Author's note: I don't own anything! At this time I will take suggestions for characters you would like to see her dream about. Just let me know and I will do the best I can! :D

Summary: Ever wonder what Princess Aurora aka Briar Rose dreamt of while she was asleep? Here's your chance to find out.

Dream # 1: Captain Jack Sparrow, Sebastian, and Elizabeth Swann, Flounder

Princess Aurora wore her trademark pink/blue dress and her shiny golden crown. "I wonder where I am," she thought to herself.

She was walking across a beach that she didn't recognize. "Hello?" she called.

"Aye Love," came the voice of Captain Jack Sparrow.

"Where am I?"

"Dunno lass."

"Who are you?"

"I'm Captain Jack Sparrow! And how might ye be?"

"I am Princess Aurora."

"Ooooh a princess."

Captain Jack bowed and kissed her hand. "A pleasure missy!"

Aurora smiled as Jack stood up. "So, what are you doing here?" Aurora asked.

"Searching for treasure."

"Any luck?"

"Aye' methinks I found something."

"May I see?"

"Course love."

He showed her a lamp. "Here be my treasure lady."

"It's a little dirty. You should clean it."

"Maybe another time, here comes Sebastian."

Aurora turned to look around and she didn't see anyone. All she saw was a crab waddling toward the two of them. "Jack, man!" he called.

"Sebastian, come meet Aurora!"

Sebastian crawled into Jack's hand and he lifted him up to Aurora's face. "Allo!" he smiled.

He looked at Aurora and immediately…it was crab love! "Damn…you a sexy lady."


"Wanna get seafood sometime?"

"Erm, isn't that a bit cannibalistic?"

Sebastain scratched his head, "Ya."

"Sure!" she giggled.

"Wow, Sebastain gets more action then I do," Jack mumbled.

Elizabeth Swann popped out of nowhere. "I made out with you! That counts! So shut your mouth."

"Make me!"

"Fine then! I will!"

Elizabeth smacked him on his head. "Come on you two," Aurora came between them, "Let's not fight."

She held her hand out for Sebastian and he crawled into her hand. "You're safe now."

Sebastian began to crawl all over her and he stopped to pinch her butt. "Ouch," Aurora rubbed her butt, "That hurt."

Sebastian laughed, then turned to focus on Elizabeth. "Damnnn! You're cuter than Aurora!"

Sebastian jumped from Aurora and went to Elizabeth. "Wanna go out for some seafood sometime?"

"Sure," she winked, "I believe crab is on the menu!"

Sebastain fainted.

"Hey! He's my crab! You can't have my crab!"

"I'll take whatever crab I want!"

"Will ye take my crab?" Jack grinned.

Awkward silence.

"Sebastain!" called a fish from the sea.


"Flounder wants to know what time you will be home for dinner."

"Flounder? WHO IS FLOUNDER?" asked Aurora and Elizabeth and Jack.

"He's my boyfriend!"


"Wait….you were gonna cheat on Flounder with either one of us?"


"I don't think so!"

Elizabeth eyed Jack and started to invade his personal bubble. "Well, Will isn't here. You wanna go make out?"

Jack wiggled his eyebrows! "To the couch!"

Out of nowhere a seashell couch appeared and Elizabeth and Jack went to go make out.

Aurora was left alone with Sebastian. "Do you have someone?" Sebastian asked.

"I do but, I don't know his name."

"Kind of like Ariel and her prince. She still doesn't know his name."

"That's a shame."

"Well, I have to get home to Flounder."

"Bye Sebastian."

"Bye Princess Aurora!"