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Bella and the Geek

I woke up to the sound of my radio playing. It was playing Another Day from the musical Rent. In many ways, this song fit to my day perfectly.

Today was just another day. Another day that I would be chastised for my brains and my looks. Another day that I will have food thrown at me or be tripped in the halls. Another day that I will chicken out of fighting back to all the rude people in my life. And another day that I will be staring at the most beautiful girl in school.

Isabella Marie Swan. Bella for short.

Bella is not only beautiful, but she's kind, sweet, funny, caring, smart… everything I look for in a girl. She has long mahogany-colored hair and the prettiest shade of chocolate-brown eyes. The only problem is, she's popular and I'm not so popular.

Who Am I kidding? I'm at the bottom of the social class at my school. I am called Outcast or Nerd to many people. Sometimes I think it's my grades. Straight A's and AP classes do not make me so popular. Sometimes I think it's my looks. I have bronze hair that it always combed back neatly. I have really bad acne on my face and retainers in my teeth. I had black framed glasses, too, that gave a dark tint to my green eyes.

So yeah, I am a geek. And in my junior year at Forks High School, I have yet to make a move on the only girl who's caught my attention, the captain of the cheerleading team. Call me a punk, but there's also another problem.

Jacob Black. Jake for short. (Not to me anyway.)

Jacob is Bella's boyfriend. They have been together since freshman year and most people would say they were in love. Some people might say that they're the perfect couple. But hey, do I care? … … … …

Of course I care! He's no good for her. She's too perfect to deserve a guy like him. He is what you would call the perfect bad boy.

Jacob doesn't own a car like the rest of us, he owns a motorcycle. He always wears tight jeans and tight muscle shirts. He's also the captain of the football team. He can pummel me to the ground in three seconds if I let him. That's why I always chicken out of talking to Bella. Jacob scares me.

Not that he would do anything out in the open, per say. You see, I have a brother and a sister. Emmett and Alice Cullen are my adoptive siblings. They are awesome but they are also popular. Emmett is co-captain of the football team and is not so fond of Jacob. He thinks Jacob "stole his spot to be captain." My brother has huge muscles, like Jacob, with brown, curly hair and brown eyes. But is the biggest teddy bear you will ever meet who has dimples. Alice is co-captain, too, but of the cheerleading team. Her and Bella are best friends and she's not fond of Jacob either. She assumes that there is someone who is better off for Bella than "that jerk who doesn't give a damn." My sister is short and has spiky black hair with brown eyes too. But don't mistake her size. She can throw a punch as hard as Emmett can. We are all in 11th grade together.

"C'mon, Edward! We're going to be late again." Alice yelled up the stairs to me as I popped in my retainers.

"Okay, just grab me a granola bar." I walked down the stairs to meet my brother and sister at Emmett's Jeep. I walked into the kitchen to say goodbye to my mom and dad.

Carlisle and Esme Cullen could never have children of their own. So they adopted us three as their own children.

"Bye, mom. Bye dad."

"Bye, son," Carlisle said while heading to the front door and patting my shoulder.

"Bye, honey. Ave a good day today. Alice already grabbed your breakfast. Now do you have your retainer case? I don't want you to loose another pair." I groaned.

"Yes, mom." I hugged her and walked out the door. Emmett and Alice were already in the car waiting for me. I hoped in and we sped down to the high school.

"Edward," Alice groaned as she turned to look at me.

"What?" I checked to see if I had pants on.

"You should have let me dress you today. Instead of wearing those same old khaki pants and button down shirts." She shook her head and Emmett laughed.

"Yeah, Ed. If you ever want Bella to notice you, you've got to dress better, dude."

"Why do you guys always assume that I want Bella to notice me?" I looked out the window, realizing we were almost to the school.

"Oh paaaaleeeeease, Edward. We all know you are massively in love with Bellarina. Don't try to hide it bro." Emmett said while Alice tried to muffle her laugh.

"Oh, just shut up." We pulled into the parking lot and got out. We walked to our homerooms. I was a little too eager. Did I mention I have every class with Bella? That's right. She takes AP and college classes. Brains and Beauty! There was the sound of a loud motor and everyone in the parking lot looked towards the noise.

