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Chapter Two

- There's probably a 98 percent chance that Atobe finds you atractive, Ryuuzaki-chan. - Inui said. Sakuno blushed. - The same goes for Sengoku. Of course, it's a 100 percent chance that they acted so bold because they have big heads.

- Or, because they're perverts. - Eiji said, bouncing. - Don't worry, Sakuno-nya! Tezuka-buchou's gonna kick Atobe's ass in their next match, just to get your honor back! - he said.

- Don't say it like that, Eiji... it sounds as Atobe did something far worse than kissing her... - Oishi said, nudging his best friend and partner in the sides. That actually made Eiji giggle, because he was ticklish.

- And I'm gonna pummel that Sengoku again! - Momoshiro said, puffing his chest.

- Tssss... in your dreams.. - Kaoru said, rolling his eyes.

-What did you say, Mamushi! I kicked his ass last time, and I can kick yours anytime! - Momoshiro said, and so, the two started to fight. Oishi and Kawamura were busy trying to stop them, and Inui just decided to ignore the trouble-makers.

- Now, Ryuuzaki-chan, what happened before you met Sengoku? - he asked the girl. Tezuka eyed the data specialist, and he secretly thought that, if Ryuuzaki felt too embarassed or didn't want to say anymore things about this subject, he would interfere. But, Tezuka would prefer to die sooner than admit that he was very curious to know who was Ryuuzaki's first kiss.

- Well, I... I-I was with... another person.. - she said. Inui looked at her intently, and so, she kept on. - I-I was out... in a d-d-d-d-date with... Akaya-kun... - and she blushed profusely at mentioning his name. After hearing the words "date" and "Akaya-kun", both Momoshiro and Kaidou stopped fighting.

- Akaya-kun? Are you referring to Kirihara Akaya, from Rikkai Daigaku Fuzoku? - Inui said, arching one eyebrow. Sakuno nodded.

- You were having a date with Kirihara? But, since when the two of you know each other? - Momoshiro asked, dumbfounded.

- We met... two years ago, actually... when I was working on Kawamura's booth, remember? - she said. They all remembered that. Because Atobe was an idiot (still is, accordingly to Momo) Sakuno was in danger, while trying to rescue her precious homemade bento for coach Ryuuzaki. After the incident, students from Hyotei tried to scare her away from the place, but she got some help from her regulars, as well from the Rikkai Dai boys. Last year, the Kawamura's opened a bigger place, so the small booth was no longer needed. Since Sakuno was aiming for a foreign cook cuisine College, she was studying like crazy, trying to get a scholarship to go to France, and didn't have the time to work anymore.

- Oh.. that's right... - Eiji said. - So, you're dating that Kirihara, nya? - he asked. Sakuno was still blushing.

- Hmm... it's not... not like that, senpai... h-h-he just... Akaya-kun was just being nice to me... besides, Niou-kun and Marui-kun came along as well... - she said. - I just called it a d-date because Niou-kun said it was one...


Yesterday afternoon..

- Of course it's a date, Sakuno-chan! - Masaharu Niou, the trickster from Rikkai Dai said to Sakuno, who was blushing madly at his statement.

- But, Niou-senpai... Kirihara-kun said it was just a friend's meeting. - she said. Kirihara's exact words were:

"It's DEFINITELY NOT a date! I mean, why would I ask you out on a date? We're just friends, right? It's absolutely fine with me that we're just friends... nothing more than friends. Just good friends, who meet each other on a saturday afternoon to have some ice-cream, without any romantic feeling involved, right? Yep! Juuust friends... friends, friends, friends. That's why it's not a date, cause friends don't go out on dates! And that's what we are, FRIENDS!", and he took one deep breath. He looked to Sakuno, and the girl had that puzzled expression.

She bowed to him, and told him she understood everything, because when he saw her face, he started to sweat and asked her if she wanted him to repeat. She knew that she wouldn't understand him even if he said everything once more, or twice, or even five times. So, after Kirihara left, she asked Niou and Marui, who were hiding behind a bush and happened to listen their entire conversation.

- Well, I don't think it's a da - HMPHHH! - Marui was saying, when Niou clasped his hands over the red-head's mouth.

