A Long Time To Wait For Love

Rating: T

Notes: This story was written for a writing guide on the Creddie fan forum.

Summary: Carly waits for Freddie to return to her after a 5 year absence. Creddie. Drabble. Sexual References.

The night was dark, clouds obscuring the stars and moon except for brief periods when the wind blew a gap in the night sky. Freddie was freezing, the sub-zero temperature combining with the howling wind to create a wind-chill effect that rattled his bones.

The stairway door opened with a squeak. Freddie manhandled his heavy suitcase up each of the concrete steps, the plastic wheels rhythmically bouncing with each step. The lights were dim, and he had to peer at the label on each door that indicated which floor of the parking lot it connected to.

He was pondering "Level 4 Blue-International" when he remembered that her message said she was waiting for him on the roof. He finally reached the top flight of stairs, taking a deep breath before turning the handle of the door.

Freddie looked across the deserted parking lot, and he saw her. Carly Shay, standing under a light pole, shivering from the cold and pouring rain. The only car in the entire lot stood behind her. It had become rusted and battered, but it was still the same car he knew from their last 2 years of high school. Carly worked for hours to save up for that car. Freddie gifted her what ended up being the last $300 she needed on her birthday. Carly tried to refuse, but he didn't want her spending time working when she could be studying or having fun.

He had fond memories of that car. One in particular, losing his virginity to Carly after they drove to Kerry Park at 3am in the first week after graduation. Overlooking the dazzling Seattle night skyline and the waters of Elliot Bay, he vocalized for the first time what he'd known in his heart since their first kiss but had waited too long to say to anyone but a mirror. After he said his words Carly showed him how she loved him back.

He smiled as he remembered that night. Carly saw this, and smiled back. Then he moved. His heart raced, and he stumbled across the slick surface until he reached her. Carly jumped into his arms, and the pair came together in a hug as the rain continued to bucket down. They became lost in each other's arms, ignoring the teeming rain, the cold, to embrace their long-awaited reunion.

Carly laid a barrage of kisses on him, "I love you Freddie," she blubbered out with tears streaming down her face.

He cooed and stroked her hair. Looking into her eyes, he whispered, "I love you too Carly."

5 long, solitary years Carly had waited for him to come back. Not even spending the last one back in Seattle with Sam and Spencer had eased her broken heart. But now he was finally with her once more.

Freddie knew that he'd never leave her again.

The End.