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Knowledge came and devastated
Pressure building behind her eyes

Breathing buried under the weight
Will she, has she died also this day

Her death has been swallowed up by life
This dead will rise

Dying to death and raising to life
The moment we became alive death was waiting, chasing

And all of us fell and kept breathing
One day, today

A sprits alive, a body has died
And death has been swallowed up by life

This death will rise
Dying to death and raising to life

With mournful joy she finally lets out her cry
Death has been swallowed life

This dead will rise

'Uncle Bobby' by 'Flyleaf'



"Sir, please, I just had a long few days, and you are not making any sense to me. Please."

"Alright," Richard said sounding like he took a deep breath. "A young lady called me a few days ago asking about you, she said she is your cousin."

"Cousin? I have no cousins; I have no uncles or aunts to have cousins, sir." Josie said.

"Exactly, and I told her that, but she said she was from your mother's side, and,"

"My mother didn't have any brothers or sisters, and as far as I remember she didn't mention any relatives," Josie said cutting the man off. "That young lady – and for a reason I don't know – is lying," She said.

"If you allow me, I could meet with her and see what she wants, I knew that your mother had family in Greece." Richard told her.

"Greece? Well I didn't see them for 25 years and I won't start now." Josie huffed. "I don't have family Richard, if you want to meet with that woman, be my guest, but I am not paying for that." She told him. "I suggest we just forget about this, and move on."

"As you wish Miss," The man said.

"Thanks for calling sir." Josie said about to hang up. "Oh, what did she say her name was?" she asked.

"Erin, she said her name was Erin, but she didn't give me a last name." Richard answered.


"All I'm asking is to meet you, we are family." Erin said.

"No offense, but I don't know you, never heard your name before, so, don't pull the whole we are family card, won't work on me." Josie said; all she wanted now was to get back to Sam and Dean who seemed like they were fighting.

"But, I,"

"Sorry, but I gotta go now." Josie told Erin. "Bad timing, really."

"Maybe we will talk later?" Erin asked, in a last chance to get Josie to talk to her.

"Yeah, maybe." Josie said and hung up fast.


In the past few weeks Erin, the alleged cousin, didn't stop calling and texting Josie asking her to meet up at least for once, so Erin would proof to Josie they were really related, and every time Josie either ignored or said no, but it was getting on her nerves, she finally decided to answer her back. Agreeing.

"I will call you by the end of the week, to set an appointment to meet up. Josie."

That was Josie's text to her 'cousin', thinking now that talking to that woman would stop her from calling and texting like a stalker…



"Come again! A cousin?" Dean exclaimed looking at Josie with a confused look upon his face.

"Yeah," Josie sighed. "I was as surprised as you are; I mean I still don't believe any of this shit."

"Josie, seriously, this is confusing, tell us what is going on." Sam asked.

Josie nodded and started from the beginning. Telling both Sam and Dean how it all started, from her lawyer calling, until her last call with her 'cousin' Erin. "...and now she begged for me to meet up with her, I don't want to, not really, but Bobby is pushing me and she is so annoying. I want to get this over with." Josie finished.

"Why didn't you tell us when it happened?" Dean asked, annoyed.

"Don't glare at me like that grumpy. I just thought it's a prank or something, didn't take it seriously until a few weeks ago. Plus, Dean, you know how the last few weeks were like. No time for family drama, enough with the shit we had to deal with." She replied. Dean huffed and stood up pacing the room.

"I don't like this!" He stated. "Something is weird about the whole thing."

"Dean, what the hell man?" Sam protested. "Not everything in this world is weird, alright!"

"All I saw was creepy and shit like! It always turns out to be shit, especially with us." Dean defended his point of view. Josie looked back and forth between the brothers before she got up pacing the room along with Dean.

"I kinda agree with Dean," She sighed. "I mean Sammy, its our life, something always turn out to be crap."

"You guys are so negative." Sam sighed. "What do you want to do now anyway?" He asked Josie.

"I don't know yet, that's why I wanted to talk to you and Dean." She replied. "Bobby is all supportive of me meeting up with her, he thinks it's a good idea to have a normal whatever, blah blah, he said a lot of crap." She laughed a little, nervously.

"I agree with Bobby." Sam said with a small nod.

"What the hell Sam?" Dean protested. "Josie already has a family, US! She doesn't need a foreign chick who – by the way – we have no idea about, to come and pretend she's family."

"Is it just me, or you're jealous?" Sam asked, teasing his older brother.

"Pffft, of course not. Don't be such a bitch Sam."

"I think you're the one who's acting like a jealous bitch, Dean."

"Hey, idiots, stop arguing." Josie huffed. "I asked for your opinions, not for you to fight, we are supposed to be getting somewhere, not this."

