Spy in the Ointment Keeperoliver Chapter 8

It has been three days, since Albus sent the message for the Marauders and Lily to stay indoors. The five were getting very nervous, and Peter was absolutely certain it had to do with Severus' meeting with Voldemort. He has yet to tell the rest, because of his uncertainty, until now. However, he wanted to wait until the Professor made his announcement, before he said anything.

Fawkes made another appearance, to the Marauders, stating that Albus will be by that afternoon, at 4PM, and for them to remain inside. Harry was pleased that his friends were staying, and it was because of Harry, that everyone maintained their sanity. He was a joy to be around. His birthday was in two days, and they haven't been able to get out to get him anything. Sirius tried to get out as Padfoot, but Lily put a restraining spell on him making it impossible to get out. He pouted for about two hours after that, but 10 minutes of Harry time cured him of it.

Remus and Lily were never at a loss for things to do. James swore, if it wasn't for eating, sleeping, peeing, and pooping, they would never come out of the library.

At 4PM on the dot, Albus came through the floo. He had everyone sit down. "James, Lily, I have some terrible news. I was interviewing a see for the position for Divination Professor, while answering my questions, she made a prophecy. I will not restate it word for word, but it did say that the one to defeat the Dark Lord, will be born as the Seventh month dies, Born to those who have thrice defied him. It was about that time that a ruckus was heard outside our door, and I missed the rest of the prophecy. However, I was able to retrieve it from my memory, as it was buried in my subconscious. It said that he will have the power the Dark Lord knows not, and that neither can live while the other survives. It believed that the first part of the prophecy was heard by a follower of Voldemort, and reported it to him. It has taken some time, but I believe that he now knows that only two babies fit into that category. Alice and Frank Longbottom's son Neville. and young Harry. I suggest that we place a Fidelius Charm on your house and for me to be your secret keeper. This will ensure the protection of yourselves and Harry."

It was agreed that a Fidelius was necessary, however, the secret keeper had to be one of the Marauders. James thought that Sirius should be the secret keeper, and Sirius thought that Remus should be the secret keeper. Albus sat there as they continued to bicker, but was more interested in the meeting going on between Lily and Peter. Albus had never seen Lily interact with Peter like this before. It was good to see that she accepted Peter as well as she has. Albus always thought that Peter needed someone strong to guide him through school, and now life. He knew it was just a friendship between the two, but the trust that Peter was showing in Lily, was beyond what he would have expected from these two. His curiosity was peeked, and he had to ask. "Lily, is there something you and Peter would like to share with us? You seem so distant from the rest, and you and Peter are dealing with this better than I would have expected?"

Lily whispered in Peter's ear again, and he nodded his agreement. "Albus, you did not mention who it was that was outside your room, the night the prophecy was made, is there a reason for this?"

"I'm afraid there is Lily. If I were to tell you who it was, I am afraid that our young Marauders would be out for blood, and I cannot chance them getting hurt or killed just because they want revenge. It must remain a secret, for your own protection."

"Professor, would it be possible for us to get Professor McGonagall, and Flitwick here, as well as Alastor Moody, and Amelia Bones? I think it is time for us to do something about our future." Peter asked.

Peter felt pressure in his head, and knew that Dumbledore was using legilamency. He threw a look at the Professor, and said, "I now know why Lily did not trust you."

Albus felt like he had failed the daughter that he never had, as that was his feelings toward Lily. She had been his favorite student, the entire seven years she attended Hogwarts. To know that she did not trust him, hurt worse than a Cruciatus curse. "I am sorry Mr. Pettigrew, but old habits die hard. Your shields were very strong, and I never made it past them. I was curious as to why you wanted that this particular group in attendance. They are not necessary for the Fidelius to be set, although Filius would be considered one of the best at putting it up. But why Minerva, Amelia and Alastor?"

"Albus, I know you like to be in control of anything that has to do with The Dark Lord. However you are not the only one concerned for the safety of wizards and muggles everywhere." Lily answered.

"Very well, but will I be allowed to share, what you have to say to this group?"

"That, Albus, is what we have to discuss. Every one has to agree, or you will not be a part of it. It is for the best that as few people know what it is we are to discuss. If all agree, you will be brought up to date. Is that alright with you, Albus?"

"If this secret is as important as you say, then I agree. I will summon all you have asked to be here."

Albus went to the floo, and within 15 minutes, every one was in attendance. Lily asked Albus to step into the kitchen, while they discussed her thoughts. She set up silencing charms and barriers to be left alone for the next few minutes.

