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Kitepaw blinked slowly, feeling dazed and confused. The pounding birdsong from StarClan's rather rambunctious party still echoed in her mind, and it was beginning to give her a headache. That could also have stemmed from the glowing green rock that she was lying next to, of course.

"Wasn't that GREAT?" Yellowbelly purred with delight beside her, giving her fur a good shake. "Oh, I can't wait until the next halfmoon. It's always a pleasure, and Ravestar is just so hot."

Kitepaw recoiled as a bit of drool oozed down Yellowbelly's muzzle at the thought of the dark tom. Kitepaw flushed underneath her fur – Ravestar was rather handsome – but she didn't want to say anything.

"Um, Yellowbelly, did you get any sort of prophecy?" Kitepaw asked cautiously. Yellowbelly snorted.

"Honey, we don't get prophecies most of the time. We make 'em up, and make sure they're really obvious so that our idiot leaders can piece them together! StarClan only hands them out in dire straits, and things are way too peachy for that!"

"Oh…er, well, Ravestar kind of…gave me one…."

Yellowbelly's eyes narrowed. "Ravestar gave you a prophecy? What was it about, what was it for? Speak up now, Kitepaw!"

Kitepaw flinched at the sharpness in the medicine cat's voice. Remembering when Yellowbelly had nearly thrown her over the side of the cliff simply for drama, the apprentice thought it might be a better idea to simply hold her tongue.

"Hey guys!" a voice suddenly chirped. Kitepaw's ears swiveled, and she blinked at the unfamiliar she-cat limping towards them. The stranger was a dappled she-cat with bright green eyes.

"Leaf-fall? What are you doing here? You're late," Yellowbelly growled.

"Oh, I just fell into a ravine…you know how it is, haha," Leaf-fall meowed. "The usual. Took me all night to get out, but here I am!"

Yellowbelly rolled her eyes. "Well, you're too late anyway. It's already dawn, the night is over."

"Did Ravestar say anything about me?" the dappled she-cat asked hopefully. Yellowbelly's lip curled.

"As if he would ask after a scraggly thing like you," she said coldly, before flicking her tail to Kitepaw. "Kitepaw, this is Leaf-fall, DazzleClan's medicine cat. Leaf-fall, this is my apprentice, Kitepaw."

"Howdydo," Leaf-fall meowed pleasantly. "Guess I'd better get back to the caves, then…at least with my leg I can take my time! I'll need a bit to think of a good prophecy. I was trying to work one out on the way here…what do you think of 'The wildest fire must walk with spirits to save the Clan?'"

Yellowbelly's eyes narrowed. "It's pretty enough, but it doesn't rhyme. It's about Wildpaw and Spiritpaw, right?"

Leaf-fall nodded quickly. "Yup! They're nothing special, but you know how Pinkstar is. He's always jealous of the other Clans getting special apprentices, so I figured I'd perk him up a bit. Well, good to meet you, Kitepaw. Hopefully I'll see you all soon!"

"Don't you need to look at your leg?" Kitepaw asked; it was twisted to the side and bending oddly, looking very painful.

Leaf-fall chuckled. "Oh, I wouldn't worry about it. Happens all the time, and you wouldn't believe how quickly these sorts of things heal!"

With that, she hobbled away, leaving Kitepaw rather confused.

"Where's the other medicine cat, then? The one from DoomClan?" she asked.

Yellowbelly scowled. "Blueberry's a bit of a fuddy-duddy. She doesn't like having fun like we do, and she avoids this sort of thing whenever she can. She was probably grooming Starstar's fur the whole night…but who cares? I had fun, didn't you?" She seemed to have forgotten all about Kitepaw's prophecy, and the apprentice decided to let it rest for the moment.

"Let's go home!" Yellowbelly exclaimed, bouncing away from the great glowing GreenStone. Kitepaw shot the stone another baleful glance, before trailing after her.

They caught two mice on the way back – it was easy enough, all they had to do was lie down and open their mouths and the little creatures would practically crawl into their mouths – and by the time they entered camp, Kitepaw was feeling a little bit better, despite the ruckus the night before.

