I have decided to cancel this story and will never again update it, all because a user by the name of Marik and Bakura attacked me and because I'm down because a favourite story of mine by the name of Rise of Professor Chaos was deleted by its creator and when my friend and I tried to take over the story, the user told us to fuck off and leave them alone.

So because of him, I will not name him here, this story cancel unless someone else takes over it.

I will worry about my other stories and they are:-

On Golden Wings

From Earth to Alagaësia

The Rebirth of Eric Cartman

The Knightly Heirs

The Pagans come to Town

And The Heir Of The Destroyer

And speaking of The Rebirth of Eric Cartman I need new OCs as I can't keep creating them all. They can human, reborn Pokémon or Pokemorph they can be created using the form below:


Species: (human, Pokémon, Pokemorph)



Trainer class (only if human – contest trainer or league trainer)

Pokémon: (up to 6 and from all five generations)


Please note they can start off as a human and then end up as Pokemorph.

Reborn Pokémon means that they were human in a past life and then were reborn as a Pokémon.

Sorry and thanks for all the great reviews – when I got them.