A/N: I don't own Animal Crossing, but I don't know why I have to write that because was created for the sole purpose of writing stories about things you don't own.

I got the idea for this when I was bored and wrote it in the middle of class at school. For those of you who don't know, the Cherry Blossom Festival is a 3-day holiday in the GameCube version of Animal Crossing. It's woefully uninteractive, however. So, here it is, my first AC fic!

On Yay Day,

We compliment each other

And go home with smiles

On our faces.

On the Bright Nights,

We dress up our houses

With blinking lights

And choose the best display.

But the Cherry Blossom Festival

Is my favorite.

On April Fools' Day,

We push each other into pitfalls

Until our clothes are dusty and dirty

And we all play pranks.

During the Acorn Festival,

We pick acorns from the trees,

Turn them in,

And adorn our homes

With autumn themes.

But the Cherry Blossom Festival

Is my favorite.

During the festival,

Trees turn beautifully pink,

Blossoms drifting down like snow,

An enchanting, entrancing sight.

During the festival,

We all gather 'round the Wishing Well,

And set up tables

Full of sweet treats

And refreshing beverages.

We joke and feast,

We chat and play,

We watch the blossoms

Drifting like tiny pink


And I look at each of my friends,

Their happy faces,

And remember the times we've had.

Through Yay Day,

Through the Bright Nights,

Through April Fools' Day,

Through the Acorn Festival,

We've been friends.

Now another Cherry Blossom Festival

Brings us closer,

Nudges us to new times.

Spring comes to wash away snow

And turn the trees pink.


Let's enjoy this new spring together.

A/N: I've surprised myself by writing an angst fic one day, and promptly writing a friendship fic the next day. Well, reviews would be awesome, but I can't make you review. Also, this doesn't take place in any particular game. It just takes a bunch of Wild World holidays and throws in the GameCube version-only Cherry Blossom Festival. Anyway, I don't really trust myself to finish a chapter story, but tell me if you want me to at least try writing my AC story, "The Other Siders", discussed more on my profile. Well, sayonara, and I'll try to post again soon!