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Taking a drink of his beer, Tony leaned against the deck at Gibbs' place and looked up at the night sky. The evening was warm and clear, with hundreds of stars twinkling in the heavens. "Dammit," the curse echoed out of the open patio doors.

"You ok in there, boss? Need any help?" Tony asked.

"Nah, just trying to get used to this damn boot. Chow will be done in five," the ex-marine nearly yelled, followed by the sound of something hitting the floor and muttering from the somewhat incapacitated cook.

Tony chuckled and took another drink. He and Gibbs had been out of the hospital for a couple of days and were trying to figure out how to work around their injuries. Tony's shoulder still throbbed whenever he moved too quickly, but he had thrown away the sling he had been sent home with, determining it to be too restrictive. Gibbs was hobbled by crutches and a boot on his leg which had been broken by the bullet from Bell's gun. Neither agent was too happy about the recovery needed for their injuries.

He had been thinking about moving back into his own place, but didn't want to leave until Gibbs was better able to get around on his own. Even with a bum shoulder, Tony could still help out and repay some of the kindness the older man had shown him over the years. It was actually nice to have the chance to do that for Gibbs.

All in all, there were several things Tony felt were pretty nice right now. And it wasn't because Bell was out of the picture. Actually, killing Bell had done little to make him feel better, although it had provided some resolution. No, he mused, he realized that out of everything he wanted in the world, he had most of it right here. He had a great brother and sister in McGee and Abby. Ziva, well that was an issue he would have to deal with eventually, since he really wasn't sure what he felt for her, although he was certain it wasn't always sisterly. Maybe one day he would think about having something more with her, but there was time to figure that out. And Gibbs---if he had ever doubted the bond they shared, he didn't doubt it now. It was calming and reassuring to know, with certainty, that the grumpy old marine would always be around when he needed him.

And that, Tony decided, was enough.

He wasn't certain where the rest of his life was headed; professionally he needed to get back on track and determine if he ever wanted his own team. He had delayed that decision far too long. Personally, he needed to re-establish his somewhat dormant love-life. For a long time he had avoided dealing with either issue, but now, he wanted to attack them both full force. It was time for Tony DiNozzo to get his mojo back. It might not exactly be the same Tony he used to

be, but he hoped it would be a better Tony, more focused, and more at peace with himself.

"DiNozzo, quit your stargazing and get your ass in here before this food gets cold," Gibbs called out to him.

"You know, Boss," Tony replied, walking through the doors and into the kitchen, "that fight with Bell in the warehouse, it kind of reminded me of a movie….Lethal Weapon, 1988, Mel Gibson, Danny Glover, Gary Busey. I'm kind of like Mel Gibson, but you aren't really like Danny Glover, except you are getting kind of old for this….."

"DINOZZO!" Gibbs barked.

Tony ducked a head-slap and smiled, realizing that after a long time away, he had finally made it back home.