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Fight fear for the selfish pain I
It was worth it every time

Hold still right before we crash,
'Cause we both know how this ends
A clock ticks 'till it breaks your glass a
And I drown in you again

'Cause you are, the piece of me,
I wish, I didn't need

Chasing, relentlessly,
Still fight and I don't know why

If our love, is tragedy,

Why are you my remedy?

If our love's, insanity,

Why are you my clarity?

Clarity_ Zedd (Feat Foxes)


"I need some air." That was all, the only thing Dean managed to say as he went to grab his jeans and shirt.

"Typical," Josie huffed shaking her head, she knew the tears were about to run down her cheek, any second. She tried to hold it together until Dean was out. "Don't bother coming back tonight, you should stay with Sam."

"Josie," Dean started but she stopped him with a glare.

"Don't!" she said, her voice quavering and she didn't give him the chance to say anything else, Josie walked to the bathroom slamming the door in his face.


When she made sure Dean was gone, Josie walked out of the bathroom and put on a small blue cotton sleepwear, the first thing she found in her bag. It was blue with red roses and pink hearts drawn on it, she bought it recently and didn't get the chance to wear it but now, finding it randomly. Josie walked out of her room and knocked on the next room's door, when Sam opened the door to her and was terribly confused to see her like that, with her messy hair and red teary eyes, sleepwear and no shoes.

"Josie, are you alright? Where is Dean? What happened?" Sam asked in shock, he was still in the same clothes, only took his jackets off.

"Its fine Sam," Josie said in above a whisper. "I'm just telling you that tomorrow I'll be on the road, very early. Heading back to Bobby's."

"You didn't answer me, you look like a mess."

"Nothing, Dean and I tried to talk then it ended up with a fight, and PLEASE do not talk to him about it at all, please Sammy."

"Okay," Sam promised, still confused. "Do you want to come in or something?"

"No, Dean is going to crash with you tonight, oh, don't tell him I'm leaving, you know, you guys can totally go on hunts or whatever without me. I'll stay at Bobby's and wait for Erin," Josie said fast, like she was talking to herself, she was still a little bit drunk from all the beer she had at dinner.

"Do you want to explain?" Sam asked her softly, hoping she would talk. But Josie shook her head and turned around to walk back to her room. "Woah, wait!" Sam ran after her grabbing her arm.

"Dude, back off!" Josie growled pushing him away. "I can't fight with both Winchesters, I don't have enough strength."

"I just wanna know if you and Dean are alright." Sam sighed, "Tell me you didn't break up."

"We didn't, but if he pushed me too far, it might happen." That was the booze talking, not Josie. "Sam, please, I need to sleep before I start saying more shit!"

"Okay, okay, don't get mad at me for it!" Sam sighed one more time. "Just go to bed, we will talk later."

"Night Sam," Josie greeted walking back to her room. Inside now, she threw herself on the bed and stared at the ceiling as she repeated the day's events in her mind with a stream of tears falling silently.

It was just a terrible night, Josie cried herself to sleep.


Part Two: Life isn't that bad after all.

"What do you mean you are coming over alone?" Bobby yelled through the phone that Josie had to remove the phone off her ears. "Did you have another fight with Dean?" he asked with the same tone.

"Yes, and it wasn't a fight more of an argument went wrong." Josie said trying to keep an eye on the road while bearing with her dad yelling at her.

"It's called a fight Josephine," He corrected. "Don't bullshit me."

"Oh God, do you listen to yourself? I mean you should be soothing me not yelling like a grumpy old man at me." She snapped a little.

"Tell me you did otherwise!" Bobby asked but this time he didn't get an answer from her. "Exactly."

"Listen, I'm still pretty hammered and barely able to drive with two hours of sleep and lots of drinks the night before plus the fight. So, I was just informing you that I'm coming over and the guys will probably join us later on today or something, we were planning to come over anyway I just…" She paused sighing in frustration. "It's not fair Bobby, you used to side with me. Remember I'm your freaking daughter." Josie huffed in frustration hearing Bobby's sarcastic laugh.

"I side with you when you are right, not because you are my daughter. And remember Dean is like a son to me too." He said seriously, in a fatherly matter. Josie knew he was right, she did need to give herself and Dean a chance the problem is she wasn't used to any of this and last time she was in a relationship, not only it was long time ago but Nick – her former boyfriend – did all the work, so basically she had no idea how to make this work.

"Bobby, you want me at your house or not?" She asked knowing the answer already.

"Don't be silly, it's your house girl. Just try to think this through, you can't keep doing this, you deserve to be happy with the guy you love." Bobby said calmly.

"Look at you going all Doctor Phil, awwww." Josie laughed trying not to go through such a talk at least until she figures out what she should do.

"Smartass, get home safely." Bobby said and she could imagine the smile he gave and the head shaking.

"Cool, on the way. See you later Babs." She hung up the phone letting out a big sigh, turning on the music player for some loud rock to help her think well.

When Josie arrived at Bobby's house she didn't find him there, so she took her bags upstairs and started sorting her clothes and stuff in her room. Later on she went to take a long hot shower, when she was done she wrapped a big towel around her body and walked out of the steamy bathroom as her hair dripped water on the ground, she was completely zoned out that she didn't notice who was sitting in her room. Josie went to get clean pants and shirt from her closet, turning around to place them on the bed she jumped a little in the air.

"Jesus!" she gasped as Dean laughed a little. "Are you fucking stupid? What the hell Dean!"

"This is really funny," He said enjoying the scene. "You fight ghosts for god sakes, and I scared you? That's just hilarious."