"Oh, no," I muttered and looked away so no one would see me blush. On the back of a Ducati was the gorgeous girl herself. The bike came to a stop and she took off her full-helmet, shaking her hair out. I felt like I was in a movie. You know, when they have those slow motions of girls shaking their hair out. Well, this was exactly what I was looking at. She unzipped her jacket a little, revealing her v-neck shirt showing a little cleavage. She scanned the crowd that had gathered and spotted me. She smiled and waved at me eagerly. I waved back and she busied herself by getting her stuff together and getting off the bike. That's when I noticed who was on the front.

Ugh. Jacob. He also took off his helmet and Bella ran her fingers through his short hair. He smiled at her and got off the bike as well, holding onto her waist. Bella blushed as Jacob kissed her passionately. There were a lot of whistles and hoots from everyone. They pulled apart and walked hand-in-hand to Bella's class. Jacob walks her to every class every single day. I would have sworn he looked back at me and smirked.

I walked to my classroom as well, and I stopped when I saw the 'perfect couple' making out by the door. Bella looked like she was trying to get Jacob off of her but he just wouldn't budge.

"Jacob, stop. Everyone's staring," She whispered, but I overheard her musical voice.

"C'mon, Bells. You never want to have any fun with me." Jacob pouted and tried to kiss her again.

"Not in school, no." She tried pushing him off again.

"I think she said to get off of her." Where did that come from? I looked around, but saw that no one was in sight. Please, Lord. I hope that wasn't me. Please, not me!

"What did you say, Cullen?!" Jacob turned around and glared at me furiously. Aw man. That was me. Where did this sudden boost of confidence come from?

"Just listen to her, man." I started to sweat and my heart beat quickly.

"Why don't you mind your own business, Cullen? I didn't know that my girlfriend's needs involved you." He stepped closer to me and I stepped back.

"Jake, stop." Bella was over to his side in a flash and she held his arm. He shook her off forcefully and she looked taken aback.

"No, Bella. I think Edward here should learn a little lesson." With that he gave me a painful blow to my stomach. I bent over and held my stomach, groaning in pain.

"Jacob!" Bella pushed him aside. "Go away! Why the heck would you do that!" She reached me and tried to look into my eyes. "Are you okay, Edward?"

I straightened up and saw that Jacob had left. "I'm fine, Bella. Thanks." She helped clean me up and we walked to class right on time. We took our seats in the back of the room and we immediately started talking. Our homeroom teacher was a drunk, and every Monday morning he would just take attendance and lay his head on the desk.

"So, Edward. How was your weekend?" Bella's eyes were so beautiful and her voice was so smooth.

"It was fine. Nothing really happened, except I had to go to the hospital." I looked away from her knowing she would over-react like she always does.

"Oh my goodness. Edward, what happened?" Her beautiful eyes were wide with worry.

"I just had a really bad nose bleed. Not even my mom could stop it, so I went to see my dad." I shrugged and tried to hide my laugh.

She smacked my arm lightly. "Edward Anthony! Don't scare me like that. I thought you had cancer or something."

"Now why would I hurt you by telling you I had cancer?" I smirked at her.

"I don't know. Maybe because you would only have three months to live." We both laughed at that. I loved her laugh. It always made my day.

"How was your weekend, Bella?" She blushed deeply. "Spill it, Bells."

"Alright. Well, I went to a party with Jacob on Saturday and he sort of asked of me something very important." She wouldn't meet my eyes.

"And…?" The bell rang and we both jumped. "In, trig," I warned before we walked to our next class. On my way over, I saw the new kids that were due today. They moved here from Alaska and they were twins. They were going to be in the 11th grade with the rest of us.

Rosalie and Jasper Hale. They both had blonde hair and blue eyes. They were both very tall. Rosalie had long hair, almost to her waist and was very pretty. Not as pretty as Bella, though. Jasper was noticeable muscular under his t-shirt, but not as muscular as my brother or Jacob for that matter. They were walking with their arms linked to their next class and walked into my Trigonometry classroom. Hm. Interesting.

I walked into my class and took my seat. I sat in-between Bella, of course, and an empty seat. The twins were talking quietly to the teacher up front, so I turned to Bella so she would continue her conversation.

"So what happened at that party, Bella?" She flushed again and I smiled inwardly.

"Well, he asked me to do something with him. You know…" She was hesitating and I filled with rage.

"HE, WHAT?!" Everyone turned to look at me.

"Mr. Cullen. If there is a problem, I can excuse you to the principle to talk about it."

