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Chapter 6: Special day gone wrong

Several news papers sat on a desk in a dark room. They all said things like "Beast boy kills Brotherhood, New and improved Beast boy, Titans better that before." A fist slammed down on the desk then shoved the papers on the floor.

"Damn it." he muttered under his breath. "My plan failed, and now I've given the titans the ultimate weapon." He was observing the titans with his hidden cameras. Beast boy was sitting on the coach in the common with Cyborg. They were just talking back and forth. He sat back in his chair and continued to watch the titans. Then Raven entered with a book in hand. Something happened that would spark his interest. Raven sat next to Beast boy and he put his arm around her. They sat there and snuggled.

"Well, well," he said. Beast boy and Raven sat there like that for a few moments when she leaned up and planted a kiss on his cheek. The man just leaned back into his chair and started to chuckle. "Isn't that sweet. Those two finally got together." He clapped his hands together and stood up from his chair. "Well," he said walking up to the screen, "I do believe we can use this to our advantage." he said looking over his shoulder. "I think it's time you intervened my apprentice." It was then a girl with blonde hair and blue eyes emerged from the shadows.

"Dose that mean that I will get what I deserve." she said.

"Of course, but remember, the Beast boy you knew is long gone. We must train before you confront them." he said.

"Yes master."

"Okay Raven stay right here." Beast boy said to Raven outside of her doorway.

"Beast boy just because it's my birthday doesn't mean you have to have surprises for me. I hate surprises," she said while crossing her arms.

"I don't care. Now just stay in your room until I come and get you." he said firmly. She just rolled her eyes and entered her room. In all honesty she was glad he was doing this. Even if she wouldn't admit it aloud. She and Beast boy had been dating for six months now, and she couldn't be happier. He was by far the sweetiest, kindest, most loving person she had ever known. She counted herself lucky to have him.

Beast boy made his way to the common room. It was decorated with streamers, ribbons, silly string, balloons, and a big sign that said 'Happy Birthday Raven!'. Beast boy planned it all himself. Today was going to perfect. He just knew it.

"The cake is almost done BB." Robin said by the oven. Originaly Starfire had offered to make the cake, but nobody wanted to try some of her glork cake. She was doing her best, but she couldn't help that she was a bad cook. (not that anyone would tell her that) Beast boy looked back at the room and smiled to himself.

"Man after all the work we put into your present to her she had better be appreciative." Cyborg said.

"Yeah three months of hard labor is a little overboard on a gift." Robin said.

"Hey you didn't have to help if you didn't want to." Beast boy said firmly.

"But friend Beast boy couldn't you have gotten her something much more simple like a book." Starfire pointed out.

"Yeah man, I know you care for her but you didn't have to get her a..."

"Look she deserves something nice. With all of the shit she has to deal with in her life, I just wanted to make her happy." Beast boy said looking down. "She deserves so much more than what she got." All three titans looked at him with wonder. None of them could believe what they were hearing. He was putting aside his own pain and suffering so that someone else could have a happier day. He was ignoring his pain so someone else wouldn't have to suffer through there's alone. That day they all looked at him in a new way.

"How do you do it?" Robin asked suddenly. Beast boy eyed him questionably not knowing what he was asking.

"How do you find it in your heart to care about someone else when you yourself is hurting inside?" he asked. Beast boy just shrugged his shoulders.

"I don't know. My life has been nothing but tragedy after tragedy. Maybe if I focused on someone else's suffering and tried to help them through it, then maybe they wouldn't have to suffer like I did." he said. After a few moments of silence Beast boy decided it was time to get Raven. He just hoped that she wasn't spying on them or anything. Oh man was he nervous. Sweat began to appear on his forehead. Goosebumps were forming on his skin. Never before was he ever this nervous, but at the same time he was also excited. He wanted to see the look on her face when he gives her his present. That look of surprise that always tugged at his heart in a good way.

He now stood by the door marked "Raven". Preparing himself he slowly knocked on the door.

"Yes," she said, "who is it?"

"It's your escort for this evening miss." he said in a fancy tone. He could here her giggle on the other side of the door. Her giggle always made his day. Her door slid open and she stood before him with the most loving look she had ever given him. 'God those eyes are captivating.' he thought to himself. He held his arm out for her to take. She blushed a little before inserting her arm in his, and together they waked to the common room.

Raven was both nervous and excited. She hated surprise parties, but she was curious as to what her boyfriend had gotten for her. The doors swooshed open, and as soon as they walked in the other titans jumped out of nowhere screaming "Happy Birthday Raven!"

The party had been great and Raven had to admit she was having fun. The cake was excellent, games were entertaining, and now was the presents. Raven was seated on the couch next to Beast boy who had his arm around her. She was currently holding Starfire's gift still wrapped in her lap.

