... told him about what happened with me and Sengoku-san... - she said.

- Sengoku? From Yamabuki? - Oshitari said. She nodded.

- Hai... I ran into him earlier.. - she said.

- That bastard did something to you, then? What was it? - Shishido asked. How could anyone harm such an innocent girl? That made his blood boil.

- He... he kissed.. me... - she said, and once more, blushed. They gasped.

- Hm, so that bastard also have a weak spot for big... - Shishido was saying, when both Wakashi and Oshitari hit him in the head.

- Don't mention such a thing, you idiot! - Oshitari said, coughing.

- Do you know why Sengoku-san kissed me? - Sakuno asked, wide eyed. She had such a hard time thinking about it, trying to figure out why a guy like Sengoku would come and kiss her!

They froze. Shishido just laughed harder, and even Jirou and Gakuto couldn't stop laughing a bit. What would the two blushing regulars tell her?

- Well, Ryuuzaki-san... it's just... some guy's thing, you know? - Oshitari said.

- But... I've been trying to understand why Sengoku-san would do such a thing... I know he doesn't have feelings for me... like Atobe-san... we barely know each other, so why would they kiss me? Isn't a kiss something you give to someone you really like? - she said, confused.

They all smiled at her. This Ryuuzaki girl was someone. They weren't in love with her, but that was actually something easy to happen, since her manners, her voice, her figure and her personality were something so loveable. The poor thing didn't know that, in this world, perverts like Sengoku or their buchou just kissed girls because they were...

- It's because you're cute, Ryuuzaki-san. - Ohtori said, and when she smiled brightly at him for his comment, he blushed.

- Ah.. arigatou, Ohtori-san! - she said, happy. Aside from her grandma, not everyone called her cute, so she was happy. - So, a guy can kiss a girl because he thinks her cute? Does the same happen if a girl thinks a guy's cute?

- Yes, that can happen. But, stay away from those guys, because... - Ohtori said, but was cut off when he felt Sakuno's lips on his left cheek.

- I also find Ohtori-san to be very cute! - she said, smilling. Ohtori turned ten different shades of red. Now, Oshitari, Shishido, Jirou, Gakuto and Kabaji were stunned. It was rare to see Ohtori in displays of affection towards someone, and the way he was blushing and sttutering now, it was priceless!

- Ah, R-R-Ryuuzaki..san... - he was so delighted by her actions, that he didn't even know what to say.

- Please, you can call me Sakuno, Ohtori-san. After all we went through together, I guess we are friends, ne?! - she said, hopeful.

- Hm, I think so too.. err.. Sakuno-chan! - he said, also very happy to be friends with such a lovely and cute girl.

- Ahem. - they were cut off by the other five regulars, staring at them. Sakuno blushed, and she approched them.

- I would be very honored if you would call me by my first name too, senpai-tachi. - she said. - And I would really like to be your friend too! - they were taken aback by her words. Before they could say anything, a figure was standing right in front of Sakuno.

- Of course it would be an honor for you to be friend of Ore-sama! Do not worry, because Ore-sama will give you such an honor, and call you by your first name, Sakuno-chan! - Atobe said, holding her hands. - Let me honor this vow of friendship by kissing your delicate lips with Ore-sama no stunning ones!

Again, five rackets hit his head, and Atobe was unconscious.

- Osu. - Kabaji said, picking their captain's body. They apologized again for their captain's behavior.

- It's okay... - she said, blushing and smilling. She soon waved them goodbye, and left the Hyotei team to their own internal issues.

- What? Where's Sakuno-chan? - Atobe said, when he woke up. - Is she gone?

- Osu. - Kabaji answered him. Then, Atobe realized he was being piggyback carried by Kabaji.

- Put me down!! - he said, blushing furiously. The sun was setting now, and they were all leaving the park.

- Don't let him, Kabaji. - Oshitari said. - That's his punishment for his ungentleman behavior towards Sakuno-san.

- What? Ore-sama was a gentleman, a perfect one! - Atobe said, wriggling to get free.

- You tried to kiss the poor girl three times, buchou! - Ohtori said.

- Ore-sama was just trying to show Ore-sama no affection! - Atobe said. - She said that I should call her by her first name.

- You already did that, you moron. - Shishido said. - And we know that you just wanted to kiss her because she has...

- Ryou!!! Don't say that! - Wakashi said, blushing.

- Ow, c'mon! You all noticed that... - Shishido said, rolling his eyes.

- Noticed what? - Ohtori asked.

- You know our captain has a weak spot for beautiful girls, right? - Jirou asked him. Ohtori nodded.

- Specially if they have... - Gakuto said.

- Stop! - Atobe and Wakashi said at the same time.

- C-cup size breast. - Shishido blurted out. Ohtori blushed like there was no tomorrow.

- Ow... so, that's what you were talking about earlier... - he said, embarassed. In fact he had noticed that Sakuno-chan had a very nice figure, but he wouldn't mention it.

- Hey, it's not Ore-sama no fault! She just had to have such nice pair of... - Atobe was saying, when Wakashi hit him in the head, hard.

- That's it, you perverts. No more comments about Sakuno-chan's body. - he said. - What would the Seigaku regulars do if they find out you were ogling their kohai like that?

- Hm, Tezuka would probably want to take vengeance in a tennis match against Ore-sama. - Atobe said. - That would be very interesting, don't you think Kabaji?

- Osu.

- But that's not good, buchou! - Oshitari said. - It would be just like last time, after the bento incident. Tezuka would crush you. Besides, no one would cheer for us, being that we would be considered the perverts!

- But we are perverts. - Shishido said, matter-of-fact.

- I'm not a pervert! - Ohtori and Wakashi said at the same time.

- Yeah, yeah, whatever. You're the one calling her cute and getting kisses from her, Choutarou... - Gakuto said.

- WHAT??? Sakuno-chan kissed him?! - Atobe said, stunned. - Why did she not kiss me? I'm not just cute, I'm dazzling handsome!

- Ow, gods.. - Oshitari shook his head.

- Just let him.. - Jirou said, and yawned. That was surely a funny day.


Author's note: I know that Sakuno isn't that chesty, but remember: she's older now, and being a sixteen years old girl, she became quite the beauty. I always think about Ryuzaki-sensei when she was younger, to think of how Sakuno would look like older... and, Ryuzaki-sensei did have a nice body.

Ah, sorry fro any grammar mistakes, guys.... I don't know any beta that could read this fic. If anyone would like to do the job, send me a e-mail! =)