- It is most definitely a date! - Niou said. Marui had a crush on Sakuno, everybody from the team knew, except Marui himself and maybe Kirihara. They're in the denial stage of love, and Niou wanted to enjoy all the tricks he could pull on those two before they realized and things moved on.

Sakuno was watching the two regulars bickering, now that Marui escaped from Niou's grip and was trying to hit him with his tennis racket. Sakuno often went to Rikkai, to deliver some paperwork for her grandmother. Seigaku and Rikkai were developing some sort of a deal between them, something that involved sports and exchange of students.

So, Sakuno went almost every week to the Kanagawa school, as a representative of the tennis coach. She was introduced to the Rikkai Dai regulars by the principal, and since they already knew each others, their relantionship just grew with each passing day.

Now, she was really good friends with them all, and this wasn't the first time they met outside the school grounds. But, it was the first time Kirihara had invited her by himself. Usually, Yukimura-buchou was the one to plan something, with the help of Yanagi Renji or Marui Bunta. Some of the boys were glad to go out, like Niou, Jackal and Kirihara, and others just came along to avoid being annoyed later, like Sanada fukubuchou and Yagyuu Hiroshi.

- What is going on here? - someone behind Sakuno said. Niou and Marui froze immediately when they recognized the voice. Sakuno turned around, to face one pissed off Sanada. - Both of you: fifty laps around the court. NOW!

Niou and Marui waved their farewells to Sakuno, as they went to complete the punishment for talking during practice. Sakuno felt guilty, and bowed to Sanada.

- Gomemnasai, Sanada-san! It wasn't their fault... I was the one who interrupted their training.. - she said, ashamed. To her surprise, Sanada put a hand on her shoulder.

- It wasn't your fault, Ryuuzaki-san. - he told her. Sakuno looked up at his stern face, and tried to say something, but he smiled. Anyone out there would have fainted to see Sanada Genichirou smiling, specially for a girl. But Sakuno was used to that, because Sanada was always gentle with her.

He saw the two troublemakers hiding behind that bush, probably trying to pull some prank on Kirihara, before practice started. The Ace was talking to Sakuno, and althought Sanada felt like going there and smacking him in the head, he just watched the scene from afar.

Soon after that, he saw Kirihara leaving her alone and going to start his warm-ups, but not Niou and Marui. Sanada looked at his wristwatch, and the two were fifteen seconds late. That was his cue to approach.

- Let me know if they're harassing you, Ryuuzaki-san. - he said. Sanada's head would burst if he ever confessed to anyone how jealous he actually was of the young girl. He didn't understand entirely why he was so affected by her presence, but with each moment they shared together, he felt he was coming closer to the truth.

Yukimura told him that he knew what was happening, but couldn't tell him. He had to figure it out by himself, because this was the kind of thing that a man had to discover alone. Sanada never argued with Yukimura, so he just pretended he understood what his buchou and best friend was talking about.

- Arigatou, Sanada-san... but they're just helping me with something... - she said, and a confused expression rose to her pretty face.

- Can I help you too? - he sincerely asked. She looked up to his face, and smiled at him.

- Kirihara-kun invited me to have some ice-cream tomorrow. And Niou-senpai said it was a date, but Kirihara-kun said it wasn't a date... well, at least that's what I think he said... - she said, and looked thoughtful for a moment.

Sanada's eyebrow twitched. Kirihara asked her out? When did the brat got the nerve to do such a thing? And Niou said it was a date? Sanada felt the urge to slap both of them, hard.

- Do you think it's a date, Sanada-san? - she asked the taller boy.

- No. - he simply answered. - Because a date is between two individuals, and you two will not be alone. - he explained to her. "I will be there too, no matter what", he added mentally.

- Oh! But why did Niou-senpai... - she started to say.

- Niou was joking. - he said. She blinked.

- Ow... ok, then. - she then smiled brightly at him. - Thank you very much! - she said, and bowed to him. - Eto.. I think it's better if I go now. I don't want to cause anymore trouble for you... - she said and bowed again.

Sanada tilted her head up with his finger. He looked at her, deeply. Sakuno blushed, and stared back at his own dark eyes.

- You could never be a trouble for us, Ryuuzaki-san. - he said. "For me", he thought. Sakuno was dumbfounded. She never heard Sanada talk like that before, and her blush deepened.

