Author: Rebecca.

Title: Show her Reality (or Shower reality depending on how you want to see it. :) )

Category: AU. No vampires. Edward and Bella. Mention of Jacob and Bella, but nothing graphic.

Rating: M

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By the end of first period the next morning, the whole school was buzzing with the incredible news: two students had been caught going at it hot and heavy in the girls' locker room and bets were already running about who those two could be.

By the second, some guys of the football team had revealed that Edward Cullen hadn't showered with the other players and that no one had any idea of where he had disappeared. Of course no one having seen him entering the other locker room either, they couldn't be 100% positive he had been there, but by the way he had blushed when all the eyes in his classroom had expectantly turned to him, there hadn't been much doubt about his participation after that. Consequently people were waiting even more eagerly to know then who his mysterious partner in crime could be and Tanya's name or Victoria Jameson's were even heard a few times while people speculated. Yet in the end they didn't have to wait long to know.

Around the time she got out of her second class herself, Bella had heard about every crazy theory and of course she couldn't help but smile each time a new name was thrown in. And like she had already predicted, no one thought about including hers in the game, but she guessed it only added more fun to the situation. She was pretty sure many would think they were hallucinating once they would understand she had been the one with Edward the day before, and surely she couldn't say she didn't like the idea of throwing everyone off balance.

As she walked to her locker to retrieve her books for her next two periods, she came across none other than Tanya and Kate and she wasn't even surprised to hear them giggling and snickering at her when she passed them by, sure that their 'master plan' had pissed her off big time and worked out just as they had wanted it. It was all too obvious they were pretty proud of themselves and Bella couldn't wait to see them being brought back to earth in the most brutal way. She just couldn't believe that they were stupid enough to not realize what was happening, considering she was sure they had to have heard all about the rumors as well. How could they be so dumb when they just had to do the math? Was it so hard for them to understand who had been with Edward when they knew she had been the only one to stay behind? Thanks to them.

It made her wonder where they thought Edward's accomplice had been coming from. Did they think she had just appeared out of nowhere, fallen off from outer space, and just decided to have her way with the hot hunk who was showering there? Yes, dumb indeed, but she guessed she couldn't really hold it against them: they weren't exactly known for their intelligence, and what was more, they surely didn't think that Mousy Bella Swan could be of any threat to them or that she could satisfy Edward in any way. Well, they would realize just how wrong they could be as soon as they would see her with Edward.

If she couldn't wait to see him before, her patience was really wearing thin now and she knew she wouldn't be able to take this much longer, even if it wasn't only to taunt Tanya and Co. and get back at them. She needed to see him, to be in his arms and just feel him, more than anything else in the world. Too bad it was a 'before-match' day, otherwise she would already have had the opportunity to see him. Unfortunately Coach Durham didn't joke about those things and as it was, Edward had had to go to the hour of morning practice the old man imposed on them before every big event, hence her growing frustration.

Strangely, even when she knew she had no reason to, she was getting more and more nervous as the minutes passed and it was getting harder to not just run to the chemistry lab, where she knew Edward would be, and wait for him there despite the fact that they had said they would meet at her locker.

Fact was she hadn't really been thinking clearly when that decision had been taken, obviously, otherwise she would have known that it wasn't the best solution. She had a valid excuse though if you considered how stressed she had been the previous night, and that for so many reasons. No wonder she had barely slept at all.

First she had gotten home sure that her father would already know about what had happened and that he would strangle her as soon as she would cross the house threshold, but surprisingly he had still looked at her like she was his precious and innocent little girl so she had assumed that Mr. Rodriguez had not warned the principal yet, fortunately, and she was all too glad about the short reprieve to question her luck.

She had still been caught up in the aftermath of their passion and hadn't wanted anything to ruin the still fresh memories of her moment with Edward, and she had known all too well that her father would blow a gasket as soon as he would hear word of what she had done. She knew there wouldn't be so much he would be able to do concerning her relationship with Edward considering she was an adult already, but still she was afraid he would try to stop her from seeing him after their stunt, and she would never survive that if he did.

She hadn't regretted any of it though, even if she still had had a hard time realizing what had happened herself. Or more like truly believing it. She had made love with Edward Cullen. And god, he loved her. She knew that now as clearly as she knew her own name, she just couldn't comprehend how she could have been so blind all of those years, how she could have not seen it when it was clearly written on his face every time he looked at her. Well, at least she had been blind till that day. Maybe he had just tried too hard to hide it before and that was why she had missed it, but she wouldn't doubt it from now on.

Still, even knowing that and knowing how much what had transpired between them meant to him as well, she had been extremely nervous at the thought of seeing him again and somehow, had even been dreading the moment. She couldn't help wondering how they would both react once they would see each other the next day. If it would be awkward between them or not, or if they would just naturally catch up where they had left things and act like their lives hadn't just been changed forever.

