Chapter 22


It has been 10 years since the incident their lives were great. Alice and Bella got married and had a kid together called Catherine after Alice's sister her full name is Catherine Ashley Platt she is three years old. Amber is 13 and is a lot like Bella she was a great kid and loved shopping like Alice she liked sport and singing like Bella she was perfect.

Rosalie and Emmett had twins called Elise Bella Cullen and Emmett Jr Mathew Cullen. They were 2 years old they named Elise's middle name after Bella because she gave them the chance and she was godmother as well as Aunt.

Ellie and Tony were still in love and Katie was now 20 and she got changed and was mated to Daniel which was a shock to everyone they got married and now have a baby girl who was one called Bellatrix because Bella and Daniel liked the name Trixy. Bella gave Daniel back his memories and said sorry for everything.

Amber was now 13 and was going out with Victoria and she got her memories back and apologized. They were serious but Amber was still young they loved each other but didn't do anything past kissing and well Bella never let them.

Esme was still hopelessly in love with Carlisle. They were happy they loved their children and their grandchildren. Jasper and Edward got married and they had a child too which was hard but they did it Bella had to give them human traits as well as some women traits which Edward took and they had a boy called Mason Caspian Hale who was now eight.

Bella was lying on her bed playing with Catherine. Catherine had short spiky black hair with Alice's human blue eyes while having Bella's heart shaped face and Bella's height.

Bella grabbed Cat as they call her and threw her in the air while she giggled. When cat landed Bella started tickling her while she thrashed around below her. Bella felt someone's body on her and looked up to see that Amber was back from shopping with Alice and was on her back Bella flipped her over and started tickling them both then she felt Alice's body jump on hers she rolled over and all three of them tickled her she laughed and wrapped her arms around her girls and pulled them into a hug. Cat fell asleep in Alice's arms while Amber and Bella was talking about the basketball match that was on last night.

Amber fell asleep around midnight on Bella's side. Bella turned and looked at her beautiful wife and kissed her with loads of love then pulled her in her side and wrapped her arms around her waist and held her hands.

"I love you my beautiful wife."

"I love you too my sexy wife."

The End