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What if Carlisle married Esme when she was 16? changed her into a vampire when she was 16? In this story you'll find out how Carlisle hid the fact that he's married to a 16 year old, What Bella's reaction was when he found out Edwards "mom" was 16. And how Carlisle deals with Emmett calling him a pedophile everyday

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June 17 1911

Esme POV
As soon as the bell rang I raced home from school Mother and Father wouldn't be home yet so that meant I had the house to myself! So that means I can climb the oak tree behind our house without mother yelling at me.
As fast as I could I ran up to the tree and started climbing it. I tried to climb all the way to the top and I would've but a twig snapped right under me. I fell onto the ground and felt a lot of pain in my right leg.
I looked at my leg and saw that it was bent in a strange way, there was blood all around it.
I felt tears streaming down my face which was odd because I rarely cried. I couldn't move so I called for help. My neighbor, Mrs. Jones, heard me and ran to help me.
"Oh Esme dear what happened?"Mrs. Jones asked me. Mrs. Jones was a very nice person, she was my best friends mother. She treated me more like a daughter than my own mother did. Me and her son, Zach, were inseparable.
Yes...my best friend was a boy, and my mother was not happy about that.

"I was climbing that tree and I fell"
"Oh dear you know your mother doesn't approve of you climbing tree's"
"Yes well my mother also doesn't approve of me being best friends with your son"
"...What?" Er... I suppose I forgot that she didn't know that.
"I'll go call your parents"
"NO! No please don't my mother will be very angry with me"
"But dear she's going to find out sometime..."
"Very well..." When my parents came home they were both very angry, and of course my mother started scolding me. When my parents finally stopped yelling they took me to the hospital.
We were lucky we had an car, not many people had one.
So we were there in about 15 minutes

My father raced over to the front desk and my mother of course starting scolding me AGAIN
"How could you be so irresponsible! I've told you time and time again! THIS IS NOT PROPER BEHAIVIOR FOR A LADY!"
"Yes mother" I replied softly
"The doctor will be with you momentarily" The nurse said.
"Thank you" My father replied. The nurse brought a stretcher and my father helped me on it, the nurse brought me to a room and then my parents left, without a word although my mother did give me a quite frightening scowl
I heard the door open and the doctor walked in. And I swear my heart stopped.
He was young, he was blond, his eyes were gold...and he was handsomer than any other man I'd seen. He was pale, though, and tired-looking, with circles under his eyes.
And the way he was looking at me was quite strange it was as if he was...admiring me
"Hello I'm Dr. Carlisle Cullen"
"I'm... I'm um..." What's my name again?
"Esme Platt?" He asked. Note to self; Slap yourself as hard as possible later.
"That would be me..." He chuckled and I blushed
"Well Miss Platt-"
"Esme. Please call me Esme"
"Alright but then I would like it if you called me Carlisle"
"So I see you have a broken leg. How did this happen?"
"Uh well..."I was blushing again "I... kind of fell out of a tree"
"And what were you doing in that tree?"
"I was climbing it..." He chuckled again.
"Ah. Well Esme I'm going to have to set the bone in your leg, this might hurt a little"
"Oh alright" I tried to sound brave, but I could hear the fear in my own voice.
"So Esme what do you like to do when you're not falling out of tree's?" Oh good lord...
"I um I like reading, painting and uh... playing sports"
"Really? You paint?"
"Um kind of"
"Interesting. And what do you want to be when you grow up?"
"I'd like to be a teacher"
"Of which subject?"
"I'm not sure..."
"Which subjects are you good at?"
"Um...well...none actually. I'm kind of good at biology. I guess I could be an art teacher"
"Do you enjoy painting?"
"Very much" It seemed as though he really liked me... But he probably does this to all his patients. But then again... Esme Cullen doesn't sound so bad... Aah! Snap out of it Esme!
He's probably married and even if he wasn't he would never settle for a child like me.
"Um Carlisle forgive me if I'm being rude but I'm just curios...Are you married?"
"No Esme I am not"
"Do you have a girlfriend?"
"I'm afraid not" Perhaps there's hope after all...
"Esme I'm going to set your leg now"
After he set my leg it hurt like hell, but I did not cry. I refused to cry in front of him.
"I'm so sorry if that hurt"
"No no its ok. It doesn't hurt that much" I lied
"Well Esme I should let you sleep now"
"Oh alright. Goodnight Carlisle"
"Goodnight Esme" He whispered before he left.

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