"No, Mrs. Martinez. I'm fine. It won't happen again." I looked back at Bella who wouldn't meet my eyes. "What happened, Bella?" I spoke through clenched teeth.

"Well… I considered it at first. Then, I agreed." I lost it.

"BELLA! How could you?!" I stood up knocking down both my chair and my desk. How can she do something so personal with someone so unworthy?

"Edward, please sit down. You're not letting me finish." She tried to get me to calm down, but I was already feeling tight. "Edward, where's your pump?" She started rummaging through my bag and I started to breath heavier. She handed me my pump and I took it. She picked up my chair and desk, sitting me down. "Are you okay?"

"Fine." I put my pump away and Mrs. Martinez just shook her head.

"Well, if Mr. Cullen is quite done, I would like to introduce the class to our new students. Everyone, this is Rosalie and Jasper Hale. I expect you to make them feel at home. Jasper can sit next to Edward and Rosalie can sit next to Bella." Everyone nodded and the twins came to sit at their assigned seats.

"Hey, I'm Jasper Hale." He held out his hand to me.

"Edward Cullen." I shook his hand quickly and class started. Bella continued to glance at me, but I avoided her looks. How could she do that? It made me feel so disgusted for her. I was hoping she was the type of girl that would wait till marriage. The bell rang and I heard Jasper sigh loudly.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"I'm not so good at Trig. I know I'm going to fail this class."

"Don't worry. I can tutor you if you want. Trig comes easily to me." I started to pack up my stuff and felt Jasper smile behind me.

"Thanks, man. You're awesome." He smiled again and walked out of the room, leaving me with Bella.

"Please, Edward. Just listen." She continued to beg and I finally gave in when we were in our Government class.

"Fine, Bella. What else happened?" I took out my notebook, doodling on the cover.

"Well, we started to get into it when I stopped him. I realized that I wanted to wait for marriage." There she is.

"Really?" I was afraid to hope. She was just too perfect.

"Really. Not that Jacob was too happy about it."

"What did he say?" If that jerk said something hurtful, I will literally… get my brother to kill him for me.

"He just said he was tired of waiting. But if he really loves me like he says, he'll wait, right?" She looked so hopeful, but I couldn't lie to her.

"Of course he'll wait for you. If he truly loves you like he says." There. That wasn't completely a lie. She smiled at me and class began.

The rest of the morning went by quickly and before I knew it, it was lunch. I sat at my usual table. I always sit with Emmett, Alice, and Bella. Jacob always sat with his football friends and left Bella out. We were eating lunch and talking quietly before we heard two people stop at our table. We looked up to see the Hale twins.

"Hey, is it okay if we sit with you guys?" Rosalie asked. She had a stern voice, but she seemed nice enough to sit with us. So did her brother.

"Sure," Emmett said with the loudest voice I have every heard. They sat down simultaneously. Wow. They really are twins.

"So where did you guys come from?" Alice asked, staring at Jasper. What's that about?

"We moved here from Alaska," He answered staring back at Alice. Oh hell no. He better not be going after my little sis. That's just not acceptable. I looked over at Emmett, but he was too busy talking to Rosalie to notice. Am I the only dummy who can't have the guts to talk to the girl I love.

I left the others talking, saying I had to go to the library. I got up with my full tray, I wasn't that hungry, and walked to the garbage can. When I was almost there, I felt someone trip me and I fell quickly to the floor. I had mashed potatoes and gravy in my hair, and chocolate milk down my shirt. The cafeteria was silent for a second before everyone broke out in laughter.

"Oops. Sorry, Geek-ward." Mike Newton. I should've known. He laughed and high-fived all his friends. I stood up and ran out of the cafeteria. The doors closed behind me and I sat on the floor. I put my head into my hands and moaned.

"Why do I have to get embarrassed in front of Bella, the only girl I love," I mumbled into my hands.

"What did you just say, Geek-ward?!" Oh no. I knew that voice.

"I didn't mean that, Jacob." I got up quickly and held my hands up in surrender.

"I'm not deaf, Cullen. And if you ever go near my girlfriend again, you will not be able to move your body for a month. Understand?" He towered over me and I cowered away, not answering. I felt a sharp pain in my mouth and I grabbed my jaw.

"I said do you understand?!" Jacob was grabbing onto my collar, his fist ready to throw another punch. I nodded quickly and he dropped me on the sidewalk. I crumpled into a ball and cried. Yeah, I know I sound like the only pussy, crying. I can't help it though. My life is just so messed up. I heard the cafeteria doors open and heels walk out.

