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My Major Chapter 10

Bella's POV

By the time that the plane landed, I had had about 5 hours of sleep. It was not much, but I was extremely thankful for it, for those 5 hours of sleep were the best I've had since Jasper had left. It was no surprise that once he and I were reunited, sleep came more easily and was quite peaceful.

Right now, Jasper and I were on our way to the parking lot. There was no doubt that Peter or Charlotte had brought his car to the airport, so we wouldn't have to run all the way to Forks.

Sure enough, when we got to the parking lot, there was Jasper's' 2012 black Corvette. He opened the door for me and helped me into the passenger-side. He then walked around the car and got in himself before he started the car and took off.

Driving with vampires meant going extremely fast. I was still shocked at how fast they could drive and still keep the car in their control. If a human were to drive the speeds we were going, they would more then likely lose control and crash.

Jasper kept one hand on the steering wheel and one was holding my hand. He had his eyes on the road.

"We are going to your house. When we get there, we are going to pack up all your stuff. We will then move to one of my other homes in Texas." He said not looking from the road. Move? but what about Charlie?"Your father will be fine, Bella, Victoria is after you and if she wanted to hurt him, she would have by now, trust me. I have to keep you safe, and the further you are from Forks, the safer you are right now." Jasper told me sensing my emotions and knowing what I had been thinking. It was another perk to being mated with an empath .

"I have decided when I want to be changed." I whispered while looking at him. He turned his head toward me, looking into my eyes and giving me his attention. "I want to be changed when you're making love to me, Jasper, and I want it to be soon." I told him.

Jasper squeezed my hand, showing me that I had his support. "If that is what you want, Bella, then I will gladly give it to you. I love you more then anything." He told me.

"Good, then I want to be changed as soon as we arrive in Texas. We need to get it over with. Then we won't have to worry about the Volturi." I said.

"Bella, we will always have to worry about them, but you are right, it does need to be done as soon as possible, my love" He told me softly.

He pulled my hand up toward his lips and placed a gentle kiss on it.

Soon, we had arrived back in Forks where we immediately went straight to my house, or should I say my former house, and packed. I didn't take too many things, most of them I left behind. I did, however, take my books and my laptop. I had left most of my clothes after Jasper had informed me that after my change I would need a new wardrobe, anyway. So, I saw no point in bringing all of the clothes just to throw them away in a few days anyway. I also brought my pictures that I would always want to cherish, because I knew that after my change I couldn't really ever see Charlie again. It was too risky for him with the Volturi around. Even if he did know about Jasper, I still felt it too risky for him. I loved my father and I wouldn't put him in any type of danger.

Right now, we were back in Jasper's car and headed to Texas. It was time to start a brand new chapter of my life. A chapter filled with Jasper and my new vampire life. My human life was ending, but a new one was beginning.

"Bella?" Jasper said, awakening me from my previous thoughts.

"Yes?" I asked looking at him. He looked so beautiful in his dark jeans, black v-neck shirt, and his leather jacket.

" I want you to know that when you're changed, you can choose to drink form animals if you'd rather. I need you to know that I won't take your choices way from you. But just know that if you do choose to drink form animals, that I will not stop feeding from humans." He warned me. I was so happy that Jasper was letting me make my own decisions and that he was letting my choose to be a veggie vamp if I would rather. He would always be the best mate that I could ever ask for.

"Jasper, thank you so much for giving me a choice and letting me make my own decisions. But I don't think I want to drink from animals. I want to be a normal vampire and I think it would suit me much better." I told him smiling.

It was true, I wanted to be a normal vampire. I just felt that it would be for the best. The Cullen's always were tempted with blood lust and temptation. I didn't want to spend the rest of my existence being like that, Half of the time, the Cullen's seemed miserable! I wanted to be happy in my new life.

"Really? Well, I can't say that I'm not happy to hear that, Darlin'. Drinkin' from animals makes you weaker and not in as much control as you could be." Jasper told me.

"Yes, I'm sure" I told him sincerely.

