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Chapter 3

I'm not quite sure how long I had been in the bathroom for, but it must have been a while as I could hear Elizabeth knocking on the door and asking if I was alright. Truth be told, I was as far from alright as I could be at the moment, given the fact that I was on my knees in my soon to be in laws bathroom with my head on the sink - trying not to throw up. I lifted my head up from the side of the sink and the room seemed to twist again, I let out a groan and put my head back down. I heard the door open behind me.

"Oh Bella dear" Elizabeth exclaimed as she hurried over to me "Are you feeling ill?" That depends will it get me out of this hell quicker? "Actually" I told her "I am feeling rather funny, so if you don't mind I'll just duck out of the rest of tonight and catch a cab home."

"A cab - honey no!" Elizabeth scolded "Edward will take you home." I shook my head "No its fine really" I told her. I heard someone tap on the door lightly. I turned to see who it was - half expecting to see Edward standing there, but it wasn't Edward.

"Elizabeth honey - I'm sorry but I've been called in at the hospital so I'm going to have to go" Carlisle told her. She laughed lightly and replied "For once Carlisle Cullen I'll forgive you because this has worked out rather well."

Oh no - please no, don't let her say what I think she's about to say. Carlisle looked at Elizabeth questioningly "Bella's not feeling well, and she wants to get a cab home - which is totally out of the question. Anyway it would be a great favour to me if on the way to the hospital you can drop her home" Elizabeth told him.

Someone kill me now - please. Carlisle glanced at me and then focused his attention back on her and smiled "Of course" he said "I could never refuse a beautiful lady anything, particularly when she's asking me to accompany another beautiful woman." Then he turned to me winked and said "Whenever your ready Isabella."

In the end it didn't take a great deal of convincing for Edward to let get a ride with Carlisle all I had to do was mention how sick I was feeling and remind him that he just had the Volvo detailed and that was that. Of course now I was seriously regretting my choice because here I was sitting in a dark car, late at night, hopelessly aroused and the man sitting next to me was not my fiancé. This is certainly not how I pictured the night ending up when it starting out.

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