Lily brought them up to date about the prophecy, and the the use of the Fidelius Charm. Her and Peter then asked them if they should let Albus in on their plans. Peter told them of what he and Lily had discussed, and they were in shock at what they had suggested. If it failed, too many people would be murdered. However if it succeeded, the end of The Dark Lord was close at hand. Was it worth the risk, yes, but at the same time, the cost may be too much. And to bring Albus in this late in the game was very risky. He was too much of an unknown factor. Lily tried to tell them that his power, could be the deciding factor in the final showdown with the Dark Lord. Every one agreed with this point, but were still not overly anxious in letting him in their plans. Finally after 20 minutes, they agreed to let Albus in on their plans. Lily lowered her spells and went into the kitchen, where Albus was sitting at the table drinking a cup of tea.

"Albus, it has been decided that you should become aware of our plans, and hope that you will help us to the final defeat of Voldemort. If you would please join us in the living room, we will begin our preparations."

Albus joined them in the living room, and sat down to get caught up on their little spy network. He was amazed at what they had accomplished, particularly the Horcruxes. He had felt that Tom had created a Horcrux, but to have created five, was beyond comprehension. When the group was done with their explaination, they let the Professor make his comments.

"What you have related to me, is far more than than the Order, and I have been able to accomplish. You have done me proud, knowing that you have decided to take matters into your own hands because of a stubborn old man and his set ways. Do you have any idea as to how you will get Tom into position for his demise?"

Peter spoke up now, "We do Professor. I believe we could lure him here if I were made the secret keeper, and pass it on to him. I would tell him the best time and date to set up his raid. I think we should set up for about 2 months, so that we can prepare, say around Halloween. I think that would be plenty of time set the stage."

"I agree Mr. Pettigrew, that should be sufficient. Now, since we are being honest with each other, I should tell you who it was that heard the prophecy."

"That will not be necessary, Albus." said Lily, "We already know that it was Severus Snape that heard it. He approached Voldemort at the last meeting, and asked to speak to him alone. Peter attempted to listen in on the conversation, but was sidetracked by Lucius Malfoy. When you told us about the prophecy, and how someone had heard the first part, we knew who it was."

"Very well then, perhaps we should set up the Fidelius, and a few other spells, so as not to make it too obvious for the Dark Lord to see that it could be a trap."

The Fidelius was made, with Peter being the secret keeper, and wards were put in place, to make it look like it was a serious attempt to keep the DE and the Dark Lord out.


Harry's birthday was the last happy moment the close family would have for quite a while. Sirius had gotten Harry a child's broom. Remus had gotten him a stuffed wolf, charmed to howl during the full moon, and any time you squeezed his foot. James and Lily had gotten him clothes and toys. and Peter had him some children bedtime stories, both magical and muggle, to include the Tales of Beedle the Bard. Peter would read to him every night, and Harry looked forward to this every night. Harry and Peter were becoming inseparable, which made Sirius a little jealous, after all he was Harry's godfather. But he would never do anything to change what was happening.

Peter was not called to The Dark Lord, until the first week in October. This was it, this was the time to set the trap. He was to tell Voldemort of the two children that the prophecy proclaimed, but his thoughts were that the best choice would be Harry Potter, as Neville Longbottom was thought to be a squib, as he showed no sign of him being a wizard. Tom was taking no chances though, so he set up two raids for 31 October. One on the Longbottom residence, led by Bella and Lucius, and one on the Potter residence, led by himself and Peter. Once again, Severus approached the Dark Lord. "My Lord, if you would please. I don't care what you do to Potter and his brat, but I ask that you spare the woman Lily. She use to mean something to me, and I would like to know that I did my best to protect her."

"What is this Severus, are you showing weakness for the enemy? You know how I feel about half bloods and mudbloods, Why should I show mercy to this mudblood, when I have never shown it before?"

"My Lord, it is just that I would Like her as a play thing. She is not necessarily important to me, it is just that she once showed me kindness."

"What you ask is a problem Severus. If I were to show weakness every time I take part in a raid, I would no longer be feared. If I were to do this, it best be the last time I hear from anyone that they want someone spared. I will try to spare her, but it will only be a weak attempt. If she puts up any sort of a struggle, she will die like the rest. Is that understood?"

Severus bowed to the Dark Lord, and dsid, "Yes my Lord, I understand completely." The meeting ended, and every one went their separate ways.

