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It was a warm spring day in Santa Cruz, the Sun high in a cloudless blue sky, the surf the best it had been all week. Walking down the sidewalk, hand-in-hand, Priestly and Tish had never been happier. They had been dating for almost a year now and both wouldn't be lying when they said it had been the best year they ever had.

The day that Priestly had walked into Beach City Grill, dressed in brand new clothes from Banana Republic and had asked Tish out for dinner. Of course Tish had said yes; she had always considered him to be one of her best friends whom she could trust anything with; she had always had a crush on him but never thought that anything would come of it – and she was so glad it did.

Although Priestly had kept some of his new look some of his old ways had grown to be a part of him and Tish let him know that she loved him no matter what his appearance was. His hair wasn't the same mad multicoloured Mohawks but rather a messy, dark brown style. Most of the piercings had gone apart from a few in his ears, but the t-shirts had come back and Tish now enjoyed going shopping with Priestly, attempting to find the most outrageous t-shirts they could. She even had a few of his old ones that she would wear.

Ever since that day they had been inseparable. They had all the same shifts, went out on dates all the time and on their three month anniversary they had even moved in together. Priestly's two bed apartment used to be a bachelors haven; dirty laundry threw at his feet, dishes pilling up for a few days before they were washed, bed unmade. But now since Tish moved in it was much tidier and...Well girly was the best way to describe it. Like little ornaments and chick-flick DVD's amongst his horror and action; a throw over the end of their bed that had flowers.

But Priestly didn't care about any of that – Tish may have cluttered their apartment with girly crap but she was the same Tish he fell in love with; kind, sarcastic and just fun to be with. Even though they had been dating almost a year they still had butterflies in their stomach when they brushed hands, kissed lips. Neither one had ever felt this strongly about another person before in their entire life. Sure they had their fair sure of disagreements but that was just like old times, standing in the Beach City Grill examining the pro's and con's of whatever that's days topic of discussion may be.

Walking up to the blue door of the place that was almost like a second home to the pair, Priestly pushed open the door and let Tish walk in before him, their hands still clasped together.

"Hey guys" Piper greeted from her place in one of the booths, a sketch pad in front of her, pencil smudged across her fingertips and cheeks from where she had brushed away strands of hair that had come loose from her bun.

"Hey Piper" Priestly greeted as he walked towards the back to grab an apron for himself and Tish who was grabbing a pad and pen, perching herself on the counter by the cash register.

"So, how are Noah and Julia?" Tish asked, catching the apron that Priestly threw to her.

"They're good – we had a picnic on the beach on Saturday which was really nice" Piper said a huge grin on her face.

Tish gave Piper a grin of her own, happy for her friend. She still couldn't believe how much had changed in the last year for all of them. Piper had Noah and Julia, Jen and Jeff talked to each other all the time – when he was away they were on the computer and when he was in Santa Cruz he usually hung out around the sub shop while Jen worked. Trucker and Zo were enjoying married life, taking weekend trips away and just generally enjoying each other.

And she had Priestly. What could she say, life was good.