After almost losing my Valley and my beloved friends and my people. Plus after Assbell losing his twin sister Princess Isabelle. We decided to rebuild our homes.

After a week or two rebuilding my home Valley of the wind. I found out I was pregnant with Assbells child and mine.

But before I could tell Assbell we were under attack it was the home land of Assbell Pedgit warriors was they took me as a hostage and it was a month or two before I was rescued by one of Assbells people and his mother. His mom told me what happened. We apologies for how our people treated you and that I heard Assbells voice telling me that he would fell better if I returned home to safety. I told him and his mother I needed to talk to them alone. They both said ok. That's when I told them both that I was pregnant. They were both shocked. That's when Assbell told me I've been waiting for the right time to ask you this. But here it goes he got down on one knee and asks me Nausicaa will you marry me. I said yes to his purpose and every one cheered and they congratulated us on our engagement and our unborn child.

That's when the soldiers came and said they you are! Assbells mother wait she's Assbell's fiancé. They said we don't care. That's when they took me away and put me back in the cell.

I'm two months along now I was worried that I'll never see my beloved fiancé Assbell again.

Until three days later I became sick. The reason I became sick is that they didn't feed me and they also didn't give me water either. I feel unconscious. When I woke up. I smiled because my beloved Assbell was by my side.

When he saw me awake he asked me what happened. So I told him what happen and how there soldiers treated our unborn child and me. After I told him he said to them how dare you treat my beloved Nausicaa that way.

He told them from now on that I'm staying with him. So that day forward the Pedgit's soldiers treated me like family. Also on that day they really believed us that we are really was engaged.

Two weeks later we landed in Pedgit. It took us three months to rebuild their land. I was also five months along with our unborn child. When we got done we got back on their air ships. When we got back to my homeland Valley of the wind. They were so relief that I was ok. That's when I told them that Assbell and I was engaged to get married. Plus that we're going to have a child. That's also when I found out that while I was gone Lord Upa was watching our people and the Valley. I also told him thanks. When I went out on the balcony. I told the villagers of Pedgit that there welcome to live in the Valley with us. From that day forward the villagers of Pedgit and us lived and work along side each other as friends and family.

Two months later Assbell and I got married. I'm seven months along.

The day came and I was giving birth to Assbell's and my child. I asked Lord Upa to please allow Assbell to be with me and he did. Assbell cut the aviliacord . He looked at me and said with a smile it's a girl. Plus the new born Princess of the Valley of the wind. I looked at Assbell lets name her after Lassteal. He told me that he would be glad if we did that. So we named our daughter Isteal after his twin sister. On that day we lived happily ever after