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Emmett and Rosalie were getting married in less than three hours. Rosalie was excited. The boys had gone on a hunting trip the night before as a 'bachelor party' while Esme and Rosalie stayed home. During that time Rosalie and Esme decided to give each other make-overs. Rosalie would style Esme's hair and Esme would put make-up on Rosalie. It was fun… until Rosalie's face ended up looking like a clown and Esme's hair looked worse than Albert Einstein's.
"We should probably…" Esme said gesturing to her hair and Rosalie's face.
"Meet back here in ten minutes?"
"Deal" They raced up to their bathrooms and Rosalie got the makeup off while Esme attempted to comb her hair. When they were done after ten minutes Rosalie couldn't wait anymore, she needed to put on her dress and get ready. Her dress was simple but beautiful. Esme's was red and came down to her knees. She started doing Rosalie's hair and make-up and her mind wandered off to her and Carlisle's wedding. Maybe we could renew our vows once we're thirty years married… She thought. She was so deep in thought that she didn't hear Rosalie yelling. She looked down and saw that while she was applying lip-stick to Rosalie's lips she, well, completely missed her lips and drew it all over her face.
"Oops… Sorry, I got uh… distracted"
"How many times are you going to ruin my make-up today Esme?"
"That rhymes!" Rosalie looked at herself in the mirror and smiled.
"Well, besides the giant stripe of lip-stick going down my face, I'd say I look pretty good. You did a good job! You know, besides the lipstick"
"Why thank you miss Hale!"
They had agreed to hire a muggle minister to marry Rosalie and Emmett, Emmett would hold his breath. It was just going to be them, in the garden behind their house. The wedding was supposed to start in ten minutes, and the boys weren't back yet. The minister was waiting and Rosalie was panicking.
"What if he got cold feet? What if he doesn't want to get married anymore?"
"Rose, that wouldn't explain why they're all gone"
"Oh god, something horrible must've happened to them!"
"That's not what I- Oh never mind" Rosalie was pacing, the minister was waiting and Esme was braiding pieces of her hair.
"They're not coming! Either Emmett doesn't want to get married anymore or they've all died!"
"Relax! They'll be here! I'm sure they're on their way right now! And I bet Emmett even got you some really pretty flowers!" The minister cleared his throat behind them.
"And, when will the groom be arriving?" He said in a rather rude voice. Rosalie was about to answer but Esme was quicker.
"The groom will arrive at the time he arrives, it would be physically impossible for him to arrive before he's here because then he would be at two places at once and we both know that that isn't possible. We don't know when he'll be here, but when he's here, you will know. Good day to you sir!"
"I said good day!"
"…What… What was that?" Rosalie said.
"What was what?"
"That 'speech' was the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard"
"Ridiculous, but true"

Unfortunately, Esme was wrong. They were not on their way. And Emmett didn't have any flowers. They were still hunting, and seeing as though Carlisle and Emmett couldn't stop laughing at something Edward said, it was hard to get the animals since they could hear the two from a mile away.
"And-And then Edward… then he said he-he said-" Emmett attempted to say while laughing in between each word. Carlisle opened his mouth to say something, but he couldn't because he was laughing so hard. Edward just stared at them, unamused.
"I hate you both"
"Lighten up Eddie!" Carlisle said. Edward was surprised to hear his father say something like that.
"Yeah! Just relax and have a deer!" Emmett said.
"Emmett, didn't your wedding start fifteen minutes ago?" Emmett stopped laughing and his eyes grew wide.
"Oh… crap" Emmett said and he raced towards the house. He ran in their bedroom and rushed to put on a suit, then he ran outside to where everyone else stood. Rosalie gasped at his attire. I don't look that bad do I? He thought.
"Em… you got some uh" She rubbed her face "Mud… Like, everywhere"
"May we please get on with the wedding now?" The minister asked.
"Can my fiancé wipe the mud off his face first!"
"I have an appointment in ten minutes! Let's go people!" He yelled and pulled Rosalie and Emmett in front of him.
"Dearly beloved we're gathered here today to marry this hot chick and this mud covered guy. If anyone objects speak now or forever hold your peace. No? No one objects? Great. Blondie do you take mud boy to be your lawfully wedded husband through sicker, poorer and bla bla bla"
"Um, I do"
"Great, mud boy do you take blondie to be your wife and bla bla bla"
"I do!"
"Of course you do. You may now kiss the bride, good bye!" He said and left as quickly as possible from the kooky Cullens.
"We are definitely doing this again" Rosalie whispered in Emmett's ear.

