Edward and I have been in Greece for a week or so. Charlie was okay by the time we left after Harry's death. The Quileute's are struggling as they lost a leader, but they are going to make it according to Jake and Sam. Carlisle calls in every once and a while to see if I how I am doing. He was apparently worried about me getting light headed after Alice told him. I was fine, I think it was just the over whelming of it all of the day, the engagement, Harry dying, and Charlie being upset.

"Edward, what are we going today?" I asked as I came out of the shower wrapped in a fabric robe, drying out my hair by shaking the towel through my hair.

Edward lay on the bed surfing the internet on his laptop. His hair wet as he had taken a quick shower before me for some reason, he never took a shower before because he never had too. I wasn't even going to try and question it, I was just going to leave it be.

"I think we are going to have to lay low today, or you can tan out on the patio, it's supposed to be really sunny today." He frowned.

"That's okay, I can get tanner." I smiled. I was super tan for once I liked the way the tan skin looked on me. Edward liked it too.

"You look sexy with a tan." Edward agreed and kissed my lips as I came over to see what he was doing.

"Whatcha doing?" I asked through the kiss.

"I was talking to Esme and Carlisle." Edward said as he pulled away. I looked at the screen and there was Esme and Carlisle.

"Oh, hi." I said shyly. Edward and I didn't really kiss that often in front of Carlisle and Esme.

"Hello Dear." Esme smiled.

"ESME!" Emmett called. "Do you know when Bell-"Emmett was about to say Bella when he looked to the screen.

"BELLSY!" Emmett shouted.

"Hi Em," I greeted.

"Hey look, Bella's tan for once! Looking pretty hot Bellsy." Emmett commented.

"Thanks Emmett, I guess." I said as I blushed.

Emmett looked around the room and then frowned.

"What's wrong Emmett?" Edward and I asked at the same time.

"When are you coming back? I miss you Bellsy!" Emmett whined.

"Soon Emmett, we still have like a month." I smiled.

Emmett groaned then left. "Okay, we're back." Carlisle smiled.

"Well, I am off to get changed." I said and said goodbye to Carlisle and Esme.

I changed into my bikini that Alice packed of course, and walked back out to the bedroom where Edward still waited. The laptop was closed to apparently he had hung up.

"Are you going to come tan too?" I smiled.

"So funny Bella." Edward cooed sarcastically.

"Come on, the Cullens live on this huge secluded property and you can't go out on in the sun with me." I pouted. He was thinking it over; I could see the wheels turning.

"Fine." Edward settled. The Greece Cullen mansion was huge, a pool in the back yard, a river nearby. When you looked out any window you saw the clear blue ocean. Edward got up off the bed and walked to his suitcase while I walked onto the patio. And looked out to the water, the salt air whipped around me and my air was thrown around. The air was warm and it felt good on my air conditioned skin.

I looked out to the horizon and there were a few sail boats whizzing by, there were there and gone by the time a pair of strong cold arms tangled themselves around my waist.

"Hm, that feels good." I smiled up at the glittering vampire, known as my fiancé.

"You feel good too." He smiled and kissed my cheek. I twisted in his arms and he leaned me up against the railing. I lifted my hands to his cheek and I kissed his lips softly. His lips played with mine and when I didn't expect it coming, his tongue outlined my lips for the first time, asking for entrance. I was a little hesitant but then I gladly let him in. this was the first time we had gone this far. Our tongues fought for dominance and my hands left his cheeks and wrapped themselves around his neck. I was starting to lose air so I pulled away, but the skin contact never was broken and took in a quick breath and came back. Edward let out a moan as I bit his tongue gently. Edward teased me by doing the same back and I pulled away and smiled.

"One step closer." I smiled. Edward beamed back at me and kissed my forehead.

"Come on, let's go swim before the sun is high in the sky." Edward said and we walked down the stairs that were built into the concrete wall. Edward walked in front, my hand in his as he led me down. I was getting better at not tripping and falling but Edward wasn't going to have me break a leg as we were a month away from the wedding.

"Don't fall in Bella." Edward smiled evilly.

"Oh yeah?" I cooed our hands were still connected so I carefully untangled them and started to push him in. Edward started to fall when he grabbed my hand with him and pulled me in with him. I heard a smack of water come from Edward and then a smack of water from me.

I opened my eyes and looked around. Edward was up on top, kicking his legs to keep him up. I swan to the top of the water and found Edward all wet, obviously. His long usually disarrayed hair was swept back and you could see where Edward had run his fingers through his bronze hair. I had quickly brushed a few strands of hair back that had fallen from my messy bun and Edward swam to me and picked me up. His hands rested on my hips and I wrapped my legs around his waist. His lips met mine again and a breeze blew around us making my tanned skin become full of goose bumps. His tongue found mine again and we started where we left off.

I only had a month until he was mine forever, I couldn't wait. I only had to wait a month until we could finally go all the way… or at least that's what I thought. That night, after Edward had fed me and the sun had moved on to its next destination, Edward and I finally went all the way. Everything he did was full of care and love and bliss. None of his actions were harmful, or met to be harmful unlike Mike and Eric's actions.

The sun came back up the next morning and when I woke up Edward was turned to his side like he was asleep. I sat up a little bit holding the sheet to my chest and he was texting Emmett.

Yo man, you two do it yet? Emmett asked.

"You answer that and you will be marrying yourself." I said and he jumped.

"How was that possible, I'm a vampire, I should have hear you wake up?" Edward asked.

"I don't know but give me the blackberry." I said. He sighed and handed it to me. I set it on my side of the nightstand and Edward's arms found my bare waist. He kissed my neck.

"I can't wait to make you mine forever, officially." Edward whispered.

"Can I tell you something?" I asked.

"Is something wrong?" Edward asked suddenly concerned.

"No, not at all." I said.

"Then go ahead." He allowed.

"When Renee was gone, and then the whole thing with Mike and Eric, I swore, I would never let anyone in my life love me or see who I really was except for Charlie. I thought you weren't coming back. But then when you came and basically saved me from dying in Port Angeles, I honestly thought we wouldn't be together again because I wouldn't love anyone except for my family. But then when I started to fall for you again as I was healing, I knew that you were it, you were my only exception to make me love once again."