Kaidan paced up and down the sandy shores of the beach, reaching down and picking up a smooth white stone, before retracting his arm back into a wide arch and then thrust it forward with some added biotic strength, sending it skipping across the glassy waves before it sank beneath the surface with a soft plop.

Wow, you can hurl geth across rooms but can't get a rock to go more than a foot. Nice.

Kaidan stopped, closed his eyes and smiled.


He felt her hand brush against his. He felt her lips press tenderly against the back of his neck. He turned, reaching for her, and holding her close.

"I suppose… heh I know you could do better than me. You're an amazing woman…. But I'm sure you already know that."

Maybe. I just love hearing you say it.

"I love you Shepard."

She looked wonderful. No, perfect in his eyes. Her hair was flowing softly in the breeze, her eyes light and carefree. She strolled along the beach as if she didn't have a care in the world- the time was just for them, their own perfect piece of eternity, untarnished by the ravages of war and death. Kaidan smiled, gazing at her with moist eyes.

"Have I ever told you how beautiful you look?"

Shepard eyed with thoughtfully, testing him. Her laugh was like wind chimes, and his soul immediately felt lighter.

Such a flatterer. Do you always say that to your female superioers?

"No." he touched her face. "Just the one that I love."

Really? There must have been others.

"Never. Just you. Only you. Always you." Kaidan said with a short laugh. Shepard tucked a loose lock of her hair back, and reached out to touch his cheek, running it over the faint traces of stubble.

Wow. That's new. Feels weird.

"I thought it'd give more of a rugged edge. You like?" Kaidan offered, with hopeful eyes.

Its dashing I'll admit. It'll grow on me. But if any other woman eyes you, shave it off.

Kaidan mock saluted. "Yes ma'am!"

Another musical sounding laugh.

Always so serious Alenko.

Kaidan felt the heat of a blush sneak onto his face. Shepard's eyes twinkled mischeviously. Kaidan slowly took her hand in his, bringing it to his lips, kissing her knuckles lightly. Shepard only smiled, as he did so.

You always know what makes me feel good.

Kaidan grinned wolfishly. "I aim to please, ma'am."

You sassin' me soldier? That calls for some punishment

Kaidan kissed her neck, which elicited a whimper of pleasure from his lover.

"Whatever you say, Shepard."

Alright, drop and give me twenty

"I may need some assistance."

Shepard grinned devilishly, and kissed him passionately. He fell backwards into the sand as she began dotting his face and neck with hot kisses. He moaned lightly, her name escaped from his lips with lusty abandon.


His eyes snapped open, as he shot up from his sleeping position on the shoreline. The sun was sinking beneath the cliffs, waves splashing mindlessly against the shore as he slumbered on undisturbed. Kaidan rubbed his eyes.

Damn…. Just another dream. Shepard…. I miss you so damn much.

He fell back listlessly against the sand, cushioning his head on his hands, staring up into space, tears slipping down his face. He felt the kiss of a gentle breeze on his tear stained face.

I miss you too Kaidan