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Non-Sober Nights

Allison had to drive my car so I could sit with Bella in the back. She kept mumbling incoherent things about her drink she left behind. Allison kept snorting at the stupid things she said.

"I didn't know she was such a talker." She laughed softly as Bella began to snooze, her head on my lap.

"Very funny Al." She pulled up into my driveway and I carried Bella out of the car.

With the motion, Bella stirred and woke up. Allison tried to get her to go back to sleep by rubbing her head, but she did it a little too hard for it to be soothing. I smacked her hand away as Bella woke up fully.

"Edward," she slurred, "where are we?"

"We're at my house," I said as I set her down. She supported herself on me as I walked her to the door.

"Yeah," Allison added, "you got into a fight with Jacob because you kissed Edward and we had to save your butt."

Bella glared her glassy eyes at Allison and looked at me. "Edward," she couldn't control her loud volume, "I'm so sorry about what happened."

I saw the tears that began to brim in Bella's eyes and quickly tried to think of a way to make her relax.

"It's alright, Bella." I gave her a smile and lightly tickled her rib. She was extremely ticklish and so she squirmed away from me and lost her balance, falling to the floor with a thud.

Allison covered her mouth, but that didn't stop the huge laugh that escaped it. "What's wrong, Bella? Can't keep your balance?"

Bella tried to get up with a furious expression in Ali's direction. "You got a problem?" She slurred so bad, I thought her jaw would fall off.

"Oh please, drunkie." Allison turned her back on us and walked to my front door. I shook my head at her and helped Bella up.

I think alcohol makes people heavier because I could not get Bella up for anything. She kept falling back down or falling on her sides. When I finally used all my might to get her up, I ended up falling backwards with Bella on top of me. We were so close, and in this intimate moment, I couldn't control my emotions. I kissed Bella's cheek and she was shocked when I pulled away. Her eyes became even more hooded and they filled with an emotion I couldn't place. I wanted to kiss her again, but I didn't want to take advantage of her while she was drunk.

"Are you two gonna take any longer?" Allison came back over to us with a huff to help us both up. Bella gave her a small glare. "Yes, Princess? Is there a problem?"

I sighed and walked to the door, the girls following me. They would not stop bickering, I had no idea what to do. When we finally got inside, I shut the door as quietly as I could. I did not want to wake up my parents while the three of us had obviously been drinking. That didn't stop Allison and Bella though. They continued to argue, Bella's voice rising with every word.

"Hey!" I whispered as I covered Bella's mouth with my hand. "C'mon Ali, chill. You know you get crabby when you're tipsy. Just please stop arguing with Bella, you'll wake up my parents."

"Whatever, Edward." She tightened her backpack on her shoulder and walked up the stairs. I finally let go of Bella's mouth when I heard the guest bedroom door shut. That's usually where she slept, but it's also usually where Bella slept. Great, I was in for it now.

"C'mon Bella. You can borrow some of Alice's clothes." I towed her up the stairs and to my room. She sat down patiently and nodded her head when I told her I'd be right back.

I walked across the hall to Alice's room, hoping to God that she wouldn't be too mad about waking her up. I knocked softly on the door and there was no answer. I opened it a crack, peering in and caught no sight of my sister. Hmm, weird. I sent her a quick text to see where she was.

Hey Alice. Where r u?

As I waited for her response I looked in her closet for some clothes Bella could wear. I found a set of flannel pajamas she kept on the shelf. They looked big enough to fit Bella, and if I knew my sister…Yup, the tag was still on them. I laughed to myself, but was interrupted by my phone buzzing in my pocket.

Em n me r staying at the Hale's. Goodnight xoxo

I nodded to myself, a little bit of rejection jabbing at my heart. Not that I was jealous of my friends, I just sometimes felt left out. It was hard to be surrounded by couples left and right. At school, at home, it's just very depressing at times. I always shook it off, submersing myself into the life I now live. I really didn't have a problem with dating a different girl every week, but it would be nice to have someone who I can call my own. I just didn't want that special someone to be anyone, I wanted it to Bella.

Bella, oh Bella.

Oh crap. I forgot she's in my room.

I quickly walked back to her with the pajamas in my hand. She was sprawled out on my bed, looking up at the ceiling, and I just had to smile at her from the doorway. I stood there for a while before she finally saw me and sat up.

"Alice and Emmett are staying over at the Hale's, so you are welcome to sleep in Alice's bed if you'd like."

She nodded. "Thanks for everything, Edward." She gave me a sloppy smile and I couldn't help but chuckle at her slurred speech.

I handed her the pajamas and one of those new toothbrushes my mom always has lying around. She gave me a smile and went into my bathroom. That was kind of weird. She usually uses Alice's bathroom and I assumed she would since she'll be sleeping there. So why would she use my bathroom?

I pushed the thought aside, and used this as my time to change for bed as well. I changed into flannel pajama pants and a white t-shirt, undoing my bed and prepping my pillows. I wondered if I should check on Allison, but I thought better of it. One, she probably didn't want to talk to me right now. And two, she was most likely already asleep; it was already three in the morning. Bella stepped out of my bathroom two minutes later. She had on Alice's pajamas with her hair in a ponytail and all the makeup off her face. She really was a beauty.

"Edward, I-" She suddenly stopped her sentence and covered her mouth. Just as I thought she was going to start talking again she turned around and ran to the toilet. She threw up all the contents in that slim stomach of hers, her body convulsing and shaking. I didn't know what else to do than brush her stray strands of hair back and rubbing soothing circles on her back. When she was finished, I handed her the toothbrush and gave her some privacy.

I went down the stairs to get Bella a cup of water and two aspirins. I climbed the stairs again and entered my room just as Bella exited the bathroom. She took the water and medicine from my hands thankfully and gulped them down. I led her to sit on my bed when she swayed a little bit and I sat next to her, just looking at her and rubbing her back. She stared at her hands for a while, her lips twitching like she wanted to say something. I grabbed one of her hands and she looked up surprised when she felt the electric shock go through our hands.

"What is it, Bella?"

"I…uh…" Her speech became a little clearer. "There's something I've been wanting to do all night."

I dared to hope. "And what is that?"

"Edward," she said a she turned fully to face me. I looked at her expectantly. "Can I kiss you?"

"Bella, you're drunk and I'm not completely sober either. I don't want you to do something you'll regret." I tried to pull my hand out of hers, but she held on tightly.

"I'm sober enough to know this is what I want." She leaned forward, placed her other hand on my chest and kissed my lips softly. I pulled away slowly and she moved closer to me. "Please, Edward. I need this, I need you."

I bit the inside of my cheek to hold my words. I wanted to tell her I needed her just as much, maybe even more. I needed to tell her that I loved her, that I have loved her for a very long time. I just didn't think this was the right time, and I wasn't sure I knew how to say the words.

She giggled. "I can always tell when you wanna say something…" She turned serious again. "You don't have to speak, just show me."

She moved to straddle my lap and placed my hands on her hips. She bent her head down to me to kiss my passionately, and I could no longer control myself. I pulled her closer, one hand going to the back of her neck. Her hands wrapped in my hair and she tugged lightly. I groaned into her mouth and removed her lips from mine to say one last thing.

"Make love to me, Edward."