He left her speechless, his tall form walking back to the court, and a smirk gracing his lips. She looked so enticing that moment, Sanada had to hold himself to prevent his desire to kiss her, right there in front of everyone.

The smirk was because Sanada knew his moment would come. His great chance to kiss her.

And tomorrow seemed like a good day for that.


- I thought they were training on saturdays, just like everyone else.. - Momoshiro said. He actually felt jealous of those Rikkai dudes. While he was running laps, they were out there having dates and eating ice-cream with cute girls. Unfair!

- They do. - Inui said. He and Yanagi Renji were good friends, and had their data exchanging always on sundays, because both were busy with training on saturday. It was obvious that this Kirihara boy skipped practice in order to go out with Ryuuzaki-chan.

- Ah, so I bet that fukubuchou of Rikkai ate Kirihara's head.. no way he would let him skip practice like that. - Eiji said, grinning. So much like Tezuka-buchou, he thought.

- But, Sanada-san was with us this morning. - Sakuno said. They froze, shocked. Sanada, skipping practice to have ice-cream on the park? And Hell would freeze over!

Inui frowned. He would have to discuss this with Renji tomorrow, and ask him what kind of relationship Sanada had with Sakuno. It seemed so unnatural that someone like him would harbor feelings for a girl, being such a strict and focused person in tennis. Inui personally thought that Sanada, as well as Tezuka, would just get married through miai.

But again, why would Sanada interfere on Sakuno and Kirihara's date? Because it was obviously a date. Inui had a decent amount of data on this subject, since it became a regular topic among the players at the locker room.

He also had a great amount of data on sex and naked woman. Those two were current topics, specially between Eiji and Momoshiro, who discussed about their preferences on breast size almost everyday. Momo liked them big and round, while Eiji preferred the perky ones. Kaidoh seemed to enjoy big breasts as well, but never voiced his opinion with Momoshiro near because he'd rather be killed by a horde of angry buffalos than to admit they shared something in common. As for himself, Inui actually liked...

- Inui-senpai? - Sakuno shook his shoulder lightly, and Inui adjusted his glasses, dissipating his pleasant thoughts about boobies.

- There was anyone else from Rikkai with you this morning? - he asked the girl, before she could ask him what was on his mind.

- Oh! Yes, Marui-kun, Yagyuu-senpai and Niou-senpai joined us after a while...


Earlier that day...

Kirihara had a huge scowl on his face, glaring daggers at Sanada's back. This was supposed to be his special day with Sakuno-chan! He invited her for some ice-cream, and maybe, not that he thought much about this, they could sit at a bench or under a tree and talk about things.

He would tell her about his likings, and she would tell him about what she liked... and, with a pretty blush, Sakuno-chan would lower her long eyelashes and say: "I like you, Akaya-kun!", and she would throw her arms around his neck, and they would share a very passionate kiss...

But with Sanada-fukubuchou around, this wouldn't happen! Kirihara once more glared fiercely at him, thinking that this day couldn't be more ruined.

Boy, he was wrong.

- Hey! - a voice called after them, and the three turned their heads to see who was shouting their names. A grinning Niou, a embarassed looking Marui and a suspicious looking Yagyuu approached them.

Sakuno bowed to them, and Sanada raised one eyebrow.

- What the hell are you doing here? - Kirihara bluntly asked. Sanada narrowed his eyes at him, not liking the tone of his voice. He would slap him under normal circunstances, but he knew why Kirihara was so upset, and decided to let this one pass.

- My, such a bad mood on a nice day like this... - Niou said, teasing the younger boy. Kirihara hissed under his breath, mentally cursing all of them.

- We were just... y'know... walking around.. doing.. err.. - Marui started to say, and mumbled a "nothing" before blushing under Sanada's intense gaze. Meanwhile, Yagyuu grabbed Niou's colar and whispered at him:

- So this is why we're here? - he quietly asked his partner, finally understanding the reason behind his partner sudden invitation that morning. "A stroll on the park", Niou had said. Of course, with Trickster, a harmless thing like that couldn't be truth. He obviously had planned to spy on Kirihara and Sakuno.

