Keri had blind folded Dean that next morning and told him they were going somewhere special. He knew better than to complain when she said she was planning something. Dean had learned to just go with whatever she said.

The came to a stop and Dean brought his hands to his face, "Don't take it off yet." Keri said and got out of the car.

She walked around to Dean's side and opened the door, "Can I please just take this off now. I feel like an idiot right now."

"Think of is a punishment." Keri said and led him over to a door and opened it. The place was just as trashy as ever but it had special meaning, "Ok you can take it off now but don't lose it." She said and when he pulled it off he looked around the room and smiled at her.

"This was your big surprise?"

Keri placed her hands on her hips, "Yes because this is where we meant and well were Caden was made I figured it had special meaning in a way."

Dean leaned over and kissed her softly, "I love it. So is there a chance of history repeating itself?" he asked.

"Oh Dean do you want another baby?" she asked with a smiled.

"I don't think so sweetheart. Two is enough for me but you never know," he wrapped his arms around her, "I may change my mind so I need to practice."

"Is that so? What make you so sure I want to practice with you? Maybe I just really like it here." she said jokingly.

"I can see why." Dean said as he looked around the room.

"Ok well I need to go change so you just stay here."

Keri grabbed her bag and Dean just looked at her, "Change for what?"

"You'll see."

Dean just shook his head and removed his shit and jeans and lay down on the bed. Things were finally getting back to normal.

Keri had been in the bathroom for over 30 minutes when she finally came out and Dean was watching TV. She cleared her throat and he looked up to see her wearing a silk bathrobe, "What are you doing?" he asked and felt his jeans tighten a little.

"Oh I was just wondering what you think of these?" she said as she seductively stripped off robe. As she turned he saw that she was wearing a red lace bra with a matching red thong.

"Oh my God you look so sexy in that," Dean said lying on my back beginning to feel the blood rush to my member.

"Good, I'm glad you like it," she said pulling back the covers to climb in bed next to him. However, instead of lying next to him she casually moved down the bed on her hands and knees, spread his legs and crouched between them. By now his manhood was completely engorged in anticipation of what was going to happen.

Keri first she leaned over and gently kissed the very tip of my cock that was now out of his boxers, "Mmmm," he heard her moan.

She carefully licking it from the base to the tip "Oh my god baby, that feels so good," he said as he gently ran his fingers of both hands through her hair slightly clenching then

"Oh you like that baby"? She asked as she looked into his eyes and gave a single wink.

"Oh God yes." Dean whispered while he watched her lick the pre-cum off the tip of his now cock.

"Do you want me Dean?"

"You and only you Keri. I love you so much." He said. Keri pulled his boxers off and tossed them aside.

She rose up, spread her legs apart and straddled him as he pulled her thong to the side.

Keri lowered herself on his hard member, "Oh…Dean," she moaned. She leaned over and placed her hands on either side of Dean's head giving me access to her beautiful breasts just inches from his mouth. With his hands still on her ass he raised his head and sucked her nipples until they were hard and wet.

She began bouncing up and down squeezing and moving her ass around and around. "Oh… yes" she moaned as he reached between them and began to rub her clit with his thumb. "Oh god, oh god yes," she moaned loud and Dean began to thrust up into her.

"Are you gonna cum baby?" he asked her as he felt himself getting closer.

"Yes….oh god Dean….so fucking close." She said and he flipped them over and began to pound into her over and over.

A few thrust later they both reached their climax together.

Dean rolled over of her and they both lay breathless, "Are you ok?" he asked her.

"Never better." She said and kissed him on the cheek, "Kind of funny being back where it all started isn't it?"

"I am just glad we still got it." Dean said and she smiled.

"We are still pretty good aren't we? Just don't leave me this time ok."

Dean placed his hand on her face, "Baby I will never leave you again I promise."

"Good because I love you Dean."

"I love you to Keri." He kissed her once more before they both realized they were older than they use to be. Back then they would have been on round three but no days a nap and no screaming kids was so much better. Things couldn't get any better than this for Dean and Keri Winchester.

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