The way they had parted had held so many promises, but who knew what the new day would have in store for them? She had been sure that Edward would not change his mind about them overnight and surely not regret what had happened between them either, but she was just kind of afraid that once he would have had time to think it over, he would tell her that they were rushing into things too fast and that they should better slow down.

Well, she didn't want to slow down. Quite the contrary in fact. Knowing how they felt about each other now only made her realize how much time and opportunities they had wasted stupidly, and the only thing she wanted now was to make up for it.

If you thought about it, it was insane how crazy she could be about the guy, really. Even more now that she had experienced what it felt to be kissed by him, touched by his hands, held in his arms. She couldn't get enough of him and if it had been hard to let him go after he had dropped her behind the Eclipse, the task taking them a good half an hour between heated kisses and whispered pleas for him to not go yet, after a few hours it had been pure torture not being with him.

But what could she say? Edward Cullen was simply addictive and she didn't think she would be able to go on without him after what they had shared.

She had debated a while about calling him then, needing to hear his voice more than ever at that moment, but not sure that was the right thing to do. After all she didn't want to come off all clingy after only a day, or look like one of those girlfriends who were over possessive and couldn't stay a minute without their men, but the urge had really been too great.

She had actually been nearly dying near the phone when it had rung, ending there the torture at last, but honestly nothing could have wiped the smile off her face once she had recognized his number, having memorized it a long time ago even if she had never used it before.

Her own voice had probably never sounded huskier than when she had picked up the phone and answered at that moment, but it was still nothing compared to his. God, that guy could just make her melt with two words. The things he had told her, the way he had said them could drive any girl nuts she was sure of that, but she was glad he saved that tone only for her.

She had been even happier to realize that obviously she had not been the only one suffering from serious withdrawal. He got it as bad as she had apparently and he couldn't sleep more than she could because the only thing he could think about was seeing her and being with her again.

From what he had also said, he was bound to take baths for the rest of his life because he didn't think he would be able to enjoy a shower the same way ever again when he now had such a point of comparison. Of course he was certainly not expecting her to crack up at his predicament when he had admitted that the next shower he had taken at home, alone, had had no effect on him beside exciting him to embarrassing proportions, but what could she say? She loved knowing that she had marked him in such a way, maybe forever even, and that he would probably think of her every time he would enter a bathroom from then on and so, even when he had scolded her for being so mean with him and had told her that she should be feeling his pain and not making fun of him, she couldn't stop laughing.

They had had more serious moments, too, like when they had eventually talked about what had happened between them and where that left them, but it was so easy to talk to Edward and she felt so comfortable with him that she had had no problem laying all her fears before him. And believe it she had had a few, even if he had instantly put a rest to any fit of anxiety she could have had before she could even really start.

Of course she knew that they had done everything backwards, initiating an intimate relationship before even really beginning to know each other better, which usually wasn't the best way to start off and certainly not the best to last, but after talking with Edward she had quickly realized that it didn't lessen in any way how they felt, what they thought of each other, or how important their relationship was for each of them. Maybe if it had been only sex she would have gotten more worried and questioned her behavior, but it had been so much more than that. It had been the most natural and most perfect thing she had ever done, the expression of a love so pure, so real, there was no stopping or denying it, even if the timing had maybe not been right, but who really cared? Certainly not her. Now they just needed to catch up on everything they still needed to discover about each other, but as long as they were together, she didn't care how long that would take them. She knew already enough about him to be sure that there would never be anyone else for her.

All in all, hearing his voice had really been like a miracle cure and after only a few minutes she had already been feeling better, even if of course it had still been nothing compared to what she knew she would have felt if she could have seen him instead. She hadn't wanted to complain too much though because any moment with him, whether it was seeing him or just talking with him was definitely worth it, and she had known she would have to make the most of what she could have. After all she was almost sure that her father would suppress all her phone privileges soon and probably keep track of her every move, once he would have been informed of their shower activities.

If Bella hadn't known already how sweet and tender a boyfriend Edward would be, he had certainly proved it to her then. She didn't know how many times he had repeated to her that everything would be alright when she had all but whined and confessed how scared she could be of her parents' reaction and how it would affect their relationship. How many times he had told her that she didn't have to worry about that for now, or how long he had soothed her with his gentle and loving words, but after listening to him, she had been convinced that she had nothing to fear and that she could actually face anything that would come her way. Just because she believed in him, and because she knew that he would be with her every step of the road.

She didn't remember how long she had been talking to him, lying on her bed in the dark, sometimes calmed down and sometimes excited by his husky voice, or how long they actually could have gone on this way, but in the end it had taken her to receive another call for them to finally hang up, each time they had tried before that having been completely unsuccessful. And even then, the phone had beeped a countless number of times before Bella had managed to convince Edward to let her take that second call. Of course there was no saying that she would have preferred to keep on with their sweet conversation, but considering how late it had already been when she had gotten the call, she had been almost instinctively sure that it had to be important.