About a week later, Rosalie and Emmett had their own little place in the forest and were on their honeymoon. Esme had been hunting alone when she saw a deer. As she was about to pounce on it, it ran away. Now, Esme, who was very stubborn, refused to be outsmarted by an animal, so obviously she started chasing it. She ran and ran until she had no idea where she was anymore, so as the deer bent down to drink some water, Esme pounced on it.
"Ha! Take that deer!" She said. But she still didn't know where she was. So she decided to find civilization. She ran until she came across a small town, there was a small shop called 'La Push General Store'
"La Push…" She whispered. "I don't think I've ever been here before. She heard a rustling noise behind her, she turned and saw yet another deer.
"Oh hello Mr. Deer. Would you like me to eat you? Well, I'm going to anyway. Sorry Mr. Deer!" She started chasing it and it ran. For animals with tiny brains, they sure were smart. But then again, you're brain didn't need to be that big to be smarter than Esme.
"Come here you stupid deer!" She yelled.
Finally, she managed to kill it. And again, she heard a rustling noise behind her. Another deer…? She thought. She turned, ready to pounce but found herself in shock at what she saw. Five giant monster-like creatures. They were… werewolves. They bared their teeth at her, and they too, looked ready to attack. Esme knew that there was absolutely no way she could fight them all. If she tried, she would dead within seconds. The one in the middle, the biggest one, walked toward her and growled.
"Um… I'll just…go" She said in a very scared voice. The wolf growled again.
"Or… not" 'This is it' she thought 'I'm going to die. Goodbye Emmett, Rosalie, Edward and Carlisle. I love you…' The wolf continued to growl. 'I could make a run for it…' It was a stupid idea. But what else could she do? If she did die, and she knew she would, she didn't want to just stand here while they ripped her body apart limb by limb. No, no she would at least try to escape, and if she became cornered again, well, then she would fight. And so she ran. She heard the wolves run after her, but she just kept running. Suddenly, she felt a searing pain in her left leg, and she was pulled down onto the ground. The biggest one had bitten her. She had never been in so much pain in her entire life, not when her mother beat her, not when she was stabbed, not even when Carlisle bit her. This hurt worse than anything she had ever felt. She laid on her back on the ground, the wolf could have just teared her leg off of her body but it didn't, it sunk it's teeth deep in her leg and just left them there for a few seconds. Those seconds felt like years. The other wolves circled her. 'Just do it already! Just kill me!' She thought. Another wolf bent down by her neck and sniffed her, then it made a bit of a disgusted look. 'Hmf, I don't smell bad' The wolf bared it's teeth and was just about to sink them into her neck. Esme closed her eyes and waited for death. But it didn't come. She opened her eyes and saw that all the wolves were looking to the east. Suddenly Carlisle came barreling out of the trees and attacked the wolf by her neck. Emmett and Edward ran out as well and tackled two of the other wolves, Rosalie hurried over to Esme and helped her up.
"Are you okay?" She asked.
"My leg…" Her leg still hurt and now there were teeth marks in it. "How did you know I was here?"
"You've been gone for a long time Esme, Carlisle got worried, so we followed your scent" Rosalie said and helped Esme stand up. Carlisle had killed the wolf that was about to kill Esme, and now he, Emmett and Edward were taking on the other four. The wolves stopped attacking and ran behind some bushes. Then there were no wolves, but four very tall half naked men with long hair.
"What are you doing on our land, pale faces?" The tallest said to Carlisle.
"I was rescuing my wife from you" Carlisle said simply. Rosalie walked up to them.
"We didn't know this was your land" She said to the man. He growled at her.
"I'm sorry, I was just chasing a deer and I ended up here… We promise not to some here anymore" Esme said quietly
"They're bloodsuckers!" Another of them said.
"Is that true?" The tall man asked.
"Uh, well, yes but-"
"You drink the blood of humans!" He yelled.
"No!" Carlisle started. "We drink animal blood"
"Leave this land, of we will reveal you to the humans and then kill you"
"Might I make a suggestion? A treaty perhaps… We will promise not to come on your land, we won't kill or change humans… and you won't reveal us" Carlisle said. The man thought for a while.
"Don't listen to them Ephraim! They're filthy bloodsuckers, you can't trust them!"
"Silence Levi!" The man stuck his hand out to Carlisle. "Very well, I accept your terms. You may not hunt on out lands. You may not kill or change any human and in return we will not reveal you" He said "Or harm you" He added quickly, glancing at Esme's leg.
"I… apologize for the girls leg" He said. Then he turned around and left. The one named Levi walked up to Carlisle with a disgusted look on his face.
"If we ever see the likes of you on our land- You'll be sorry" He spat and ran away, the others followed. Carlisle watched them leave and then he ran over to Esme, lifted her in his arms and kissed her hard on the lips.
"Are you okay?" He asked.
"Other than the searing pain in my leg, I'm fine"
"I'm so sorry, I should've been here with you…"
"Those guys smelled bad" Emmett interrupted.
"For once I agree with you Emmett, just because they're wolves they can't take a shower once in a while?" Edward said.
"I think… It would be best if we went home… We don't want them coming back now do we?" Rosalie said. The others agreed, Carlisle carried Esme back in his arms even though she could walk. When they got home, Rosalie and Emmett went back to their honeymoon, and Edward went into town for who knows what reason, Carlisle took Esme up to their bedroom and laid her down on the bed. She looked at the teeth marks on her leg.
"That's going to be there forever isn't it?" She asked.
"I'm afraid so" Esme sighed.
"At least it stopped hurting…" She said looking away.
"Esme look at me" Carlisle said, taking her chin at pulling it up to face him. "Scar or no scar, I think you're beautiful. You're the most beautiful woman in the world" He said and he started kissing her all over her face and neck. She giggled when he kissed the part where he bit her all those years ago, it was still sensitive but it just tickled now.
"I love you" He said as he continued to kiss her. "So much"
"I love you more" She said.

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