"This one is from me I hope you like it friend." she said happily. Raven began to unwrap the box and found the most beautiful dress she had ever seen. Raven never had a thing for fashion but she had to admit it was beautiful.

"Wow. Thanks Star," she said as she set the gift to the side. Next was Cyborgs gift. It was small wrapped in blue paper.

"I know you will like my present," he said proudly. She began to unwrap it and found it was a necklace with a raven on the tip. It really wasn't her thing but she liked it none the less. 'Best lil sis' was writen on the back.

"Thank you Cyborg," she said as she put it on. It did suit her well. Robin presented his present to her witch was wrapped in red and yellow paper. She quickly unwrapped it and saw it was a history book on Azarath. This was the book she had been searching for for some time now.

"Wow thanks Robin," she said. Now it was time for the present she had been waiting for. She turned to the table but found no present. 'Had he not gotten me something?' she wondered to herself. Surley he did get her something.

"You didn't get me anything?" she asked Beast boy. Just when she asked that the doorbell rang.

"I'll get it. That might be the pizza guy," Cyborg said as he left. Beast boy then turned his attention back to his love.

"Of course I got you something, but you have to wear this blindfold." he said holding it up.

"You've got to be kidding me?" she asked sarcasticly.

"Raven the gift that Beast boy got you is truly something to behold," Starfire said, "If Robin ever did something like that for me I would wed him right then and there."

"If it wasn't for our help, he wouldn't have finished in time for your birthday." Robin said.

"You did all of that for me?" Raven aked Beast boy, but as he was about to responde Cyborgs voice came over the intercome, "Titans get down here now if not sooner!" They all ran tward the exit as fast as they could. Once they got there they all froze at the site before them. None more so than Beast boy and Raven. Raven heard Beast boy gulp and she could see sweat dripping from his face as he eyed the figure before him. For the person behind that door was the small blonde haired beauty that Raven had hatted so much. Not so much for her looks, but the fact that every time Beast boy saw her he would melt. Yes it was none other than that backstabbing traitor, Terra.

"T-t-Terra?" Beast boy said just barley above a whisper. She came running up to him and wrapping her arms around his neck.

"Beast boy it's so good to see you. Wow have you been working out? You look so sexy." she said as she felt his muscles. She wrapped her arms around him for the second time. He just stood there frozen unsure of what to do.

"Beast boy what's wrong? I got my memories back. Isn't that great? Now we can be together." she said piratically hanging on him. Raven decided she had enough of this and turned around to leave. She didn't want to see him go back to Terra. Raven knew he would just go back to her in a matter of time. Even though she knew he would it still hurt her. She could feel tears threatening to escape from her eyes.

"Terra it's great that you got your memories back it really is, but we can't be together." Beast boy said. Raven stopped in her tracks. 'Did I just hear him right?' she thought.

"What do you mean?" Terra asked while letting go of him.

"Terra I'm really happy you got your memories back it's just that well I've moved on. Not only that I've found someone else." he said.

"Who?" Terra asked with tears running down her eyes. Beast boy turned to face Raven who was also turning around to face Beast boy. Raven had tears of her own streaming down her face not of sadness but of joy. Beast boy slowly made his way towards her until he was inches from her face. He took her small hand in his and kissed her forehead lightly. Raven felt her heart skip a beat. He had chosen her over Terra. 'Oh thank God I didn't lose him.' she screamed in her mind.

"Her? That witch!" Terra screamed. Raven could feel Beast boy's hand tighten his grip at the comment. His eyes narrowed and he started to growl. Raven's eyes widened as she knew what would happen if Terra continued. She let go of his hand and ran to Terra trying to get her to shut up. However her efforts proved to be worthless.

"Listen you need to stop. If you keep this up some-," Slap! Raven felt her face where Terra had just slapped her.

"Shut up you stupid bitch! How dare you steal my man away from me. What spell do you have him under?" Terra screamed. The other Titans just stood there shocked at her outburst. That did it, Beast boy's eyes started to glow green and his growl became more threatening. Terra took notice and started to get terrified. The look he was giving her was not a very pleasant look.

Terra stated to take some steps back as Beast boy stepped forward. His eyes never leaving her. Just then, he ran toward her on all fours and shoved her through the front door. Still having a hold on her the threw her toward the water. She used her powers to call upon a giant rock to catch her before she hit the water. She then through several rocks at Beast boy, but he simply dodged them all. A black mist formed around him and he turned into a swarm of incest. Not one incest, but a swarm of maybe millions of these bugs. Terra gasped in horror as the swarm started to surround her. She felt one bite her but when she looked at it, it was glowing yellow as it bit down on her skin. She started to swing her arms around in attempt to get them away from her. Her skin became itchy from all of the bites. She began to grow weaker and weaker for some reason. The titans ran out to see that Terra was being swallowed by a swarm of insects. They formed a funal around her to the point where they couldn't see Terra anymore. After several minuets the swarm disappeared and became Beast boy once more. Terra was lying on the ground with bug bites all around her body. Even some of her clothes where torn from the bites. She stood up felling very weak. She tried to conger up her powers with no success. She tried again, but still nothing. That's when it hit her.