She had been right. As soon as she had taken the other line, she had been greeted by a hysterical Alice who had of course bitten her head off for taking so long to answer, before proceeding to ramble about what an incommensurable prick Jacob Black was.

It had taken Bella a while to calm her down and understand what she had been trying to tell her, but when she finally had, she hadn't known if she should feel angry and want to strangle Jacob, or just laugh her ass off at the irony of the situation… even if after that she had at least understood better Edward's need to know who had been her first and why he was so convinced she had already had sex before.

Nonetheless, she actually couldn't believe her ears when she had heard Alice telling her that Edward had gotten into an argument with her dear ex because that idiot had insinuated that he had screwed her. Yes, screwed, because from what Alice had related to her, that could be the only thing it was supposed to be.

Apparently Alec, Alice's cousin, who had witnessed the whole scene, had told her that Jacob had started picking on Edward without any apparent reason but the thing had turned much more personal when Edward had tried to ignore him. From what Alec had said, no one had really understood what it was all about other than there was a girl involved in the story. And whoever she was, Edward had lost it when Jacob had mentioned her and they had even come to blows. Or more like Edward had actually punched Jacob square in the face, while the other guy had just contented himself with another vicious remark.

In the end from what she had gathered, it hadn't turned out into a fight because Jasper had restrained Edward, who according to Alec had looked ready to commit murder, and because the coach had arrived at that moment, too… and well she knew what had happened next. Edward had gotten out of there obviously and ended up in the girls' showers. With her. Much to her pleasure.

Now Bella had not needed to over think it to know who they had been talking about because even if Edward hadn't said anything to her about that yet, there was no need for her to bother asking him to understand it had been because of her. Now that she knew of his feelings, knew that he had always loved her, she knew he would have never gotten into a fight for any girl but her, except maybe for his sister of course. But Rosalie had never dated Jacob Black -or even less slept with him as far as she knew- so it only left one possibility.

Even Alice had figured that out, even if Alec hadn't been completely sure Jacob had really been talking about her. He hadn't really cared either in fact, he had just thought that since there was a chance it was her, she should be informed of what had happened and seeing Alice's reaction to the news, he had been pretty proud of himself, sure that it wouldn't take her long to go and give Jacob a piece of her mind. Yeah, well, it had always been pretty obvious to her that Alec didn't really like Jacob so she wasn't that surprised.

Still, if Bella was glad Edward had defended her honor and her reputation like he had of course, she knew she wouldn't feel completely satisfied until she would have gotten back at Jacob herself, and she had found exactly what she could do for that.

She had thought it over and over and eventually decided that she would let him come to her like nothing had happened, thing that she was sure he would do sooner or later since he had to know that it wouldn't take long for the whole school to hear about his altercation with Edward and then, she would tell him to get lost once and for all. After having messed with his head a little and given him a taste of his own medicine of course.

Or that at least had been her thought until she had to see him in the flesh. Now however, she watched Jacob walking to her and if it weren't because she knew she needed to do this, she would have certainly turned around and walked the other way. He made her want to puke and not for the first time, she found herself wondering how she could have gone out with that pig. Thankfully it hadn't compromised her relationship with Edward or she would have never forgiven herself for that lapse of judgment.

Unaware of what was going through Bella's mind, Jacob smiled at her, that all too famous smile that was supposed to melt every girl's heart -as if- and she barely resisted the urge to just wipe it off his face right then, right there. Oh, but that would come soon enough, he could count on it.

Out of the corner of her eyes she spotted Edward getting to his own locker and talking with Jasper and she knew he hadn't seen her yet, otherwise he would have been near her in a flash and before Jacob could even reach her. She highly doubted he would appreciate to see Jacob so close to her, but after this, she would be done with that jerk and then, she would go and greet properly her new, and amazing, boyfriend. Boy, how she loved the sound of that. And what a sight her man truly was. It almost made her wonder what she had done to get so lucky.

"Hey, Bella!" Jacob greeted her nervously, not sure if she would be willing to hear him out and talk to him or not.

He had known there was a good chance Bella would hear about what had happened in the locker room yesterday, but he had certainly not counted on it happening so fast. And even less on Alec Brandon going and babbling every damned detail to his scary cousin, the last person in the world who should have known about that. It was a wonder she wasn't already after him trying to kick his ass. Again.

Not that it couldn't happen yet, but even when Alec had come to him and told him tauntingly that he was so dead, he had still hoped that Alice wouldn't have had time to repeat everything to Bella already and that he could do some damage control with her and give her his version before that. Maybe then he would have managed to come off as more innocent than he really was, but any illusion he could have had vanished however when he saw the dark sideway look Bella threw him almost as soon as he uttered his hello.