Severus made it back to Hogwarts, and asked to see Albus right away. Albus told him to enter, and Severus told him everything that transpired. He promised that if Dumbledore protected Lily from Voldemort, he would continue to be his spy in the Dark Lords ranks. He did not care what happened to Potter and his brat, but Lily must survive.

Albus was angry at the thought of Severus being so uncaring toward a child. He did not know Harry, except that he was a Potter, and therefore he hated him. "Severus, are you so uncaring as to not have any feelings towards an infant. You are carrying this hatred of James too far. I will try to protect Lily, but not if the choice is between her and Harry. He is my main concern. Now go, I have things to do, as I am sure you have also."


Peter had been called one more time to The Dark Lord, to confirm that Halloween was the best time for this raid. Peter told Voldemort of the tradition of Halloween, with kids going around from house to house, collecting candy, cookies, pop corn, and other goodies. Voldemort thought that this was a perfect cover for his raid, as every one would be dressed up in costumes, and he would not stand out, drawing unwanted attention. Yes, this was going to work out just fine.

James and Lily were set in the living room, talking as if they were unaware of what was going on around them. What wasn't seem were the twenty Order members that were disillusioned, including Albus. It was nearly 9PM, when a blast blew the door of it's hinges, and caused James and Lily to jump up in a protective stance. Voldemort walked through to see the couple facing him, with wands drawn.

"Do you two actually consider your self good enough to face me. Peter, come in here and take care of this woman, while I take care of this annoying wizard."

Peter came in, and mouthed sorry to Lily, and through a cutting curse at her, which she used a protego charm to deflect it. The spells were flying around, and still the order members made no attempt to show themselves. Finally, Voldemort said, "Enough!" and he raised his wand and set a blasting curse to James, which sent him flying across the room, slamming him against the wall, and knocking him out. "Peter you are a useless wizard, can't even defeat a mudblood witch. "Avada Kadarva!" He yelled in the direction of Lily, but it never reached her, as someone jumped in front of her and took the curse. Lily screamed as the form of Albus Dumbledore sagged to the floor, the twinkle in his eye now gone forever. Harry screamed as well, as the noise was getting loud, and he knew people were getting hurt. Voldemort saw Harry, and a smile drew across his face "Ah the person I most wanted to meet tonight. You are not long for this world little one."

Peter stepped between Harry and Voldemort, and pleaded for mercy for the young boy. "What is this Peter? I told you I would not show any more pity towards my victims. Crucio! Do not come between me and my victim again. Now little Potter, time for you to die." And once again Peter jumped between Voldemort and Harry. "Avada Kadarva!" Harry yelled "Woomy!" And Peter was blown out of the way of the curse, and it hit Harry in the head, but bounced of, and went flying back to Voldemort. With a look of fear and shock, Voldemort took the blow in the chest, and for the first time, he felt his life leaving him. He knew this time he was dead. Somehow, they had found his protection and destroyed them. Voldemort collapsed to the floor, and was never to move again. Harry had somehow Sent the curse back to Voldemort, and still lived. The Death Eaters that had arrived with Voldemort, were defeated and collected for prison. It seems that another raid had been sent against Alice and Frank Longbottom. This went worse then Voldemort Fiasco. Both Bella and Lucius were killed, along with five other death eaters. It seems that Alastor was not as forgiving as Albus. He had also made it clear to the people that accompanied him, that if they were against killing, then they need not go on the mission. The Death Eaters that were captured, were sent to Azkaban, to await trial.

Lily was kneeling at the side of Albus Dumbledore, Tears staining her face. He had taken a Killing curse for her. He had sacrificed him self for her safety. She looked up at James and Peter, "Why?
Why did he do it? He took the curse as if he was meant to do it, like that was what he was there for." Then she looked to Harry, and saw blood dripping from his forehead. "HARRY! My baby. What happened, why is Harry bleeding, Peter?"

Peter was holding Harry protectively against his chest, crying in his hair. "He saved me Lily. He somehow pushed me out of the way of a killing curse, and it struck him in the head." He was shaking violently as he said this, and Harry reached up and put his hand on Peter's face.

"Woomy OK?"

"Yes, my beautiful boy, Woomy is fine thanks to you."

James was just coming to on the other side of the room, and Sirius and Remus were coming back into the house, after helping to round up the rest of the Death Eaters. They took in the scene. Albus lying still on the floor, Peter holding the bleeding Harry, and Lily kneeling over the corpse of Albus Dumbledore. It was not a pretty sight.

