First Day Marine Blues

Summary: Katie starts her new job. Part of the 'Future Perfect' universe.

Disclaimer: Katie and Leigh are mine; the rest belong to other people.

A/N: This takes place in the 'Future Perfect' universe, which features Katie and Leigh, the twin daughters of Tim and Abby. This story follows 'Degrees of Separation'.

Gibbs put down the dishtowel and reached for his ringing phone, smiling when he saw who was calling.

'Hi, Katie! How was your first day?'

He would never admit it to her, but he was a little concerned about this assignment. Unlike her twin sister, who had slid effortlessly into military life, Katie was a civilian, and neither her years in grad school nor the video game company where she'd found a job after graduation had accustomed her to a formal, hierarchical, highly-structured work environment. Being seconded to the Marines to edit the coding for an interactive training simulation program that was being adopted was going to be challenging for her.

'It was ok, I guess.'

'No problems?'

'Other having to be there in the middle of the night? Not really.'

Gibbs smiled. Katie had not been happy about the 8 a.m. start time. As she'd indignantly pointed out, she'd made it through college and her doctorate without taking any classes that started before 10... and she'd complained about those!

'You could have warned me, Uncle Gibbs,' she continued. 'I thought it was just you who smacked people upside the head when they annoy you. Not all Marines!'

'Your CO hit you?' he asked, a frown creasing his face. Despite his general support of that leadership style, he still had reservations about someone who'd use it on a newbie's first day. Especially when the newbie was his surrogate granddaughter.

'He's not my 'CO', Uncle Gibbs! I'm not....'

'Civilian or not, you're on his team, at least for the time being. He's sure as hell going to treat you like someone under his command, so you'd better get used to it.'


'Answer the question, Katie.'

'What was the...'

'Did he hit you?'

'Oh! No. Not me. One of the guys offered to give me a tour, and suggested we could start with his quarters. I thought the colonel was going to take his head off. Literally!'

Gibbs broke out laughing, picturing the scene.

'I think he expected me to throw a fit, but I just told him I dealt with enough of those kinds of comments when I was TAing intro calculus. Anyway, Col. Montgomery said that I should...'

'Montgomery?' Gibbs interrupted.

'Yeah. Lt.-Col. William Montgomery. He's in charge of...'

It's a common name, Gibbs told himself. Still, it would explain the headslap. Tim had probably already taken a look at the man's service record, he thought, but he might have only gone back a few years. Turning his attention back to Katie's narrative, he made a mental note to get him to look a bit deeper.