"Jacob." she muttered disdainfully as she continued to rummage through her bag and placed some books back into her locker, and that was enough for him to understand that he was even in more trouble than what he had first assumed.

"Look… I-I wanted to talk to you about something… I…" he begun hesitantly, wondering where the hell he should start. Not that she seemed to really care, considering she had barely spared him a second glance, but still he had to try something.

He almost wished she wouldn't have looked at him at all though, when she turned to him at last and her eyes set on his jaw. She looked interested, maybe even pleased, but definitely not utterly surprised.

"Nice bruise… I see he did a great job… I would have punched you harder though!" she commented offhandedly, indirectly answering his inward question, and took major pleasure in seeing him pale at her words. Well, if he had still had any doubts, she just dispelled them all.

"You know!" he mumbled defeated and almost cringed when he realized how ashamed he sounded. What the hell was he ashamed for? The only thing he wanted was to save his reputation because he had no doubt that if Bella revealed everything she knew about him, uncovered every lie he had said at one point or another, it would definitely be ruined. But beside that, he didn't care about what she could think of him, did he? "Bella… I…"

"Yes! I heard all about it and you know what?… I am a screamer… too bad you won't have any opportunity to see that for yourself…" Bella told him before he could even go further into his explanations, going directly to the point herself. If he believed she would just as much as really listen to anything he had to say, he was seriously deluding himself.

She had finally understood that everything that came out of Jacob Black's mouth could only be some lie or another one of his deformed truths. He didn't deserve her time, and he surely didn't deserve her understanding, even if she doubted that was what he was really searching for. She was pretty sure she knew what he wanted from her, but he had come to the wrong person this time. Once she would have finished with him, he would need more than a pretty nice body and a charming smile to score with the ladies.

"Bella… I didn't mean… I…" Jacob stuttered uncomfortably, already cursing himself for having even tried to talk to her then, in the hallway, in the middle of the whole school and where everyone could see him being rejected once more. Yet no matter how badly things had ended up between them, or would now, he couldn't afford for her to hate him even more and talk.

"Jacob, I don't care… but it's a good thing I heard about it actually… I guess it just shows what type of person you truly are and believe me, I definitely don't want to have anything to do with that!" Bella declared sharply, piercing him with a glare that couldn't leave any doubt about how much he disgusted her, and then turned back to her locker, effectively dismissing him.

"Bella, wait… it wasn't like it looked like!… If you would just let me explain… can't we talk about it?" Jacob insisted, though he tried to keep his voice low so their conversation would remain at least somewhat private. He really didn't need anyone hearing him nearly groveling in front of her.

"I don't want to talk to you, Jacob… in fact, I don't want to talk to you ever again… From now on, you don't know me and I definitely don't know you… I don't think I ever did actually, otherwise I wouldn't have been stupid enough to go out with you!" Bella intoned even more decisively and she immediately sensed the change in Jacob when he heard what he could only take as an insult. Gone was his puppy dog face and she didn't doubt he would retaliate in a second. She just knew that whatever would get out of his mouth now would be meant to hurt.

It actually didn't take him long to prove her right, though that was not exactly what she had been expecting him to say.

"Right! 'Cause Edward 'Freaking Saint' Cullen is so much better than me?" he snarled meanly and Bella couldn't have hidden her shocked expression even if she had tried. How the hell could he already know about that? she wondered briefly before pulling herself together again and realizing that it actually didn't matter. Everyone would know soon enough so it didn't change a thing.

"What?…Do you think I didn't know all along about your obsession with him?" unaware of her thoughts, Jacob continued incredulously, thinking that Bella had to be seriously delusional if she didn't realize just how obvious she had always been.

"You don't know anything about Edward or about what I feel for him!… if you did, you'd know it's definitely not an obsession!" Bella countered once she understood that Jacob had not been referring to her present relationship with Edward.

As for the rest, she didn't care one way or another if he had always figured her out anyway, it would only hurt him more in fact once he would realize that she finally had what, who, she had always wanted. And by god, she couldn't wait to see his face at that moment.

"What is it then, huh?" Jacob snorted defiantly, realizing only too late that he would regret having even asked. He so didn't need to know what she really felt for that idiot of Cullen.

"Love… but you wouldn't know anything about that, Jacob, would you?" she demanded as a question but it was all too evident by her sarcastic tone that it didn't call for any answer. Jacob Black wouldn't know what that was even if it hit him square in the face.

"He wouldn't treat you better than I did, don't you think!" Jacob flung back, refusing to even answer to her statement. So what if he had indeed never really been in love, who cared? Who needed love anyway? Certainly not him. The only thing being in love did was to complicate everything and he was doing just fine with having just sex.

"I don't care about what you can think or say… this discussion is over! And you and I are done!" Bella concluded, the finality evident in her tone, which only caused Jacob to grow angrier, making him go so far as blocking her path when she tried to sidestep him and leave him on his spot.

