Chapter 1:

The rewritten version of The Creatyres of Myths. The other story wasn't working for me and I hope enjoy this story. I may add this story to DeviantArt, and if I do so; may I counture to use your OCs

I don't own South Park, if I did I would have Kyle give Cartman an ass kicking in every episode.

Kristy is my OC. Other People's OCs are at the bottom.

Long ago, the humans lived in peace with magical and powerful Creatyres like dragons or unicorns. The humans viewed the Creatyres as gods or even messagers from the Divine, the Creatyres viewed the humans as children in need of protection. There was families with magical powers- witches, wizards, the Sorceress and the Sorcerers.

They were the linked between the humans and the Creatyres and they were all born with supernatural powers. The Creatyres protected life on the planet Earth and helped with evolution throughout the eons. With the rise of the human species, the Creatyres now have an animal race they can talk to as well as help.

Unfortunately this peace wasn't to last, as a new religion arise. Christianly was its name, and at first it was spitted into two; the Gnostics and the Roman Catholic. Both of these churches had view regarding the Creatyres; the Gnostics wishing to work with the Creatyres for the good of humankind and the Roman Catholics wishing to wipe these sometime dangerous Creatyres from the face of the Earth.

In order to began working with the Creatyres, the Gnostics agreed to meet with the ruler of the Creatyres; a female dragon called Hydra. The meeting was to be a peace agreement between the mythical Creatyres and the Gnostic churches, they were to become allies, with the Creatyres helping the humans and the new church helping the Creatyres.

But however, the Roman Church somehow got word about this meeting and attacked, while Hydra was in her human form. They captured the Gnostics at the meeting and killed the dragon queen, injuring her heir Tanit.

This act was seen as an act of war by the Creatyres. With some Creatyres such as the Wendigo wishing to attack and wipe out the humans, while others such as the Kitsunes wishing to keep working with the humans, regardless of a few narrow-minded morons.

This cause a split with the Creatyres and a war, which treated to wipe them from the world. After 100 years. The Creatyres agreed on peace, and went their own ways, with evil Creatyres began to cause problems for humans, and the good Creatyres were still helping humans, while keeping an eye on evil Creatyres.

Meanwhile as time passed, the church contured to spread fear and hatred of the Creatyres among the cityfork and the countryfork, telling the humans that these Creatyres were demons, with a few being aware of the true nature of the Creatyres and being aware that the ruler of the Creatyres was murdered.

The church knew that the Creatyres had human helpers, ones who had supernatural powers and also followed the old religion of the goddess. So In order to stop the magical humans from telling the truth to normal humans, the church passed laws to stop magical powers from being used. And the church also attacked the more gentle Creatyres, driving them from the world.

Because of both the war and the attacks, some species went extinct leaving special crystals with their powers for humans to find. The survivors of the attacks and war, began to breed with humans passing on their powers and forms to all future descendants, before sleeping to wait for the ancient powers of their children awaken.

Years pass and it is now the October of 2009, a young girl; the descendant of Sakura the High Priestess of the Kitsunes, wakes up her powers and becomes the first Kitsune to be born in her family in 1000s of years. She joins a hidden world, known only to the Creatyres.

It was Monday 8th October 2009 and a young Japanese/American girl was walking down the corranders of South Park High. She was tall with black hair and icy blue eyes. She was wearing blue jeans and a white T-shirt. But latterly strange things were happening to her, she was running a high temperature and for some strange and unknown reason she was growing bluish purple hairs on her arms and legs.

Her name was Kristy Hardthorn, and she was friends to the not so annoying girls in her class. She hated some of the more popular girls like Wendy and Bebe, because some of them are self-centred and talk about nothing else other than Boys and men.

She has lived in South Park her whole life, with her parents and her brother David Hardthorn who is 4, as well as 2 Egyptian Mau called Isis and Lucy. She was also a buddish, which made her stand out a bit more, seeing as nearly everyone in South Park went to church every Sunday.

Her last class of the day was Biology, unfortunately for her Eric Cartman was in that class with her. The fat teen made her life a nightmare because of her mixed heritage and also because of her religion. The good news the teacher Miss Nutt had some control over him, he was scared of her.

In the class

Miss Nutt was talking about animal growth in the wild, but about how if the number of prey species raises then the number of hunters raises as well. Eric Cartman was sitting with his arms folded across his chest, as he looked about, he saw Robyn O'Neil who was sitting next to Damien and Pip. He also saw, Alice Lufkin who was sitting next to Butters. Finally his eyes landed on Kristy, the half-breed as he calls her. He really didn't understanding how a American man could fall in love with a Japanese woman, add to the fact that Kristy and her family are Buddish. Something he had no idea about.

He turned to Kristy; "Hey half-breed, worship any more fat people yet?" Kristy glared at him, "for the last time; Buddhism is a religion that is based on beliefs and teachings of Buddha you ignorant moron".

"CARTMAN leave Miss Hardthorn alone, and get back to work". Miss Nut snapped at him, before turning and glaring at the boy. Cartman jumped and really quicky went back to work. As the rest of the class began to laugh.

It was nighttime

And Kirsty was standing in her room, getting ready for a cold shower, to see if it could break the fever. So after grabbing some nightclothes, and a trowel; she went into the shower.

30mins later:

Kirsty was ready for bed, she was wearing a light blue nightdress. 'The hairs are getting worst, between them and this fever, I don't know what's wrong with me". She climbed into the bed, 'if it keeps getting worst I'm doing to have to see a doctor". And with that last thought she laid down and went to sleep.

3am that time

A scream sounded from Kirsty's room and her Japanese mother came running. As she entered the room, she noticed her daughter sitting up on the bed as stream raise from her. "Oh Kirsty dear, what's wrong?" "Mum, I feel as if there is something inside of me, trying to get o..." she couldn't finished her sentence as a blight flash fulled the room, and as the flash vanished, in her place was a strange fox like creature. The creature had bluish purple fur, with 6 beautiful tails standing in the air behind her, the ankles and tips of tails was on fire, and finally as the fox look at Mineyo, she notice that it no she had icy blue eyes with gold bits in them.

The fox threw back her head, and howled saddly, before fainting and changing back to normal. Leon Hardthorn came in, and after seeing the sigle bed, he turned to his wife. "What happened?" he asked "The old powers are awaken, Kristy is the first Kitsune to be born in this family after 1000s of years, I will stay with her for tonight and will tell her the truth tomorrow". (after touching her daughter; "sleep well child".


That is the end of the chapter 1. I have been thinking, I am going to make some of the offical South Park mythical powers.

Here is the choices:

Eric Cartman – I have no idea what to make him into

Wendy Testaburger – I was thinking she and her friends could find special crystals that turn them into mermaids.

Bebe Stevens – the second mermaid

Rebecca – the third and final mermaid

You guys can choose the other characters to become creatures

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