Patrice came home from a movie with Archie and Evan. She checked her calls on her (new!) cell phone for messages. She found none. Even though it was new, she still expected at least ONE text message from Evan. After all, she hadn't seen him in at least an hour.

"Patrice, Sweetie? Can I come in?" Her mom entered her room before she could answer. "You have a voice mail on our home phone. It's from a boy," She teased.

Patrice gasped. Evan! "Okay, Mom. I'll call him back. Can I… Have some privacy please?"

Her mom gave her an understanding glance. "Sure." With that, she left. Patrice hit redial, but she didn't recognize the number. "Hello?" She asked after the ringing stopped.

"Patrice? Umm… Hi. This is Brett."

Brett? Why is he calling? Probably forgot the homework and none of his dumb friends know what it is. "Hi," she said stiffly.

"Listen… Ummm, I know we don't really get along, but…" He paused. "I'd rather tell you in person. Can we meet at the Dairy Queen in, say, 20 minutes?"

Brett sounded so serious, she wondered if somebody died. "Sure." She was suspicious, but the thought of a creamy treat after a boring Star Wars movie changed her mind. "Moooom! I'm going to the Dairy Queen! Be back in half an hour!" She called out the door.