Um...I got this vignette idea while heading to Astronomy class, and typed it up when I was technically supposed to be listening to the lecture. Couldn't concentrate, so decided to go ahead and throw this together. It's just a little snippet of sibling interaction, nothing more.

Favorite Sister

There was something soothing about brushing someone else's hair.

A few years ago, you couldn't have gotten Briar to touch a hairbrush unless you paid him in gold. Even then, he wouldn't have known how to use it. Rosethorn and Niko had finally convinced him that a comb was not created by enemies to rip his hair out, but hairbrushes? That was something that the girls used to manage their hair – not what his coarsely cut hair needed.

But having a student had changed Briar quite a bit. Having a student, and being in a war, both. Evvy had come to him one night needing help with her hair. While awkward with the wide handle and unfamiliar bristles, Briar managed to tame her lengthening locks. With Rosethorn's help, he had even learned how to braid his student's hair so it could be tucked up neatly under a head scarf.

That had become a nightly ritual, where Briar would sit by the fire, and Evvy would settle in front of him like a cat to have her hair brushed. It was a time to unwind from the day, and also a bonding period. Briar liked to brush Evvy's hair, and would have liked to deal with Rosethorn's hair if his teacher had any hair to brush. Not that the crotchety green mage would have let him – she was far too grouchy.

His sisters didn't usually need help with their hair. Daja kept her hair in tight braids that only needed to be redone once every few months, and Tris kept natural powers in her copper curls. Sometimes Sandry would let him help her with her hair if it was a quiet time. Otherwise, Gudruny took care of every aspect of her lady's wardrobe.

It was only nights like tonight, when Tris had drained off the power stored in her intricate braids and had not yet captured new powers to store, that he could settle down the same way at Number 6 Cheeseman Street. His most volatile sister had settled down on a series of cushions and carpets with a leather-bound book after a hot bath, and seemingly ignored her hair. The curls dried just as kinky as he had remember from their early years, and Briar found that his fingers itched to brush it.

There wasn't much of a decision to pull a chair up behind his favorite sister to brush her hair. Tris started violently when she felt the slight tugging along her scalp. Fortunately, Briar had always been able to talk himself out of tight situations, and he was Tris's favorite brother. Hell, he was her only brother; only brother she recognized, anyways.

"Hey, Coppercurls, when was the last time you brushed your hair?"

The grey glare he received in return earned one of his cheeky, impudent grins, and slightly more hair when tugging the brush through quickly drying knots.

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