James asked what happened, and Lily and Peter each explained their experience. James said, "We should tell the public, that it was Albus that defeated Voldemort. It would make him the hero, and save Harry from the pressure of being the only survivor of the killing curse. Maybe Albus wasn't the perfect leader, but he was the perfect person to have here this evening."






In a bold attempt to rid himself of his worst enemy, He Who Must Not Be Named, other wise known as Lord Voldemort, was defeated. He died at the hands of Albus Dumbledore, who unfortunately also died. It was a fierce battle that lasted a little more than an hour. In a similar incident, two other Death Eaters, Bellatrix LaStrange and Lucius Malfoy were killed when they attacked The home of Frank and Alice Longbottom. All totaled, there were thirty Death Eaters killed or captured.

A great evil has been removed thanks to the daring Young men and women of the Order of the Phoenix, and the Auror division of the Ministry of Magic. Amelia Bones, Head of the DMLE, has assumed temporary role of Minister of Magic in place of the previous minister, who has turned up missing. Wonder what's going on there?

Other people that should be recognized for the events that took place, are James and Lily Potter, Frank and Alice Longbottom, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Alastor Moody, Kingley Shacklebolt, and Peter Pettigrew. If not for the courage these fine young wizards, our world would still be under the influence of Lord Voldemort.

The life of Albus Dumbledore, and a list of his accomplishments will be found on page two, more on this story on page three, and a list of people that took place in last nights battle will be on page five.


Two weeks after the battle, things were starting to settle down, and it seemed like heaven to be able to walk around, without the threat of death looming around every corner. Peter had become more friendly with Delilah, and Sirius became the Don Juan of the wizarding world, and Remus was making friends with Sirius cousin who was a third year at Hogwarts. Yes he was older, but they got along so good, that Sirius just turned his head the other way, when they were together. James and Lily learned that they were going to become parents for the second time. Life was looking up for the friends. It seems that because of the rules of battle, the spoils were to go to the victors. James had said to give his share to the widow and Orphan relief fund that was set up after the war, by Minister Bones. Sirius also gave up his share, while Peter and Remus decided to keep their share, as they were not as well off as James and Sirius. They still received enough to keep them well off for the rest of their lives.

Narcissa had approached Sirius about being let back into the Black family, as there was no where else for her to go. Malfoy Manor had been confiscated, and cleaned out of all the dark magic that was stored there, which was a lot. This had been supervised by Arthur Weasley, being made head of the Magical Objects and Black objects Dept. The Potters, Blacks, Lupins and Pettigrews became friends with the Weasleys, and were known to visit them at there home called the Burrow for some unknown reason, and Harry, Draco, Fred, George, Ron and Ginny grew up to become good friends. They were also joined by Neville Longbottom.


July 31, 1991, Harry received a letter from Headmistress Minerva McGonagall, congratulating him on his acceptance into Hogwarts School of Witch and Wizardry. Draco, Ron and Neville also received their letters. Ginny had been very upset when she didn't receive one.

Harry was ready to start his life at Hogwarts.

Severus was still serving his time at Azkaban, a life sentence, when a letter came to him from Lily Potter.

Dear Sev:

Please bear with us, as we have found evidence that proves you were spying for the Order of the Phoenix, against Tom Riddle. It may take a week or so, but you will be freed. I am sorry for the time you have spent there, but a memory from Albus has just been found in the Hogwarts vault at Gringotts.

Minerva has reserved a spot for you on the roster for the Professorship for Potions. I hope this is agreeable with you. Please take care of yourself Sev. I know that we drifted apart, but I still care for you, in a sisterly way. Please do not take this as any other relationship. I love James, as well as Harry and Samantha. Yes Sev, I also have a daughter. She is a spitting image of me, except for her eyes, which are her fathers.

I hope you are able to visit us when you are released, so that we can try to mend the friendship we once had.

Yours truly,

Lily Potter

It was one week to the day that Severus Snape became a free man. He swore to anyone who would listen, that he would do anything in his power to pay the Potters back for their help in getting his release. He was a changed man. He was no longer the loner. The outcast, the person who would insult you with just a glare.

He flooed to Minerva's office to see if she still wanted him back as Potions Professor. She did, which was fine with Horace, because he had been wanting to retire for the past six years.

Things were now in place for the Marauders, second generation. Look out Minnie, here we come.

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