I felt really aroused all of a sudden. My eyes flashed over to Jasper and I knew that he was projecting.

"Jasper, if you're going to be doing that, then pull over." I told him huskily.

He smirked that sexy smirk of his, but thankfully pulled over.

Right now, we were on a back road and no one was around. Even if they were, though, I sure a heck wouldn't care.

I climbed over the console and sat down in Jasper's' lap with one leg on each side. I could feel his bulge through his jeans and I pressed my lips to his.

He quickly took control and ran his tongue across my bottom lip, demanding entrance. I granted it to him without an argument, of course, and his tongue quickly explored my mouth as our tongues began to fight each other for dominance.

We broke apart for air and Jasper placed quick kisses along my neck.

"Jasper!" I gasped, feeling myself growing wet.

"Hmm... Darlin', I can smell you," He whispered in my ear with his breath rushing over my ear, causing me to shiver with desire.

I started to rock my hips over his budge, trying to get more of the friction that I desperately needed him to give me. He growled in my ear, sending more shivers down my spine and straight to my core.

Jasper unbuttoned my jeans and pushed them off and into the floor of the car. I quickly did the same with his jeans. Now, we both had only our underwear on both of our bottom half's. I was panting softly, so worked up from just him kissing me.

Good grief, he hadn't even touched me yet!

As if reading my mind, Jasper reached into my panties and pushed one of his long fingers into me. I moaned and bucked my hips against his hand as he slowly thrust it into me.

"Jasper, Please!" I pleaded. Ugh, he wasn't moving fast enough!

"Please what, Bella? Tell me what you want" He commanded me, slowing his finger even more.


"Please, Jasper, go faster! I can't take it, please!" I begged.

He was pleased with my response and started to thrust his finger faster as he added two more. I gasped feeling the coil tighten in my belly. I was getting close.

Jasper, sensing I was close, thrust his fingers even faster. I came hard right on his fingers, screaming out his name as I did so.

He pulled out his fingers and licked them clean. I grew wet once more as I watched him lick my juices.

I reached down and pulled off his underwear and mine. I needed him inside me this time.

"Are you ready Isabella?" He asked me, lining up with my entrance.

"Yes, please, Jasper. I need you inside me!" I said desperately. He smirked at thrust into me. "Oh God! Jasper!" I screamed as he started to thrust into me.

His thrusts were fast and hard, just how I needed them. He hit my g-spot with each thrust as I was a mumbling mess by this point.

"Harder!" I gasped as I began to feel myself getting almost there.

Jasper complied and started thrusting faster and harder and I felt him grow harder within me, signaling to me that he was also close as he reached down and rubbed my clit resulting in my fall from the edge.

I came hard.

"JASSSSPPPERRR!" I screamed as I came.

Jasper thrust into me two more times before he too came tumbling over the edge. "BELLA!" He growled as he came.

We both panted as we tried to catch our breaths. (Me more then him of course)

"That was amazing" I panted as I pulled myself from his chest that I had collapsed on.

He nodded, still obviously feeling his post orgasm bliss. "Yes, it was" He agreed.

We both cleaned up as best we could and put our pants and underwear back on. Or should I say that I tried to put on my underwear, but it seems that they were shredded in our lustful haze.

"I love you," I told him as we started driving once again.

He turned to me and smiled sweetly. "I love you too, Darlin'."

I snuggled into his side as he drove toward our new home in complete and utter bliss. I had a great life and an amazing mate who loved me.

What could go wrong?

Victoria's POV

I watched as the Major and his mate left her house. I had overhead them as they spoke about how they were moving to Texas.

I smirked at the thought and picked up my phone and called a familiar number. They answered on the first ring.


"The Major and his mate are on their way to Texas." I told them.

"Is that so? Well, I guess we will have to role in the welcome wagon." They said and I smirked knowing exactly what they meant.
That little bitch would pay for what those fucking Cullen's did to my James.

"Yes mistress, we will" I answered.

"See to it that you are here by tomorrow, Victoria" They said.

"Yes, of course, Maria."

I hung up

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