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Right or Perfect?

You know when people say that if you spend your whole life looking for the perfect guy the chances are you might miss the right one when he walks by - well that happened to me, except it was the other way around.

My name is Bella Swan, I'm a 28 year old advertising executive and I love my job because until recently it was my life - and then I met Edward. It had been one of my rare days off and I had decided to spend it reading in the park. I love to read and I find it one of the best forms of companionship - you pick it up, you read it - then you put it down again, then next time you go to read it - it's still in the same place. Simple and strait forward, I like that - I don't do complicated… or should I say didn't, but I'm getting ahead of myself - the park. I had been sitting under a tree reading my book when all of a sudden I felt something hit my legs - hard. I dropped my book and looked down to see a very small dog, with long hair that was caked with mud and it had in it's mouth some sort of dead animal - I did the only logical thing I could think of at the time, I screamed.

Of course looking back it probably wasn't the right course of action as the dog panicked at the noise and proceeded to run away. Which to me was a welcome relief but to the man that had just run up in front of me - not so much. "Are you ok" he had asked. "I think so yes, was that your dog" I had asked him. "God no" he had said "it's my sisters - she likes small yappie things, although if you saw her husband you might be inclined to think otherwise. I'm sorry, here's me going on and your still sitting there, let me help you up." He offered out his hand to me, and I gratefully accepted. "There that's better" he said with a smile "I'm Edward by the way." "Well it's nice to meet you Edward, I'm Bella" I told him. Now that I was standing I had the opportunity to look at him better and I have to say that I wasn't disappointed with what I saw. He had a very pleasing facial structure, pale skin and fabulous green eyes. "I'm very sorry about your skirt" He said indicating to the rather large mud stains that now covered the front of it. "It's ok - it'll wash" I told him. "Well when it washes - send me the bill and if not I'll buy you a new one" and he gave me his card with his number on.

I had never intended to call him, but as the week continued I found it difficult to forget our meeting. So six days after our first encounter I called him and two days after that we went on our first date. Where I found out his name was Edward Mason, he was also 28, a lawyer and he grew up in Washington. That was six months ago, two weeks ago he asked me to marry him and it being the logical thing - I said yes. But it was last night that threw me and made me think that maybe I had made the wrong choice. Last night I had met his family again but I had also met his godfather, the man who he looked to as a surrogate father and a mentor and I'm ashamed to admit it but I was attracted to him - very much so in fact. And last night was also the night Edward had asked him to be his best man.