"He started it." Dean said pouting like a kid. Sam rolled his eyes looking the other way.

"Let's just focus, guys!" Josie said taking a seat next to Sam. "I think I might call her,"

"What?" Dean snapped. "You said you weren't sure."

"I'm still not sure bro, but I don't want to regret this later, what if she is really family?" Josie asked, but Dean's growl made her share a look with Sam. "Dean, don't shoot me for asking this, but are you jealous?"

"I'm not jealous Josie!" He said snapping a little at her.

"Fine, fine, don't get your panties in a twist punk!"

"I just don't get the idea," He said nervously. Josie looked at him with a confused look on her face. "It just stinks, and maybe it annoys me a little that you think you need other person to make you feel like you have a family, when you've got us."

"Awww," Josie said getting up walking to him. "Dean, you, Sam, and Bobby are my family, and that chick may say whatever she wants, if she thinks she is 'family' she's got to earn it, I just want to meet her and get it over with."

"But we will be there with you." Dean said and Josie nodded agreeing.

"Of course! I need my boys with me." she said smiling. "Alright, I will call her tonight and set a date to meet her, and then we see."

"Sounds good to me." Sam said.

"Me too…, kinda." Dean added.

"Awesome then," Josie chuckled. "I'll call Bobby and tell him, maybe he will stop nagging. But, um, I'm really hungry now, and arguing made me hungrier, can we go eat?"

"You read my mind." Dean said pulling her by the waist closer to him.

"It doesn't take a genius to figure out what you think about, Dean." Sam said making Josie giggled.

"See who's jealous now." Dean said smugly.

"I'm so not jealous of you, get out!" Sam said.

"Okay, okay, guys, wanna fight, let's do it Fight Club way, no shirts, no shoes. Show me some skin." Josie said making both guys look at her weirdly. "What?" she asked innocently.

"I don't like when you get twisted." Sam said grabbing his jacket. "Winchester is out!" he said and walked to the door.

"Wuss!" Josie called after him. "Tell me you're not freaked out too, dude! Coz its Fight freaking Club, pure awesomeness." she said looking at Dean.

"Hell no, I agree with you." Dean said laughing.

"Good, coz that is one hell of a movie, and a book, it rocks!" She said and Dean nodded agreeing checking her out. "Oh, I won't like what you gonna say, right?"

"Oh you gonna love it." Dean said.

"I don't want to know," Josie said slipping away from his grip.

"Babe, wait! You brought it up."

"Hell, my bad!" she said grabbing her jacket as well. "Waiting for you by the car."

"Josie, wait,"

"Nope. Walden's out!" She said and ran out of the room.

Dean sighed rolling his eyes, grabbing his car keys. "She totally would have loved it." he muttered to himself before walking out.


Dying to death and raising to life
With mournful joy she finally lets out her cry

Death has been swallowed life
This dead will rise

Part One: The Usual, with Salad and Beer.


Well, my sweet Josephine
Are you still racing stray dogs
Across the old stream?

My neighborhood queen
Are you still kissing cowboys that cry, Josephine?

My neighborhood queen,
Are you still kissing cowboys that cry, Josephine?

Dreamt I was back with the pirates and cats of my Sommerville
The girl in the alphabet shirt covered in dirt lives on the hill


"So, tell me Josie," Dean started, catching Josie's attention as she raised an eyebrow waiting for him to talk. "How come your dad had a lawyer and all these fancy stuff? I mean he was just a hunter, right?"

Josie shook her head as she chew her food fast in order to answer his question. "Nope," she said with a mouth full of food.

"Sexy." Sam mocked, teasing her.

"It is Sammy, I like a woman who can eat!" Dean said smirking at Josie.

"See, idiot." She poked Sam after swallowing. Then she took a sip from her coke and looked at Dean. "My dad was a hunter until he wanted to start a family, and mom was a nurse, but she stopped when she got pregnant. A while after I was born mom started her own catering small company, not company exactly; she used to work from home and stuff. Dad on the other hand he was a VERY good guitarist, and he used to compose songs, that's how he made some sweet money." Josie smiled. "He was really good and mom. Oh my God, just remembering her food, I can taste it just by thinking about it," she sighed with a sad smile.

"Why can't you cook like her then?" Dean teased this time.

"Coz I can play like my dad, I took one good thing, didn't want to be greedy." She laughed, giving him an innocent look.

"Won't work on me, babe." He said making her laugh; it was still new to her ears hearing him calling her 'babe'.

"Jerk," She said getting back to her food. "So, I texted this Erin chick, long story short, she will be in South Dakota next week, I can meet her then, and it will be near Bobby, and you guys will be with me, its gonna be alright."

