Author's Note: I started writing this during the hiatus, so it's AU after "Sectionals." The prologue is short, but the remaining chapters will be a lot longer.

It had been one month, two weeks and three days since she had handed in her resignation to Figgins. After the initial shock of Will kissing her – chasing after her and actually kissing her! – had worn off, it had only made her more steadfast in the fact that she believed Will needed more time to get over what Terri had done to him. As it was the middle of the school year, her job prospects were dim at best, so she was getting by on the savings she had scraped together through the years. It wasn't ideal, but it'd do until the new school year was due to begin.

It had been one month, two weeks and three days since he had kissed Emma for the first time. He still held out a thin string of hope that it was a "first" time instead of an "only" time – but with her dismissal of him and the strains of preparing the kids for regionals – more and more it seemed as if it was set to be an only time. The marriage therapy had been a disaster from the start – it was only a matter of time before one of them filed divorce papers - and he knew that as soon as he would no longer have Terri in his life, he'd seek out Emma. He had to.

-to be continued-