"Yeah! If Cullen is so perfect and so worthy of your fucking love… ask him where he was yesterday after practice… just go ahead and ask him… or better yet ask Tanya Denali!" he insinuated smugly, sure that if anything could get to her, this surely would.

Of course he wasn't at all convinced that Edward was actually the guy who had been having hot wild sex in the girls' locker room, no matter what people said, and he had absolutely no more information than anyone else did either, but it didn't hurt to make Bella believe so. The only thing he knew was that so far Tanya had not denied the information, contenting herself with smiling at everyone who asked her, and though the smile seemed kind of forced as far as he was concerned, that was more than enough for him.

Now Jacob had been expecting many emotions coming from Bella, anger, sadness, hurt, maybe even disgust, but he had surely not been prepared for her reaction. Out of all the things she could have done, seeing her bursting into laughter unexpectedly had certainly been the last he had been waiting for.

What the hell was wrong with her? Didn't she realize what he was saying? It didn't matter that Tanya was certainly the last person in the world Edward would do considering how much he seemed to despise the girl, chances were that he had been screwing someone else, and Bella, who he had been sure till that instant was crazy about the guy, didn't seem to care at all. Worse, she actually managed to find some fun to the situation. Either he had been wrong all along, or she had finally lost it for good.

"Jacob… oh, you poor thing… you're simply… pathetic… I know exactly where he was!" she revealed, having an even harder time containing her laughter when she saw what she meant finally registering on Jacob's face. God, she couldn't believe that he would stoop so low as trying to use those stupid theories people had been spreading ever since school had started, just to hurt her or make her think less of Edward. Too bad it couldn't work this time, but she was glad he had tried. The way his eyes nearly bulged out of his head when he understood was simply priceless, and he was the only one responsible for his discomfiture. "Yes, you got that right!… He was with me!" she added simply, knowing that he would put two and two together and realize what it meant considering the rumors.

She was half-tempted to take pity on him and stop there with the torture when she saw his mouth open and close repeatedly like he was desperately trying to say something -maybe ask her if she was serious or whatever- and obviously couldn't find the words, but that was quickly forgotten and she instinctively quelled the thought when she remembered what he had said and how he had made her look in front of the whole football team. He deserved everything he was getting after that, and she knew that learning that she had giving in to Edward so easily, when he had never managed to get her to go past the first base actually, would definitely do the trick and hurt his ego in a way nothing else could.

Which didn't mean she couldn't rub it in some more, and she knew exactly what to say for that.

"What? Can't face the truth, Black?… He got me first… and now you can just freaking eat it!" she inflicted that last blow with an immense sense of pride, finding incredibly satisfying to see Jacob sputter like an idiot in front of her, and when she was sure that she had made her point and that from now on Jacob Black would think about it twice before trying to mess with her or actually spreading any lie about her ever again, she pushed him out of her way and walked to the only man she wanted to be talking to right now. Although maybe talking wasn't exactly the first thing she had in mind given that he looked good enough to eat.


Not surprisingly no one paid any attention to little Bella Swan when she walked up to Edward, sure that she had to head for someone else, but he definitely couldn't see anyone but her. He hadn't been able to concentrate on anything else ever since he had spotted her down the hallway a few minutes ago. It was nothing unusual of course, it actually always happened more or less that way, Bella having been the center of his thoughts ever since he was old enough to understand what it was he felt, but today was different.

Today he knew that for once he wouldn't have to wonder what he could find to have a good reason to go and talk to her, only to lose his nerve the next second. He wouldn't have to restrain himself and reign on his need to be near her. He wouldn't have to stop himself from shouting his love to her. And he wouldn't have to stay away from her because he feared he would scare her with the intensity of his feelings for her.

No, today was a brand new day. The beginning of a new life for him. A life where he could do anything he wanted. Say anything he felt like saying, and he honestly had a few things in mind he wanted her to know. Though maybe right that second wasn't the best moment. Not if they wanted to live through the day.

He could only imagine where they would end if he had to tell her how much he wanted her, needed her at that instant, or just how much he loved her in blue and how crazy that color on her could drive him. God, he had nearly died of a heart attack when he had seen her in those hips-hugging jeans and tight sleeveless shirt, her long dark hair completely loose and framing her perfect face and at that instant, he had truly been convinced that he was in love with the most beautiful girl in the world.

"Hey!" he mouthed softly as she finally joined him, and almost immediately reached for her, the urge to just touch her being unbearable already. It was actually only because he had not wanted to create a scene, sure that he would just wring his neck if he came too close to him, that he had managed to stop himself from going to her while she was talking with Jacob and sweeping her into his arms, before running to find a place where he could have his way with her.

