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"So everyone's done updating their pages on TheSlap?" Jade asked. Tori had insisted on it. Eventually, Jade and the other two just gave in. She didn't want to admit it, but it did feel kind of nice to get things off her chest. Jade wasn't the kind of person to broadcast her feelings like that, but this occasion was rather special.

It was also kind of nice to have a short delay. Now that everyone was done updating, it was time to talk. Talk about how her boyfriend cheated on her, and vice versa. Not a conversation she was looking forward to, but it was necessary. Mostly so that Cat could have certainty, but also for her own peace of mind. Her conscience was catching up to her… Cat must've been rubbing off on her.

Jade must've been rubbing off on her. Two months ago, she wouldn't even have considered helping somebody be unfaithful. Because of Jade, she got a lot more pragmatic in her thinking. Either somebody cheated, or someone got hurt. It looked like it was now time for the latter. Cat was going to make sure that she and Jade could stay together, even if that meant hurting Beck. She had nothing against the boy, but her needs came before his.

Nobody wanted to start the conversation, so Cat took it upon herself to speak first. "I want to be with Jade. Tori wants to be with Beck–" she looked at Tori, who nodded "–so now we figure out what you guys want."

"…I want both Jade and Tori." Beck knew how much of a jerk he must've seemed, even before the words left his mouth. Unfortunately, it was the truth. He loved Jade and he loved Tori. Neither would make him completely happy, but each of them compensated for the other's shortcomings. He knew that if he were to be happy, he'd need to have both of them.

Cat's accepting nod wasn't too surprising. He didn't know Cat that well, but she seemed fairly open-minded. Tori also didn't seem to have any major objections: she was OK with sharing him before, so nothing would really change. Jade's reaction, however, was very unexpected. Instead of the usual fit of jealousy, she just nodded with a thoughtful expression.

Jade didn't have as much dilemma as Beck. She'd be happy with either of her two partners, even if she had only one. She had come here to confess, and to break up with Beck. His proposition, however, unveiled a new option.

"How's this. You can keep on dating both me and Tori; I keep dating both you and Cat." This was not a situation she expected to find herself in. The more she thought about it, the more apparent it became that it was the best solution. She didn't strictly need Cat or Beck, but they did need her, and she wanted them… Having to share Beck with Tori wasn't ideal, but she could learn to deal with it.

"Jade… are you sure?" Tori was shocked, to say the least. Jealousy was Jade's defining trait; it was the first thing she learned about the dark girl. Yet here she was, pretty much offering to share her boyfriend. Perhaps the sky would also fall down later. When Jade nodded, Tori took a moment to gather up the guts for her next question.

"So… You're also OK with me and Beck… y'know…" From Cat's blush, it was apparent that the redhead knew what Tori meant. Jade had to think for a while, until she too noticed Cat's blush and figured it out.

"Only if I'm not around. And he'd better wear protection." By now, Cat's face was roughly the same colour as her hair. Jade noticed this as well. "Oh, come on… You weren't this shy when we–"

"JADE!" the other girl interrupted. Tori had to admit that she was a bit curious about the private life of those two. Cat was a total prude, but Tori suspected that she could be pretty freaky behind closed doors. If Jade's grin was any indication, her suspicions were correct. Beck was quiet during the exchange, but his smile revealed that he shared Tori's amusement.

Cat wished she wouldn't blush so much. She loved sex – who didn't – but talking about it had always made her uncomfortable. Besides, it was Jade's suggestion to use that thing! Whether or not Cat enjoyed it was totally beside the point. The thoughts only made her blush more heavily.

"So um, Cat, Jade… Could you maybe… leave? As in, now?" At first, Cat was glad that Tori changed the subject. Then the implications dawned on her, and she felt the heat on her face once more.

Well, that turned out a lot better than Beck expected. He now had two girlfriends, one of whom had a girlfriend of her own, and everyone involved was perfectly OK with it. Or so he thought, anyway. Nobody actively objected, so...

He didn't have much time to think about that. Tori grabbed him (she was actually quite strong), pulled his head towards her and kissed him. Over her shoulder, he could see Cat and Jade outside the window. Cat waved goodbye; Jade just gave him a small nod. Apparently she really was OK with it. His final doubt was removed, and he gave in to Tori.

A relationship was about compromise. Her time with Cat had shown Jade just that. This was just extending it to multiple relationships. Either she shared Beck with Tori, or she didn't have him at all. Easy choice if she thought about it.

She could see Cat twiddling her thumbs next to her. Guessing the other girl's thoughts, she put an arm around her waist. Cat tensed briefly, then relaxed. They walked like that for a while, Cat's head against Jade's shoulders and Jade's arm around Cat's waist.

"Can… can I use it on you tonight?" the redhead asked. Even in the darkness, Jade could see the blush on Cat's face. She smiled to herself, knowing how much trouble Cat probably had with asking that question. Jade didn't really like the role assignment that Cat was suggesting, but again… compromise. She tightened her hold on Cat's waist and nodded. Who knew, she might actually enjoy it.

A/N: Apparently, being in a serious mood doesn't prevent Cat from quoting video game characters…

And thus we conclude our tale. Next up: a Victorious genfic. I might do some Cade one-shots first, though… We'll see what happens.