Chapter 1

Isabella Esme Platt was sitting on the hill behind her house thinking about when her life changed forever.


Isabella was walking down a street going to the store to get some milk for her mum who was very much pregnant Isabella loved her mum loads but hated her dad. Isabella was eighteen her mum was 15 when she was born (I know the ages aren't right but just pretend Esme is still 26) her mum was the kindest person you will ever meet she loved you without meeting you she just wanted to make people happy. Isabella knew what her dad does to her mum and she try s to stop him when her dad raped her mum when her came back from the army Isabella lost it. Isabella the next morning went downstairs and pinned her dad to the wall and beat him up then threw him out the house then spent two house holding her crying mother.

Isabella thought it would be a good idea to take a short cut through the alleyways but it wasn't someone grabbed her neck and threw her up against the wall and started to suck out the blood next thing she knows she wakes up in the middle of a forest she knew she couldn't see her mother any more so Isabella ran to her house and grabbed some clothes and money then changed put the clothes she did have on in her hand. She walked to the her mums room and looked at her and she could feel her tears coming to her eyes she could see tear marks on her mothers cheeks and Bella knew that if her Mother wasn't pregnant she wouldn't be able to survive losing her. Isabella left taking one last look at her house grabbed her locket her mum gave her for her 18th it had a picture of her and her pregnant mum in it. Isabella ran to the entrance of the forest and ran until she found a bear and killed it and used it's claws to attack her clothes then put her clothes on the floor and was glad to see her blood was still on it she put her dress on the edge of the forest and then ran drinking the bear on the way. That was the last day she saw her mum.

Isabella sighed she looked at her locket around her neck and looked inside to see the picture of her and her mother. Bella thought about the time she meet her best friend and older sister.


Isabella was in a clearing she had just attacked three trees she just heard that her mother had died she killed herself because her little brother didn't make it. Isabella roared into the air the roar was filled with anger and pain. Isabella heard movement and turned around to see a beautiful goddess standing at the edge of the clearing.

"Hello, are you ok? I heard your roar. My name is Rosalie Hale."

Bella sat down on the rock and invited Rosalie over.

"My name is Isabella Platt but you can call me Bella. No I am not ok I just found out my mother died."

"Oh I'm sorry where you close to your mother then I wasn't?"

"Yeah me and my mum were really close, when I turned 18 I was in my room and I heard my dad rape my mum I knew my dad was a git I knew he abused her but I never fault he would do that so the next day I beat him up and threw him out I was also the one who stop most of the beatings. I knew my mum wouldn't survive my 'death' but I knew she would be ok because she was pregnant but I just heard my little brother didn't make it and my mother couldn't handle it and killed herself I was crushed when I found out."

After that we became really close we shared stories and I held her as she cried when she told me her story we started talking and she became like my older sister and best friend we talked all night and all morning until Rosalie had to leave so they exchanged numbers and they separated.

Bella looked up at the sky she missed Rose and her mum she grew up to look a lot like her mum and sometimes it hurt to look in the mirror. Bella was 5ft 8 two inches taller than her mum was, she had straight caramel hair that goes down to mid back, she had a heart shaped face golden eyes her body as really good when she was human she did a lot of working out and helping her mother so she had a six pack quit muscled arms but not to big that it looked manly and disgusting she had curves in the right places.

Bella was a very attractive women were she was brought up in Texas then they moved to Columbus, Ohio she always had the Texan accent but hardly ever used it only when flirting or trying to get what she wanted.

For a year Bella has been a famous singer when she was young she always liked to sing and she wrote a song for her mother once and her mother loved it. She's very famous she hardly can ever go somewhere without people following her she loved her fans but hated paparazzi the asked to much personal questions that's why she moving to Forks Washington it's a small town and very rainy it was perfect for her she was using the excuse of she needs and education to move and go to high school when really she just wanted to see what high school was like. Bella stood up and made her way to her Bugatti Veyron and started her journey to Forks Washington.