Ryohei thinks that maybe dying isn't so bad; especially when he gets to see those cold blue eyes widen just a fraction of an inch. He feels his limp body hit the ground, and knows that he's losing more than his life in this battle.

His one good eye stares blankly up at the blue sky, and his vision blurs slightly as he fights to stay conscious. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he wonders if it's ironic for the Sun Guardian to die on such a beautiful day.

Several voices scream his name, but he can't help listening for the one voice he knows he won't hear.

He turns his head to stare at his right arm, broken and useless and bleeding. His bandages are stained crimson and he thinks that at least Kyoko won't have to change them anymore.

Before he fades out, he hears faint footsteps.

The high-pitched chirps of the little bird reach his tired mind and he forces a little grin, although it makes the cuts on his face open again and blood trickles down his face.

The man crouches down and Ryohei can feel cold steel of a tonfa pressed against his neck.

You aren't worthy enough to die, he tells Ryohei harshly.

Ryohei shudders as numbness seeps into his fingers and toes. A weak chuckle and he's lost all of his sight now. Still, he reaches up blindly and grabs the man's hand, clutching it as best he can with broken fingers.

Your standards are too high, he utters, blood running down his chin.

He should be thinking about his sister, and about the Family, but all he can think is how soothing the raindrops are as they hit his cheeks.

It's strange, he thinks as he fades away, because there wasn't a cloud in the sky.