"You took my powers away." she said surprised. The titans stood there gawking at her. Beast boy lunged himself at her and tackled her to the ground. He lifted his claws and was about to kill her until...

"STOP!" Raven screamed. Beast boy looked at her to see tears running down her cheek. His eyes softened until they stopped glowing green. He felt dizzy and stumbled back away from Terra before falling to the ground. Raven ran to him and brought him into her arms. Robin went to Terra and organized a ride for her off the island.

It had been hours after his encounter with Terra, night had fallen to the tower, and he still hadn't come out of his room. He felt ashamed with himself. This was suppose to be a perfect day. It was Ravens birthday, and he ruined it. His thoughts where interrupter by a knock on the door. It was Raven, her sent was strong enough to smell through the door.

"Come in." he said. The door swooshed open and Raven entered with a concerned look on her face. She took a seat next to him on his bed.

"You okay?" she asked. It was a stupid question, she knew it but it still came out anyway.

"No I ruined your day. I'm so sorry. Please forgive me." he said piratically begging. She could see tear marks on his face. It was awful to see him in this state. He was not going to be depressed like this a second time. Raven was sure to not to let that happen. She brought him into a hug that was greatly accepted by the green boy.

"You didn't ruin my day, she did. She provoked you. It wasn't your fault." she said quietly. Beast boy just nuzzled his head further in her neck.

"You know, I never got to see the present you got me." she said trying to change the subject. Beast boy looked at her and his signature grin came across his face.

"Okay follow me." he said standing up. She did what she was told and he led her to a part of the tower that she was unfamiliar with. Sure she knew what the area was but she never really came down this way before. He stopped in front of a door Raven didn't remember being there before.

"First you have to close your eyes." he said to her. She cocked and eyebrow.

"It's a surprise." he said eyes shining. She sighed and closed her eyes. He waved his hand in front of her just to make sure she couldn't see. Biting his lower lip in excitement he opened the door and took her hands. He slowly led her in the new room. Raven could tell the room was big due to the fact that her footsteps created echos through the room. They stopped and he let go of her hands.

"Wait here, and keep your eyes closed." he said. She did as she was told and heard the sound of lights clicking on and curtains opening.

"Can I open them?" she asked in anticipation.

"Alright now." As she opened her eyes she gasped at the room. She was standing in a giant library with thousands of books on every self. It had an enormousness fire place and chair for reading. It even had a desk for her to write if she felt like it. Her hand where covering her mouth and she felt like she was about to cry. She looked around and found two spiraling stair cases that led to a walkway for even more books way up in the room.

"So what do you think?" Beast boy asked.

"'s...well...I...Beast boy it's beautiful. I've never seen so many books in my entire life. How did you afford this?" she said.

"When my parents died they left me their inheritance. I'm rich so to speak so that's how I paid for it. All of the books were free. We raised a fundraiser. All people had to do was donate a book to the titans." he said. Raven ran over to him and kissed him strongly on the lips. He returned the embrace and kissed her back just as strong. They stood there like this for what seemed like forever. Truly neither would have minded if it was forever.

Terra was shoved into the wall with a fresh bruise on her face. She looked up to see Slade standing directly over her.

"You've failed me for the last time." he said as he struck her again causing her to fall in pain.

"I'm sorry he was too strong." she said.

"I told you not to underestimate him, and now look what happened. Your powerless." He was about to strike her again when a thought crossed his mind. He slowly lowered his arm and chuckled to himself.

"What are you going to do with me?" Terra asked shaking.

"Oh nothing dear." he said as he walked into the darkness. After a few minuets he came back out with a vile with green liquid in it. He held it up to her.

"Is that what you gave Beast boy?" she asked.

"Not entirely. It is a more concentrated dose. Instead of the primal side taking control you will have full control of your actions." he held it up to her again.

"Now drink." he said. She took the vile and chugged it down. All of a sudden she felt a sharp pain build up in her stomach. Her eyes became green and started to glow. Her hair became dark green as did her skin. She grew talons on her hands and feet. Tiger like strips formed on her face, back, arms, and legs. Her teeth became sharp and longer. It was over in a matter of seconds. When it was over she looked at her hands and saw that they were green. Realizing what had happened she smiled evilly and looked at Slade.

"Now you are more powerful than that green monster, but before you face him you must master your new powers. In time you will have your revenge on those titans. As will I." He started to laugh as did Terra.

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