He didn't know what they had been discussing about, or what Jacob had wanted with Bella precisely today, but he would definitely have to remember to ask her about that later, moreover considering the short exchange he had witnessed. He had nearly lost it actually when he had seen Jacob blocking her way, and he knew it was only because Jasper had been there with him then that it hadn't degenerated again.

"Hey, relax… they're just talking, and she seems to be doing just fine by herself!" that was what he had told him when he had seen him taking a step toward them. Well, Jacob 'Fucking Liar' Black could talk all he wanted, but he would make sure that he wouldn't come too close to Bella ever again or hurt her in any way.

He would have to find what to do about that later however, because right now the only thing he wanted was to concentrate on the beauty just in front of him.

"Hi!" she whispered back, smiling bashfully, which only made Edward want to kiss her more. How she could still feel shy after what they had shared was beyond him, but there was no saying how cute he thought she looked when she blushed or bit her lip nervously.

"I missed you!" he breathed against her mouth, his lips grazing hers softly as his arms came around her waist and drew her to him. Man, he loved this girl so much that only one night away from her now that he knew what it felt like to actually be with her seemed like a lifetime of pure agony!

"Missed you, too!" she answered huskily, her own arms wrapping around his neck and her body already pressing against his before their lips could even really meet in the good morning kiss they had both been waiting impatiently for.

Unaware of the looks they were receiving, or the shocked gasps their performance was eliciting, they kissed shamelessly in the middle of the hallway, only caring about the feel of each other. And what a feeling it was.

Of their own volition Edward's hands cupped her behind, molding her body to his even more if that was possible and with barely any coaxing on his part, Bella naturally wrapped her legs around his waist, forgetting for a moment that they were absolutely not alone and that the entire school was in fact witnessing the hot exchange.

Edward didn't notice any of his classmates actually. He didn't hear their comments or their whispers either, so consumed he was by Bella, kissing her like it was actually the first time he did it, or maybe like he thought it would be the last, and it was only when the voice of the principal boomed across the hallway, with the clear intention to force them to pull apart, that they came back to reality.

"Cullen! Swan! No one needs a repeat of yesterday night… In my office! Now!" Mr. Greene yelled, startling many students, but just barely catching Edward and Bella's attention.

If it weren't because breathing was slowly becoming vital, they would have certainly kept going at it without a care in the world, even if they had definitely heard him.

As they parted however, Bella finally noticed all the eyes set on them and she blushed profusely, hiding her reddening face into the crook of Edward's neck, and barely refrained from groaning out loud at the sight. She had definitely not planned to lose control like that, but Edward Cullen had that power over her. He made her forget that anything else existed.

Of course she knew that she should feel mortified by her own behavior or be more concerned by the fact that the whole student body now had the answer to the question that had been running through everyone's mind since the morning, or that they had all pretty much figured out what exactly the nature of her relationship with Edward was by then, yet no matter what, the embarrassment wasn't enough to make her regret the exhibition, or the mind blowing kiss they had just shared. Not more than Edward could obviously.

Without letting go of her, he followed the principal, smiling proudly at whoever met his eyes, even when they were looking at him like he had just lost his mind. He didn't care about what they could think or say, he was all too happy to show everyone, and more particularly every male around, that Bella belonged to him.

"Are you not going to put me down?" Bella asked softly, arms and legs still tightly wrapped around Edward's body, but not finding the position uncomfortable at all.

Quite the opposite in fact. Each step he took pressed his all too obvious hardness to her core a little more, and she suspected that that was part of the reason he couldn't let her down. It would become all too evident how much she affected him if he did. Yet the thought of everyone -or rather every girl who at one point or another had tried to make a move on Edward and failed- noticing what she only could do to him thrilled her in a way nothing else could. She wanted them to see, wanted them to know that Edward was off game now. He was hers, and she had no intention to let him go. Ever.

"Nope, didn't plan to… I kind of like having you in my arms, Bella Swan!" Edward replied tenderly, repeating the words he had spoken just the day before and knowing now more than ever that he would never tire of having her this close to him. He missed her, craved her too much when she wasn't for that to happen.

Bella smiled lovingly at him and then couldn't help kissing him sweetly, blissfully oblivious to the angry stares they were receiving from the principal who couldn't believe they had followed him that way, like they didn't even realize how much trouble they were both already in.

Isabella Swan and Edward Cullen were usually model students and he couldn't understand what had gotten into them to end up doing what they did. He had not wanted to believe it at first of course when only a few minutes ago the janitor had come to him and related the incredible story, sure that the poor guy had been hallucinating and had just imagined the scene. After all he didn't think that any student would be crazy enough to do something like that inside the school premises, knowing that anyone could come and stumble upon them.

He had even less wanted to believe then that Edward Cullen could have been involved in any way, though Mr. Rodriguez had been adamant that if he hadn't been able to identify the girl, he had clearly recognized the young man and knew all too well who he was since being captain of the football team didn't exactly permit to go unnoticed. Yet he had been forced to face reality when he had caught him red-handed in the hallway, making out with Isabella Swan of all people like the rest of the world had suddenly vanished and their actions had absolutely no consequences.

