A/N: I admit that I actually wrote this about myself and my own life, but as I read through it, I was stricken with a thought of Severus and his pain. He is one of my favorite characters and I think, even if this wasn't originally written with him in mind, it does fit him very well.

Disclaimer: I do not own Severus Snape. XD and he really isn't even mentioned in the poem so eh. I just like thinking of it as coming from his perspective.


Lonely hours spent past long days went

Throbbing heart which aches for sentiment

Clock ticks by with restless aging

Blind gaze doth watch over mask and staging



Longing for love but forbidden to touch

Life hardly lived for owner as much

Doors nailed shut by pity and fear

Eyes raise to clock as it ticks by the year



All that comes by at both cost and expense

Fingers ghost white curled up and tense

Horror filled silences in sick contemplation

Worries of sanity due to pain and elation



Refusal of options scarce and few

Fearful of paying mad piper his due

Resentful of those with apathy and scorn

Hiding behind shields mangled and torn



Clawing self up through both mud and gore

Lying down finally, faithless and sore

Giving the ghost, just waiting for aid

Wary of deals with devils and spades

A/N: Wooow... I haven't written a poem in years. XD I'll be shocked if anyone reads or reviews this, but it'd be nice to get some critical analysis going on.

:3 If you write in and tell me how you think this fits Severus, it'll just make my day! Ciao~!