This was a most peculiar development. A most peculiar development indeed.

The Neutron, quite picky and too literal, floats around the atom, being neither positive or negative. Just satisfied with existing. Enter the proton. Dancing around the inside of the atoms nuclei, positively beaming with energy and endless possibilities. Both content to exist in the nuclei, unknowing of each other. An electron will occasionally enter the picture with the proton, but they won't stay long, being only attracted by electromagnetism. When a proton and a neutron are in close proximity, they create a bond. A strong nuclear force, one would say. So, when the unknowing neutron met the proton for the first time, accompanied by an electron, with extremely low self-esteem, the beginning of a strong nuclear force was created.

It was a well known fact that Sheldon was, for all intents and purposes, annoying. When watching Jurassic Park, he would point out that the T. Rex would not co-exist with the Brachiosaurus because, in fact, it came from the late Cretaceous period. Much later than the Jurassic period. While most would ignore him, numb the incessant drone of a man that loved to hear the sound of his own voice, one person did not. No matter how much coaching the others gave her on how to maneuver oneself out of a never ending battle of wits with Dr. Cooper, Penny found him rather difficult to ignore. In fact, she found it harder and harder to stay away. If a problem occurred, she would simply scoot across the hall and ask him, typically using Leonard, a common ally, as her excuse.

Whether or not the height-challenged young man was home, she was always invited in for herbal tea and some light banter. Mostly, he spoke. Usually, she listened. Either way, the two found comfort in each others company. There were many unknown things about situations and relationships that Sheldon did not know. Like why women allowed themselves to be wooed by flowers. This was the topic of the afternoon.

"Look, Sheldon. They're pretty and they smell nice. There's nothing else to it," Penny shouted, exasperated. A contemplative look played across the theoretical physicists face. "But it makes no sense, Penny. Twenty dollars for a dozen roses that will, inevitably, shrivel up and die seems like a horrible investment."

Moving toward the frig to grab some water, for lack of anything else to do, she shrugged. "What can I tell you. That's what the ladies like."

Another contemplative look. It was clear the beautiful mind of Sheldon Cooper was working up a plan. Hopefully not the blow up the entire city type. After a few moments, the silence was broken and he faced the young aspiring actress from across the counter. "Do you allow yourself to be wooed through the receiving of such trivial items?"

"What, flowers? Yes! Its nice to get flowers once in a while."

It seemed that that was the end of the conversation, as Sheldon began commenting on the fact that she back-washed in her drinks from time to time. Disgusting.

Two days and eleven hours later, forty five minutes before Penny had to go to work to be precise, she heard a knock. Her heart skipped a beat, but nanoseconds later she lost the excitment, not being familiar with the knock. If it had been thrice, accompanied by an annoying holler of her name, it would be Sheldon. Sighing, she dragged herself to the door, rather disappointed it hadn't been so. The had dragged on. But it was Tuesday night, so she would see him at work. She inched the door open, then quickly threw it out of her way. There was a sweaty man, his name tag read "Bill", deep acne scars on the left side of his face. But that didn't matter. What mattered was the package in his arms. The bundle of gorgeous red rose. The kind of red roses that say, "I'm not just a friend, I'm not a one night stand. I'm yours." She eagerly took the package, running inside and dumping the contents of a bottle of apple juice and filling it with water. There was a small card attached. She could have mistook it as blank, but a double take revealed the one word in the bottom right hand corner.