As if the day before performance wasn't enough, huh? He didn't know what they were thinking about, if they were thinking at all, but surely he had not expected them to put on another show after having been caught once already. What did they imagine? That they would get out of this one without any problem? If that was so, they were seriously deluding themselves because it was evident that he would have to inform both their parents, even if there was no saying how much he loathed to do so. Nonetheless, if what they had done couldn't go unpunished of course, how he would deal with them was still another story.

If it had been anyone but them he would have not even thought about it twice and kicked them out of his school, but you couldn't exactly expel two honor students like them without taking account of their background. They had never given him any grief before that, therefore even if he would still have to discuss their sanction with their parents, the only thing he could think about right now was a temporary suspension and long, very long hours of detention.

Now even knowing that he had to be more comprehensive with them if only because this was the first incident they both caused, he was slowly starting to wonder if they deserved his indulgence at all nonetheless. Either they didn't realize what they were doing, or they had decided to just piss him off today, he thought looking at them.

He was actually ready to blow a fuse when Edward only let go of Bella when they reached his door, like the girl wasn't even able to carry herself alone. And even more when he saw them entering his office hands in hands, the smiles etched on their lips like they had done nothing wrong at all and at that instant, he promised himself he would find a way to wipe them off their faces, if only to show them who the boss was here and make sure such thing wouldn't occur ever again. No matter how much in love they seemed to be, that couldn't constitute any valid excuse to him. There were rules and they had to be respected, by everyone.

Outside, not long after the door closed behind the two of them, the murmurs slowly died, most people realizing that since the show was finally over, they should better go back to their business again and pursue with their daily routine. They were sure they would hear more about it anyway since it wasn't exactly every day that two students were caught making love at school, and it would only make more noise considering who it was: Edward Cullen, the guy who had never seemed to show any interest in girls before, and Bella Swan, Miss Bookworm herself and who was well on her way to be valedictorian this year. Or at least she had been until this instant, but now who knew if she would even still be there by the end of the school term to pronounce her speech. Many thought that this was actually the last time they would see Edward and Bella at West Forks High, even if most didn't really care about their fate one way or another. They just seemed to have loved the scandal the incident had created, but as soon as it died down they had no problem getting back to their own boring lives.

In a few minutes so, the hallways had cleared and it was almost like nothing had happened at all. Almost. Only Emmett seemed unable to act like it or just tear his eyes off the principal's office.

He stood near it with his mouth hanging open, until one of the school secretaries asked him what the heck he was still doing there and that was all it took to snap him out of his trance. As far as he was concerned -and as much as he wanted to know what was happening with Edward- he really didn't feel like paying a visit to Mr. Greene himself.

"Damn, I so knew it was her!" he muttered as an afterthought, wondering why the hell he hadn't put some bet on Bella Swan's name when he had known how high the chances she was Edward's secret love were. That would have been easy money. Damn, double damn, he could be so stupid sometimes.

"I so knew he just needed to get laid!" Jasper, who had joined him by then and witnessed the whole scene as well, retorted smugly before wrapping an arm around his shoulders and dragging him to their next class.

Emmett looked at him like he had gone crazy, thinking that all his friends had finally lost it, but despite his teasing remarks and his apparent cool attitude, Jasper honestly had a hard time believing himself that his quiet best friend could have changed so much overnight and actually gone so far as making out with whom he assumed would now be his very official girlfriend after having being his secret dream girl for so long, in front of everyone, no less.

Worse, that he had actually 'made love' to the girl -fact that he knew was indeed true since he had questioned Edward about it almost as soon as the rumors had started flying and he had confirmed it- and that they had been literally caught in the act, but apparently didn't give a damn about that either. Yet he would have to be completely blind to not see that Bella Swan was not only what Edward had always wanted, but what he had always needed as well: in all the years he had known him, he didn't remember having seen Edward so happy or so carefree before and he was actually ecstatic for his friend. He just hoped their little early morning exhibition and their shower rendezvous wouldn't cost him too much.

But damn, who would have thought Edward Cullen had it in him, huh? Surely not him.


When lunch break came, Edward and Bella entered the commons like they had not even just spent the last two hours in Mr. Greene's office with two set of parents mighty pissed at them, or like they didn't even mind that that was still nothing yet compared to what would be waiting for them at home when school would be over.

Many students had heard Charlie Swan cursing Edward Cullen all the way to hell and swearing he would kill the boy if he ever came anywhere near his daughter again, when passing near the administration. Daughter that by the way would be grounded for the rest of her life according to what he had also said, but at that instant, it was obvious to everyone that the threat had not mattered at all to them.