"Don't you think taking both of us will be a little awkward for your cousin?" Sam asked, seeing that Josie flinched a little hearing the word 'cousin', "Did you just flinch when I said cousin?" He asked raising an eyebrow.

"I did not!" Josie huffed.

"You sure didn't." Sam said sarcastically. "Anyway, it might be a bit strong since it's the first time."

"Sam its not a date." Josie said. "I don't know her and I owe her nothing, I can take whoever I want."

"And I agree," Dean commented. "That woman is a stranger. At least Josie won't be on alone."

"I didn't say she should be on her own, not that Josie can't handle strangers… you kill ghosts for crying out loud." Sam told her. "Still, I only said you two should go, at least the first time, I'll be waiting back at Bobby's."

"And why is that Mister Too Shy to See a Girl?" Josie asked glaring at him.

"For the same damn reason I've said already, you don't want to intimidate the girl." Sam sighed rolling his eyes. "At least you and Dean are a couple, its legit."

"And you're Dean's brother and my best friend." Josie said stubbornly.

"You don't say?!" Sam said sarcastically with a smirk, teasing her.

"Bitch! I'm not kidding." She pouted elbowing him.

"Me neither," He said. "People don't take their best friends to meet their long lost family members."

"We are no ordinary people." Josie said.

"Josie, Sam, you can argue all day long and we still won't get to know what to do." Dean said making both of them stop and look at him. "I've a very effective solution to this."

"Don't say rock, paper, scissors." Sam said, rolling his eyes again.

"Nope," Dean smirked fetching his pockets for something. "This," he said victoriously, showing them a coin.

"I should have seen this coming." Josie laughed shaking her head. Sam agreed laughing a little. "Fine, let the better idea wins. Or the worse." She said giving a small shrug.

"Nah!" Josie started as he was about to flip the coin. "You know, if Sam doesn't want to go, he shouldn't."

"Couldn't you just say that half an hour ago, we could have saved a long stupid conversation from happening." Dean rolled his eyes at her, earning a kick.

"I do what I want!" Josie said kicking him one more time. "Plus, Sammy wants to let me down, so,"

"Nice one, I won't feel guilty." Sam said eating his salad.

Josie stared at him with a smirk on curling on her lips, Sam knew she was going to do something he wouldn't like. For a while minute Josie was like that, and she was starting to creep Sam out. "Maybe I can't make you feel guilty but I sure can make you suffer."

"Play nice!" Dean said to both of them, drinking from his beer. "Josie, lets go dance," he asked as she raised an eyebrow.

"If you're trying to seduce me,"

"I'm trying to have fun with my girl, seducing you would be easier than making you happy, Josephine." Dean cut her off, smiling as he was shaking his head.

"That's not a compliment, doesn't feel like it." She smirked looking at Sam, who smiled in return. "You pick the song we are gonna dance on."

"I have already picked a song," Dean said as he took her hand guiding her to the jukebox, "your favorite Zeppelin song babe."

"And you know which one is that? Wow, I'm shocked." Josie teased, Dean wasn't the boyfriend type and she didn't expect much from him, which was the sad truth, after all they hadn't talked seriously since they started their relationship, their only serious talks were about either food or cases.

"I'm not that bad," Dean pouted as he went to the jukebox and played a song, Josie's favorite Zeppelin song as he promised, 'You Shook Me'. Josie looked at him with an impressed smile. "Told you,"

"Well," she bit on her bottom lip as she started to sway on the song, "bonus, baby!" Dean smiled and went to grab her by the waist, letting her relax on the song and on his body. Josie wasn't the best dancer but she knew how to sway, grind and how to move her body on a song, for her it wasn't about being good but about feeling the song and letting it get to her bones, feeling the vibes and the words and the tones, it wasn't just music for her, it was like air and water, something she knew she couldn't live without. The way she was raised and her passion for music made her treat it with respect, only few things earned Josie's respect and good music was sure on the top of the list.

You shook me so hard baby,
Baby, baby, please come home.

I have a bird that whistles,
And I have birds that sing.

I have a bird that whistles,
And I have birds that sing.

"God, you are so damn hot dancing like this!" Dean whispered in her ear, Josie smiled winking at him while she kept dancing against his body. So much emotions were fighting inside of Dean at the moment, the music and the way he felt Josie's body dancing against his, it wasn't as easy as it might seem, he had denied his feelings for so long but the more time they spend together, the more he realizes he won't be fighting for so long, sooner or later he was going to give up, and now, with her in his arms looking at him with that charming smile, and her naughty hazel cat eyes, Dean was lost, too weak to resist Josie and her dirty dancing and tricks.

You know you shook me baby,
You shook me all night long,

I know you really, really do baby,

I know you shook me baby, you shook me all night long.