"You're such a jerk." She growled and threw her clothes on him as he laughed harder. "Not funny, plus how come you arrived that early?"

"We left right after you did, not that I slept."

"Trying to make me feel guilty?" Josie asked raising an eyebrow.

"Is it going to work? That's the real question." Dean smirked.

"Not really, not ever." She teased smiling a little. "The question now is, are we going to be like that for long?" she asked as her smile turned sad, "you know, can't have that talk in a towel… give me few seconds to change."

"Okay, but change here."

"No, we need to talk and you don't function well horny."

"I'm horny all the time."

"Exactly." She teased.

"Not nice."

"I'm never nice." She said smiling grabbing her clothes but Dean grabbed her hand first, they stared into each other's eyes for a few seconds before he wrapped his arms around her waist as she fell back onto him. "We really need to talk, this is just gonna mess things up."

"Who said we aren't going to talk?" Dean smiled resting her body on the bed next to him. "Listen, I know it's all complicated and we are not the whole relationship type, but it's worth giving it a shot. I was never in a serious relationship, you were, maybe it's easier.." Dean was interrupted with Josie's laughs, "What are you laughing at now?" He frowned.

"That it's easier for me, dude, last time I was in anything serious I ruined it coz of you." She admitted. "I'm the last thing from an emotionally stable person, I did a lot of mistakes and ruined so many chances of happiness, I just don't want to see all of this, us, going in the same direction. I had a thing for you since we were kids and as hard as I've tried I couldn't get rid of those feelings, and now we are together after all of the fights and the suffering, but I'm still not sure of how you feel, you act the same Dean, and it's confusing."

"Josie," He sighed leaning to rest his forehead on her shoulder. "It is so not the same now as it used to be, I don't want to rush things and ruin it all."

"I don't want to slow things and ruin it all. I was ready for this move since I was 17 Dean, you are the one who isn't ready, and God only knows when you are going to ever be ready. I'm not asking you to marry me, I'm just asking for a clear statement. Whatever I'm going to get, I'm okay with it."

"Josie, not that I didn't like you when we were growing up but I'm not ready or sure what to do exactly. We are together now, dating and in a relationship, I'm committed to you and busting my ass trying to be a good boyfriend. With all the legendary stories about you and Nick, I kind of don't stand a chance, so." He huffed pulling away resting his body on the bed."

"Dean," Josie sighed getting closer to him. "I never had the same feelings for Nick, he was a great guy, so sweet and he was just amazing,"

"That's not helping, really!" Dean growled.

"Dude, this is not what I mean. Yeah he was great, but…" She looked away pausing.

"What?" he asked in concern.

"I know I'm going to regret this, but,"

"What?" he asked again with even more concern.

"But, dammit, I love you!" She finally said and the silence consumed.


Josie was the one to break the silence with her heavy sigh. "Nothing? Not even a word, have you died or something?"

"No, I mean wow!" Dean exclaimed as Josie raised an eyebrow trying to hide her disappointment.

"Wow, you did exactly what I imagined, so sweet talking to you Dean." She sarcastically said as she got out of her bed.

"Josie," Dean sighed. "I just wasn't ready for this, it's…"

"It's what?" she snapped a little, but tried to calm herself down taking a deep breath before she talked again. "Everyone including you knows already that info. It's either you are so blind or plain stupid."

"What do you want from me now Josie?" Dean asked getting up too, as they stared into each other's eyes. She looked away and started to get dressed, putting on her clothes with nothing to say. "Josie!"

"Nothing Dean, I have always wanted and expected nothing," She finally said. "I loved you since ever, and was waiting nothing in return, now we are together, guess that's as good as it gets."

"Now you are being mean."

"Mean? I'm always mean, now I'm being nice. Trust me." She laughed bitterly, "Listen Dean, you asked me to open up and talk to you and I'm, I did. Told you what I felt and everything, the ball is now in your hand to throw back, and I'm not asking for you to say I love you back, not if you mean it because then it will mean nothing."

"I don't want this to be ruined, I want to be happy with you." Dean admitted. "I just need to figure out how I really feel about all of this, I'm sorry."

"Take your time it's not like we have a test tomorrow." She laughed. Josie was honest when she said she didn't wait for nothing in return, she knew Dean was probably going to get confused when she tells him the truth, although he knew she loved him hearing her saying that wasn't going to pass smoothly. At least he didn't freak out the way she expected and ran away, he was still there talking to her about making their relationship better, that was improvement, and this is why she gave him a little space he wanted, not much though, it was Dean after all.

"This is really mature," He laughed, still looking shocked.

"Oh yeah, I never thought we were capable of that. Turns out we are better than we thought." She smiled fixing her hair in a ponytail. "What should we do now?"

"Wanna get some lunch?" Dean asked while Josie nodded smiling. "But let's pick a nice place,"

"Wow, is that like a real date?" Josie teased raising an eyebrow, she was both amused and excited.

"Yes, kinda." Dean smiled back at her. "I'll change and will meet you downstairs."

"Great, see you in a bit then." She smiled as he almost walked out of the room but he came back to press a soft kiss to her lips, and without a word he went to his room closing the door behind him. "Wow!" Josie sighed before walking to her closet to pick something to wear.

Josie ended up wearing a printed brownish dress with a belt and a jacket, wearing her boots along with them and a cross bag, put on some makeup and dried her hair loose, looking at herself in the mirror she smiled happy that the day ended up better than she expected.

But for how long this would last? That was the real question.

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