I don't own anything!!!! GAR!!!! (I mean, I wish I did, but I don't!)

Evan and Patrice were walking down Main Street, holding hands. I looked out my window and sighed. Ever since they kissed a few months ago, they've pretty much ignored me. But I couldn't just come right out and tell them that! If so, it would ruin their relationship. It's complicated, just like trying to count all my surgeries this past year! (Believe me, I've tried!)

So since they seemed to have forgotten about our movie plans, which were supposed to be happening in about, like, now, I planned to just stay in my room the whole day. Not that I was too devastated, I mean, come on! There was a Star Wars marathon on T.V.! But still! I mean, I don't like to be an ingrate as they are my only friends, but I'm the one who actually got them together! You think they'd at least remember to come to the movies with me!

Like I said, I got them together. If you watched the musical you'd say they did by themselves. Or maybe you'd call it "fate", like in all the sappy love stories. If only you knew what I did for them! Ok, you want to know? Well, I'm telling you, because my two "friends" seemed to have forgotten about me.

If you know the story, (I've seen the musical… There's a lot they left out, in my story, at least) then you probably know how at the Dairy Queen, they kissed. Happy ending! (So you think!) Well, turns out, what Jason Robert Brown forgot to put in was that afterward, Evan made a HUGE mistake! He told Patrice that she was the second-prettiest girl he's ever kissed. She got mad, and he tried to defend himself by telling her he thought she didn't care about looking good, and that got her FURIOUS!!!! So it turned into an all-out fight and after taking 5 minutes to get up out of my chair, (I know, feel bad for me, the poor crippled Archie, yeah, yeah! By the way, while we're on the topic of my crutches, I'm not dying, I just told Evan that so he'd "get" Kendra for me. Remind me to tell you about Kendra later) I decided to step in and stop it. I said a lot of sappy things about "love" and "fate" and they made up. However, that backfired on me! They didn't even wait for me when we left! They were too busy going gaga over each other! Yuck!

I'm going to let you go now. See ya!


The super- hero didn't get the girl! Life isn't fair!!! I should have gotten her!!

Allow me to explain… it'll be hard to follow, but try.

I do not like Kendra. At ALL! She's just a bubble-headed popular girl who's a total follower! The one I've been in LOVE with all my life is Patrice. That's why I was such a brat about them being together. (Confused yet?) Kendra was my cover-up. A few years ago, Patrice found out I loved someone in our grade. I was scared she knew it was her, so I quickly said Kendra. She's a good cover-up, because every single boy in this town likes her! I'd actually be believable. I was going to tell her the truth this year because I thought we'd have a chance! I thought we could go out and she could love me the way I love her.

Then along came Evan. I could tell by the start that they liked each other in that way. All hope was lost. But I had to be the bigger person and help them in the end. The reason I told Evan I liked Kendra and commanded him to get her for me was part of my cover-up, too. I knew he couldn't do it, so it was a perfect lie.

In the end, I guess I'm a hero. I saved two people in love. But Patrice will never love anyone the way I love her. She's smart and funny and gorgeous and nice and she helps me by doing things I can't do like carry my books and get my crutches for me when I'm sitting down. (That's why it took me 5 minutes to get up when they were fighting.) To her I'm just a crippled kid who she's friends with because we're both outcasts. She'll never know I loved her.

Well, I should go. The first Star Wars movie is starting soon. Bye.