"Oh, no. Edward!" The person ran to me and turned me to face them. "Are you okay? What happened?"

"Nothing, Bella." I told her this every time.

"Like hell it's nothing. Your lip is bleeding." She took out a napkin and dabbed my lip. "Edward. I'm tired of you lying to me. Tell me who did this and I will stop them."

I cried harder. If only she knew who she was willing to stop.

"Trust me, Bella. You wouldn't be able to stop who's doing this to me." I looked away from her as her features filled with pain and hurt.

"C'mon. I'll take you to the nurse to get cleaned up." She helped me up and walked me to the nurse. She stood with me until I was finished. He whole time, she had the same look on her face: confusion, pain and hurt. I felt so bad, but it was true. She won't be able to help me. No one can.

We walked to our Biology class in silence. The hour passed quickly and I was then changing for Gym. I hate gym class with a passion. I never hit the ball and I always fell on my face, thanks to people's feet and my clumsiness. We were playing volleyball today and I got hit in the head like three times. I was ordered to sit out and I watched the various games going on. I looked over at the girl's game and saw Bella. More like I stared. I knew it was rude, but she was something to look at, especially in shorts and a tank. She was playing aggressively, like always. She caught me staring and waved. I waved back and she got hit in the head by the ball, hard.

Everyone ran to her and Jacob was the first one there.

"Who caused this," He said, outraged. Everyone looked at me and I gulped loudly. Bella started to come back to her senses before Jacob could say any more.

"I'm fine. Thanks, everyone." She got up and stared at my fearful self. "Don't worry, Edward. It wasn't your fault." I nodded my head and the bell rang, dismissing us from school. I changed quickly and walked to my brother's car. Emmett and Alice were waiting for me, talking to the Hale twins animatedly.

"Hey, guys. Ready to go?" I was a little too eager to leave before Jacob came out.

"What's wrong, Edward? You look like a serial killer is after you." Emmett laughed at his joke.

"Can we just go?" That's when everyone heard bickering at the gym door.

"Jake! How can you say something like that?!" Bella yelled and stormed away.

"It's true, Bella." Jacob ran after her. He grabbed on her arm forcefully and she gasped from the pain. "Please believe me," he yelled in her face.

"Let go, Jacob. You're hurting me." She struggled and the five of us went to intervene.

"She said let go, Jake." Emmett grabbed Bella's other arm and pulled her away from Jacob. He pushed her to me while she cried in my arms. I held onto her tighter and Emmett blocked Jacob's path to me. Jacob stormed away and got on his bike.

"Let's go, everyone," Alice said, helping me soothe Bella.

"Is it okay if you guys drive me home," Bella asked when she calmed down.

"Of course it's okay," I said leading her to Emmett's car. We dropped her off at home and she promised to call me later. We returned to our own home and I started on my homework, anxiously waiting Bella's call.


My phone rang at 7 pm. I quickly answered it.


"Hey, Edward. It's me, Bella." Finally!

"Hey, Bella. What's up?"

"Nothing, really. I just wanted to explain to you why I was so upset at Jacob today. He told me something that surprised me."

"Okay…?" I was a little afraid to hear what she would say.

"First, he said he wanted to hurt you. When I asked why, he said that you were infatuated with me and deserved to be taught a lesson. I got so upset because you are my best friend. I wouldn't want Jacob to do anything to you. I don't know how I would handle that." My fears were confirmed. She wouldn't be able to protect me from Jacob.

"Well, Bella. Don't worry about me. Trust me, I'll be fine." I knew I wouldn't be, but I couldn't stand her worried voice anymore.

"Just promise me that if he does something to you, you'll tell me." She sounded hopeful.

"Okay, Bella…"

"Promise me, Edward."

"Okay, I promise."

"Bye, Edward. Sleep well."

"You, too, Bella." Click.

I felt so bad for making the only promise that I couldn't keep. And I made that promise to Bella! Oh, man. I hate my life. I laid down on my bed and started humming. That's when something sparked in me and I hurried to the living room. I sat down at my grand piano and began playing the notes I hummed in my head. I stayed up all night writing my new composition. At 3 am, I was done. What would I name it? Light bulb! I decided on my name quickly.

Bella's Lullaby.