Anyone with eyes could see how much they cared about each other or how happy they were, the way they clung to each other, Edward's front plastered to Bella's back with an arm lovingly wrapped around her shoulders, leaving no doubts about their feelings or their closeness. It was a wonder they managed to walk at all that way actually, what with them exchanging sweet innocent kisses every other step -proof that they could do that, too, apparently- or Edward nuzzling her neck when he wasn't kissing her lips, but no one could deny how cute they looked together or what a breathtaking couple they formed. No, not even the most jealous of them could contest that point.

It didn't mean they appreciated seeing them together for all that of course. It was all too obvious on their faces or by the nasty remarks some couldn't help but mutter as they passed them by, but Edward and Bella were heedless of them. Heedless of anything but each other.

Bella actually felt like she was floating on a cloud. She loved all the attention Edward showered her with, even if she had been surprised at first to notice he didn't seem to care about the public display of affection. He couldn't keep his hands off of her, not that she minded of course, but knowing his shy nature, she had really thought he would be more discreet in the open. Of course their extremely hot meeting in the hallway that same morning should have been a dead give away to her, but she had just assumed it was a one time occurrence, something done on the spur of the moment because he had missed her just as much as she had, and because he had a hard time believing himself that they had finally overcome all the obstacles to be together at last.

Yet nothing, not even his confrontation with her father, had changed his attitude. Not once during their conversation, if what had happened with him could be called a conversation of course, had he released his hold on her. All the while in fact, he had gripped her hand tightly, refusing to let go of her no matter what. And through it all, he had held his head high and stood up to him no matter what her father had thrown at him, and she didn't think she could have been prouder of him at that instant.

Oh, it hadn't gone smoothly, far from it, but though they had both conceded that what they had done had been foolish and had gone against every rule of the school and that for that they were ready to face the consequences, Edward had made a point of making her father understand that this wasn't some game to him and that he was absolutely not playing with her, or trying to take advantage of her like he had accused him of. He loved her, he had said that loud and clear in front of everyone and not once had he wavered or shown any insecurity. Not when her father threatened to end off his life right that second if he just as much as opened his mouth again, and not even when the rest of the parents had snorted at the words and asked him what he knew about love.

He knew enough, he had proved that to Bella more than once since their 'shower escapade' and only for that she had backed him up in everything he had said, even when she had been scared shitless to see her dad so angry not only at Edward but at her as well, or when Mrs. Cullen had looked at her like she had just stolen her precious baby away from her and she would never forgive her for that.

Now Bella wasn't stupid and she knew they had a long road ahead of them considering how badly they had started off with both their parents, but they would go through everything together and that was all that mattered. It seemed incredible, even to herself, that she could feel so sure and secure about their relationship when it had only been a single day, but she didn't doubt its strength anymore, not for a second. She had always known that if Edward could love her if only as much as she did love him, nothing, and no one, would be able to come between them. She would never let that happen and Edward had just proven to her that he wouldn't either.

That was why she couldn't worry about what her parents would have in store for her when she would get home. No matter what they said, it wouldn't make her doubt the rightness of her feelings or reconsider her relation with Edward. And so right now, more than ever actually, she just wanted to enjoy his warmth and his love. Soak up everything he had to offer and forget about everything else. She would deal with the consequences of their actions when the time would come.

However, she had to admit that it wasn't the only reason for her giddiness and that she kind of enjoyed being the center of attention as well for once. It was evident that she and Edward were the main topic of conversation but she honestly didn't mind, quite the contrary. Some people's reactions were so funny that all the trouble they were in was worth it if only for that.

At first she had thought that the best moment was when Victoria Jameson had come to them and with a disbelieving look on her face had asked them if they were 'like together now'. In answer Edward had almost immediately pulled her protectively to him when he had felt her tense near him -thing that had become almost instinctive every time that girl came too close to her- and after throwing Victoria a duh look had simply told her that she and the rest of the school could get used to it because it was indeed true, and that if she wanted to spread the news, for once she was welcomed to do so. No need to say that Victoria and all the little puppies who always followed her everywhere had nearly chocked on their own breaths of course, but Bella herself could honestly have just laughed her ass off at their incredulous or simply jealous expressions.

Yet if that had sure been priceless in and of itself, she had been wrong because the high point of the day was certainly when, after explaining to Edward how she had been locked up in the equipment room the day before and how that had played a part in the following events, she and Edward had passed by Tanya and had both thanked her, in front of everyone, for her generous cooperation and the way she had helped them so selflessly, insisting well on the fact that if it weren't for her and her 'brilliant' mind -insert sarcasm here of course- they would have probably kept ignoring the evidence and wasted an incredible amount of time.

Bella really thought that the girl would just keel over and die right at their feet after that, but she couldn't care less about what could happen to her: in the end she had achieved the most beautiful revenge possible, and she hadn't even had to work that hard for it.

~ * ~