The prophecy wasn't all that hard to figure out, of course. She was obviously the kite, and she had to 'fly,' whatever that meant. The rock must be Rockfall. But how could Rockfall cause StarClan to 'lose it all?'

The other prophecy is about me and Gravepaw, I bet, she thought. I'm the one with the Twolegs – I can read and Twoleg words come to me really easily for some reason. Gravepaw must be the one with 'death never near,' although I'm not sure what that means – could he be invulnerable somehow? I'm not sure how we're supposed to save the forest or earth or whatever, though…why aren't these prophecies more helpful? It's so frustrating!

"Go do apprentice things," Yellowbelly ordered. "Fall in love and have a love dodecagon, alright? Apprenticeship just isn't right without that."

"But I'm a medicine cat apprentice!" Kitepaw protested. Yellowbelly sigh.

"So much to learn," she said, casting her eyes up sorrowfully as if imploring StarClan to give her strength. "Go on, now, I've got medicine cat things to do. I've got to 'sort herbs,' which is code for 'do absolutely nothing useful at all unless the plot calls for action,' got it? Now, beat it!"

She shoved Kitepaw's rump with her nose before charging away, probably to her hidden den, wherever it was now.

Kitepaw sighed – Yellowbelly was grating on her nerves, and she was beginning to regret her decision – before blinking as a tail touched her pelt. She turned and was surprised to find a strange brown tom smiling at her.

"Hey, Kitepaw!" he purred. "You're looking pretty as always. Want to eat with me?"

Kitepaw squinted at him; there was something vaguely familiar about him, but she couldn't quite put her paw on it. "I feel like I know you. Who are you?"

"I'm Brownpaw, of course!" he exclaimed with a grin. "Come on, we've known each other since we were kits!"

Kitepaw's eyes widened, and she had a sudden, very convenient, flashback.

"How about that cliff just above the jagged rocks? I saw Brownkit playing there the other day, and he was having a great time!"

"Brownkit's dead," Kitekit said slowly. "He fell off of that cliff and onto those jagged rocks, and, well…my father said our beautiful emerald pool was stained red"

"That's terrible!" Greenkit sad, his eyes wide. "I'm glad the water washed out, though. Red water is gross."

Kitekit simply blinked at him for a moment. "It doesn't bother you that Brownkit is dead?" she asked, and Greenkit shrugged.

"He's walking the flies with StarClan now," Greenkit said simply.

She took a step backwards. "B-but…you're dead! You died as a kit, and you fell from the pool…."

Brownpaw cocked his head to the side, his amber eyes glittering at her. "I'm afraid I don't know what you're talking about. I never died. I'm Nightlight's apprentice, don't you remember?"

"Nightlight was sick—"

"Yes, but she's better now," Brownpaw said with a smile. "Now, come on, don't you want to share prey with me?"

Kitepaw swallowed nervously, and her eyes flitted away from the brown tabby, settling on Greenpaw instead. He was swaying from side to side and looking sick, as usual.

"I, uh, already ate…and look, there's Greenpaw, helookssickIguessIshouldgo," she blurted, the words tumbling out rapidly. She fled to Greenpaw, who looked surprised to see her.

"I thought we were still fighting," he said, then retched. Kitepaw took a step backwards to avoid the spattering yuckiness.

"What? No, forget it. It was dumb kit stuff, and grudges are childish," Kitepaw mewed. "Listen, you see Brownpaw, don't you? Am I crazy?"

Greenpaw looked over her shoulder, and blinked. "Yeah, I see Brownpaw. Why wouldn't I?"

"But…didn't he die as a kit?" Kitepaw asked, feeling anxious. "I remember he fell off one of the cliffs, and nearly died…."

"You mean the cliffs I told Gravepaw about, causing him to try and throw himself off of them, in Chapter Two?" Greenpaw asked. "I don't remember Brownpaw ever being on those. Kitepaw, are you sure that you're okay?"

Kitepaw gaped at him, then looked over her shoulder towards Brownpaw, who gave her a warm smile. She suddenly felt dizzy again, and she nearly collapsed.

At that moment, there was a loud crash as Gravepaw hurled himself off of the highest cliff in the camp, falling onto the jagged rocks below.

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