Niou shrugged, giving him one of his innocent smiles. - I don't know what you're talking about.. - he said. Yagyuu frowned.

- Did you eat your ice-cream already? - Marui asked Sakuno. He really wanted to know that, not because he wanted one (but he did). He felt a strange pang on the chest everytime he thought about Akaya's invitation yesterday. And, he was really annoyed at Niou, for calling it a date.

What surprised him, was that he wanted to be the one who had invited Sakuno-chan, not Akaya.

When he imagined them, walking together holding hands and eating a delicious chocolate ice-cream with marshmallows, choco syrup and whipped cream, he smiled. The thought of Sakuno's lips dirty with the cream, and he would lean forward and lick her soft, rosy lips, claiming that he was just cleaning her and the way she would blush and lower her long eyelashes and say: "I don't mind. I like you, Bunta-kun!", and throw her arms around his neck and they would share a very passionate kiss...

But he didn't invite her, Akaya did! What if he and Sakuno had the ice-cream and her lips got dirty and Akaya licked...

- I should be licking her! - he suddenly said it out loud, raising his fist. When he noticed what he said, Marui blushed a deep shade of red, matching his hair. Sakuno was blinking, confused. Sanada had both eyebrows lifted. Akaya grimaced, Yagyuu adjusted his glasses and Niou placed a hand over his mouth to avoid laughing.

- Are you okay, Marui-kun? - Sakuno asked him, placing a gentle hand on his shoulder. He was so red, saying weird things... maybe he had a fever and was hallucinating.

- Ah.. no, I'm fine... - Marui answered, trying to smile at her. Sakuno looked at him, analyzing his face. Deciding that he was okay, Sakuno remembered his question:

- Ano... we didn't eat the ice-cream yet. - she said. Marui's face lit with a huge smile. Akaya saw where this was going to end, and he decided to act. It was now or never.

- Yeah, sorry 'bout that, Sa-chan! - he said, scratching the back of his head and smilling, like he was embarassed. - We should be going now, ne? I'm sure fukubuchou can ask Niou-senpai and the others to help him choose a new wristband. - and he looked at Sanada, silently challenging him.

Sanada narrowed his eyes. Yagyuu took pity on Akaya for a second, and decided to step in before this could end on a bloodshed between his team partners.

- Yes, don't worry, Akaya. - he said. - We'll gladly help you, Sanada. After all, we weren't doing anything important. - and glanced at Niou and Marui. The trickster shrugged once more, and the tensai narrowed his eyes.

- Okay! Thanks, Yagyuu-senpai! - Akaya beamed and grabbed Sakuno's wrist. - Let's go, Sa-chan! Our date is waiting for us!

Sakuno quickly waved at the four regulars, trying to keep up with Kirihara's fast pace.

- I told you it was a date. - Niou said, poking Marui's head. The tensai turned his face to glare at Niou, but decided it would be best to glare at Yagyuu.

- Don't look at me like that. - Yagyuu said, adjusting his glasses. - You know it's not right to interfere on someone's business. - the Gentleman admonished. - What kind of wristband were you looking for, Sanada? - he turned his attention to the taller boy. - I know some good stores near the main street, but none around here.

Sanada looked down at Yagyuu and gritted his teeth, holding back his anger.

- Nevermind. - he said, and walked away. - I'll buy it another day.

Yagyuu blinked a couple of times, confused. He was about to tell Sanada that there might be a few stores down that block, when Niou started to laugh.

- I can't believe it... - the Trickster had tears of mirth rolling down his cheeks. - Fukubuchou too?

Yagyuu raised one eyebrow. He turned his face to ask Marui what caused his partner's burst, but no one was there.

- You know what? This was beyond my imagination... - Niou said. He then looked thoughtful for a moment. - Nah, forget it. I can't follow all of them by myself. I better call Yanagi and ask for his help...

- What is going on? - Yagyuu voiced his doubt. Niou smirked at him.

- We can either go for a stroll on the park, or follow them and you'll find out... - Niou said, dialing a number at his cellphone.

Yagyuu closed his eyes, sighning. He was a gentleman, and he knew that it was wrong to follow people around without their permission.

- Ah, whatever. - he said, and joined his partner at his "investigation". Yagyuu was a gentleman, but he was damn curious now.


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