Hey all, a new chapter in the story that's slowly forming. Started back in Chapter 6 with Absolute Changes, continued in Chapter 27: Hermione's Absolutes, and once more in this one called Ginny's Dreams. Not entirely sure where my muse was going with this one, but I'm starting to get worried about what Luna's doing.

Hope the new year's a good one for you so far. I've got AM's for a good chunk of this week, so this is going up early. Enjoy.

After growing up wrapped in the certainty of your dreams, it is hard to shed them and accept the truth even if it was staring you directly in the face for years. However, upon seeing Harry in the infirmary there was one thing that Ginny finally had to admit to herself, and that was even though she loved Harry, there was one that loved him more than she could ever imagine being able to. The red-rimmed eyes, the barely withheld tears, all of these were signs of a pain that went beyond physical, and showed just how seeing Harry in trouble of any sort tore into Hermione's very being.

And with that, her dream of being Mrs. Ginny Potter had shattered. There was nothing there for her now, no chance of falling in love. No chance of marriage. No chance of having a ton of kids with messy black hair and dazzling eyes like their father. Harry was a girl now, and she was left alone.

Not alone, some part of her mind echoed as images of her friends popped across her vision, and the solid weight of her galleon seemed to grow against her chest. No, she wasn't alone, she had her friends, and those other boys she had dated. She just... didn't have any dreams.

Since she was a little girl, her mother had filled her dreams with the white knight Harry upon his fiery steed coming to sweep her off her feet and take her to a palace like mansion. But girls couldn't be knights, and so there was no chance of that happening. Finding an abandoned classroom, she slipped inside and curled up on a chair, letting the musty order of disuse surround her thoughts as she tried to imagine her future now. She was doing brilliantly in Quidditch and her classes, though not without difficulty. It seemed the teachers were especially hard on her after Ron's dismal years under them.

That's right, her dream would have taken from being crushed under the shadows of her older brothers, and let her stand on her own two feet. Harry would have let her do anything she wanted, backed her with everything he had. And now what could she do?

"You could be her friend?" a familiar voice whispered into her ear, causing the redhead to leap nearly across the room, her wand out and ready to hex whoever had snuck up on her.

Smiling innocently was a girl that had been her friend even back before Hogwarts, someone she had lost touch with during her first year, but reacquainted with over the next few years. If there was anyone that knew her better than herself, it would be Luna Lovegood. "Did I scare you? I'm sorry, you seemed distracted by the pufflelumps."

"I was jus- what do you mean, 'be her friend'?" Ginny asked as her heart returned to somewhere in the vicinity of her chest.

"You were thinking about Harry... she needs her friends more than ever now," Luna explained calmly as if it was the most obvious thing on the planet. With a smile she claimed Ginny's former seat and patted her lap. "Come talk to me."

"Luna... I'm a bit-" Ginny started to protest, even as her feet drew her closer to her friend. "We haven't sat like that since we were kids."

"We still are kids Ginny, we're forced to grow up fast in the Wizarding World, but we are still kids. Why should we be preparing for a war? Why can't we act like kids once in a while?" Lune asked, her dreamy expression disappearing for a moment as she locked eyes with the red-head with a challenging expression. "Come Ginny, talk to me."

The sudden shift in attitude from her friend caused Ginny to pause a moment before taking her spot on Luna's lap. It's true that she hadn't sat on the blonde's lap like this since they were very young, but something else tickled the edges of her memories. Her friend had been this serious before, only when she needed someone else to hold and comfort.

It would seem that Hermione wasn't the only one broken up about Harry's recent misadventure. "Luna... why did it have to be Harry?" Ginny asked in a tiny, shaky voice. "He's a great guy... why is he always in trouble like this?"

"Because he is being followed by Nargles," Luna answered softly as she ran her fingers through the ginger's hair. "They cause trouble Ginny, remember I saw them first right before mother passed on?"

"Y-yes..." Ginny answered as she felt her emotions drain out, leaving her just tired and reminiscing. "You told me what they looked like, and warned me to be careful if I ever saw them..."

"That's right my dear Ginny," Luna whispered softly as her blue eyes softened once again. Leaning in she nuzzled against Ginny's neck, enjoying the warmth. "They were after Harry, but maybe as a girl he could lose them? Besides he looks cuter this way."

"Yes... a lot cuter..." Ginny commented as her eyes slide slowly shut. "Luna... thank you for making me feel better..."

"It's my pleasure Ginny..." Luna cooed softly as she turned to kiss the sleepy girl's neck, lowering her down to the floor carefully. "It has always been my pleasure... to devour your sadness my love..."

Shutting the door softly, she smiled to herself as she walked away, secure in the knowledge that Ginny would be safe for the moment. She had warded the room well, and stolen the dark energy from the girl to ensure her dreams would be pleasant and bright. It would be highly unlikely that anyone would be able to find the sleeping redhead until around lunchtime, but by then the power would have lifted the influence that had stolen her friend from her once before.

Luna wasn't about to allow her to vanish from her grasp once again, not after being patient this long. Anyone that would have looked into the room would have seen a grin that might have suited a predatory animal such as a panther or a wolf about to sink into a helpless rabbit more so than the spacey Ravenclaw. But as she began to undo Ginny's robes for her work, the smile was plastered firmly upon her face.