You shook me so hard baby…

Dean wasn't dancing much, he was watching Josie and just moving in order to help her to enjoy her dance. But once again he was way too weak to just stand there watching her. Josie was dancing with her back to him, as she rubbed her back to his front, her hands back wrapped around his neck while she was dancing like a naughty little snake who was taking its time and waiting for the right time to attack, slowly and nicely she was moving her body, and Dean was suffering as much as enjoying. Finally, and when the song was almost over, with the climax of the song, Dean turned Josie's face to him by the chin and then she turned around with a questioning look on her face, but before she could ask him what was going on, Dean pressed his eager lips to her which made her smile and kiss him back, turning her full attention to him instead of dancing… they were kissing while the song was ending and half of the people in the place watching them, but they didn't care, it was their moment and none mattered, but that one kiss.


Dean leaned up to kiss Josie as she could taste herself when their lips touched, she smiled and let herself melt in his arms, kissing him deeper with more passion, but before Josie could do more, as she intended to tease him a little before… well she had a few ideas in mind. Dean pulled back rolling on the bed next to her, Josie looked at him with a confused look as she pulled the sheet on her naked body.

"Did you just stop kissing me and pulled back or I'm seeing things?" she asked him, moving to be in front of him, but Dean stared at her and said nothing. "Dude, seriously, I'm starting to get worried, did I break something?" she asked, joking.

"No," Dean finally answered her with a chuckle. She laughed and crawled closer to him, straddling his lap.

"What is it then?" she asked looking into his eyes.

"You," Dean sighed. Josie kept staring at him waiting for more. "I'm not an idiot, I know you aren't feeling well, for weeks now. Ever since we started dating, for a while you were different, I don't know, you were glowing and you looked happy but later, you started to get back to the same way you were and even worse," he said and now Josie looked away unable to look into his honest eyes anymore. "So, what is it? Sam keeps hinting and hinting, I noticed but I wasn't sure if you were going to talk, then I knew I wouldn't know if I didn't ask."

"Dean, we are having some fun right now, don't ruin it." she answered softly, starting to kiss his neck, trying to make him forget about that serious talk they were going to have.

"This is exactly why we never talk Josie," Dean snapped a little. "You keep things inside, you always go talk to Sam, I'm your boyfriend now and now just the guy who comes when you want sex, it should be more than this, or am I wrong?"

"Dean, I want to talk to you but I just don't know how, all we do is sex since we started dating, and that isn't enough as you just said." She said, thinking that the moment was officially ruined.

"Did you try talking to me? Or you just wait for me and you know I wasn't in a real relationship before?" he said with the same tone. "Not to mention you either go cry on your own thinking I didn't notice, or you go talk to Sam."

"Are you jealous of Sam?" Josie exclaimed.

"Its not jealousy, I know you two are best friends but its about you and me now, or its just about sex?"

"Oh, no no no, don't turn this on me!" Josie said laughing angrily, getting up from Dean's lap, tossing the sheet as she went to grab a shirt. "Oh, maybe you just care now coz someone else is going to be in my life? Lets face it Dean, you only care about what you want, this is new for me."

"I can't believe you are saying that!" He yelled getting up as well. "So I'm the bad guy now, either I care or not, that's typical Josie, reminds me of why I didn't want a relationship in the first place."

"Wow, so now I'm a burden? That's rich, really!" Josie yelled back. "You know Dean, you don't have to stand me and my stupid girlie shit, and you have choice."

"Actually I don't!" Dean yelled back.

"Give me one good reason." She screamed at him, Josie did want to talk to him, wanted to tell him that she'd always wanted him to care about her and she did feel good when he asked her, no idea how the devil got between them and that fight started, maybe because he mentioned Sam and compared between their old friendship and Dean and Josie's new relationship, she loved Dean but there was a hidden wall between them, still. She loved him but she couldn't trust him fully, not yet.

Dean looked at her and said nothing, he was silent while his head was about to explode with thoughts and his heart about to burst with emotions. He wanted Josie and he knew now that it wasn't just about the sex or the hunts or any of that, he was sure now why he wanted her with him and why he asked her out in the first place, he couldn't deny his feelings anymore but he didn't have the courage to admit or declare them to Josie yet.

"I need some air." That was all, the only thing Dean managed to say as he went to grab his jeans and shirt.

"Typical," Josie huffed shaking her head, she knew the tears were about to run down her cheek, any second. She tried to hold it together until Dean was out. "Don't bother coming back tonight, you should stay with Sam."

"Josie," Dean started but she stopped him with a glare.

"Don't!" she said, her voice quavering and she didn't give him the chance to say anything else, Josie walked to the bathroom slamming it in his face.

Songs: 'Uncle Bobby' by 'Flyleaf'. 'Josephine' by 'Teitur'. 'You Shook Me' by 'Led Zeppelin'.

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