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My Major

Bella's pov

"Were leaving Bella" Edward's voice was hard as stone, and cold as ice, "We are leaving, and you are staying here. I never wanted you. You were nothing but a mere distraction. You'll heal quickly, or, maybe you'll just die of heart break, I don't really care." He looked at me, his eye's hard, his voice harder, and I just stared at him blankly.

It only took him the blink of my eye, for him to be gone. I walked forward, numb, into the forest. I wasn't heart broken, no, I had been preparing for this. I felt that we were never meant to be, no, I was horrified. I was scared that, now that the Cullen's were gone, that Victoria was going to kill me. I needed protection, I was human, and they left me to a killer, a full fledged, human drinking, revenge seeking, killer. I should have seen this coming sooner,I never felt right with the Cullen's ,except Alice, I guess it was never meant to be.

But how did Alice see me as a vampire, if her dumb ass, self proclaimed perfect, holier than thou, fuck up, brother left me. I collapsed on the forest floor, I was to tired to walk anymore, to emotionally drained to care. I curled into a ball, and prayed to the god I hoped was there, for someone other then Victoria, to find me. That was my last thought before the cold darkness consumed me.

Jasper's pov

I stalked toward the tall man in the ally way, letting my demon take over. The man smelt of fresh apples, and the pumping of his heart was making my throat burn in thirst.

Completely unaware of the danger he was in, just strolling down the ally, and that was all I needed, it only took me a second before I was behind him. I grabbed him quickly, and before he could make a sound, I was draining him. I dumped the empty body into a dumpster, and started running toward a small town named Forks, strange name I know. I stopped in a small clearing I smelt the air, it was always fresh, I growled 6 vampires had been here recently, and for quite some time.

I was on high alert, when I felt two presents behind me. I spun around snarling, both vampire's immediately had their heads down, and necks exposed. The ultimate sign of trust, and submissive. My beast clamed a little at the sight.

"Easy Major it's just me and Char." Peter just fucking perfect.

"I want to know who is on my land and I mean now." I

Commanded, snarling. I was possessive of what was mine, weather it be land, or women, if they were mine, they were mine. They nodded quickly.

"We can ask the mutts Major. they are on the treaty ." I gave a sharp nod, and turned north, toward the reservation.

"Let's go." One command, and we were gone. We ran in the forest, for only a few minutes. The wolves were slightly west of us. A little under a minute later, we were face to face with three of the mutts.

"Major." The alpha, Sam I believe his name was, chose to recognize me, well, I wouldn't say chose, but I guess he had other things to do, and wanted to get this over with.

"Who the fuck was on my land?" I snarled out, I felt their fear, and I made my beast so happy. I wanted answers, and was going to get them.

"The Cullen's," He snarled the name, "they moved here about 2 years ago, and we just caught word that they are now moving to 'New York'. There vegetarians." He rolled his eyes. "We have to go look for Bella Swan, she was dating one of them and it's late, she's never home late." The other wolves looked worried, and stressed.

"Does she know?" I asked through clenched teeth.

"Possibly. But were not sure." I didn't like this, not one bit.

"We will look also for this girl." They gave a curt nod, and took off in the direction we had come form, we took off running after them. I smelt the air, trying to get the scent of the girl, roses and vanilla, human,I ran towards it.

A girl was lying down on the forest floor, she was out cold. She was the most beautiful creature in the world. Long brown hair flowed ¾ the way down her back. Full, pouty red lips that were dieing to be kissed, and rosy cheeks, flushed form the cold. My inner beast roared. Mine, My mate, claim her. Claim her now!

Peter and Char, came from behind me, and Peter made a move to pick her up, I growled crouching down in front of her. Mine.

"My mate." I snarled they both stepped back, and took their submissive position in front of me, and backed up, showing they meant her no harm.

I picked up the sleeping angel and craddeled her in my arms, were she was safe. I stood up and turned to Peter and Char.

"Lets go, Now"

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~ Major Whitlocks Little Soldier (author)

~ AshleyCullenHale3 (beta)